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  1. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    That's cool then. I couldn't justify buying a new PS4 and dropping $400 on VR too if the new PS was required. Would have had to decide between the new PC gaming rig or that. At least now I can wait until after Christmas and look at getting the PSVR.
  2. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    The PSVR requires the PS4 Pro right?
  3. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Question about VR via PC. Our boy @PokerPacker hooked me up with a nice PC build that will handle VR and 4K gaming, but how does the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive hook up to the PC? I was looking at the Rift and it said that you needed 1 HDMI output , 3 USB 3.0 ports and 1 USB 2.0 ports. Does the headset itself have that many required connections at one time?
  4. Official Madden 2018 Thread (Xbox 1 and PS4)

    Out of those free packs included with the early access, I pulled four elites (one on offense, three on defense). One thing I've noticed, some of the gold/elite players I have are slow as **** and the no name bronze/silver ones are faster. Kind of annoying, but I'm sure it will balance out as time goes on and I upgrade. I'm really going to miss unranked draft champions as if you won it all (4 games) it gave you one ticket. And it cost only 3 tickets for ranked draft champions which gave you better rewards. Not sure how I'm gonna get tickets this year as I don't know what game mode(s) will have them as a reward.
  5. Random Thought Thread

    LOL, might end up with Knob Creek with a "Hi My Name Is....Pappy" sticker over the label
  6. Random Thought Thread

    Yeah, I get why some might want a ton of people going to a receiving of friends, funeral, etc. That's just not me though. Agreed, I don't want that kind of hoopla going on. I want them to just invite the people we/I hung out with and have a party, drink it up, tell funny stories, etc. Hell, have a contest (beer pong or corn hole tourny), winner(s) get to decide what to do with my ashes. My wife would probably draw the line at that request, but that is something I would totally be down with. Though I could only imagine what some of my crazy ass friends would do with them.
  7. Random Thought Thread

    Thanks man.
  8. Random Thought Thread

    Our friend that was battling cancer lost his fight this past Saturday. Way too young to go. Wife and I were talking last night about death, funerals, etc. and I told her that when I die, I don't want them to waste/spend any money that they don't have to on the funeral. No renting out a funeral home for receiving of friends, no funeral, no cemetery plot, no head stone/marker, etc. Just have me cremated at the cheapest place you can, put me in an urn or wooden box and spread my ashes in the ocean. My wife, felt the same way and wanted the same plan of action if she goes first. The average funeral costs 10K+, I can get cremated and put in an urn for $800 or less. I also told her I didn't want the receiving of friends thing at a funeral home because I don't want them having to sit there shaking hands with people they don't know, listening to stories of how they knew me or my parents, etc. I've been fortunate to only have lost three close family members (grandfather, grandmother, uncle) and I hated sitting there for hours while people I didn't know came in talking to me. Sounds shallow, sure, I get that. I know people are coming to pay their last respects and I get that. I don't want to put my daughter and wife through that though. I told her that when I go, I want her to call our good/close friends and family and ask them what their favorite beer/wine/drink was and I wanted her to go out and buy it for them, have them over to our house and give everyone one last drink on me.
  9. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    This is always a touchy subject and conflicts me. On one hand, this is where you want to see those horrible mistakes, reads, passes, etc. cause it is pre-season. But on the other hand, with the limited amount of snaps the starters get throughout (for the most part - game 3 being the exception), those mistakes have a greater chance to carry over easier from game to game and into week 1 of the regular season. Thus the slow starts we get off to early on. I don't think we should label it as rust, unless the player is coming back from injury. Cause all of the other QBs/players are going through the same thing as far as time (OTAs, training camp, etc). Looking back at 2015, Kirk had a decent pre-season (looking at stats and some from memory) and we still started out slow before everything got turned around. Last year, I thought Kirk didn't get enough work in pre-season at all and that definitely carried over into weeks 1 and 2, imo. First preseason game, he was 5/5 and got two first downs, ended up punting though. Second pre-season game, he got the night off for his birthday (stupid reason). Third game was average/decent, he went 12/23 for 188 yards, 3 TDs and 1 INT. The interception being on the first drive. Then we had some luck go our way after both teams had some 3 and outs, we scored a TD, forced a punt, scored another, forced a fumble, scored another right before the half. Then it was Colt the rest of the way. And Kirk didn't play any of the 4th preseason game. For this last game, I liked the fact that they left Kirk and the starting offense in for two quarters, trying to get them on track. I also ****ing hate the fact they had to do it and they scored on the other teams back-ups. All I know is, we have a lot of work to do on both sides of the ball. Breeland needs to get his **** together.
  10. Official Madden 2018 Thread (Xbox 1 and PS4)

    It's always a grind, especially for some of the sets, seems damn near impossible to get some players without dropping money and buying packs. But like I said, I was able to get a team to 96/97 overall without spending a dime last year and I did start later than I normally would (May) and it took about 4 months. If you go through the guantlet (all 60 challenges), then do the weekly solos, etc. you will start getting tons of coin to use to buy cards off the market. And don't overspend for one card. Time is your friend, let the mass hordes dump real money into buying a gazillion packs then putting cards on the auction house, sooner than later, there will be tons of the same card and the price comes down. Heck, I only did the guantlet through the first 10 matches on the first set of challenges, after that with the coin I had gotten from the walkthrough challenges I was able to snag an 80 overall QB and CB from the auction house using buy now. This is the first year I'll probably focus almost 100% of my time to MUT and league play. Don't think I'll spend much time at all on H2H ranked. Now, I did buy the GOAT edition on each system to get early access (started playing a little at midnight last night), but it also gave me 12 MUT packs to use, bonus!
  11. Official Madden 2018 Thread (Xbox 1 and PS4)

    Contracts are consumed each time the player is used. Once out you can add more and you can buy them off the auction house for coin too
  12. Official Madden 2018 Thread (Xbox 1 and PS4)

    Yeah, if you buy packs or go through the auction house then your team will vary. As far as the MUT solo challenges and weekly challenges that give you players, then yes, those are the same for everyone. They also have sets you can complete that result in giving you players too. Completing sets can be hard too, especially for the elite players. But you can have a unique team just by buying players off the auction house. Save up all your coin though, **** gets pricey on the Auction House for top tier players. But it can be done without dropping a dime on buying packs.
  13. 2017 Eclipse Thread

    You're right. I meant the next one in the U.S., my bad.
  14. The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    Moon Knight would be cool as hell. If they stick with characters that were part of the Defenders at some point, lot's of options: Hawkeye, Nighthawk, Hellcat. Angel/Archangel would be sweet too, but I doubt that ever happens.
  15. 2017 Eclipse Thread

    Yeah, the next one is in 2024 and its path is no where close to NC, VA, DC, etc. for totality that is.