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  1. NickyJ

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Okay? Is it supposed to be controversial that fans like going from one good quarterback to another?
  2. Man, if it takes 2 weeks to crown the next Aaron Rodgers, wait until Freeman sees Ryan Fitzpatrick's highlights lol
  3. Can we just agree that gold jerseys on burgundy pants would be an atrocity? Or gold on gold? I think I remember there were some barbarians that liked our all gold color rush uniforms, but they were barbarians.
  4. 6 on IR. Robert Kelley was added today. Still averaging about 1 RB to IR every other week.
  5. NickyJ

    Booing - at the Stadium

    I hope it hurts. A kick in the butt probably hurts too, but sometimes people need it. It sucks for people like Thompson that actually give a **** about it, but if it hurts, that's all the better. If I'm a team captain and we just got booed off the field, I'd be standing there in front of my teammates pointing up to the stands and telling them that's what they get for playing like ****. The fans are sick of going out to the stadium to have a heap of **** dropped in front of them and then have the organization have the gall to tell them that they should cheer for it.
  6. NickyJ

    Booing - at the Stadium

    Booing is fine in my book. It sends a message: This game is bad and you should feel bad. Why do we need to coddle people who give half their effort?
  7. NickyJ

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Let's be honest, is there anyone who actually dislikes the neighborhood garbage man? That's basically what Bruce does, he takes their trash and lets the good players leave. More of a recycling facility, actually.
  8. I just have to say, I absolutely LOVE Belichick this week. There we were about to shoot ourselves in the foot with Josh Gordon and in comes Belichick jumping in front of the gun and taking the bullet for us. THANK YOU Bill Belichick!
  9. Blackmon and Foster were always considered solid depth, and never considered the worst of their class. Likewise, I don't have a big problem with Malcolm Floyd, he's mediocre but that's generally what you get for a 4th string WR. Perriman was the WORST receiver in the NFL. That isn't mediocre, that's horrible. I'd rather just do a flavor of the week game of 'which WR do we sign this week' than waste time on Perriman.
  10. At least they all used to be good 3 years before we got them. Now we're getting people who's name recognition is off of how bad a bust they were. I mean, why were we even working out Paxton Lynch?
  11. NickyJ

    Flushing Tampa Bay out of the system

    First time I've ever heard that story.
  12. NickyJ

    Flushing Tampa Bay out of the system

    Just to set the record straight, Allen was signed first. Allen fired Zorn and picked Shanahan. Allen has been top dog as GM around here since the end of 2009, and everything that's happened since has been by his hand.
  13. This instantly makes me think he isn't a fit. If our team's feelings are hurt by people not turning up for blowouts, I don't see how Gordon can survive 2 weeks here.
  14. NickyJ

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    I know, I think he's the ONLY coach to make it out of there in one piece. It deserves a medal in itself.