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  1. Older RBs are made for having their tires kicked. Hightower isn't a bigshot that would get lots of attention like Charles or Peterson, so I see no reason not to.
  2. According to Jay Glazer, it was stolen by some people in Mexico who posed as media reporters in the locker room. In other words, you could say the jerseys were stolen by..... fake news.
  3. The way people are talking about Kerrigan sounds quite familiar. Back in the day we had an LB who people described almost exactly the same: An okay player but "doesn't produce". Hm, can't think of his name right now. In totally unrelated news, the Titans seem quite pleased Brian Orakpo, saying that they signed him when they needed a playmaker on defense and that he's filled the role. Wish we had a playmaker like him, eh?
  4. I dunno. If he'd been a commentator for a few years, I'd say he's the best GM on the market. Actually, it looks like he was a GM for the Virginia Destroyers in the UFL for two years, and coached Grambling State for a few years. It could be worse, I guess. We could have gotten John Lynch.
  5. If he takes the h out of his name, there would be a lot more interest in him.
  6. Aaaaaaaaand that's the disagreement. Just because they haven't signed every star on the market doesn't mean they're tanking. Tanking is actively going out of your way to lose games, 2011 Colts style. It takes effort to tank. The Browns aren't going out of their way to lose. Knowing that it's going to be a war of semantics, that's the last I'll say on the matter.
  7. Many a year has it been since I've seen people so fired up about Terry Robiskie
  8. The Browns taking Osweiler is not a sign that they're tanking the 2017 season before free agency has even ended. Teams can still plan for the future without declaring the season over before it begins. They had the opportunity to make an investment without it seriously damaging their team this year.
  9. Normally I'd be fine with that, but Compton has two good options: Put up or shut up. Other players have plenty of their detractors, and they don't make it their business to engage in twitter wars. Unsurprisingly, those players don't get as much attention for being such complete wastes of space on the field. Perhaps Will should take a look at the other Straight out of Compton and take up Lord of the Rings lore as a hobby.
  10. Well, Kirk did say he needed every last penny in a new contract because he was doing every NFL QB a service. Maybe he's expanded it from just QBs to all positions? I mean, people have voiced their doubts about his leadership in the team. Why not stick it to them by leading the entire FA market?
  11. That is true, cats do hate us. But that hate makes them much more arrogant, and it's good to have arrogance. They're swaggy. Snakes are just purr evil. I ain't sayin we need loveable little kittens, we need something with a streak of mean. But snakes are just too far. Snakes also have terrible lateral movement, I don't understand how anyone can want that.
  12. No! Your opinions are easily refuted! I have significantly researched dogs, and found that dogs cost more over a longer period of time compared to cats. Cats bring more experience catching mice and lizards, all for less cost, proving that you can have both QUALITY AND QUANTITY.
  13. My opinion is better than yours. I'm invested in cats and know a whole lot more than you do. Get back to me in August when you've had a cat and realized just how terribly wrong you are!