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  1. Kosh made a good point in the Oregon School shooting thread. Focus on the tragedy, victims, their families, etc. instead of almost immediately debating one's views on gun control. I was in the past and now am guilty for contributing to those debates. It's not that there is anything wrong with debating topics, cause that's how we roll in the Tailgate. But we always go down the same rabbit hole when some tragic shooting like this happens. Sadly, it happens too often, but we have to many threads where gun control and politics and personal rights, etc. get discussed within those threads. So with that said. Post all of that in here. Debate away. Feel free to include any thoughts on gun control, regulation, political views on the topic, etc. and feel free to cite specific examples when doing so or referencing those tragic events (e.g. Sandy Hook, Charleston, Oregon, etc.) but do it in here and leave the individual threads open to pay respects to the victims, updated news on the case, etc. Some of you could care less and that's fine. Just trying to keep the same ole debate in one place instead of always doing it in multiple threads. Here was my first post about possible solutions from the Oregon thread: I'm a gun owner, and I'm open to stricter laws/regulations to help prevent horrific **** like this from happening. I'm not sure where to start though. I'm sure the fact that people can steal guns, buy from the black market, take legally purchased firearms their relatives have, etc. doesn't make it any easier. I keep mine locked up in a gun safe, but I'm sure a lot of owners don't, which helps contribute to the problem and allows psychos easy access, like the Sandy Hook tragedy. That ****nut killed his mom and took her guns, all legally purchased and registered to her. Access has to be one of the largest contributors in these violent crimes. I dunno, start with raising the age one can purchase all guns? That might be a good starting place. Most states you can purchase shotguns and long barrel rifles at age 18 and handguns at age 21. Given the age of a lot of these shooters, a lot of them seem relatively younger, especially in the latest tragedies. Sandy Hook, guy was age 20, this shooting guy was age 20. Charleston church shootings, guy was 21 and purchased it legally. We don't know how the latest gunman got the handguns, but since he isn't 21, we know he didn't purchase them. I'm with Sin on this, gotta start cracking down on gun regulations first. Mental health awareness, etc. needs to continue as well. I think outside of law enforcement, civilians should be able to purchase shotguns/rifles starting at age 25 and handguns say at age 29-30. For those that hunt, require them to obtain a hunting rifle permit that allows them access to use a family member/friends legal hunting rifle only during the hunting season. Would it make it more difficult for those under age 25 to hunt? Yes, but I don't care if it will decrease the number of tragedies like this from happening.
  2. Random Thought Thread

    I was listening to the old school hip hop/rap station on Sirius and this came brings back memories.
  3. Random Thought Thread

    All these threads going on about gun control (yes, I know I started that one lol), school shootings, sexual assault, NFL anthem, etc. is getting really depressing.
  4. Random Thought Thread

    Depends on who is asking. Family? Friends? My parents bought one for our daughter. It stays unplugged when not in use, not because of what happened in that article, but after reading that, I'm glad we didn't keep it plugged in. Im not even sure where the darn thing is now, probably for the best.
  5. ***2017-18 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    I think Iggy will be back Saturday. With CP3 out, Iggy or no Iggy, Warriors win by double digits in game 6. Then a close game 7 and close it out.
  6. ***2017-18 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    Wasn’t expecting that tbh.
  7. Random Thought Thread

    Just my prediction. I’m a Hurricanes fan, so I have no dog in this fight. I’m actually pulling for you guys.
  8. Random Thought Thread

    Golden Knights in
  9. NBC: At least nine dead in Santa Fe High School Shooting

    I was in a rush when I posted that. And that takes us to the bigger problem, budget. Where is the funding going to come from to allow for more LEOs, metal detectors, etc. Another point (which I think you made with the football stadium), priorities and where they lie. We have a gazillion school districts that can't even afford updated books, materials, etc., where are they going to get the money to improve student safety?
  10. NBC: At least nine dead in Santa Fe High School Shooting

