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  1. Nobody is advocating using the first pick on a RB. We won't. There isn't one worth taking. We will almost certainly take one in the second because a washed up DeMarco Murray who has been on par with Matt freaking Jones for 2 of the last 3 seasons is DEFINITELY not the answer.
  2. Yeah I'd be happy to see McVay win the big show too. Much rather he wins it than Cousins.
  3. Possibly mate - time will tell - can't turn the clock back though, and we need a decent RB in the building. Murray ain't the answer - he's done. Put up Matt Jones type numbers for 2 of the last 3 years.
  4. I'm absolutely fine with that. There's no RB worth picking at 13 assuming Barkley is gone. So the option is trade back, or pick up Payne/Vea and address RB in the 2nd where there's a lot more to choose from in the right kind of value range. Hankins is the wildcard here - if we could get him inked then we can make a luxury pick at 13 like Minkah (if he's still on the board), and still pick up one of the better RBs. No Hankins means our hand is forced to pick Vea or Payne - not that it would be a terrible thing, but the options are more limited - it won't really effect the RB choice though. Late round flyer is not an option - we need to spend some resources and this is a good draft to do it. It definitely won't be the first unless Barkley is there, but it is almost certain to be the 2nd round pick I would imagine.
  5. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    But when Kirk throws game-killing/season ending INTs in spectacular fashion after sucking monumentally in the Redzone all year, we presumably should tell him what a good boy he is for putting up 4000+ yards and padding his stats without helping the team win because he's useless in scoring/pressure situations?
  6. Just caught the Richardson interview on He comes across as a pretty smart guy. Articulates himself well and comes across as a good dude. Like it.
  7. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    At least it will be a 2 yard pass to a Redskins WR rather than to the opposition CB. Will make a nice change of pace.
  8. Was just watching an ESPN segment on the trade (on youtube - no idea what time it aired). Available here: They were basically saying that we'd made a really smart move, to get the best available QB locked up early before everybody started scrambling and paying crazy money. They pretty much unanimously thought Smith is an upgrade over Kirk - basically saying that Smith is smarter, and you can rely on him a lot more than Cousins to not screw up mentally. Think he's a better leader too. To cut a long story short, they really like Smith and think our FO did a good job to get him in the building early. Whatever your take on the whole KC/AS conundrum, I think it's time that the cult of Kirk either fall into line and get behind our new QB, or go and follow Minnesota. I like Smith, I like the contract, I don't like losing Fuller, but it is what it is. Welcome Alex. HTTR
  9. Scuba Diving

    Those Redskins shirt dive pics are class. Might have to get involved on that next time I dive!
  10. Scuba Diving

    Interesting to hear - I dived off Phuket and saw very few Lionfish and not particularly big ones. That's where the coral bleaching was worst there too, although there were some cool wrecks with a ton of Batfish hanging out. We did see a Leopard Shark there too, and randomly watched a jellyfish being killed by reef fish right in front of us as we descended - they literally just teamed up and ripped chunks off it - was a very strange sight! Sail Rock is just off Koh Phangan/Koh Samui - it is worth a visit if you find yourself in the area again - there's no other landmarks on the sea floor for 4 nautical miles in any direction so ALL the fish in the area congregate around this rock. The sheer numbers there are just overwhelming - never seen anything like it.
  11. Scuba Diving

    Depends where you get them - they only release a set number per year and a lot are issued to the travel industry and sold at a ridiculous cost - it is possible to get them through the Ecuadorian government but I think you have to go through a lottery system. Most reliable way is a liveaboard but you're talking several thousand dollars to get on one. Prices vary but they start at around $500 per day for the cheapest.
  12. It makes you Team Allen. If you don't like Kirk then despite whatever views you may actually hold about Bruce Allen and the FO, they are disregarded as you must love them if you don't like Kirk. I think that's how this goes anyway - I'm in the same boat as you and have repeatedly been called out as loving the FO even though I patently don't and have explicitly said so numerous times.
  13. Scuba Diving

    Pollution and the rising sea temps are destroying the reefs everywhere - lots of conservation efforts needed if we're going to save them!
  14. Scuba Diving

    Ah nice, I'll definitely look to try to get out to Palau at some point. Dubai should be really nice - Egypt is on the Red Sea and that is absolutely spectacular, I'd expect the Persian Gulf to be similarly incredible given the proximity and similar climate. I'm going to Australia in a couple of weeks, but not going to be able to dive this time unfortunately - hoping to get out to the Caribbean next year to get some scuba in then though. We have a quarry here in the UK that's been flooded and they've sunk a load of wrecks in specifically for diving but I've not been down there - might brave the cold and give it a go in the summer. My dream dive spot is the Galapagos - We dove with a guy in Egypt who freelances for Discovery channel and the videos he had from the Galapagos were absolutely unreal. Hundreds of hammerheads clouding the water above him, must have been an incredible sight to see. I can sympathise with the cold water and poor viz diving - When I dived in the UK, it was freezing and visibility was literally about a foot as they'd had a storm a few days before which had kicked up all the silt. Once was enough for me - wouldn't catch me doing that again in a hurry - although I guess it's much easier if you know there's a bounty of lobster and scallops at the end of it! That all sounds good! How did you find Thailand? The monsoon runoff had bleached almost all the reefs when we went. Did you dive Sail Rock in the gulf of Thailand? The sheer number of fish there is literally barely believable!