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  1. I would say that I know that already. And I'm not paranoid about random people trying to hack my wireless connection to steal anything, much less my ES username and password. You make it sound like there are supreme hackers out there in droves trying to hack my wireless connection that have some grudge against me. Yes, wireless networks are vulnerable to attacks, just like a network that is hardwired. Being paranoid about having a wireless network in the house is silly to me.
  2. Wife and I just started watching that today. It's pretty funny.
  3. LOL me and the wife just started binge watching that today. Gonna finish it up tomorrow. Show is hilarious, imo. love the 80s nostalgia.
  4. Happy Hip Hop Friday RTT NSFW - Explicit Lyrics
  5. Yeah, I really never left pulling for them. I still pulled for the Bulls even when claiming the home team. Like I said, it was more of an experiment due to peer pressure. No way in hell I'd ever pull for any other NFL team but the Redskins. But I did get out of NBA ball for a while, speaking following it religiously like I did through 2000. Felt fake the entire time. Not because I didn't want them to win/succeed, but claiming them as my primary team. I always want the home team to do good, unless they are playing my teams. It's great for the local economy and allows you to see your team play from time to time. The Hornets didn't even exist when I started pulling for the Bulls anyhow. So there was no real connection with them, outside of them being the local/hometown team. And I'm not from Charlotte either, granted I grew up 2 hours outside of CLT. Same with the Panthers, no connection other than living here.
  6. Again, nah. I'm good lol But they are a really fun team to watch, no doubt. Everywhere bruh. EVERYWHERE. I see it all over the place here in CLT. I'm sure Dell being a Hornet and Steph growing up here and going to Davidson has some of the influence.
  7. I grew up a Bulls fan and they were my team for years until I got out of watching the NBA around 2000. I continued to keep up with them and have always pulled for them regardless of me not watching much NBA ball outside of a handful of regular season games and the playoffs/finals from 2000-2008. I was always catching **** from family and friends for not claiming the Hornets/Bobcats my entire life, so I made a decision that if/when I got really big into NBA ball again, I'd support the home team (Bobcats/Hornets). So I claimed the Bobcats/Hornets the past 5 years, even though I continued to pull for the Bulls. It never felt right saying they were my team, cause they never were and all that noise of pulling for the home team felt fake to me. So I told the wife the "pulling for the home team cause people say you have to" experiment was over. Time to get back to my roots. Still can't find my Bulls flag I had in college. It was pretty big, would be nice to toss up in the man-cave. Wife can't remember where she packed it up when we moved into our house, probably buried in the attic. Hell man, in college, during the Jordan/Pippen/Rodman era, I went to the Hornets/Bulls game in the Hive, decked out in Bulls gear I took so much **** from fans and got threatened to get tossed off of the upper deck for cheering for the Bulls lol. I wish nothing but the best for the home team, always have, but it's time I returned to the team that has always had my heart.
  8. I don't think they will be a dumpster fire. As great as Jimmy is, Lavine is younger and better than Rondo. And we get Markkanen, who can shoot the three. I don't see them dropping off that much, nor getting any better next season. Probably in for another season around 40 wins and fighting for a playoff spot. Minnesota should be fun to watch next year though.
  9. Not happy about trading away Butler, but for Lavine, Dunn and the pick, had to be done. It was actually a great trade for both teams, imo. Gives the Bulls youth and a better starter at PG. Plus they got a big PF that can shoot the three, which they sucked at this past season. That's like a QB going to Cleveland
  10. I always thought so too man. Was sad when he was working the Sexual Chocolate character and they had him hook up with Mae Young and have her give birth to his child, except she gave birth to a hand. I've always thought they mis-handled his career, with the lone exception of him winning the World Heavyweight Championship the one time against Orton. I really thought when he did the fake retirement gimick and he slammed Cena, they were going to give him a push so he could hold the title some at the later part of his career, but of course, that never happened. I disagree. They just never gave him the big push he deserved, imo. Most likely a victim of other bigger stars being in the way when he was in his prime. The Rock, Stone Cold, HHH, etc. by the time they got around to giving him the title, it was 15 years into his career and he was starting to get injured a lot, not long after that IIRC.
  11. Uh-oh.............. NSFW - language
  12. I wasn't referring to watching them all day, every day or almost all the time and practically raising them so the parents can go out and party, etc. I'm saying that some grandparents do welcome being involved as much as possible and watching them everyday during the week. Not every grand parent is the same, I get that. Both my dad's mom and my mom's parents did when I was little. I still went to daycare part time when I was little, but once I started kindergarten, over the summers I split time, usually rotated weeks with each of them. The entire summer, until I got older. If my mom and dad lived near us, they would keep her every day they could. But don't get me wrong, my parents just retired a couple of years ago and take trips, vacation and all of that. It would be around their schedule, as it should be, if they were in a position to watch her daily.
  13. What is forgotten is most grandparents want to watch their grand children as much as possible. My parents and my MIL do not live near us, so we did the day care route and all were working when she was in pre-school anyhow, so it wouldn't have made a difference. But now that both my mom and dad are retired, they would keep Tazette the entire summer if they could. She goes to stay with my parents for 3 weeks during the summer break and this year will toss in another long weekend trip with her aunt and uncle.
  14. I was 32 yo (turned 33 three months after) and my wife was 31 when our daughter was born in 2008. We started dating my senior year in high school (I was 17, she was 15). I wanted kids right away when we got married, she wanted to wait and enjoy married life for a little while before having kids. I just asked that we start trying after I turned 30 years old, so if it took a while, then we wouldn't be too old when they graduated high school. I'll turn 51 a couple of weeks after she graduates in nine years. In comparison, my dad turned 25 right after I was born and my mom was 23.