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  1. Latest FA Disappointment: Josh Norman

    As others are saying and I quite agree with, the moments he gets "torched" are not nearly as often as the rest of the average corners. If he were getting torched every game, QBs would be throwing to his side of the field more often, because I'm sure they aren't going out of their way to avoid Deshazor Everett. But ignoring that, let's go ahead and say that injuries have turned him into literally worse than a nickel corner. If he's still out on the field, that's on the coaches for putting an injured player out there instead of a healthy one. Norman does what he's told; he's told to play injured, he does that, it's his job. It's the job of the coaches around him to say he's either good enough or worse than his possible replacements. But hey, we barely managed to get over 200 yards on offense the entire day. We get gashed on run plays repeatedly. That's all Norman. Yup. Sigh.
  2. Latest FA Disappointment: Josh Norman

    The article says The star corner is eligible to opt out. They're not saying the team, they're say the star corner can. I've never heard of any contracts set up for a player to be able to choose to leave, but that's definitely what they're saying in the article.
  3. Latest FA Disappointment: Josh Norman

    Going off of what he's said so far, I would guess it's "a competent team". He came here after 2015, after we made the playoffs. He was probably expecting to be part of a rising team *cough with a GM who has an eye for talent cough*, but we've been downhill ever since. If I wanted a championship and could basically choose any team I wanted, I'd feel kind of upset too.
  4. Latest FA Disappointment: Josh Norman

    If Josh Norman leaves, I will cry. The best, healthiest CB we've had since Champ Bailey, already under contract, and some people want to run him out on a rail because they're too cheap.
  5. To be fair, it wasn't the Wild Card round and it was a 40 yard catch instead of a run. But still....
  6. Game Day Thread - Cards at Skins

  7. Game Day Thread - Cards at Skins

    Aaaaaand now we're back to our regularly scheduled programming.
  8. If this ends up the case, I would be satisfied. I have a bad feeling I won't be satisfied after 3 games.
  9. Is Jay Gruden a quitter?

    But instead of a like, you gave him a thanks.
  10. Broncos fan here

    If you're going to be talking about the Redskins, you're going to be talking about trash. No two ways around it, it's just a matter of how politely you refer to them.
  11. The State of the Roster

    Right, which still doesn't negate his point. When the loss of two players makes the defense utterly worthless, it suggests that our depth is not very good.
  12. The State of the Roster

    You're missing his point. Who are those people that are injured that's affecting the pass rush? Allen and Ioannidis. Two players. When our entire defense breaks down because of two players being injured, that means our defense has problems. It means our depth is lacking. Perhaps it is really all just because of the DL, bu that doesn't change the fact that it means our defense stinks.
  13. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    I'd roll with him on the roster until next season to see what he's got. If he's out of shape or gives reason to doubt him, cut/trade him before regular season. Otherwise, I'd give him the benefit of the doubt, even if he did handle the whole situation poorly.
  14. All those websites are .news websites, not .com websites. Here's the final answer to it: