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  1. Kosh made a good point in the Oregon School shooting thread. Focus on the tragedy, victims, their families, etc. instead of almost immediately debating one's views on gun control. I was in the past and now am guilty for contributing to those debates. It's not that there is anything wrong with debating topics, cause that's how we roll in the Tailgate. But we always go down the same rabbit hole when some tragic shooting like this happens. Sadly, it happens too often, but we have to many threads where gun control and politics and personal rights, etc. get discussed within those threads. So with that said. Post all of that in here. Debate away. Feel free to include any thoughts on gun control, regulation, political views on the topic, etc. and feel free to cite specific examples when doing so or referencing those tragic events (e.g. Sandy Hook, Charleston, Oregon, etc.) but do it in here and leave the individual threads open to pay respects to the victims, updated news on the case, etc. Some of you could care less and that's fine. Just trying to keep the same ole debate in one place instead of always doing it in multiple threads. Here was my first post about possible solutions from the Oregon thread: I'm a gun owner, and I'm open to stricter laws/regulations to help prevent horrific **** like this from happening. I'm not sure where to start though. I'm sure the fact that people can steal guns, buy from the black market, take legally purchased firearms their relatives have, etc. doesn't make it any easier. I keep mine locked up in a gun safe, but I'm sure a lot of owners don't, which helps contribute to the problem and allows psychos easy access, like the Sandy Hook tragedy. That ****nut killed his mom and took her guns, all legally purchased and registered to her. Access has to be one of the largest contributors in these violent crimes. I dunno, start with raising the age one can purchase all guns? That might be a good starting place. Most states you can purchase shotguns and long barrel rifles at age 18 and handguns at age 21. Given the age of a lot of these shooters, a lot of them seem relatively younger, especially in the latest tragedies. Sandy Hook, guy was age 20, this shooting guy was age 20. Charleston church shootings, guy was 21 and purchased it legally. We don't know how the latest gunman got the handguns, but since he isn't 21, we know he didn't purchase them. I'm with Sin on this, gotta start cracking down on gun regulations first. Mental health awareness, etc. needs to continue as well. I think outside of law enforcement, civilians should be able to purchase shotguns/rifles starting at age 25 and handguns say at age 29-30. For those that hunt, require them to obtain a hunting rifle permit that allows them access to use a family member/friends legal hunting rifle only during the hunting season. Would it make it more difficult for those under age 25 to hunt? Yes, but I don't care if it will decrease the number of tragedies like this from happening.
  2. Random Thought Thread

    I love Sundays, but especially Sunday mornings in general. I usually get to bed earlier on Sat. nights, like 11-11:30, just so I can wake up around 6:30 - 7:00 am and go downstairs with the wife and dog and chill out, watch TV/Movies and have fun. Tazette usually sleeps in now, till 9-10am before she comes down, grabs either her Nintendo Switch or wife's tablet and heads back upstairs to my man cave to chill and game. Then we usually grill out, watch TV, chill the rest of the day.
  3. The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    Trying to get some smoked wings done before the thunderstorms start. Just got a new propane grill, charbroil 4 burner with a side burner. My old one was a really nice, all stainless steal Jenn-Air grill, it went bad, decided I'd never spend that much money on another gas grill again. I prefer to smoke and cook on my charcoal Weber kettle, but with the heat sometimes and time involvement, it was faster to toss on some wood chips and indirect smoke on the Charbroil today. Used this BBQ sauce and rub on the wings, left side is the dry rub, right side the bbq sauce. Wife put way too much rub on hers, I guarantee all the sugar in it is going to result in some burnt skin. But, that's on her.
  4. If he is still a legit starter and wins out a starting job, then you start him. If anything, it strengthens our defensive line and provides great depth and a good rotation. Considering how bad our defense has been over the years, this makes sense to me. We have a legit chance to sign a really good player that should improve our D-line. We have everything to gain and nothing to lose trying to get him to sign.
  5. For me soccer was a great sport to play growing up, but after I got into High School, it was no longer fun or even interesting for me. I believe it's a great sport to start kids on because even at 3-5 years old it's easy to pick up. I know the rules/formations/etc. are different as you progress (high school, travel team, leagues, etc.) but the sport itself, talking basic rules and coordination wise, is a lot easier to start young children on than any of the American big four (football, basketball, baseball, hockey), imo. But again, for me, I loved playing it until 9th grade. I've never liked watching it live or on TV, because I don't find it very exciting outside of scoring plays or actual real attempts/threats to score which to me, seem rare. Nothing outside those is exciting to me, where in other sports, there can be exciting plays away from the action or scoring. In football, there are sacks, fumbles, interceptions, incredible passes, catches, runs, etc. stuff that not only changes the game, but is exciting even when it does not involve one team scoring. In basketball (NBA) it's fast paced, so you get fast breaks, crazy dunks, incredible shots, blocks, etc. Hockey, while games are not always high scoring, you get the fastest paced game, with incredible saves and checking and fights. I think it's cool that there are die hard fans that love it and find everything about it fun and exciting. Me personally, it just doesn't really do it for me.
  6. All Good Things "Star Trek"

    If they had more content like say Netflix or Hulu, where they are pumping out shows/movies along with having retro shows/movies, but they don't. I'm going to give Salvation a shot because TK has never steered me wrong. But, the only content they stream is what they own which is CBS owned stuff. And they actually are marketing to the binge watcher now. I signed up for the free trial when the series launched. It was like a 1 week trial, then cancelled because I had their app on Roku and it had issues, it actually wouldn't stream at all, kept getting error messages. Because they had my email address for the account I created for the trial, I started getting emails from them trying to get me to subscribe and binge watch Discovery. After the first half of season 1 and again after season 1 was finished. And because people can wait until the the season is over, pay for one month, binge watch it and whatever else they offer during that month, cancel, and wait until new content drops, is exactly why they should drop the entire season at once like they do on Netflix. The only way to avoid subscribers from doing that would be to only offer 6 month or 12 month subscription packages, which would kill their business model.
  7. Hankins still out there, we need to jump on that and see if we can sign him on the cheap. I would think him and his agent might reconsider given that nobody is giving him what they expect his value/worth is.
  8. All Good Things "Star Trek"

