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  1. Redskins 49ers Post Game Assessments

    Doesn't our record for the day say "WIN"...? Isn't that what goes onto our scorecard? Am I missing something?
  2. Redskins 49ers Post Game Assessments

    I was just thinking the same. Did the Chiefs play down to us, did we play up to them, or is it just football where any given Sunday(/Monday/Thursday) anyone can beat anyone? We aint the 1972 Dolphins. We have a lot of injuries and mostly to our key players. We're going to have bad days even if we have zero injuries, and sometimes that will be against teams that aren't all that good. This fanbase is chaos - so reactionary (and yep, I'm guilty of it on occasion too) - Nearly beating the Chiefs doesn't mean we're going to the Superbowl, it means we got an L in our record. Winning ugly today doesn't mean we're suddenly trash but it means we got a W in our column.
  3. Redskins 49ers Post Game Assessments

    They're literally 2 TDs and a FG worth of points over 6 games, away from being 6-0. I said very clearly they are not a good team, but they're not complete trash and several of our best players injured or playing hurt. Every team drops passes, 49ers more than most, but Hoyer, who has been the QB for the other 5 games was benched because we were stomping them whilst he was in - they put a rookie out there who had a nice-ish day, we picked up more injuries and it ended up tighter than we would have liked. Gould missed a 47 yarder, it's hardly a gimme - The FG success percentage from 47 must be about 70%. Gould was 14/14 before today, so no, they don't do that every week. It's not like he missed an Extra Point or something stupid. EDIT - Oh yeah, the refs gave them 7 too. It shouldn't have been that close if the refs called the game legitimately. It's football, it happens, we got the Win, get a grip.
  4. Redskins 49ers Post Game Assessments

    I don't know what y'all have been drinking - anyone would think this was the apocalypse or something. 49ers are not a bad team. They're the first team in history to lose 5 on the spin by 3 points or less. They're not a great team, or even a particularly good one, but y'all slating on them like they're the Browns or something. They've got some nice pieces - A rookie QB who balled. We got screwed out of 7 by the refs (again - sick of these idiots scoring for the other team every game). We have about half our defense dinged up. We have our Perennial All-pro LT playing hurt. One of the best CBs in the league out. Our other starting corner lost halfway through the game. Our first round draft pick leaving FedEx in a boot. Swearinger playing hurt. Our starting RB out. The Hopkins XP could have hurt us bad, and in years gone by, would have hurt us bad. Yes it was an ugly win. Real ugly. But these guys are playing with heart and passion like we haven't seen a team do in years. They're coming through adversity rather than bowing to it. Aldrick freaking Robinson actually caught some balls today - you know things aren't going your way when he's hauling them in and not dropping them like they're hot - yet we overcame that and walked out with a W. It's not going down in the history books as a great performance, or one that will live long in the memory but I honestly think the only way you're mad with that game is if you'd convinced yourself pre-game that we were going to stomp them by 40+ points - That was never going to happen, and this was the archetypal trap game. That's a solid win against a team that's certainly better than their record suggests.
  5. I hear that, but we have 5mill in cap space which we could roll in to next season and use towards a longer term deal with ZB or the multitude of others we have on current rentals. I know we're in pretty good cap shape for next season but we have some big deals looming on the horizon that we need to lock up. That plan is great IF Bowman still got it and can contribute this season, but there seems to be a lot of interest in him as a free agent and I think someone else wants him more than we need him. Foster and Brown are balling at the moment. If we can lock ZB up for 3 or 4 years, and draft another ILB for depth next year, I think we're in good shape - Spaight is a serviceable backup and we don't really know what we have in Harvey Clemons but he did have a nice pre-season. Besides, I don't see Bowman coming here to ride the pine, he's gonna want to play and right now he isn't playing at a level that is better than our starters. He'd be a nice roster addition if he's on form but otherwise he's an expensive backup, and eating cap space we probably need next year.
  6. Yeah I just saw a Rappoport tweet saying that his agent had reached out to all 31 other NFL teams to say Bowman had agreed with 49ers to make him available for trade but I guess there wasn't much interest in that so I think you're right on that part. He's also tweeted saying Bowman expected to sign somewhere by Monday. I'm not putting him in ahead of Foster or Brown, but he's probably better on one leg than Compton is on two. I just want some depth at ILB. We're one Zack Brown injury away from having the ball run down our throats every game. But thinking it through logically, Bowman ain't signing for Vet min (Rappoport says his contract is guaranteed but he's looking to double dip) and would I rather throw him a few mill on a gamble, or put that money towards locking Zack Brown up for the next 3 years, and suddenly Navarro doesn't sound all that appealing if you put some context on it.
  7. I've not seen enough over this year to make a holistic judgement on your point as he's only played 5, but just going by the stats for the last 5 (since he ruptured Achilles last year) - they don't really support what you're saying, there's been little drop off in his production in those games - if you break it down to per game, then he is on pace to do pretty close to numbers he's put up all his career (which is absolutely astonishing after an Achilles injury, ask Junior Galette how easy it is to walk back in at the same level immediately). You've got to assume those first 5 are probably the most difficult as he returns from injury and he will probably accelerate production through the back end of the season as he gets up to speed. Stats obviously aren't the full story, and don't include things like missed tackles etc, but in terms of measured production - he's doing pretty well - I think he'd be worth a look, although you have to wonder why the 49ers let him walk so easily.
  8. The Contract Year Players Tracker

