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  1. The clarification of a G5 airplane after the initial appall is just the best. I love that movie
  2. I'm not watching the trailer to go into season 7 fresh but they're allied with Daenerys so they can have some of her 20,000+ army
  3. He should be out at this point, right?
  4. I had to vote for The Mask. Hard to believe Jim Carrey has been killing it since 85, he looks great for his age. That movie was a lot fun. It was like a live action Bugs Bunny cartoon. There was an impromptu conga line, explosives, eyes bulging out of was great. And young Cameron Diaz with some meat on her bones...whew.
  5. I glossed over that one lol my mistake
  6. Yeah, it's going to be terrible. BUT, if they set it in the 80s and just make it 100% 80s again and keep all the homosexual undertones and would be worth seeing. If they try to make a serious fighter pilot movie starring Tom Cruise set in 2017... it is going to be a disaster, and like all good disasters, it will be an unmitigated one as well.
  7. I remember watching her on The Guiding Light with my mom after i got home from school when I was little. Then she got older and was in Titans and I thought, "hey there she is all grown up" lol
  8. Not a great selection. Just a bunch of ok teenie movies and some action. Nothing that really captivates you. All said, Rocky IV, going away
  9. ^^^You make sure they never forget, the night they played the Titans! On a side note, It is crazy being reminded of how goofy Ryan Gosling used to be and then see what he has become now.
  10. Forget that, ask him about aliens and Area 51
  11. Count of monte cristo style...I like where you head is at
  12. Recently.. the last 15 minutes of La La Land are tragically beautiful and heartbreakingly bittersweet. Its something to behold. Cry every time. Moonlight...cry during the second act. What a wonderful story and it crushes me every time. Inception - The end when Leo holds the projection of his wife who is dying and she reminds him that when he proposed he told her they would grow old together. He sadly corrects her that they already did grow old together and it shows the scenes from earlier of the two trapped in limbo but really as an old couple, holding hands, laying on the train tracks together as they had spent their entire lives together at that point. Then he lets her go. Just amazing Also, not on the level of the others but I remember being in the theater for the Thursday night premiere of the Dark Knight, this was before they always had Thursday releases so the early screening was at midnight. Only the diehards showed up for these. At the end of the movie when Gordon finishes his narration "he's a silent guardian, a watchful protector...a dark knight" and the screen faded to black and "The Dark Knight" pops up in white as the batman theme kicks in...i just remember feeling pure euphoria as literally everyone in the theater rose to their feet in thunderous applause. I've never seen anything like it. It gives me chills thinking about it.
  13. You told Larry that once, didn't you?
  14. Goldeneye will forever be in my heart due to the N64 classic. It's basically made the movie iconic. It is easily the best of the Brosnan movies and while he was a great Bond on paper, he seemed to mail in his performances and his movies overall just kinda sucked. Daniel Craig's Casino Royale is hands down the greatest Bond movie imo. It has a compelling story, one that is actually fun to follow with the high stakes Poker game, fantastic action set pieces, it tells the story of Bond becoming the cold ruthless Bond we've always known, and it's just memorable and overall awesome. That ending when we first hear the Bond theme...just excellent. Connery just feels wooden in comparison.