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  1. I'll give Paul some credit. For all the Swiss Army Niles jokes I made about him, he had a short period where he played rather well. He even managed to top the depth chart over Reed to start a season before injuring himself, and then Reed broke out. It's just kind of sad that Niles is another one of those "potential" people who gets raved about, flashes his skill once, and then promptly disappears.
  2. Well, in that case I won't be upset if Will Compton doesn't make the list. He's still top 10 talent, people just don't know it. Yet.
  3. I love me some Brandon Scherff, but if he was going to be on the list, he would likely have been listed by now. I'm also just gonna hold my breath now until Will Compton is on there, I heard he's awesome.
  4. To not be reinstated by the NFL, it seems like someone has to really, really screw up hard for it. Like, intentionally screw up. Josh Gordon level screw up.
  5. The NFL turned down Josh Gordon's reinstatement. His trade value has probably gone down a bit, so clearly this is the time to pull the trigger on a trade and get him for peanuts.
  6. There's only one solution left for us: Find us a rich dude to pay Micky C for scouting grades, and bribe one of the janitors to slip those grades into one of the desks in the office every few months. It's fool proof. Allen will just be amazed at how advanced Scot's plans were and use them as a guide again. That's basically what they did for this draft, so how hard can it be?
  7. I didn't know the team had to submit plans to anyone for any of their structuring if it didn't involve new hires.
  8. Speedy Banks ain't so speedy now.
  9. Fish, Taco, Sprinkle, Budda, and Butt. Dream team right there.
  10. I hope Fish Smithson makes the cut. I have no idea who he is, but that name in itself makes him deserving.
  11. I just want to say here that the Chargers are going to regret drafting Mike Williams. There have been about 5 different people named Mike Williams in the past decade, all of them have sucked. "Mike Williams" ought to be a red flag in itself.
  12. Man, feels like it was only a few days ago we were wondering whether he'd ever get a leg up over Compton or Polumbus. Feels good to give a lineman other than Trent Williams a new contract.