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  1. Random Thought Thread

    You're still a virgin so you don't understand what it's like to love a woman, which is why you probably didn't cry actual tears.
  2. Random Thought Thread

    Reports of an active shooter on Howard University Campus?!?!
  3. Random Thought Thread

    Agreed. You've got good taste No weird stuff.
  4. Random Thought Thread

    Brother, it was on STARZ this past Sunday. Legit got dusty for a sec when he thought Eva was forever shutdown.... First movie that ever made me cry was Dead Man Walking. Jesus Harold, talk about devastating. I'll go to my grave claiming that Dead Man Walking was the best performance of both Penn's and Sarandon's careers.
  5. Random Thought Thread

    Long-Stroker walks into work and she's standing there like Then she approaches him in the break room like Then when he gets off and walks to his car, she's in his passenger seat like ] And if you continue to deny her more of that sweet dick, you're gonna be filing an insurance claim
  6. Random Thought Thread

    No mercy. Unfortunately, this is the right answer. Playing in the workplace can go south really fast. Especially if you toss her the top shelf D but not looking to get serious.
  7. Standing during the Pledge or National Anthem

    Your man is drinking beer through a straw. Tells you everything you need to know about him.
  8. Random Thought Thread

    Funky ass remix. The breakdown after the 4 minute mark How 'bout a little Nectar on a Monday? This **** right here will get the party started. Crankasaurus
  9. Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: Who Is For Real?

    Rough game, both offenses play like crap. Skins win ugly, 17-13. Skins D gets a crucial turnover late.
  10. Random Thought Thread

    Are you sure you're NOT an alien, just wearing some kind of human suit? Like, an Edgar suit?
  11. The Skins RB situation....

    #MMB More Mack Brown
  12. Game Day Thread - 49ers at Redskins

    LET'S GO! Skins win this one easy and we have an extra day to prepare for Philthy
  13. This time tomorrow were gonna be feeling pretty good. Skins take an early lead and it's never close. HTTR.