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  1. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    Because some teams have good players on rookie deals that don't break the bank so don't also have to pay a bunch of free agents top $ too? We don't have many, we don't have draft capital to get that, so I don't understand your point? Not all rosters are equal. Other teams stack their rosters through making a major draft trade to get some big time capital, or through solid talent evaluation. That's not us. Look at other high paid QBs? OK - sure. Brady takes a reduced rate (offset by some dodgy deals with Kraft and a wife who makes more than he does) and Patriots get good value out of the draft. Aaron Rodgers - probably the closest to our situation, but Kirk isn't a 1st ballot HOF type guy or anywhere near Rodgers level talent. AR puts the Packers on his shoulders with mediocre talent a lot of the time and finds a way to win. Kirk does that maybe 40% of the time and the other 60% throws stupid game killing INTs or gets a sack-fumble.
  2. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    So, they'd have pick #7 in the draft and a shot at getting one of the top draft prospects, instead of a gutwrenching season with nothing to show for it (aside from a couple of creditable wins against good teams)? Sounds awful.
  3. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    Who are the players your going to get that will make this team compete when you have no money? Either accept mediocrity, sign Kirk to a LTD and accept you'll run around 8-8 give or take a win/loss either way for 4 years on the spin; leaving you with consistently bad draft position, and hope you can maybe sneak into the POs for a one and done in one of those 4 years and then blow it up and rebuild... OR blow the whole damn thing up and start the rebuild now (preferably without Bruce Allen but that's unfortunately not going to happen).
  4. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    If anything is clear at this point in time, it's that this team is nowhere near competing - Why pay any QB 25+ mill (more on tag) when it won't make a damn bit of difference to our playoff aspirations? You can't build a team to win with Kirk sucking the account dry - he's good enough to win somewhere but he needs a stacked roster to do it. We can't stack the roster whilst paying Kirk. There's no value to paying him, embrace the rebuild, tank the season and see where we go from there.
  5. Could be wrong, but I thought Gruden had annointed Perine the starter in Fat Rob's absence? I'm sure I read somewhere that he said it in post-game interview or something? I thought Perine did OK on Sunday to be fair to him, but the game where CT got an increased workload, he got something like 180+ yards so I'd be happy to see him starting.
  6. 5'9 and 201lbs - Seems like he's more in the CT mould than anything - certainly not a Power Back. 4.56 40 time so he's not really a burner either. Probably just PS fodder but may get a couple of carries as I guess he's active until Fat Rob comes back. Couple of points worth noting from the article on WaPo - He played WR at Oregon as well as RB. He returned a couple of kicks for the Eagles. Rushed for over 1000 as a junior and got over 1000 receiving in his sophomore year (First PAC-12 player to record 1000+ in both categories). Watched a youtube montage of his college highlights - looks to have pretty good instincts as a Receiver and athletic enough to make plays - Looks shifty in the run game and can make guys miss, but nothing that really blows you away.
  7. Redskins Seahawks Post Game Assessments

    No link I'm afraid - it popped up on TV during the game coverage - they were comparing Wilson and Kirk in the 4th Quarter. I guess it was during Q3 at some point. With Kirk we have had plenty of game ending INTs. I take your point that he's led us downfield on a number of occasions but it really is more like a 50/50 shot.
  8. Thank you Josh Doctson..Thank You!!

    Brian Quick wants to fight you over this comment.
  9. Redskins Seahawks Post Game Assessments

    Since 2002 we're the only team in the league with a regular season winning record in Seattle. We're 4-0 up there. In the last 2mins of games - Cousins has 9 INTs and 9 TDs. Before yesterday, his QB Rating during the final 2 mins of games was 62 for his career. I'm not trying to do KC down, what he did yesterday was spectacular, but statistically he's just as likely to throw a crushing, game-killing INT as he is to throw a Game-winning TD. I'm not sure that qualifies him for the "clutch" gene.
  10. Thank you Josh Doctson..Thank You!!

    The catch was legit. Did really well to make sure it didn't hit the turf too. Don't understand the whining about him missing his rookie year - OK so his impact wasn't immediate - we had Pierre, and DeSean last year who both went for 1000+, we didn't need him. He is getting open regularly, and has the skills to haul it in when he isn't open - it isn't his fault if he is not targeted regularly and Kirk is too scared to throw into any kind of coverage. I don't really know what you want the guy to do? He's looking better every week and starting to really believe he will turn into a pretty decent receiver for us.
  11. Should we trade Breeland?

    We don't. Let Kirk go and draft someone. That's the only solution. Sick of being held to ransom by the dude. If he wants to be here, he needs to sign a deal that proves it - he's made his money out of us, more than he or his family can ever hope to spend - now he needs to sign a team friendly deal that allows to keep pieces like Breeland in place, or he can walk as far as I'm concerned. In fact, I'd rather he walked anyway but I don't want to turn this into another KC thread.
  12. Should we trade Breeland?

    With Wentz, Dak, OBJ, Alshon Jeffrey in the division, I've actually chanrged my mind on Breeland. He's not just playing well, he's playing REALLY well this season. If we move Kirk on, draft a QB, and spend the Kirk/Pryor money on a WR to replace and Pryor, Resigning Breeland, re-signing Zack Brown and a decent Running Back (all of which is pretty darn close to doable on the $32m saving of Kirk/TP) then we'll be in really good shape for next season, and can afford to keep any of the other potential FAs we want. I think with the emergence of Wentz, it's pretty important to keep Breeland around if we can.
  13. Cowboys vs Redskins Gameday thread

    I'm done with Kirk. Let the scrub walk. I don't want to hear excuses about the OLine - they did a helluva job in difficult circumstances tonight. Sick of seeing the final drive end with a Cousins INT or pick 6 - the dude is Tony Romo 2.0 (the version not made of glass). I'm all in for tanking the season and taking the highest pick we can get. We pay Kirk and we're mediocre for next 5 years.
  14. Morning guys, Dallas week is over - it's Gameday (at least it is here in the UK - I guess most of you aren't awake yet)!! Not the ideal news to wake up to - Dan Graziano reporting Trent is likely out for the game to rest his knee. I'm not expecting much out of today's game if I'm honest. I really hope I'm wrong but I just think we are too banged up to get it done here. With that said, having Josh Norman back is a big plus for us, as it means Dez will spend all game in his pocket, as usual. I may not be optimistic in my head, but I am full of hope and Cowboy hatred in my heart so in less than 12 hours time I sincerely hope we're all celebrating a 35-0 Redskins lead, Zach Brown taking Zeke's head off, Swearinger hitting Beasley so hard his dumbass mullet falls off, and Dak having taken 12 sacks and been beaten up so bad in Q1 he refuses to come back in the game and retires Hail to the Redskins. Destroy the Cowgirls. Dan Graziano‚ÄŹVerified account @DanGrazianoESPN FollowingFollowing @DanGrazianoESPN More Source: Washington LT Trent Williams is not expected to play Sunday. Doctors have advised him to give injured knee a break.
  15. Why would benching Kirk be punting the game? You've clearly forgotten that King Colt is the Cowboy Killa.