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  1. After the Allen interview yesterday does it seem more likely that we will sign Cousin's to a LTD. HTTR
  2. If we were to add another DL in the 1st round of the draft. What positions would McClain and McGee play in a 4-3 considering we play the 4-3 about 70% of the time? HTTR
  3. I will reserve my judgement until they have pulled on a Washington Redskins jersey in regular season games. HTTR
  4. Could the lack of big name free-agent signings be that if and hopefully we sign Cousin's to a LTD we could take a $25m hit in 17 and 18? which means we don't have to backload his contract in later years. I think at the moment we could be around $70m in cap space in 2018. HTTR
  5. This would be just like Allen, sign 15 WR and leave NT and ILB on the table. Allen must have something up his sleeves for these 2 positions of need, because if not we are ------.
  6. Are we really not going to at least have Hankins in for a chat? If he re-signs for the Giants for less than $6m I will be really disappointed in Allen and co.
  7. Anyway fellow Skin's there is only 83 more days until D-Day(Cousins last day for a LTD). I for one am going to find it difficult waiting so long myself , what about you lot?. Just sign the man to a LTD and quick. HTTR
  8. Exactly what i have been saying since the end of the season, I still say that the whole free-agency would have been different with cousins signed to a LTD. If they've no intention of signing him then play McCoy and spend all of the $24m on defense and draft one of the better QB next year using your extra draft picks. HTTR
  9. I understand we have plenty of time to give cousins a LTD, but how hard can it be, they want so called $60 to $80m so the skins start at $50m cousins camp want $80m, so the Skins go to $55m and cousins camp say $75m, still no deal so both sides say let's meet in the middle . So that's say 5 years $125m with $65m guaranteed. Guessing at these figures but how and why does this negotiation go on for so long.Try to come to a compromise and if not trade him now, no player is bigger than the Washington Redskins. HTTR
  10. How much did Ty get for re-signing? HTTR
  11. I agree with resigning Davis to a point, if we are not going to give cousins a LTD then for me bringing Davis back is a waste of time and cap money, if your going to go with McCoy then you use what you gave Davis to a top tier DL because we won't score as many points so we need extra help on defense to keep us in games. HTTR