    Personally, I think every school should have two SRO assigned to it. One stays inside, one patrols outside at all times. Along with locking down/securing the school during school hours (which a lot of schools do). Also properly arming the SROs with weapons that level the playing field. Any SRO only armed with their service weapon is at a severe tactical disadvantage to a shooter with a semi-automatic rifle and large capacity magazines. As for the SRO patrolling inside, allow them to place a secure strongbox with proper gear/guns in a location only they know about, in case a shooter manages to gain access inside. The SRO outside will do just that, secure the perimeter and watch over the kids when outside for recess. And if possible, metal detectors at every school.
  11. The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    And see, that's another rabbit hole of it's own (talking mental health checks/tests/etc.). What should be allowed? How far can they go? Will it make a difference at all? At some point, one would have to think that the government being able to test/screen your mental competency would be some violation of your rights. And at what point is a line being crossed? And if they just do something as simple as have you fill out additional questions on the paperwork when purchasing a firearm, say have you ever been prescribed or are currently being prescribed the following medications (and it lists off mental health meds that treat depression, etc. and ones with side effects that could include suicidal thoughts, etc.), will that really help? I could see people just flat out lying on the form, because I don't really think they will ever require one to produce their medical history due to HIPAA or people that need help avoiding it because they want to purchase a firearm. It's something that needs to be examined carefully and definitely addressed. How? I really have no idea. And while both parties seem to want to mention mental health when these tragic events do occur, I bet both are scared to death to try and implement any processes when it comes to purchasing firearms because they know that as soon as they do, the other party is going to jump on the invasion of privacy bandwagon to have another pissing war over for votes.
  12. The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    That's another thing that annoys me. Both side-ism.......**** that. One can possess the best values/principles/policy from both parties. It doesn't have to be extreme left or right. And it absolutely is being ignored/used to keep the talking points. It's a major issue and boils down to which side is going to get more people swayed to vote their party. What is always included as major talking points in debates? Gun control, abortion, illegal immigration, jobs/budget/debt, healthcare. And nothing is going to change as long as we do not allow third party or independent candidates in the debates. Which is what both parties don't want, they don't want change, they want the same ole pissing war against each other. The fact that the commission on presidential debates requires candidates poll at 15% or higher in the five national surveys to be eligible to be in the three debates is a ****ing joke. And while the pissing war continues so does the killing. And a lot of it could be potentially avoided with just common sense gun control laws.
  13. Random Thought Thread

    Given the past history you have shared with us, I do not think you are overthinking this at all.
  14. The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    So, the current talk in the Santa Fe shooting thread is in regards to mental health. Some posts about on particular party not doing anything about that either. Me personally, I think both parties have failed everyone. I actually often wonder if any career politician (both parties) really gives that much of a **** about improving anything at all. The last time we had any real changes was the Federal Assault Weapons ban in 1994. And that was a close vote with 10 Republicans voting for it and 9 Democrats voting against it. It's just become a pissing war and talking point for debates for primaries and general elections. Instead of implementing common sense gun control laws, that don't even threaten 2nd amendment rights, they just keep focusing on extremes. There is room for common ground. Raising the age limit to 21 does not infringe on the 2nd amendment. Passing laws that hold gun owners responsible for allowing access to their firearms by delivering stiffer penalties is not infringing on anyone's 2nd amendment rights. Implementing another ban on certain future manufacturing and sale of certain models of semi-automatic rifles, limiting magazine capacity, banning bump stocks does not infringe upon anyone's 2nd amendment rights. Requiring a purchase permit to purchase all firearms and not just handguns does not infringe upon anyone's 2nd amendment rights. Now, with all that said, I do not think the government should be able to outright ban owning/possessing any firearms that would be on a future ban list, as they were purchased legally (and in the 1994 ban, it wasn't illegal to own/possess/use if purchased prior to the ban date). Sorry for my rant. On to mental health. What really can either side do on this? Seriously. Have to take a mental health test and be cleared by a professional and show proof prior to being able to purchase any firearms? How will that get paid for? Would you trust that the "professional" that was evaluating you would be professional and honest and really know after one test if you or anyone was deemed competent to possess a firearm? Would this infringe upon our privacy? Do you want the government to be able to require mental health tests for purchasing a firearm? And what about the test itself, is there really a set number of questions/answers that can determine mental stability?
  15. ***2017-18 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    They need to sit Klay for a bit.
  16. NBC: At least nine dead in Santa Fe High School Shooting

    My guess is if they did pass a law on this, they would make it vague like they do most so it can be up to the discretion of law enforcement, judge, jury, etc. to decide if reasonable measures to secure the firearm were met. Which just opens up another can of worms. While one would think this would be as easy as the law stating something like: "Properly securing all firearms (at a minimum) is defined by: 1) storing them in a locked safe inside ones residence -and- 2) securing/storing codes or key to the safe away from children/others. This includes all keys or codes used as a back-up to biometric safes which can override the biometric locking function. But instead of it being clearly defined, it probably will read something like this instead: "Properly securing all firearms is defined by storing them in a lockable storage container in order to keep them away from children/others. " It's like that for transportation of firearms in vehicles for NC. It's written in a way that it obvious on a few things not to do like if you do not have a conceal carry do not store the firearm under your seat, in the middle console or glovebox. The law only states that it is unlawful to transport a weapon (absent a proper permit) that is BOTH concealed and readily accessible to a person. Then actually says that NC Law does not specifically address how to transport a weapon in a vehicle. Really, it's 2018 and there isn't clear cut laws on the proper way to transport both handguns and long rifles in all models of vehicles (cars, trucks, SUVs, those with or without trunks, etc.)? And it opens up even more questions because it applies to all passengers as well as the driver in regards to placement of the weapon. I drive a Sequoia, there is no trunk. When I transport my rifles to the range I place them in the very back as far out of reach as possible. It's just me and my wife, both in the front seat, so they are clearly not readily accessable or concealed. Is it considered to be concealed in a gun case used to carry it? I dunno, nobody can seem to give me a clean cut answer on that. But placement alone saves me from that. Next question, when we do start taking our daughter to the range to be properly trained and to shoot, with her or my wife sitting in the backseat which puts her closer to the rifles (still as far back as they will be from the backseat), does that get considered as "easily accessible"? I would hope not as I wouldn't be able to get them easily if I were in the backseat, but it's up to the officer's discretion if I were ever to get pulled over for anything while driving to or from the range.
  17. NBC: At least nine dead in Santa Fe High School Shooting

