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  1. @ExoDus84 that is the most detailed, well written descriptions of a play that most people can't describe in a single sentence without snickering.
  2. I'm half expecting we get Mark Sanchez. He was with the Cowboys 2 years ago, maybe they'll sign him for some intel and let him walk after the game lol
  3. NickyJ

    Gameday Thread

    After a few weeks of doubt, I can say for certain I don't miss Cousins.
  4. NickyJ

    Gameday Thread

    I think it started around the time Kyle Orton was with them. It's a symbol of mediocrity, so I don't know why they're wearing it while trying to take the division.
  5. I'd be happy with Matt Moore. Seeing Kellen Clemens mentioned really does bring back memories though. I forgot that he was here for the 2011 preseason. I can't believe we let Beck stay on the team over Clemens.
  6. NickyJ

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    As frustrating as it would be to keep the same old same old, if he makes the playoffs he stays. Same for the rest of the FO.
  7. Tough loss, but I'm actually feeling good after this one. I've had my doubts about Colt, but I believe he can do it. The game came down to 2 bad turnovers, and Colt put us ahead for a bit. The Texans came in on a 6 game winning streak, and we almost showed them up. I WANT DALLAS
  8. And then I spoke too soon. Can't stay magical forever.
  9. This feels like Todd Collins vs. Jason Campbell, and I'm saying that as someone who didn't hate Smith lol
  11. Oh my goodness that looks horrible.
  13. How do we ALWAYS get blown out by screens?