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  1. Surely somebody on here must know if Mr Hankins is in the building, and if McClain is released before his guaranteed portion of his salary at 4pm would this be a clue maybe of Hankins deal is imminent?. HTTR
  2. ALLEN must realise that Hankins is a $8/9m per year player, why bring him in for a visit if your not prepared to pay his going rate. Release McClain and you get around $3m back straight away. For me this is Allen's last chance to do something right and sign a quality NT. HTTR
  3. 3 years $27m with $12m guaranteed should do the trick, if Allen let's Hankins get out of Redskins Park without signing him he is a bigger **** than I thought he was. Hawkins needs to be a Redskin, Do it Allen. HTTR
  4. Allen, Do not let Hankins leave the building without signing for the Skins. HTTR
  5. I wanted Hankins last year, come on Allen get you finger out and get him signed you clueless clown. HTTR
  6. Other teams get better, and our Washington Redskins get ?. What's your answer fellow Skin's?. My answer is ******* Bruce Allen. HTTR
  7. Spot on Bonez3, I like Smith but with the lack of movement in FA we might as well have gone with McCoy. His $4m cap hit and drafted a QB this year or next. Allen is now starting to really **** me off. HTTR
  8. Sorry forgot WR 😁 with Richardson signing it completely slipped my mind. 2 out of 5 still isn't good enough. HTTR
  9. tWe went into FA with in my opinion LG, NT, ILB and RB as our main priorities, Zack Brown is the only signing we have made. So let's say we don't sign Logan to help on DL, we then go into the draft needing to fill 3 major, major needs with 2 picks in first 3 rounds, and Muppet Allen still has a job 😂😂 HTTR
  10. Great speeches by both of them, excited to see them as Redskins going forward. Now Allen. Next job introduce a NT please. HTTR
  11. Logan and Honey Badger and I would say we have had an great FA so far. We desperately NEED a NT. HTTR