    Yeah, that is annoying man. That's why I waited until the second half of season one finished up, then got CBS All Access. Now that I know it will be Jan. 2019 for season 2, gonna cancel my subscription, no need to pay for it for 5 months.
  9. The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    Is that common to deep fry wings after smoking them? Sounds like it would just ruin the wings. I've heard of baking them, then either grilling/frying them or frying them and then grilling them. Anyhow, it's not hard to smoke a boneless pork shoulder. Just pick whatever dry rub you prefer, toss it in the smoker, cook it at low heat, and pull it early enough (while it's juicy) so it doesn't dry out, wrap in foil. You can take the string off, I usually do when they had strings, always turned out fine without falling apart. If you are worried about it falling apart, you can just buy one of those cheap aluminum baking trays at the grocery store and set it on that, it will still cook/smoke the same.
  10. All Good Things "Star Trek"

    My take on the trailer is that Pike is taking command of Discovery as the Enterprise had sent out a distress call. I think we will see both ships at times, but not necessarily both of them together throughout season 2. Cause him taking over Discovery doesn't make a lot of sense if the Enterprise is fully functional.
  11. Thats on Hulu right? What is it about?
  12. All Good Things "Star Trek"

    I can’t wait until season 2 comes out. I really liked Discovery.
  13. Im loving this new season. Watching it now, coach is off tha chain
  14. I recommended this show when it first aired. You're a lot younger than me, but I remember reading Archie comics when I was a kid (back in early 80s), which is what the characters are based off of, well in looks, name and the fictional town of Riverdale (and a few other elements like the Lodges being rich, etc.). The comics were somewhat funny with an ongoing teen romance thing between Betty, Veronica and Archie. That's what I like about the television show, it's nothing like the comics. It's dark, violent (at times) and deals with the mob, criminal activity, gangs, murder, etc. Sure the main characters are mostly in high school, but it's definitely more than some sappy tween show. I'm 43 years old and not ashamed to admit that I like and enjoy this show.
  15. Random Thought Thread

    So normally I have a beard, length varies depending on the time of year. But it's a full beard, none the less. I usually try to piss the wife off a couple time of year and trim it down to something like a handlebar mustache, **** like that. She hates it when I do this too, but I just shaved it into a Justin Timberlake Motherlover beard.... NSFW - Explicit Lyrics
  16. I could when I was younger, like age 17-21. But I’m 43 now lol. Haven’t played b-ball since my mid 20s. Im 6’2” also, just a lot fatter in my old age
  17. You voted no that’s what happened lets all not not forget the classic game....Double Dribble. Man I loved pissing off my friends shooting a three from those hot spots where they always went in.
  18. Yes! This game. I had it on PC, like MS-DOS
  19. man, I used to love playing that game way back. Friend of mine had this, was pretty fun too
  20. Random Thought Thread

  21. By ML you talking bout @CrypticVillain (formerly MLSkins - think that was it)? Cause iirc, didn't he say he played against Durant in HS and held his own? If it wasn't KD it was another NBA player.
  22. Random Thought Thread

    You're like 6" or 6'1" right? I know that I'm tall, but my two best friends growing up were 6'8" and 6'4" and the other guy we hung out with was 6'5", so I always felt short lol
  23. Random Thought Thread

    Have any of you had what I call a "Larry David moment" before? If you don't know who he is, he's the creator of Seinfeld and stared in his HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm, which was about a fictionalized version of himself. Throughout the series, he would always find himself doing something to someone or saying something and then running into them again later in the episode. For example, some guy jumps in front of him in line, he calls them out, they argue, etc. A day or two later, he is trying to join a country club and the guy he argued with happens to be on the board that votes to allow new members. Stuff like that. The basketball story just posted about the cops being called due to a hard screen triggered one of those moments that happened to me. It was back when I was in high school, playing pick-up games with my cousin and his other cousin. There were two courts but only one good goal, the other was dunked on and bent. The good goal was taken with multiple people ahead of us. So we had to play on the broken goal. It was 3 on 3. I'm only 6'2", but was the tallest of the six people out there. One guy on the other team was about 6 feet tall and matched up with me, then out of the blue, this one guy on their team who was like 5'7" says I got him. Needless to say, I told my cousin to lob it into me every time. He did, and I abused the guy and next thing I know, he's trying to take me out (shoving and undercutting me when I'd drive, etc.). My cousin says for me to take the ball out instead of posting the guy. I check the ball and he throws at me as hard as he can at my head. I catch it and beam the **** out of him then run after him trying to fight. My cousins had to drag me to my car and make me leave. A few months later, I get hooked up on a date with one of my good friend's friends. I go to her house, pick her up, met her mom and older sister, who were very nice. So I'm standing in the kitchen, then they ask her to come into the other room for a minute, I'm standing there by myself wondering what the hell is going on. Then her older sister walks through the kitchen and gives me the stink eye. My date comes back in the kitchen and asks me if I played basketball at that one court and gotten into a fight with one of the guys. I told her what happened and asked why and she says that guy was my sister's fiance What's even funnier is I was only 17 years old, this guy was like 22 or 23 and she said he was worried if he came out of the back that I was going to start beating his ass. Anyone got any Larry David Moment stories?
  24. Random Thought Thread

    edit: no politics