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  1. that "It!" trailer tho!!!!
  2. Sad the stupid kids had to die, but overall a good story as the homeowners were not hurt. The intruders were dressed and armed like they were ready to hurt people. Responsible gun owners FTW.
  3. Thanks for ruining my day. Hollywood, wtf?
  4. ^ My man Raff!!!
  5. Per usual this season, Negan saves the episode. "Rapey Davey" and "beachball-sized lady nuts" was gold. Was an okay epi last night, but nothing special. If I wasn't so invested in this show I'd probably stop watching. Sasha looks to be donezo.
  6. I would... but she's downstairs cleaning.
  7. Gamesandwichmakers?
  8. SOUTH CAROLINA!!! Go ****s!
  9. "President Trump has been golfing 13 times in 9 weeks."
  10. The people who think up these videos have to be tripping at the time. Soooooo trippy and fun to watch.
  11. Bill Maher makes an infomercial out of Trump soundbites
  12. And beat me down
  13. Hey! Gaming is serious business, pal. No time to put the controller down LOL. Indees he is. The rubber hand feels similar to "The Stranger."
  14. "Due to inclement weather, teleworking is authorized for all employees." Telework? You mean move the mouse with my big toe every 10 minutes while I play video games all day?