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  1. That too. @youngchew what is the movie you posted in here a while ago (can't find it searching) ...the only thing I remember from the trailer was that it looked like two terrorists watching a drone fly over their village and they try to shoot an RPG at it? But the movie was from their perspective, I think they were brothers maybe
  2. A lot of us were upset in the moment and its not BS
  3. Came here to post that Kilmer. I was very skeptical but wow I can't believe it actually looks good, respects the original and is terrifying too.
  4. Re Pence..i wouldn't have dinner alone with a woman either unless my wife was there. I think it's about respect and has nothing to do with trust
  5. I'm not sure how big a fan I am of this Avenger'd up Spider-Man anyway. I like my Spider-Man solo not getting his suit and Batman like gadgets from tony stark Good call. I stopped it early at 1:45 and still had at least 30 seconds to go. Still pissed I saw that much
  6. Smh just show the entire damn movie. I hate trailers
  7. Nothing will come out. We will be suffering thru this inept **** show for 8 years
  8. How are people this grossly incompetent at best or unfathomably corrupt at worst allowed to just continue on heading committees and going about their business
  9. I'm not complaining that we signed Quick. But at some point we have to be able to evaluate and project their development. The ole "let's wait and see how he does first" gets us nowhere because everybody else also sees how they do and will be in the market for them, driving up yheir price or signing them away. Locking guys up for value before they explode or prove they deserve more money is one of the larger goals of a front office. Id have preferred Pryor long term as well, but running it back again next offseason with possibly only two (if doctson pans out) competent WRs on the roster again isn't a good move to me. Its entirely possible the offensive wait and see approach is due to the uncertainty over Cousins. What a shocker, that was also a wait and see/prove it scenario that blew up in our face.
  10. Or 3-4 years or something else so we aren't putting bandaids on the team as much. Why couldn't he have gotten a longer deal?
  11. What.....
  12. Yay more rentals. It'll be great when we are right back in this boat next season after losing 2-3 WRs again and only have doctson and crowder hanging around.