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  1. Yes. It's awesome. Highly recommend. Cillian Murphy delivers, as usual. The bad guy in Wentworth might be a top 5 TV villain in recent memory. God she's such a good actress, I hate her character so much
  2. Bruh, seeing somebody trip off dippas (PCP cigarette) foe the first time made me realize I'd never do it. You're crazy to do that ****.
  3. Seen a dude smoke dippa and run down Neal street naked and fought a tree
  4. Season 5 of Wentworth dropped on Netflix this week. Halfway through god, it is so much better than OITNB. sheesh!
  5. Cooked
  6. Ya, after the first one, they were all pretty bad. Pacific Rim was okay And then the classics Robot Jox and Crash and Burn, so bad they was awesome.
  7. Dammit, Rigg...I need that second picture to zoom out just a bit....
  8. Man if you don't get your high and tight head ass outta here..... Worried about tissues. Tissues? Remove the "t" and that describes your haircut. "My prerogative" lookin' ass. "I'm from Southwest D.C....with a flair"
  9. I just spent like 20 minutes typing out 5-6 paragraphs about how much I love marijuana and what it's done for me. But **** all that. For those who said they tried it and didn't feel anything, you definitely did it wrong. For those who have never tried it, I hope one day before you die, you'll give it a go. And for my folks that do smoke, whether it's been 20 years or you smoke weed every day......for all the ES homies that have been to the other side and seen the world for what it really's an e-hug.
  10. My boy Gerard! Good movie indeed. And LL Cool J's ol' sexy Milk Dud head ass
  11. Thet look good on you, let the haters hate. Meanwhile, you're pulling Bollywood joints with pretty long hair and deep Brown eyes.
  12. MLS you gonna take that, cuz?! They're trying to say you're 6'7 with a bull**** ass haircut. Lookin' like Crimson Tide Denzel