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  1. Happy Birthday Derrius Guice!!
  2. I'm not saying you're wrong. But the nfl executives on seem to think Payne plays extremely hard, and is the best run stuffer in the draft. And that he has the potential to be a good pass rusher. Here's the quote: "I think A'Shawn Robinson was more talented than Da'Ron (Payne) and I know Robinson had better (tackle-for-loss) and sack production than him, but Payne plays harder and I think he'll be the better NFL player. He's thick and strong, but he's also a really good athlete and I see his best football in front of him." - NFC executive
  3. I'd like to see some split back formation with Guice and Thompson.
  4. I'm optimistic too. Here's what PFF had to say when they scouted him. The one game where he really got to pin his ears back, he looked "like a completely different player." Not just a run stuffer. Had 7 QB pressures in that one game.
  5. We stole one didn't we?
  6. Oh no!! They're still high on Ziggy Hood.
  7. I am an Ioannidis enthusiast. He's my third or fourth favorite player. You put it perfectly when you emphasize his "motor." If he can duplicate last season, I'll be satisfied. If he improves on last season, I'm starting an Ioannidis pro bowl campaign. Question though, do you think Ioannidis will start in the 3-4. Or will it be Allen, Payne, McGee. Or is it too soon to say?
  8. You're scaring me. This sounds like the pattern of thinking Redskins management has. The guy is dead weight. When he's in the game he doesn't go forward or backward, he's just there. He has no presence, he doesn't make plays. It's not that I don't like him, he just doesn't make this team better.
  9. Tell it like it is man. We have excellent potential here. And I think that's what we're talking about, it's potential.
  10. Little Darrell Green pushing Big Daddy across the field.
  11. The Redskins have given me just about everything I could ask for this offseason. The last thing I want them to do is cut Ziggy Hood. Please, I won't complain about anything else, I promise, until the season starts.
  12. Crowder vs. Richardson

    You gotta let it go man. They were fun to watch, but they weren't the greatest tandem of receivers in Redskins history. Good though.....
  13. I like it! Those were players reaching the tail end of their prime. These are big, young studs, with lots of potential. That's the difference for me. Yes, there's a chance they may not pan out. But the evidence suggests otherwise. The flashes from Allen, the improvement of Ioannidis. the potential of Payne. There's a good reason for this thread. I hope I can top this thread come midseason.
  14. I've got my eye on Nicholson too. He's an exciting player. I understand your skepticism.
  15. No! Where's the fun in that? They don't play 'til August.