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  1. The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    I actually agree with a national concealed carry permit. But I also think that every state should have universal gun laws/restrictions. Each state having it's own set of laws/rules is stupid to me, especially in this day and age with all the technology we have to implement and enforce one set of laws/rules/regulations/etc. across the board. With that said, because the laws vary by state, I completely understand the concern from law enforcement at the state level with nationall concealed carry. Can't put the cart before the horse. Should have implemented the same laws across all states first, then add universal CC.
  2. The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    It's only going to get worse. With communities/towns/etc. like Deerfield, IL approving ordinances that ban semi-automatic rifles, etc. and will fine owners up to $1000 per day if they don't turn them in or have them fully dismantled, etc., this is going to make the extremists even more outraged and unwilling to listen/compromise. Being born and raised in NC, specifically in the mountains/foothills, I have friends and family that are like that. Not all are extremists, but some are and they have been posting/talking about any ban or additional gun control laws is where it all starts. Then the government is going to take away all their guns, etc. etc. etc. Now, of course I don't think that will happen, not nationwide or even a vast majority of cities/towns/states. But that is what they preach about. Then Deerfield, IL happens and it just convinces them even more that their 2nd amendment rights are going to be taken away, etc. etc. etc. It is now their "I told you so" defense. With all that said, I'd be fine with the federal ban (being tweaked of course) like the one from 1994-2004 being implemented again. Along with additional measures in place to prevent/decrease mass shootings and keep semi-automatics out of the hands of people that should not have them. The one thing I absolutely do not agree with is any ban/ordinance/law/etc. that makes it illegal to own any gun that would be banned if purchased legally prior to the ban/ordinance/law taking place. The previous federal ban did not, it allowed anyone that already owned one to hunt, target shoot, home defense, etc. and just banned the future manufacturing, sale, re-sale (think this was part of it) of the guns on the list. It's not a coincidence either that we have seen a dramatic spike in mass shootings since it was not renewed in 2004.
  3. Tanking for picks??? (Sports)

    I spoke only to the NFL, because that's my favorite sport, Redskins football that is. NBA is second, followed by MLB then NHL for the big four American sports. It wouldn't hurt my feelings if the Redskins tanked some of those years in the past. Again, I wouldn't sit there and actively root for it to happen, but wouldn't toss in my fan card and stop following the team if they did. And those 100% against teams doing that, I completely understand that take on the subject. As far as the NBA is concerned, are we so sure that the lottery draft isn't rigged when they want it to be? I have a huge problem trusting a process that is behind closed doors, where the draft order is determined. Regardless of team reps being present, etc. Call me a conspiracy nut if needed, but I honestly think that the whole "draft lottery" is a smoke screen for the league and teams to determine who picks in what spot when they decide they need to intervene with the process. Thus it being secret and in private. Does it get tampered with every year? Maybe not every year, but it sure does make you wonder when certain teams without the best odds magically get the top pick that just happened to have lost stud players or a new owner buys a team, etc. MLB, just too many games, it matters, but meh, I'm not so sure that tanking is the best approach (granted, I don't keep up with the MLB draft really much at all). Sure, worst teams get higher picks, but with the farm systems in place and free agency, teams can acquire pieces to make them better. NHL - feel free to inform me if tanking helps or how much it helps. I watch and love the game, but never really follow off-season moves/drafts/etc., so really just root for my team and keep up with their transactions.
  4. Tanking for picks??? (Sports)

    I responded "yes" but it really depends on the league/team and the current situation. The competitive part of me screams "NO", as finishing 1-15 is better than 0-16. And there are jobs on the line (players, coaches, staffs, etc.). Now I'm not one to necessarily feel sorry for a millionaire getting cut or traded to another team, but try to keep an open mind on how I would feel in their situations. But for example the Redskins, If they had tanked in 2011 and put themselves in a position to pick #1 or #2, I'd have little issue with it. I remember telling my wife that I while I want to win games, it wouldn't necessarily hurt my feelings if they lost or even tanked that year. Now, I wasn't "rooting" for it, but we all knew the better finish would require valuable draft picks to move up to snag Luck or RGIII. Even if draft picks are hit or miss, it would have been nice to have those two 1st round picks in 2013 and 2014 to get that 50/50 chance to hit or miss.
  5. Anyone interested in reading the comics, if you google search "the walking dead comics read online", I found a site that has every issue (1-179) on there and you can read them all. Started reading them yesterday, got through issue 9. I started at the beginning so I could see how different the show is and even from the get go, lots of characters/things are already way different than the show.
  6. Random Thought Thread

