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  1. Just thought I would throw this idea out there, could it be possible for the Skins to have Prior as our back-up QB? We could then have a extra DL in the rotation on match days. Not saying I would go with it myself but what do you think?. HTTR
  2. I've got a feeling that the closer we get to the deadline the chance of signing cousins to a LTD diminishes, we know round about what we will have to pay him $140m with about $85 guaranteed, I still just don't see why we can't get this done asap. HTTR
  3. So getting back to Cousin's, Allen has now said it will be close to the July 15th deadline should it be done, although both parties seem to want to get the LTD done, I know that people on here have said it's hard to get a deal done before the deadline, but 5 months for me is a joke, get everyone concerned to Redskins park, then if you both want the deal then don't leave until cousins is signed. HTTR Because for me getting cousins signed to a LTD is far more important , then get rid of dead wood (Lavaou, Hall) and put that money towards Sherman, but in my opinion not before. HTTR
  4. If they were to sign Sherman and then don't sign Cousin's to a LTD this fan from across the pond won't be very happy. HTTR
  5. How much closer to signing cousins to a LTD are we, considering all the so called positive vibes that some have posted on here. HTTR
  6. Not been on here for a couple of days, what actual facts are coming out of Redskins park about cousins LTD? I for one would be very happy about the LTD if it happens, I also would go for Richardson but I would rather release Hall and Lavaou and pay Cousin's close to what his Tag would be this year even possibly a bit more if it helps with future years. HTTR
  7. Have a top 3 players and bottom 3 players of the week. HTTR
  8. We should definitely in my view get Washington in and see what he has got to give. HTTR Offer him a big mac and vet minimum HTTR
  9. Great news signing all but one of there draft picks, now just get cousins signed to a LTD and we are ready to roll. HTTR
  10. By all accounts Long is a better C than G. HTTR
  11. Please tell me how you get to this conclusion? I'm really hoping that your right. HTTR
  12. I prefer to go into the season as underdogs. I believe that if we get cousins signed to a LTD we have a good chance at the division. HTTR