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  1. I watch every game from the UK, and I don't have Game Pass (although I am getting it this season so I can watch in better quality). Like you say, there are ways.
  2. I love the highlights - really looking forward to seeing him play. At the combine, the dude benched 30 reps. The nearest RB to him benched 24 reps. The record for the position is 32 reps. Only 2 half-backs in history have benched more than Perine (Jerick Mckinnon, Anthony Sherman). There were only 4 Offensive Linemen in the 2017 combine who benched more than him - the kid is an absolute monster.
  3. Zach Brown visiting tomorrow per John Keim. John Keim‏Verified account @john_keim Following More Free agent linebacker Zach Brown will visit the Redskins Monday, sources said.
  4. When the NFL UK games happened this year, BBC aired a documentary on the Packers. My Dad has spent YEARS hating on NFL, and not getting why I like it so much. He happened to watch that documentary by chance, and LOVED the Packer ethos, the fact fans own the club and the fact that you play in yellow and green (same colours as our "soccer" team Norwich City). So despite having a son who is a HUGE Redskins fan, the only person he knows with an NFL loyalty, he elected to support the Pack. It started out as a bit of a joke. Then he checked for your scores (albeit like 4 days after the game). Then he checked the scores and watched the highlights... He actually watched the game on Sunday, the whole thing, on his own at home. I can't tell you how little I ever expected to see my Dad watch a full NFL game. You know what? He actually enjoyed it too. Much as it's to my chagrin that he's chosen the Packers, I'm STOKED he's finally seeing the light and getting into NFL. I have a couple of buddies who support the Falcons, and I've always liked the Packers as a franchise, so I don't mind what happens this weekend, I'd be happy to see either go to the Superbowl. I will be 100% rooting for the NFC in the Superbowl though. Hate the Cheatriots and the Steelers.
  5. Out of the options on the table, I think I'm in Camp Pettine for now, but could understand/accept Manusky. I'm not sold on Bradley.
  6. Dude looks like he can coach but I'm not sure about the whole calling plays via cardboard pieces deal.
  7. I figured, but it was too good an opportunity to pass on. On topic - I'd have no issue with Callahan or Cavanuagh getting the nod as OC.
  8. I know everybody exaggerates at job interviews and stuff, but surely claiming that as OC he was responsible for multiple top 5 Defenses is a bit of a stretch
  9. We've just been given permission to speak to Wilks per Ian Rappoport. EDIT: Just seen it's already been posted further up. Apologies.
  10. DJax is 30, and relies almost entirely on his speed. He has great hands too, and is a decent receiver but his speed is his key asset. He's not made of glass but he is on the fragile side and he ain't going to get tougher with age. He's going to lose a step in the next year or two and after that, you're left with what? a decent slot guy who's probably banged up 5 games a year? Garcon turns 31 in preseason, but he's durable, physical, reliable, and picks up tough YAC. It looks like DJax's heart lies elsewhere anyway, and Garcon wants to be in DC. Garcon has the leadership edge in my view (although obviously I'm not in the locker room). If I'm keeping DeSean, it's on a 2 or 3 year deal, but we aren't going to the Superbowl in the next few years so it's not a great use of cap space imo, and I think $$ talks with him and he will find that elsewhere. Garcon would give us a discount I think, and he's a leader, we've let too many leaders walk out the door and not replaced them adequately. I'm keeping Garcon if he's talking reasonable numbers. I'm not sad if DJax stays a Skin (if the money is reasonable), but equally I won't be heartbroken if he walks. He's a great player but his valuable asset is his speed which ain't going to last too much longer. We ain't going to the big show in the next two years so no point spending that $$$ on a luxury WR like DJax, when it could be put to better use building up the roster. Don't get me wrong, he's good, but I don't think signing him long term would benefit us much.
  11. I think Cravens is a stud and I'm psyched to hear he's training with Ryan and Landon Collins. Collins is turning into a heck of a player. I totally agree with the ILB comment. We really need some help, sick of seeing teams run really basic running plays and turn it into 10+ yard gains.Gotta be smart as well as athletic too though, we need someone who will be able to provide some leadership on the Defense in years to come.
  12. Yeah you're right. It's so easy to aim accurately prior to kicking and during the kick from 55 yards away in those conditions. That's all on Hopkins. Especially when you consider that over a 5 year period between 2010 and 2015 the NFL total % of FGs made from 50+ is 61%. So basically 40% of FG attempts from close to this distance are misses anyway, and he was kicking into insane glare where you can literally barely see the goal posts, but yeah, let's put that on Hopkins. Cool. There's several kicks you can pin on Hopkins, but trying to do it with this one is plain dumb.
  13. I can't see why anyone would offer him an assistant position coach job, let alone head coach. He is spectacularly inept.
  14. I'm on board with this. London seems to have screwed his head up this year (Gruden iced the first kick which was good too, just to balance the blame game). Get some competition in and give him opportunity to earn his job back after having some time to clear his head in the off-season. He is absolutely not done in my opinion, dude has a hell of a leg, and was surgical in his precision last year... and as pointed out by others, he's been put in some bad spots this season. That Dallas kick into blinding sunlight was ridiculous, you can't put that on Hopkins. I don't blame him for missing a 57 yarder last night, but I do have some concerns that it was closer to being out of bounds on the sideline than going between the posts. I literally don't think I've ever seen a kicker miss a FG by such a margin (unless wind has been crazy). There have been several misses from distances you'd expect him to make though, and a couple that just weren't acceptable at all. Like I said, I'm not done with Hopkins, but I am certainly not sold on him like I was a year ago.
  15. Yeah sorry, I'll edit original post to clarify