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  1. Even copied Cornell's method of dying, with the hanging. Eerie way to pay tribute to Cornell, to say the least.
  2. agreed, although HW division is a's a struggle to make a case for any of the existing guys deserving a title shot.
  3. I just now thought of this - perhaps the other reason Jones didn't look nearly as dominant against OSP, was matchup reasons ; size in particular. Jones struggled the most against Gustaffson, and Gus' size was a big factor in that. And OSP is almost the same height as Gus. Looks like a connection with being 6'4 or more, and the ability to minimize Jones' reach advantage.
  4. Submission or KO ? I'm gonna guess you're thinking submission.
  5. I think DC beats Jones this time, based on the fact that the last time Jones had a long layoff, he clearly looked rusty against OSP, and not the same Jones. This time, it's the exact same layoff period (15 months) and Jones isn't getting a tune-up for Cormier, so could we see a Jones who has enough cage rust, to close the gap between the talent of the two ?
  6. This thread is basically just asking people's age lol
  7. Somebody took my post seriously...
  8. And half of those replies are arguing whether Bruce says Kirk or Kurt. Maybe that needs its own thread.
  9. Yea, I edited my post to include possibly franchising him again, which I thought you might have meant. But if we franchise him, it's a 1 year contract at 34 will want to trade and take on those terms
  10. How so, he's a free agent after the season. And no-one will want to trade anything of value for him, while he's tagged at 34 Mill on a 1 year contract.
  11. About the same amount as if he doesn't release the contract details. Either way the media crucifies him. If he doesn't release them, he'll be cast as cheap, low-baller, who is clueless when he sees a franchise QB.
  12. Well that was the only fight on the whole card that interested me. So that shows how much I follow MMA these days lol
  13. How'd this guy get thru airport security ?
  14. First time Nelson has ever been knocked out in a 10 year career. And boy was he out. All the lights went out.
  15. Well there's also a difference of 3 minutes and 5 minutes in Boxing and MMA rounds, so that should help Conor somewhat, Plus the fact that boxing is less fatiguing than MMA. And then add, that likely he'll be in even better shape than both of the Diaz fights