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  1. max21

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    I was at the game Sunday. I’m about a 1 game a year guy, it was fun but the traffic and parking just kill It for me. It got very loud on the final drive and when Norman picked it off.
  2. I’m with a group of 7 but decided to just take a picture of myself. HTTR
  3. max21

    Fire Larry Michael

    This thread caught me by surprise, I like Larry.
  4. max21

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    I’m sure it’s been discussed but anyone played NHL 19 yet?
  5. max21

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Saints

    I hear you man, I have tickets for this Sunday also that I bought months ago with my buddy who’s a big Carolina fan. Not even that excited about it anymore, maybe this loss will light a flame though.
  6. max21

    Post-game Apathy Thread

    Brown isn’t slow but I’m pretty sure I’m faster than Mason Foster.
  7. max21

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Saints

    Any video out there of Johnathan Allen fired up on the sideline?
  8. max21

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Saints

    That was just embarrassing, you gotta wonder what they talk about in the locker room after games like that. AP is a true iron man for coming back into the game after that knee injury.
  9. max21

    Game Night Thread- Redskins at Saints

    Who gives a **** about what Thomas said?! Lock him up so he doesn’t have to say anything. I don’t care about “where I’m from that’s disrespect” don’t put yourself in that position to let him do that. Swearinger, Norman and Dunbar always talk all this **** but never back it up.
  10. Honestly surprised by everyone so angry, this was Brees’ night. The Redskins are terrible on prime time and we got blown out, nothing new. No matter who comes to here to play we will never be good on prime time. Y’all need to start watching hockey, the capitals win and I’m sick of the redskins always losing.
  11. max21

    Game Night Thread- Redskins at Saints

    Thank god im a Caps fan.
  12. max21

    Game Night Thread- Redskins at Saints

    I hate prime time games so much it’s insane. We are so bad on national TV