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  1. Election 2020 Thread

    Thats the hilarious part. The GOP for the last 2 decades has engaged in nothing but hyper partisanship yet it’s the Dems that must figure out way to stop it to earn the votes of the people that have been voting GOP during all this
  2. Election 2020 Thread

    Identity politics regarding working to bring rights and freedoms to marginalized people = bad Identity politics of working to deny rights to marginalized people and also spread hate and fear of those same people = hey that’s not so bad
  3. My how times change: The left was always criticized for being too lenient or nice to Russia for trying to establish and improve diplomatic relations. We even gave them a hard reset. Look what happened afterwards. They annexed Crimea, invaded the Ukraine, shot down a Malaysian airliner killing 298 people, support and fund Assad and Isis against us, murdered a citizen on our ally’s soil with nerve agent, hacked our election, and continuously attempt to subvert and destabilize western democracies. Now the right suddenly wants to be friends with Russia and thinks they aren’t so bad after multiple terrorist attacks against us and our allies? Weird...
  4. 2018 Masters Thread

    Yeah he’s too far up the course. Lots of players will pass him. Still it’s a good sign
  5. Election 2020 Thread

    It would benefit Trump. His base isn’t going anywhere. A 3rd party vote just takes swing/independent voters away from the Dem
  6. Yeah, don't release his texts unless it relates to actual criminal conduct.
  7. That's interesting considering the list of clients he had...
  8. Podcast Recommendations

    Pod Save America - Liberal podcast discussing the recent political news. Hosted by several staffers, speechwriters etc from the Obama admin. Lovett or Leave It - From the same group as the above, hosted by Jon Lovett, this one is more comedy focused with audience involvement and games/segments Binge Mode - Part of The Ringer podcast network, this is a fantastic podcast focused on a bunch of different TV shows, movies and sometimes sports. They have done an hour long podcast for every Game of Thrones episode and are currently in the middle of doing every Harry Potter book (multiple podcasts per book) and then following that up with the corresponding HP movie podcast. They're funny and do a great job diving into each subject and analyzing everything. Hell, they had a 5-10 segment during the Annihilation movie podcast about the construction of the ochestra theme for that movie and why it was so haunting and effective. Bald Move - Another TV and movie podcast. They also have done every episode of Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Westworld, Mr Robot, Better Call Saul, The Walking Dead (tho they just stopped because lol) etc. They try to do a movie a week and usually pick big blockbusters or highly talked about theatrical releases and they also have their viewers can donate money and request a specific movie for them to review. These guys are funny and insightful and its a very entertaining podcast. The BS Podcast - Bill Simmons of Page 2, ESPN, Grantland and The Ringer fame. He can be completely obnoxious as a Boston sports homer but he also has a really great podcast with any number of sports, entertainment, cultural topics and always has a solid guest list, be it Kevin Durant, Denzel Washington, Malcolm Gladwell etc.
  9. Choose which of you to accept? Let’s just say if I was in a room with you and Putin and I had a gun with two bullets, I’d shoot myself twice.
  10. ***2018-19 NBA Offseason Thread***

    He's already got a grandpa back.
  11. Random Thought Thread

    He can win it, as long as it's not a Nascar driver I don't have a problem with anyone winning best athlete. But really, it's still just hockey. Come on now. They're just placating the hockey fans on this one letting him win that.
  12. Tax Bill

    Hey now, there are plenty of billionaires that would be happy to be taxed more to support a liberal ideology. Just like at that guy George Soros, all the money in the world and he still is happy to spend it on crisis actors, deep state expenditures, protesters, a new world government and funding the Illuminati.
  13. The Official "DC" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    They need to add all DC movies and Batman The Animated Series for it even to be considered worthwhile. Even still, I just don't know that there is a large enough catalog or new content to make it a good investment.
  14. ***2018-19 NBA Offseason Thread***

    He can be a better playmaker, defender and improve his 3. buyer beware, he doesn't have a soul...