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  1. I like it, because there are strong indications we're getting a player who may very well be about to just begin his most productive years in his career. Not a player so young that you have to develop too much, while also not a player who's already peaked, and on the downside of his career. You simply cannot get a player at a better time than this, if that's indeed what he is.
  2. Thanks, I appreciate both of your helpful insights
  3. If it's ok to ask this question here, for anyone who ever visits the other site, BGO, do you know what its current status is, because the site seems to have been down for a while, and there's even indications it may be hacked.
  4. I guess this is a reponse to the question of what's no longer relevant or needed ? I don't know, it seems that electric windows malfunction all too often. Even if you have the money to spend on the hundreds to repair it, if it happens without warning, depending on the circumstances, it could still leave a person in potentially dire predicaments, or even an emergency. And from what I've seen, it can be a recurring repair expense.
  5. I think he was even performing live recently, which is pretty stunning at that age
  6. That is not what I said
  7. I wasn't advocating that. And not advocating anything. Just sayin how ironic it would be if this lady was one of those who believed in that, (and their campaigning had succeeded), then the boob would have been already "freed" up, and this event would not have even happened.
  8. Brings up another interesting point. If they're fake, should it really be considered as exposing ? But seriously, you guys that are talking about the women's groups getting outraged - you aware that there are large womens' groups advocating the opposite ? Protesting and parading for the right for women to walk topless in public, just like men ?
  9. I think they just have you fill out and sign a few forms.
  10. Settle down, Skins fans. He had to be talking about the city, not the team.
  11. Not sure why.... We sign "camp bodies" every year. Only reason I would scratch my head is if someone on the staff speculated about him becoming a starter.
  12. 1997...I remember that year. Didn't they refer to them as "car phones" back then ?
  13. Pulp Fiction dance scene
  14. Early card today, if you're lookin for an Afternoon Delight.
  15. Not to nitpick, but just a FYI, it's UFC 212. That, or they may try to sell us on a Weidman/Silva III.