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  1. Summary: Redskins suck, Kirk Cousins sucks but needs to be given a contract because otherwise the Redskins will suck more, and Jay Gruden, his playbooks, and his staff are boring. Dan Snyder sucks, Bruce Allen sucks, Tony Wylie sucks, Doug Williams sucks, and [insert Kurt Cousins reference here]. What happened to Scot McCloughan sucked, losing Garcon and DeSean Jackson sucked and its doubled by the fact that we signed Terrell Pryor, who is apparently scum of the earth because the Browns didn't want to pay him big bucks. Snyder sucks again, anyone related to him sucks, including politicians who are involved in the stadium deals, and companies that advertise with us suck. Jordan Reed will get injured, Josh Norman is scum of the earth, and [insert Redskins name reference here]. Fill in each section with copious profanity and the article is finished. Overall, I give it a 4/10. I don't like Bruce Allen so I found his insults to be entertaining. Some of the sections were spot on, others were reaches. I would give it a 3/10, but there wasn't a single reference to Albert Haynesworth or RG3 for the first time in seven years, so I'll give credit where it's due.
  2. Thursday morning, there was little reason to think we're "broken". Friday morning, fans are panicked about Gruden's game-planning skills because we lost a preseason game. For once, I think Yahoo got it right.
  3. Yay. Another deflate thread. Thanks guys, thought I was gonna miss my Brady fix this month.
  4. Junior Gallette better have knees of diamond this season.
  5. Did someone say "Alfred Morris"?
  6. So many people complaining that our starters and backups look underwhelming. The Skins "don't have the right" to not play all out, smash-mouth football, etc. Calm your bosoms. The coaches don't care whether you think they have the right or not. Neither do the guaranteed players. Put a PS3 out on the field and they'll play more competitively then they will in the game. Come regular season, then we'll be ready to talk about game planning.
  7. There are so many options that say the same thing, I'm not sure which to pick.
  8. The real question here: Was Lou Young III a safety?
  9. Jeremiah McKinnon.
  10. Niles Paul. I heard they've got him taking some reps at QB. I think Suds is gonna have some competition there.
  11. Vet min. + incentives.
  12. I was going to list him too before Niles Paul hacked my account, but he actually went to the Pro Bowl last year. Probably takes him off the unexpected list now.
  13. I remember people talking about Wes Phillips going to the Rams to be their OC back when Wade and McVay happened, but apparently he's still with us. Niles getting the recognition he deserves as a TE coach will have to wait until another time.
  14. I'm gonna go with Niles Paul on offense. I'm gonna go with Niles Paul on defense. You left out special teams, but I'm going to make a pick there too: Niles Paul.
  15. "Brian O'Rapko, Dublin.... Virginia" But seriously, I heard more people call him Orpako than Orapko. And how about all those times Randy Moss lined up at WR for us?