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  1. They are 3rd overall in Fox shows in the age 18-49 demographic and 4th in total viewers (around 6 million) for fox shows. I read that while they should probably cancel it, they will give it a second season. Which sounds odd that they think it should be cancelled and there are so many more shows on the network that it beats out.
  2. Roy Williams hasn't been accused or implicated either in the fake classes scandal. Also, it was said that when he found out a lot of his players were majoring in AFAM and taking multiple independent study classes that he had an assistant coach make sure players were not being steered into pursuing that major and to steer them to taking classes that actually met. The fake classes started in 1993, 20 years before Roy was there and to be honest, I seriously doubt Dean Smith knew anything about them either. Not to mention that it impacted regular students along with athletes. I'm sure they were steered by those in the know to take the classes or by friends, teammates, etc. When I was in college, we all were steered by other students (those ahead of us in our major) on what classes to take, which professor to take, etc. Hell, there was one professor at the community college I went to prior to transferring to UNCC who everyone steered them to his classes. And it was real classes lol, but he did not believe in testing, so he would give multiple choice tests (25 questions) with all the answers the class before the test so we could memorize the answers. I took as many of his classes that I could. Why wouldn't I? So as far as the students/athletes that took the fake class, I'm sure none of them knew it was a fake class, but probably just an easy A, which is why they took it. And the fact that it is an academic issue that extends out to all students, not just athletes, that the NCAA won't punish them, it's out of their jurisdiction imo. But I'm no lawyer, so I could be wrong on the last part. I would like to think that if they really could do something about it, it would have already been done by now.
  3. My dad and I were talking about this the other day actually. They all make offers, but how hard they pursue in the recruitment process varies. If you look at the five star recruits, Kentucky and Duke usually snag a ton of them. Then you look at UNC, they mainly pursue 4 star recruits and really go after a few of the 5 star recruits. The difference is Kentucky ends up with a loaded class with the potential for one and dones or 2 year players. Duke is more of a hybrid, K embraces the one and dones, but implements them in with players that will most likely stay 3-4 years. Roy targets players that will most likely stay 4 years, possibly three years should they win a national championship. Looking at the team we have now, Pinson, Hicks and Jackson are the only 5 star recruits on the team. Berry, Meeks, Britt, Kenny Williams are four stars, with Woods, Robinson and Bradley being 4 star Freshmen this year. Maye is a 3 star. The rest (4 players) are not even ranked or walk ons. Our five starters consist of three juniors and two seniors. But that works and if you look over time, we seem to be a legit contender spread out every few years. Cal won one national championship in his first 8 years as head coach, Roy won 2 championships in his first 8 years as head coach. Roy plays the long game, Cal the short game.
  4. Since 2009, UNC has made it to the Elite 8 five times, the final four 3 times, with no championship. Granted they won it all in 2008. Duke has three Elite 8 appearances, two final fours and two championships. Yes, Cal has the edge over both coaches, but if winning it all is what it's about, then Duke has the edge over both teams since 2009. Duke and UNC are always contenders, just like Kentucky. I still think Roy is a better coach than Cal, because when you look at talent level from a recruiting standpoint, he builds teams with players that will most likely go 3 or 4 years that he can develop over time. Do not take that the wrong way, I think Cal is a great coach in his own right. But Roy builds teams over time and Cal goes for the elite players (one and dones) and hopes they develop enough chemistry to win a championship in their one (or two) years there.
  5. I just tested both my Xbox One and PS4 for you, sorry no screen shots. My current internet connection is through TWC and my plan is 300 Mbps down and 20 Mbps up. I just went to and ran a test on my PC and got 347.74 Mbps down, 23.7 Mbps up and a ping of 30 ms. I did a ping test with on my PC and got 39 ms. I use a powerline adapter to get internet to my bonus room where both my PS4 and XB1 are located. I only have one ethernet cable attached to the adapter, so I use the same connection and switch back and forth from each console. With that said, my XB1 gets the better download and upload speeds, and the difference is baffling to me. Here are the results. XB1 - wired, connection test within network settings was 84.3 Mbps down/22.96 Mbps up and through their browser using I got a ping of 61 ms to US East. PS4 - wired, connection test within network settings was 37.7 Mbps down/1.4 Mbps up and through their browser using I got a ping of 152 ms to US East. My PS4 was purchased at launch in 2013 and the Xbox One in 2014, so both the original models.
  6. It might be game specific then. I've played the same game (Rainbow 6 Siege) on both the Xbox One and PS4 and have had no sign of lag on either of them. Just read your post in the game thread, were you wanting us to use the web browser in the console to do a ping test? For those of us with both consoles, I'd imagine we would get the same ping (or close to it) since they would be using the same internet connection. Edit: I just did a test on both consoles for you and posted in the gaming thread.