    Are you heading through Charlotte on your way to FL?
  7. Random Thought Thread

    I could see you rolling up to Buffalo Wild Wings or Hooters to hang out with me and @pjfootballer like...
  8. Random Thought Thread

    Random (politically related only in process) - I really wish when elections came around (all of them, but specifically speaking to local on this) and all of the candidates running for whatever chair/office/etc. are affiliated with one party, that regardless of what party you are registered with (this would not include those registered as non-affiliated) that you could vote in the primary elections. For example, there are only 5 candidates running for Sheriff, all are Republican and there are not any other candidates (Democrat or Independent). So, the Republican primary is basically going to determine the election as the winner will be running unopposed during the main elections. In instances like this, I don't get a vote. And it's too late to update my registration to unaffiliated, has to be 25 days prior to elections and the primary is 21 days away
  9. Random Thought Thread

    Still holding strong? Or about to cave and have a little Kosh running around soon?
  10. @Momma There Goes That Man I enjoyed the season finale. I think they just accelerated the timeline because people were wanting the Negan/Saviors conflict to be over with. I don't read the comics, but from my understanding, Carl played a bigger part in the whole Negan story line. I think the letters he left for Negan and Rick, were to add that missing piece of the relationship he had with Negan in the comics. If you remember, Negan has been praising Carl throughout the show. Even plays "house" with him and Judith that one time when Rick wasn't there, taking care of the baby, making spaghetti, etc. When Michonne was reading him Carl's letter, you could see that he had a soft spot for Carl. Even said that he never wanted any of this to happen the way it did. Same when Rick begged for him to listen and gave him 10 seconds. Then Rick sliced his throat. He played Negan perfectly. I thought he should have let Maggie kill him though. As far as the scene with him and Michonne standing over him, I thought it was good. They were rubbing it in his face, but speaking the truth, telling him he was going to be a prisoner and watch them rebuild society the right way. I dunno, but I didn't have any problems with that, with exception that an alive Negan doesn't completely end the story line. Jesus having a change of heart in regards to killing, I don't think he really wants to, but understands that the only way they can truly move forward is with Negan dead. That being alive brings a huge risk, if anything, just based on him setting up the most powerful faction they faced during the apocalypse. With him alive, all it takes is one loyal person to free him, etc. Pretty sure we are going to see a civil war between Hilltop and Alexandria, possibly forcing the kingdom and the whisperers (is that what the all women tribe is called?) to take sides. I'm eager to see where the show goes while under new creative leadership in the upcoming season.
  11. Random Thought Thread

    Me and the puppy are watching Beerfest to end the weekend. Gotta train him right with the good “man flicks”. Next will be Super Troopers.
  12. Was a tight window on getting the bullets made. Plus Eugene gave Negan a gun with said “bullets” and it fired perfectly. Thus the trust in said bullets.
  13. Just finished season one and absolutely loved it. Every change they made that strayed from the original series origin, etc. worked perfectly, imo. Kinda reminded me of the Battlestar Galactica reboot, in how it was so much better than the original series. This reboot was definitely better than the original Lost in Space series (which I loved as a child and still do). Dr. Smith is definitely the best anti-hero and character in the show. Really good background story for her and what she is at the core. I wonder if they will actually make Judy and Don a couple in future seasons (I know it's not been green lighted for season 2 yet, but there is no way it isn't right?). I remember them being extremely close in the original series, even though it was never an official romance, you felt the chemistry and love between the two. Seems like they started developing that in the reboot. Will at times is good ole "Coral" from The Walking Dead. Just does some bonehead stuff, but then the right stuff when needed. I'm honestly going to give season one an A+. This is coming from a fan of the original series, granted it aired in the late 60's, but as a child, I watched all the episodes when they were in syndication. I remember being pumped up for the movie in 1998 and it was just too much of a story for 2 hours. Great thing about the reboot is the entire season 1 was an origin story and not one bit boring or lacking, imo. Perfectly set-up season two and being "Lost In Space".
  14. Same here, watched the first two episodes yesterday. Appears to be a very well done reboot of the original series. I'm not one for straying off the original origin/story, but have no issues really on what they changed up from the original series.
  15. The 2018 NBA Playoff Pick Em'

    Conference Quarterfinals Raptors over Wizards in 6 Cavs over Pacers in 5 Sixers over Heat in 6 Celtics over Bucks in 6 Rockets over T-Wolves in 4 Thunder over Jazz in 7 Blazers over Pelicans in 7 Warriors over Spurs in 6 Conference Semifinals Cavs over Raptors in 7 Sixers over Celtics in 6 Rockets over Thunder in 6 Warriors over Blazers in 5 Conference Finals: Cavs over Sixers in 6 Warriors over Rockets in 7 Finals: Warriors over Cavs in 6