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  1. Had to be done. The D under-performed the last two years.
  2. Man our D is a sieve. These guys are methodically going down the field.
  3. It would be near orgasmic.
  4. Is there any chance Malik Hooker is there when we pick? He has future All-Pro potential.
  5. Anybody else tired of Collinsworth continuously excusing the Packers?
  6. ...and that's a rap!
  7. Our offense is looking like a thing of beauty tonight.
  8. Great drive to end the half. That 3 TE set is tough to stop
  9. Nice breakup by Fuller
  10. That move by Jackson was a thing of beauty.
  11. Harris has been playing well the last couple weeks.
  12. Swaggy came ready to play
  13. I guess for Preston the season starts after week 8