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  1. No curses on DC sports, that's just silly. Nats would have most likely won a world series if they didn't shut down Stras in 2012.
  2. Thank goodness it wasn't you bruh. And I agree, thats gross. On a side note, I just ordered a Jesus Buddy Christ keg tap handle for my kegerator. I'm very tempted to order The Dude one too.
  3. It's technically not incest unless you have sexual relations with a family member. Now, if you know they are related to you and you still want to hit it, then you are basically Norman Bates.
  4. In the two hundred and seventeen NFL draft.......
  5. Watching Judgement Night right now, probably one of the most underrated movies of all-time, imo. Love that movie. It has Cuba Gooding Jr, Emilio Estevez, Jeremy Pivin and Denis Leary staring in it and one of the dudes from House of Pain. And it produced one of the best soundtracks ever..........Your welcome RTT.... NSFW - Explicit Language Edit: @youngchew Track 7 is your calling bruh, enjoy...
  6. Put a Wiz jersey on him?
  7. **** the Vikings! God damn ass clowns.
  8. Get over it already. With the rookie salary cap, none of the old school thought process of "you don't draft X until X round" means nothing now. and that first round pick of a guard was the best OL in the draft and a pro bowler.
  9. Duh, He's on a boat...... NSFW - Explicit Lyrics
  10. Maybe onewill get built closer to you when they expand. I got lucky, I have one bout 1.5 miles away.
  11. I slept until 10:30 (off today) then jumped in the BoJangles' thread to defend their honor against the one known as Popeye's. Then I went to BoJangles' and got a Cajun filet biscuit and Bo-rounds. **** is delicious.
  12. B.R.E.A.M. it! Getcha biscuits fo a dolla bill y'all.
  13. No, he would have picked a pro bowl guard..... oh wait, he did
  14. I was not wanting to retire back where I grew up, but it's grown on me over the years. It's definitely out there away from people, which would be real nice. Her little sister is wanting to build a house beside us too out there, which would be pretty cool.