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  1. What could we expect to receive if we traded cousin's now? HTTR
  2. There is no way that cousins will be a Washington Redskin next year in my opinion, we can do nothing about the $24m franchise tag price that's gone, I know Allen is a waste of space and someone you can't trust. I also think that Cousin's doesn't want to be a Redskin, therefore I would try and get what we can via a trade, whether we get a trade or not I would start McCoy all year. We play cousin's all year and we will be picking between 15 and 20 in the draft, which is no good for anyone. Cousin's is a lame duck QB that I wouldn't dress on gameday, we have to look beyond 17. Just my opinion fellow Skin's. HTTR
  3. I wouldn't let Snyder and Allen run me a bath, never mind a NFL Franchise. What an absolute joke we are .
  4. The Redskins will have gone from a perennial joke to a absolute laughing stock if no LTD with cousins in next couple of hours. HTTR
  5. Then why franchise tag cousin's twice? Play McCoy the last 2 years we save about $38m on the cap. HTTR Well said Morneblade, useless idiots sounds better though. HTTR
  6. Well said in everything you posted mate, The FO has got a great chance of rewarding one of there own, but unless something happens in the next 9 hours or so they are going to blow it. HTTR
  7. Kirk has said on numerous occasions that he wants to sign a LTD with the Redskins, but in my opinion all this is down to Mork and Mindy trying to get the deal done on the cheap. The point is Cousin's might not be a top 3 QB, but he is the best QB that we have had for 20 odd years, and he is also a home grown talent who could take the Redskins a long way with a better Defense and Running game. Just pay the man NOW. HTTR
  8. 13 hours to go for Abbott and Costello to sign Cousin's to a LTD. HTTR
  9. Totally agree purbeast, if the Redskins FO somehow don't sign Cousin's to a LTD I will join you in not spending a penny more on anything to do with the Redskins while Snyder and Allen are running the Circus. I have been over to the states to watch my beloved Skins twice, I've also got 2 Redskins tattoos on my person as well as hundreds of pounds of memrobelia as well, but enough is enough of this absolute awfully run team. Just sign the man Snyder, show future Redskins draftees that we look after our own. HTTR
  10. I'm still having an hard time believing that Snyder and Allen aren't going to sign Cousin's to a LTD by tomorrow night, I see absolutely no point in re-signing Williams, Reed and Kerrigan to massive new deals if you are going to throw it all away by not signing our best QB we've had in 20 years to a LTD. HTTR
  11. 29 hours to go. Yes or No to cousin's signing LTD with the Redskins. YES What about you guys and Gals? HTTR
  12. Great post, we need 4 people to give up everything they were going to be doing for 30 hours, 1 to follow Cousin's, 1 to follow Snyder, 1 to follow Allen and the final 1 to follow kirk's agent. I don't know about the rest of you lot but I won't be able to sleep until 9pm our time (UK) monday to see if he signs a deal, if Allen doesn't get the deal done then I will never come over the sea for a game again while the clowns are running the asylum. HTTR
  13. An absolute disgrace if you are right mate.