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  1. The "Ask a Mechanic" Thread

    Hey guys, wondered if I could get an opinion on something, where I'm getting 2 different diagnosis from a couple places. It's a 2000 Buick Century. Started out, it had what appeared to be oil present in the coolant. Took it to one place, and they said the "oil cooler" for the radiator is what was causing the oil to leak into it, and that it needed a new radiator and thermostat, due to the oil damage ($800) Took it somewhere else, and got a totally different answer. First, they said this particular car does not even have an "oil cooler" attached to the radiator. And that the oil getting into the radiator was due to the head gasket gone bad. So, the head gasket, hoses, and system flush would be about $1400. Does the 2nd diagnosis sound like the accurate one ? I'm just curious what might cause one guy to say this model car possesses an "oil cooler" on the radiator, while the other one says it does not contain one Is there a way I can find out ? Probably a dumb question, but if it's the head gasket, and we keep an eye on the oil and coolant and temperature, can it reasonably be driven much longer like that ?
  2. Welcome to the Washington Redskins Greg Stroman CB Virginia Tech

    If he's playing slot corner, he's usually going against a smaller slot receiver, so size shouldn't be an issue. If it's returning kicks that you're worried about, if Brandon Banks could do it, he can. Also, someone was comparing his similar running style to Darrell Green. Then also compare his bigger frame to Green’s, which makes size a non-issue. In other words, "S'all good man, Stroman !"
  3. Welcome to the Washington Redskins Greg Stroman CB Virginia Tech

    Speaking of which, what's the latest on Sean Taylor's little brother ? Is he going to become a Pro Basketball player, or football ?
  4. Welcome to the Washington Redskins Greg Stroman CB Virginia Tech

    "[Kendall Fuller] is like my big brother"
  5. Welcome to the Washington Redskins Troy Apke S Penn St

    He just needs some Mambo, Samba, and Merengue dance lessons with Josh Norman's DWTS's partner/instructor, and Apke's hips will be fine.
  6. Welcome to the Washington Redskins Troy Apke S Penn St

    Is Trey Quinn the next Nick Williams ?
  7. Ravens Sign Robert Griffin III

    Chiefs vs Redskins sounds a lot more intriguing to me for a Super Bowl, than Vikings-Ravens
  8. Random Thought Thread

    How many smilies do you need to put after your post, to convey to the other person that you're only light-heartedly joking, and have no intentions of a personal attack, or snide or derogatory attitude. Apparently I have not been using enough of them, to convey the former.
  9. Welcome to the Washington Redskins Da'Ron Payne DT Alabama

    If ya wanna talk about Tim Settle, you're posting in Da'Ron thread - dis is Da'Right thread, for that...
  10. What to do with LG

    Perhaps a similar reason the Chiefs traded us Alex Smith ?
  11. 2018 UDFA Thread

    People/players can have differences between them, while at the same time, hold some strong and striking similarities.
  12. What to do with LG

    Maybe Bill Callahan should have been an option in the poll.
  13. Welcome to the Washington Redskins Greg Stroman CB Virginia Tech

    Fans just picking up where the pros left off, at the Combine, with the prodding and poking, eh
  14. Welcome to the Washington Redskins Trey Quinn WR SMU

    Yea, don't know the whole story behind it. But it had something to do with them both going to LSU, and somebody must have thought he was a newer, miniature version of Beckham at LSU. But for all I know, it could have been started as something half-serious. A couple of the references... "Trey Quinn (AKA Baby Beckham) is one of the fiercest slot receivers in the draft."
  15. What to do with LG

    Yep, Connor Halliday. Can we re-open the poll ? lol