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  1. If he passes another team's physical within a day or 2 or so, after failing within the Ravens' physical, does that not expose a glaring, obvious, undeniable flaw in the system, that has to be addressed somehow ?
  2. With coaching calibers like Tomsula and Callahan managing the 2 most important trenches, for plus years now, there's no excuse for this team not to become championship material.
  3. Ok good. Last I heard, he was actually turning down HC offers, because he literally enjoyed working for Jay that much. I guess nothing has changed.
  4. I have not read or heard anything to lead one to believe that there's even a chance he leaves this offseason. Have you ? Wasn't he a Turnover Machine at the time they made that offer ?
  5. Not as happy as he would have been with a much bigger Ravens contract
  6. No, they were just overworked last year, diagnosing 147 injuries of ours.
  7. Gotta have a backup if there's an injury in camp. Then we're not scampering for a replacement at the last minute.
  8. Quick was clutch-big-time in the Seattle game, and one of the reasons we upset them. That's how I remember him. Although I still have a hard time seeing him make the team
  9. God Speed Kirk! Vikings did ok (Kirk Appreciation Thread) M.E.T.

    Well it's good to see that both parties could part ways on seemingly good terms. At least on the surface. Although we all know that that all changes on the football field. As each party would have extra motivation to win a game between these 2 teams. That probably won't happen this season though, except for playoff possibilities.
  10. Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    Funny how the roles have reversed, and now OTHER teams are overpaying for OUR players. Cousins Breeland Grant
  11. Draft & Free Agency - Muhammad Wilkerson to visit Washington

    He just signed with Green Bay. Welsh Skin Fan, you have somethin to do with that ?
  12. Draft & Free Agency - Muhammad Wilkerson to visit Washington

    Well that should make for interesting driving conversation for 16+ hours between the 2 of you
  13. Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    What is the story with Grant ? I assume he's not coming back ?
  14. Random Thought Thread

    This confuses me about Netflix. When your Netflix becomes inactive and the screensaver comes on, with the picture of the city, and these random icons of movies start floating around, and I see one that interests me, I search for it, and it can't be found. Why put those on there, as if they're available, when they're not ? EDIT : Nevermind, that was a brain pause. Just realized that screensaver that comes on, belongs to Roku, not Netflix