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  1. Unfortunately, I believe their deal is only to stream Thursday night football
  2. If we go through all this and only sign him to a 3yr deal... good lord.
  3. Pacific Rim was glorious and the visuals were awesome.
  4. I just read those threads and I'd have been pissed as hell at Mufumonk at the time. Dude spoiled the R+L=J at like the 8 episode mark of season 1. That was a huge part of my enjoyment of the show was figuring out all the Jon clues and mystery. Even the theory shouldn't have been in anyone's mind by the 8th episode so glad I didn't partake in that thread.
  5. I remember you grew up a Bulls fan but didn't know you'd gone back. I don't subscribe to the theory that you have to root for the local teams anyway like so many a ES do. It's 2017, the world is small. Don't be limited by something like the location of your birth, follow whatever gives you a connection and stick with them. They are hella fun to watch
  6. I wish I had been here for that thread. Actually, maybe not, I probably would have been banned for ruining the parade
  7. We? I thought you were a Hornets fan Taze?
  8. I hope Lonzo isn't going to wear goofy ass t shirts under his jersey. That should be illegal. Just another reason college basketball sucks, you see like 3 dudes rocking that look per game
  9. Damn
  10. I think I'd have the Greek Freak over Davis due to the injury history
  11. I may have misunderstood the years but there was definite Davis to Celtics tslk
  12. No it wasn't you. This guy fancies himself a stickman and saw a ravens fan at a tailgate but she wouldn't put out to him so he became obsessed over her and a little brat about it. Pretty sure it was 100% fake but still
  13. I've heard Celtics trying to get Davis. He's going to be gone in a year anyway so they might make a push.
  14. Dat fire sword of Beric's
  15. If you guys think Greedo shooting first changed Han's character too much wait until his entire past gets Disney-fied Some things should remain a mystery