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  1. Listening to NFL podcast today and hearing about all the other bad QB play around the league, for a about one second I’m glad we don’t have the QB drama the Bills, Giants, Bucs and Dolphins have etc. We could be 3-6 with Colt McCoy and be looking for QB answers and things would be way worse off. Alex isn’t the best QB but we are winning with him, our previous quarterbacks never had us at 6-3.
  2. No idea how we are 6-3 but my god I love it
  3. I enjoyed the hell out of Venom. Not sure how they were going to pull off the PG-13 rating since Venom is literally the most gruesome, violent villain that marvel made but they did somehow. Hardy is just a great actor, I’ll see any movie that guy is in.
  4. Crazy, my buddy is a huge Hawks fan and is blindsided by it. He won 3 cups I know one year was the shortened year but still.
  5. max21

    2018 Season Injury News

    For the love of god, why.
  6. No. We weren’t going to win after our Defense which is our strongest asset was getting exposed. We definitely weren’t going to win after our running game couldn’t do anything. Those are the 2 main reasons we made it to 5-2. Shut those down we lose, not to mention the entire O line went down. Pair Alex with a good running game and defense, we can win some games. If both get blown up in a game, we definitely are not winning. We also have no where near the talent level of receivers the Falcons have. Must win game for them after a bye week and we know what the Falcons offense can do. I was disappointed in the defense.
  7. Jesus people, we are 5-3. We didn’t lose the game today because of Alex Smith.
  8. Watching this saints game, we need ANYONE like Kamara or Thomas. We have NO ONE on offense that can do anything elusive. Our receivers might catch the ball then fall down immediately.
  9. This is so embarrassing. I hope the entire defense is fired. I just ordered pizza and I’m punching the delivery guy right in the face.
  10. There is no way the Redskins could ever hangout with a high flying offensive of the Falcons. They are to good, you need an offensive to win games. We are getting exposed, why is ClintonDix not playing? Why so much Johnson and Nicholson.
  11. Domi scored glove side over Holtby, scored empty net right afterwards. Good game but we shoulda won, not a solid start to the season but we will rebound.
  12. max21

    Safety Clinton Dix to the skins

    I’ve watched pretty much every video of Ha Ha joining the redskins, he legit sounds super excited to be here. I can’t wait to see him back there with DJ, sign him to a 10 year deal immediately.