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  1. Deron Payne ran a 4.95 lol. This guy had to have been hurt or tripped and fell. There is NO WAY a Nose tackle is as fast.
  2. I still feel like we need more depth at Safety.
  3. Im going to guess....Fat and Slow.
  4. Im not sure if I trust Gruden with evaluating backs. He was high on Matt Jones a few years ago, all you had to do was watch Robert Kelly run and it was painfully obvious who the better back was. I feel completely the opposite about this. DONT GET ME WRONG: I really like BOTH picks. However, Payne is very young VERY STRONG and coming into a unit that STRAIGHT UP SUCKED last year after injuries. He has a great coach to mentor him and a college buddy for chemistry. For those reasons I think we will see Mr. Payne play very well this year and get better quickly. Guice could flourish if he wins the starting Job and we get the O-line situated, but those are 2 Iffs. Im also not sold that we will be running a whole lot. Honestly I think one of the other backs should start the season, that was we could keep Guice fresh for the mid-way point in the season. Then insert and hopefully add a spark. Unless he is immediately the best back. Even then I would like to see Thompson get more work. Either way: Lets all pray for no injuries!!
  5. 2018 Redskin's Major Injury Thread

    And this is why they resigned Lavauo......

    Totally agree... since he got hurt that year he has'nt been the same. I don't like the signing though he has been consistently bad since that injury,
  7. What to do with LG

    Arie is serviceable to say the least. I would just have open competition during camp. Honestly I think we will be fine here.
  8. Well were going up against the the Eagles and Cowboys And Giants 2 times a year. Both eagles and pukes were in the TOP 5 for rushing last year ohh.. and I think the giants will try to run some this year. See pick #2. Yes it is a passing league but teams are starting to come back to the running game. We might run nickel 60% of the time but all we need from the interior it to collapse the pocket. YES it would be nice to have interior lineman get a ton of sacks but I think the strength of Payne will be owning that line from day 1. Allen and Ionnidas with Kerrigan and Preston from the outside is where the passrusing comes from. Also, teams like to run from the nickel because there are more Dbs on the field. Own the trenches!!!! Thats why I love this.
  9. I dont see why we need a pass rushing Nose Tackle. We just want him to be a brick wall against the run/eat/shed blockers and move well laterally. Would be nice but I want a mammoth in the middle.
  10. Anyone thinking this guy cant play need to watch some games. We are lucky to have him especially if he Bulks up to 325-330 lbs. Could be a monster in the middle. I really like this pick more and more.
  11. 2018 Draft Day Thread

    I'm liking the talent we are amassing on the d-line! Allen, Ionidias Payne and Taylor that's some beef.

    I just got a chubby

    My 2 cents on this guy.... I actually like what I see a lot. He has Size, Mobility, a decent arm, looks like he sees the field well and has good pocket presence which can translate into pocket awareness if he develops. I think this is a quality pick up. Looking forward to see him play in the preseason.
  14. Better then paying Kirk 30 mil to win 2 more games.... Dude we were 7-9 last year. to imply that Hall had an impact on blowing games is a JOKE comapaired to the impact Kirk had. I like Kirk but Im glad its over and at least Smith wants to be here. I'll sig bet we win AT least 7 games next year. With a healthy defense we could be pretty good.
  15. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    So if your saying he is going to take a Sack and turn it into a 1st down then Im all good with that lol.. You can try to pick any qb apart, they all miss an open reciever from time to time but this is a feeble attempt and a good play by Smith. I dont know if Smith is the answer but I do think the secondary will be ok without Fuller. Yes the loss does sting but Kirk is an inch tall when a game matters. Put some real weapons around Smith and you never know what could happen...... Think it will be worse then 7-9??? Im guessing we will finish around the same next year maybe if we get a little luck and a lot less injuries we do better... The sky has not fallen although it may feel a little like it.