    Zack Brown is crucial. He is a big part of the future of this D for the next 4 years. He is a dominant player and we've missed that in the middle BADLY since London retired. We absolutely must sign him. No doubt about it. I never thought I'd say this, but I'd bring Ryan Grant back. We're thin as hell at WR and he has shown improvement this year, and is probably our most consistent receiving target through 4 games. I wouldn't have him as a starter but he knows the scheme and he is a nice rotational option if he plays like he has through the first few games. If Doctson can get it together, and we sign another GOOD WR (ie not a gamble like Pryor), Doctson + Crowder + AN Other are going to need backups and if Grant can be reliable then bring him back - he isn't going to be expensive and my issue with him was always whether he'd actually catch the ball you threw at him, and he's doing that this year. Compton - Nah. As TheGreek said - wouldn't cost much to upgrade and I dont see the point keeping him on. DeAngelo - Love the dude, but it's time. Hang them up. Thanks for everything. Breeland - I'd like to think we can see what our other corners have before we make this decision but realistically we can't, won't and shouldn't pay what he will want. Good luck, but time to move on. Hopkins - yes. He's a decent kicker. Not automatic but look at the struggles other teams are having with kickers and he's definitely one of the better ones in the league. Kicker is underrated as a position, more impact on a game than many positions but not really paid like it., and punished heavily when they make one bad play. Hopkins is fine by me, he mostly does a good job. Pryor can walk for me. More drops through 3 games than Pierre had in two seasons. We gambled, and we lost on this one. I don't blame the FO for trying this one out, but it hasn't worked. He'd have to be exceptional for rest of season to change that. Luavao is lucky that Snyder hasn't filed charges for theft. He's milked the team and given us nothing back. Bye. Murphy/Galette - depends on the numbers. At this point Jr hasn't shown he is anywhere close to the pre-injury level BUT he is bound to be rusty after two years out. See how the rest of season goes before making a decision there - Murphy is a yes if the $$ is reasonable.
  9. Do We Suddenly Have a Dominant Defense?

    And yet we are still tied for #3 in sacks across the league. If Galette can find some form (and after 2 years out, you can hardly blame him for being rusty - although I agree, he needs to start shaping up soon) then our pass rush will be a problem.
  10. Do We Suddenly Have a Dominant Defense?

    LA Rams are 3-1. We're the only team that's beat them. They're the highest scoring team in the league. In the 3 wins, they've put up 35, 41 and 46 points... Our Defense held them to 20. Not exactly definitive, but it's another sign pointing to our D being legit.
  11. Do We Suddenly Have a Dominant Defense?

    Hunt isn't actually all that quick - at least he only managed a 4.66 40 at the combine. From what I've seen of him - by eye he does look quicker than that, so maybe had a bad day at the combine, but he's more of a shifty Chris Thompson type than a Tevin Coleman type burner. Agree with your broader point though - KC has some serious firepower. IF our D can match up to them and shut them down too... after that performance against Oakland.... then we shouldn't fear any offense in the league...
  12. Redskins Raiders Post Game Assessments

    Just to add something else into the mix - Gruden confirmed Zach Brown was making the calls against Oakland according to Burgundy Blog. Lock him up - the dude is awesome and about to turn 28. He got some years left in the tank. First legit ILB we've had since Fletch and the dude has London's smarts as well. He is a massive piece of the future of this defense. Burgundy Blog‏Verified account @BurgundyBlog Following More Gruden confirmed ZBrown was making the calls in W3. Pay that man.
  13. Paying Vernon Davis was a no brainer

    Love Vernon Davis. Dude is a solid football player, a great professional, and some much needed vet leadership. He really has still got it - glad we have him for a couple more years.
  14. Not insomniac either as it's now 10:23 here in the UK (Been up since 7am though). So excited it's finally gameday. We wait too damn long for this day every year. We definitely wait too damn long to lose the opener to the Iggles, so let's light 'em up today. Most looking forward to seeing a defense that doesn't give up a 1st from every 3rd down situation (including ridiculous 3rd and 21's etc). Not sure how legit our defense will be but we have the pieces to be a fairly solid one. Zach Brown is a huge get for us - we've been so weak down the middle since #59 retired, hopefully we can solidify things in there. First time my daughter can suit up in her Redskins jersey too @Skinsfan1311 - it finally fits! I'll send you a picture later Rick (although I guess you're probably on the way to the ES tailgate already) For the first time this regular season.... HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!!!!!!!
  15. Isn't PS minimum like $7200 per week? He's getting more than $20k per month. Or did you mean they're paying him $20k per month more than we offered?