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  1. I'd be fine with a 3 year deal. 2 years free of constant "pay the man" posts. Haha, yeah right. We wouldn't make it a week without someone starting a thread about contract extensions.
  2. Good catch. Wish he had said "top 3 QB" for him, though.
  3. Unfortunately not. I would have loved to read those.
  4. If there aren't any serious problems with Harris, I wouldn't be unhappy with a trial. Even if he is 33 years old, it's only a year older than London Fletcher was when he first signed. Can Harris play as Mike?
  5. Two year bump is worth it just to read these again.
  6. We saw what it was going to be about. We have decided that we want it to be something else. Now it's a magical mystery tour.
  7. Between this and the kneeling thread, I'll take the kneeling thread. At least we hadn't discussed that for a couple of months.
  8. Josh Doctson looked pretty unhealthy in that one photo where he was leaning over to catch the ball. Can't even stand up straight. I'm telling you, once that homesickness gets in the spinal column, they're done. What a bust.
  9. DeSean Jackson wanted money. Niles Paul has spent about a third of his career on IR. Rashard Ross was one of ES' receiver fan crushes who only had to stand above 6 feet tall to get a cult following. Greg Toler was one of our DBs who wasn't named Josh Norman - in other words, worthless. Why are people so desperate to dig up drama? McCloughan got fired with awful timing, Bruce Allen is still hated, people are still complaining that we haven't acquired a future hall of fame nose tackle, and every once in a while a few yuppies in the media bang on the Name Change drum. Is that not enough?
  10. I'll give Paul some credit. For all the Swiss Army Niles jokes I made about him, he had a short period where he played rather well. He even managed to top the depth chart over Reed to start a season before injuring himself, and then Reed broke out. It's just kind of sad that Niles is another one of those "potential" people who gets raved about, flashes his skill once, and then promptly disappears.
  11. Well, in that case I won't be upset if Will Compton doesn't make the list. He's still top 10 talent, people just don't know it. Yet.
  12. I love me some Brandon Scherff, but if he was going to be on the list, he would likely have been listed by now. I'm also just gonna hold my breath now until Will Compton is on there, I heard he's awesome.