  7. I haven't noticed any at all. Is it specific to one game or is it all games you play online? Edit: are you playing wireless or wired connection, or using any powerline adapters or wireless points, boosters, etc.?
  8. More smack talk, calm down I was also looking at the gap in final four appearances and championships. UNC has spread it out over my lifetime starting in 1981 (when I was 6 and watching) through the present. We have made 13 final fours to Kentucky's 9. We have both won four championships since 1978. We both have been runner up to winning a championship twice. Yet you still dismiss UNC, when in fact both schools are almost equally as good over our lifetimes and in the present. Dean Smith is dead btw. I don't hate Calipari, again, it was smack talk/jokes. I have faith in UNC after Roy Williams retires, they will not make another mistake like they did with Doherty. And after Dean Smith retired, coach Guthridge took over for 3 seasons and made it to two final fours, so kicking ass even with a coaching vacancy in the mix. In fact, the Doherty years were just like your Gillispie years, full of let down and disappointment. I'm not sure who our next head coach will be when Roy is gone, but I have faith that we will be just fine and still in the hunt.
  9. Sure, if you want to. I was merely pointing out that the first four were from 1948-1958, which is 17 years (almost 2 decades) before I was even born. UNC's first was in 1957, same thing, 18 years before I was born. I don't refer to it in any arguments/debates with fans of other teams on stuff like that unless it's a debate on the total number of championships. I think what UCLA did was amazing, but what have they done since then? I mean, they have been for the most part irrelevant since 1975, with exception to the championship win in 1995. They have 11 banners. If one of their fans started talking about how much greater they were than KY because they have 11 banners hanging in the rafters, how would you respond? While I acknowledge history of my teams, I tend to focus on the now and what I have seen in my lifetime (both good and bad). Sure, our Redskins were NFL champions in 1937 and 1942, but when talking to Pats fans I'm not going to say we have five championships too.
  10. No way, he's acting way too ****y for a fan whose team became relevant again in 2010 after hiring Calipari. Yes, they have unfortunately
  11. First, the fact that you think other fan bases cannot be equally passionate or knowledgeable is just a silly statement. There are plenty of fan bases that are just as passionate about their team and have just as many knowledgeable fans as Kentucky does. Now, I have no doubt in my mind how passionate KY fans are, I've met a few over the years. I can guarantee that no arena on Tobacco Road (Duke, UNC, NC State) gets turned into UK blue.
  12. Of course I expect my team to win it all every single year. I love how you left out that your team had to fight well into the second half just to even take a lead. Anyhow, a win is a win. Kentucky has a great team and beat us early in the year and we beat them when it counted most. Though the early season loss still stings, I'll take this one over a regular season loss any day of the week. LOL, four of those banners were before you and I were even born. And I'm willing to bet that there is a good chance (though I don't know you) that you weren't even born or were too young to remember or hadn't moved out of DC yet (assuming you left at some point since your a Skins fan that lives in KY) when they won their 5th in 1978. I'll give the benefit of the doubt though, so in your lifetime and in my lifetime we have both enjoyed watching our teams win four national championships.
  13. Cursing? Yeah, I have the mouth of a sailor, I'm not going to apologize for that. And you say I'm a salty winner, not really, but your post before was arrogant and it dismissed UNC and another post was bragging about how deep your team gets into the tourny, etc. Only thing worse than a salty winner is the braggart of a team that feels like they should win it every year. And I LOL at the last comment. Our team is full of juniors and seniors, so of course some will bolt to the NBA after this season. Our five starters: Meeks (Sr), Hicks (Sr), Pinson (Jr), Jackson (Jr), Berry (Jr). Britt is a senior too. Your team starts three freshmen, one sophmore and one senior. Your college success is the epitome of One and Done. And it didn't work this time, you got beat by a better team. And you accuse me of being insulting.........I responded to another person's post calling your team ****es (cause they are along with your coach- again just smack talk ). You felt the need to quote me, I didn't address that post towards you. Also, you are a hypocrite, considering you basically called me a meth head that lived in a trailer park. I've never had anything against you, not sure why you are being a jerk towards me.
  14. Wow, you really don't like me do ya? You can't take some friendly **** talk about your team? They didn't give **** away, they just simply were not good enough. Their best effort was a failure. It was not good enough to beat a superior team.
  15. It's time for redemption. After getting ****ed in the 1st half of last years championship game. KY is only good for jelly. Adios One & Done U.....****es.