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  1. That was oh, so close to happening. Tex is one tough son of a ***** Gus is sprinting too much.
  2. Gus over Tex, via uppercut KO in 2nd round.
  3. Make a poll : What is your favorite Ron78 thread ? Love ya, Ron.....Brah-thar !
  4. The Bisping/GSP booking seemed like it confirmed that a precedent was set with Hendo. So you have Bisping going from fighting a guy literally on the precipice of retirement, to a guy, just coming out of a 4-year retirement (and in a different weight class). And it was only because of a fluke that it appears the GSP fight won't happen. And even though the GSP fight ain't happening, we're still not getting a legitimate title fight. On a side note, every time I look at Romero, I can't believe he's a middleweight. He looks like he should be fighting 2 divisions above that.
  5. Yea, you can call me a Noob, I don't mind. It's my excuse for sayin dumb things once in a while. But of course, I know can't use that excuse for much longer. HA. And bein a Noob, I can't quite put my finger on what's caused the downfall of MMA. However, my gut is telling me it's simply another case of greed. Money is ruling the decisions, as opposed to proper judgment. What I want to know, is what's it going to take for the fighters to finally form a Union ?
  6. That's cool that I'm remembered by that thread. Similarly, I associate you with something that goes back in time. I remember you being an Alter Bridge fan. And I recall it for such a long time because it was unique for a couple reasons. One, it was my own favorite band, but 2, hardly anyone seems to know much about them. Or do I have you confused with someone else, in that regard ? Man, if Conor takes down Floyd, like you said the possibly of it happening is so remote, it makes it hard to even imagine what the aftermath would be like.
  7. What's the chance of you posting something random about an owl, immediately after I made a mention of Hooters.
  8. deleted.
  9. Such a hilarious quote from "Life Below Zero"... After a hunter comes a cross a muskrat that was cannibalised by another muskrat, he's like... "A muskrat is not at the top of the list of animals I would wanna be reincarnated as... Sit in a hole in the darkness, eating your house, and then the ice freezes and you can't get back in the water, and you freeze to death, and then your buddy eats you".
  10. Don't get all the fuss. The word triggered can easily be in reference to a positive event, and the dictionary proves it.
  11. That's why eating at Waffle House is such a great idea. You can see every move the cook makes. I remember when Hooter's used to be that way. Until they got their liquor license years back, and they replace their "front of the house kitchen" with a full bar.
  12. What could possibly go wrong ? Forgetting to screw the drain plug back in, since you forgot to mention it That's actually a serious matter, and not an uncommon one. In fact, it's one reason why I've always refused to allow anyone else to do my oil change. I heard horror stories about those quickie lube places forgetting to screw the plug back in, and you drive it off the lot, and within minutes, it's goodbye engine.
  13. Havn't had it happen, but I do know that a black tar-like substance coming out of the body, either through vomit or bowel movement, could potentially be the sign of a very, very serious condition. Hope you get it checked out. Could be minor/nothing. But it could be life-threatening, I believe.
  14. Seems like Ben Gay and Icy Hot are kind of redundant Odd because I was just going to post a question about which is the best topical pain-relieving cream.
  15. Did you ever find out exactly what the culprit was, in the spice blend ? Just so you can avoid the sneaky re-occurence of the spice(s) in a different food or restaurant.. Like, cajun spices in general are a sensitivity for you , or one ingredient in the blend, or just something exclusive to the way that restaurant prepares it.