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  1. Jonathan Allen to miss rest of season

    I have a bad feeling that our defense is effectively going to miss the rest of the season with him...
  2. Dustin Hopkins is out for the season

    I wouldn't really call shanking a 27 yard, playoff game winning field goal and then being a total mess the next season "internal stuff". He Billy Cundiff'd his way out. He seems to have gotten back on track with the Seahawks, though.
  3. Redskins 49ers Post Game Assessments

    I still remember the 2014 game against the Eagles. He lit them up like a Christmas tree with deep balls, though he eventually lost with a badly timed interception. Which is why I don't get it now. I'm seeing what you're seeing, each game it seems like three out of four deep throws fall five yards in front of a receiver who broke free. Aside from the Vernon Davis catches these last two games, can anyone remember any truly deep passes that he completed this season? The Doctson jump ball that he got a TD with a few weeks ago might be one, but I can't remember the distance.
  4. Dustin Hopkins is out for the season

    The reaction isn't to losing Hopkins. He was an okay dude when he didn't have random moments of suck, it's that someone who had random moments of suck is being replaced with a record of constant moments of suck. Find someone with an Italian sounding name, like Giovanni Twoveccio. Or what about Josh Potter? He was 3/4 with us in 2013, went 3/3 in the preseason the next season. Sure he's been out of the sport since 2014, but surely even with that he's at least equal to Rose.
  5. I have yet to see anyone in any thread say that his 2 touchdowns don't count or should be excluded from discussion. If anything, his production is being included more often as a benchmark to compare our other receivers to.
  6. I, too, agree that 5 games of good production prove that the prior three years were complete outliers, and that the people who harbor any doubts about his sudden change into a totally awesome WR really just hate his guts and don't like success stories.
  7. Why has a female never played in the NFL?

    It took 14 hours for the joke to truck through me for the extra yards.
  8. Redskins 49ers Post Game Assessments

    After beating the Raiders and competing with the Chiefs, we were figured to be at least average; more like above average. Any way you look at it, an 0-5 team is trash, and a 2-2 team is at least better than trash. Any team not named the San Diego Chargers should be able to treat them as trash, and take them out with the trash.
  9. Redskins 49ers Post Game Assessments

    Last week, we got beaten by the only undefeated team in the NFL, and by a reasonable margin throwing out the fumble TD on our lateral attempt. This week, we took a team that is 0-5 and most penalized in the NFL, and beat them by a whopping 2 points after squandering a 17-0 lead. I am equally sorry for not posting sunshine and daisies at the thought of a 2 point win over a team tied for worst in the NFL.
  10. Redskins 49ers Post Game Assessments

    Positives: We beat a rookie QB. Finally. And we didn't lose to to an 0-5 team. Wooo. DJ Swearinger. He gave the 49ers 4 points, but he did it because our feelings were hurt. I like it when we strike back like that. He's a team leader, he's showing the good stuff. I hope more players follow in his path. I want a whole team of leaders like him. Kirk is an excellent punter. He tried to punt earlier, but the stupid refs called it back. Good on him for punting again and getting better yardage. That said, he did come up clutch on the drive for a TD. Those runs are what I want, because regardless of whose fault it was, the passing game was anemic. Get those yards where you can. Quinton Dunbar played decently. I won't say he was great, but he got the job done, which is the most I'll ask from him. Negatives: We let an 0-5 team get within 2 points of winning. Our players are made of cardboard. Jay Gruden continues to confound me with his playcalling.
  11. Game Day Thread - 49ers at Redskins

    I consider BRAVE to be a leader today. If DJ Swearinger can gift 4 points because his penalty was for the sake of emotions, BRAVE gets to show some emotions too!
  12. Jay Gruden: Buy or Sell 2017 edition

    For the moment, I've got to pass. Offensive play has been somewhat underwhelming, with a few shining moments mixed in. We had the Chiefs on the ropes and let them past, we let our defense do most of the heavy lifting in the Raiders game, and we're anemic the rest of the time. I don't care if the 49ers have done okay in other games, we nearly let a rookie QB come off the bench and whip us in our own stadium. Gruden has his shining moments, but he has some dumb ones too. As for the third down run to ice the game, I took that as a more of a damned if you do, damned if you don't moment. If we pass and don't get the first down, that's another 40 seconds of dink and dunk that our defense was folding under. With the run, hard to imagine picking up six yards when everyone knows it's coming.
  13. Game Day Thread - 49ers at Redskins

    In the end, I think it proved quite accurate.
  14. Game Day Thread - 49ers at Redskins

    Jay Gruden, saving teams from delay of games since 2014.
  15. Game Day Thread - 49ers at Redskins

    Yes, run it into the mass of 49ers players instead of to the side where they are not. Good call, team.