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  1. What to do with LG

    Who is the starting LG so far in the OTA'S?. HTTR
  2. You and this Hankins fella Again, when will you just get over it 😂😂 HTTR
  3. He threatened to retire I believe, don't think Bills wanted to take a chance. He started all games last year and got to the pro-bowl. I would sign him to a 1 year deal. HTTR Then he changed his mind but Bills had moved on. HTTR
  4. Richie Incognito released by the Bills, wants to carry on playing, Allen sign the man. HTTR
  5. Is Hankins still available?. He would put our DL in the top 5 in my opinion. HTTR
  6. What to do with LG

    We have 2 3rd round picks next year, I would trade one for a quality G in a heartbeat. HTTR
  7. I know that Lauvao has been average as a Redskins player, but he played RG for the Brown's and as soon as he becomes a Redskin we move him to LG, why did we not play him at his right position it could have made a big difference to his performance. HTTR
  8. What to do with LG

    Zane Beadles just released by 49er's, worth a look?. HTTR
  9. What to do with LG

    What contract did Lauvao get from us?. HTTR
  10. RIP to a lifelong Redskins fan

    RIP fellow Redskin. HTTR
  11. Post-Draft 53 man guess

    Totally agree with you mate. HTTR
  12. Post-Draft 53 man guess

    Keep Hogan and release McCoy and save $3m on the cap this year. HTTR
  13. I thought I was obsessed with wanting Hankins fellow Brit?. 😁😁 HTTR What's the cap hit by releasing McGee?. HTTR