    To each their own. It’s cool if you don’t like guns or want to own one, etc. But I do. And I like target shooting and being able to defend my family against home invasion if needed. And I’m a responsible gun owner that takes everything going on very seriously along with making sure my firearms are secure at all times from everyone that does not need access (which is three people- myself,wife and dad). I’m also pro gun control and implementing common sense laws at a minimum. I’m not one of the bad guys on this topic.
  18. NBC: At least nine dead in Santa Fe High School Shooting

    I dunno, with children, I think they should all be locked up at all times, unless defending your home or going to the range.
  19. NBC: At least nine dead in Santa Fe High School Shooting

    It kind of just happened to work out that way. I'm not really a gun nut by any means, but ended up getting gifted some rifles when my papaw passed away a few years ago, which filled up the safe we have. So I locked it up separately a while back when my daughter discovered the safe and started asking questions. And when expressed interest in learning to shoot. Kids are curious and I didn't want to take any chances not being equipped with the secure storage I would feel comfortable with. My plan is to get a biometric safe that is made to hold only one handgun with a few clips that will be kept in the bedroom with easy access in case someone invades our home. So, that will be the only one with ammo ready to go. The remaining firearms I'll continue to keep trigger locked individually and locked up separately from their ammo.
  20. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Bro...................just get R6S already. You will not be disappointed, I've been telling you this for 2 1/2 years
  21. NBC: At least nine dead in Santa Fe High School Shooting

    I believe there should be stricter penalties for those gun owners that do not do everything they can to lock-up and secure their firearms to prevent children/others from gaining access to them. The only people I will allow access to my firearms are myself, my wife and my father. Me personally, I use trigger locks in addition to locking them up in a secure safe with the ammo locked up in another location. I'm actually looking into a new biometric safe that records tampering attempts to access the contents. It's 2018, plenty of new technology and devices to properly secure ones firearms and not have to worry about someone else getting access to them against your wishes. In addition, we plan to have our daughter properly trained/educated by a professional on gun safety and handling firearms. And she will never have direct access to any of my firearms or ammunition until she is an adult and out of college.
  22. Random Thought Thread

    I read the same thing for Back to the Future, and that the Family Ties director wouldn't let him do B2TF because one of the cast was on maternity leave and they needed him to carry the show. When that cast member returned, they allowed him to do B2TF and his schedule was something crazy like working from 10am to 2am daily (between both sets) for two months. B2TF was a pretty big hit back then and made his popularity soar. They started cranking out as many MJF movies they could. Look at everything he stared in after B2TF, tons of movies, most cheesy, but still.
  23. Random Thought Thread

    Or it's just a movie about the struggles of being an average high school kid going through the struggles of real life. Just an average Joe at everything he does (dorky friends, below average at sports, average student, not popular, works for his dad's hardware store, has an average girl that likes him, etc.). Then goes through a life changing event that allows him to be better at everything he does and be the most popular kid in school. At the end of the day, he realizes everything he was losing by being the most popular guy/star player,/etc. and that he was just fine the way he was before being the wolf. With the message being, it's ok to be yourself. The grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence. It's ok to just be a normal, average kid. I don't see it about being about race at all. But that is just my opinion. There are some definitely racist 80 movies out there, I just don't think Teen Wolf is one of them.
  24. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    I still rank Rainbow 6 Siege as the best first person shooter, mainly because of the different approach they took. When played the way it was intended to be played, it is the ultimate teamwork based FPS. The lack of respawn when you die means everything, you get one life per round. Communication with teammates isn't a must, but the results are usually in your favor with everyone mic'd up (as long as they aren't drunk ). They also seem to do a great job of operator (character) balance, imo. Sure there are some weaker ones as far as their abilities being nearly useless, but none are overpowered. There is basically counters to most of the specials (e.g. Mute's signal disruptors for say a Fuze cluster charge). The grappling hooks to scale buildings and being able to flip to any position while hanging (upside down, sideways, etc.) to get an angle through a window or various breaching points or just making a ****ing hole in the wall with a grenade or charge to create your own breach makes lots more strategies available at your disposal than most FPS games. My only knock on R6S is they haven't added any new game modes. Granted, with only having one life per round, not sure what they could really add that wouldn't be the same/similar to the three they have (Hostage, bomb and secure area). They did add a new difficulty with Tactical Realism (basically Hardcore mode in other FPS). Hell, the game came out on 12.1.15 and is still going strong and I still play it at least once a week on XB1.
  25. Random Thought Thread

    How is Teen Wolf racist?