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  1. Pepsi Max is the absolute 1st ballot HOF GOAT. Coke tastes like battery acid and would have gone undrafted.
  2. What Kind of Fan Do You Consider Yourself?

    Haha, not sure I agree but I'll gladly take it
  3. What Kind of Fan Do You Consider Yourself?

    I think I'm pretty hardcore considering I'm a UK fan who has never been to the States - I have watched every game live online since I picked the Skins as my team (About 7 or 8 years now) - haven't missed one. That doesn't sound all that impressive, but when you factor in the fact I'm a teacher and watching a MNF/TNF/Primetime game means I have to sleep in the evening for a few hours, get up around 1am due to time difference, and then stay awake all night and teach all day, I think it's a fair sign of commitment to the team. I almost missed the Browns game last year because my partner went into labour about 16 hours before kick off.... fortunately she didn't need to go to hospital until after the game, so she sat there watching the game with me, whilst pretty deep into contractions etc... I was all geared up to have ESPN 980 on in the hospital though in a worst case scenario We have a memory book for my daughter that lists all her baby stuff like first steps etc, and it is even documented in there, as the last thing her Mum did before she had her (along with the score!!). Of all the nursery rhymes/baby songs etc, you should see her beaming little face when I start singing HTTR - definitely her favourite song - she can't talk yet, but she happily joins in babbling along - the B+G will run deep in this family. I bought tickets to all 3 NFL games in the UK last year because it gave me access to choose the tickets I wanted a week or so before they went on general sale which meant I could guarantee good seats for the Skins. I haven't put myself in the Diehard bracket because I haven't made a pilgrimage over to FedEx yet, but I think I do OK for a foreign fan in terms of "hardcore-ness"
  4. Who Starts at QB in 2018

    I'm a teacher - so not private sector, but if I won $40 million on the lottery tomorrow, then I absolutely would work for free. That's the difference. We all have bills to pay, I do, Kirk does etc. But if you had enough money, for you and your children to do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted for the rest of your lives, and never even think about a bill then what is the obsession with stockpiling money? I can't work for free because I don't have millions in the bank.... Wouldn't you rather have your name in the history books as the guy who was the cornerstone of a superbowl dynasty, than the guy who wanted to accumulate money for money's sake but couldn't get past Round 1 of the playoffs? I accept that there's no guarantee of winning the superbowl, but if you're a guy who bets on himself, then you surely would want to give yourself the best shot at being THE GUY in your chosen sport? I know what you're saying about Kraft etc, I've heard similar, but surely Kirk and Dan could come to a similar arrangement if he really cared about winning a Lombardi? Not sure why you need additional income when the interest alone on $40 million at 3% is well over $1 million per year. Also agree with what you say about the Front Office though, we're a circus and the incentive to WANT to give the discount has to be there, which is why I said he could sign with any team he chooses.
  5. Who Starts at QB in 2018

    Why not? I'm not targetting Kirk specifically here, it's all athletes in the big $$ sports. Of course the team would cut whoever they wanted, whenever they wanted, but if you are happy betting on yourself to not get cut, like Kirk is, and you believe you're the guy who could win a superbowl, and you already have somewhere around 40+ million dollars in the bank, then what on Earth would you want more money for? As we are talking Kirk though, so what if your career is over in an instant? That's irrelevant. The guaranteed money is also irrelevant to the Kirk discussion, as his contract is fully guaranteed last year, and will be again this year. Would you rather be the guy with $40 million in the bank (which is more money than Kirk will ever spend I would think, knowing the kind of guy he is) and 3 Superbowl rings, or the guy who got the big money and has $80million in the bank but never won anything because he bled the $$$ out of the franchise and they couldn't fill the roster with enough talent to get to the main event? Tom Brady is prime example of a guy who gets it. He gets paid, but he doesn't sink the team to do it. I just don't understand the mentality of wanting to accumulate as much money as you can and certainly more than your family could ever spend (unless they're financial lunatics), at the expense of leaving a mark on history.
  6. Who Starts at QB in 2018

    I kind of do blame him actually. He earned more money last year alone than most of us will make in our entire working lives, several times over. His family are already set for life, so at this point, what value is money? I was never blessed with a pro-athlete's skillset, but I'd like to think that if I were in KC's position then I would be willing to sign for vet minimum in 2018 (with whatever team I wanted, Redskins or whoever) and just try to build a legacy of championships. I know it's a sport-wide thing, but when did playing to win bags of $$$ become more important than playing to win?
  7. Man, some of y'all really haven't worked out how to be Redskins fans yet? All this negative talk is not what we're about as a fanbase. We have a proud history of fandom that dictates this kind of negative rubbish has to wait..... You have to be ridiculously positive and hopeful until it all implodes spectacularly; to be a true Redskins fan. Without the hope and positivity, then the inevitable, crushing disappointment when things don't pan out just isn't sour enough.
  8. Ex - Chargers fan coming back home....

    I watch every game from the UK, and I don't have Game Pass (although I am getting it this season so I can watch in better quality). Like you say, there are ways.
  9. Welcome to the Redskins Samaje Perine, RB, Oklahoma

    I love the highlights - really looking forward to seeing him play. At the combine, the dude benched 30 reps. The nearest RB to him benched 24 reps. The record for the position is 32 reps. Only 2 half-backs in history have benched more than Perine (Jerick Mckinnon, Anthony Sherman). There were only 4 Offensive Linemen in the 2017 combine who benched more than him - the kid is an absolute monster.
  10. Zach Brown visiting tomorrow per John Keim. John Keim‏Verified account @john_keim Following More Free agent linebacker Zach Brown will visit the Redskins Monday, sources said.
  11. Thanks for your support

    When the NFL UK games happened this year, BBC aired a documentary on the Packers. My Dad has spent YEARS hating on NFL, and not getting why I like it so much. He happened to watch that documentary by chance, and LOVED the Packer ethos, the fact fans own the club and the fact that you play in yellow and green (same colours as our "soccer" team Norwich City). So despite having a son who is a HUGE Redskins fan, the only person he knows with an NFL loyalty, he elected to support the Pack. It started out as a bit of a joke. Then he checked for your scores (albeit like 4 days after the game). Then he checked the scores and watched the highlights... He actually watched the game on Sunday, the whole thing, on his own at home. I can't tell you how little I ever expected to see my Dad watch a full NFL game. You know what? He actually enjoyed it too. Much as it's to my chagrin that he's chosen the Packers, I'm STOKED he's finally seeing the light and getting into NFL. I have a couple of buddies who support the Falcons, and I've always liked the Packers as a franchise, so I don't mind what happens this weekend, I'd be happy to see either go to the Superbowl. I will be 100% rooting for the NFC in the Superbowl though. Hate the Cheatriots and the Steelers.
  12. Out of the options on the table, I think I'm in Camp Pettine for now, but could understand/accept Manusky. I'm not sold on Bradley.
  13. Dude looks like he can coach but I'm not sure about the whole calling plays via cardboard pieces deal.
  14. Bill Callahan should be promoted

    I figured, but it was too good an opportunity to pass on. On topic - I'd have no issue with Callahan or Cavanuagh getting the nod as OC.
  15. Bill Callahan should be promoted

    I know everybody exaggerates at job interviews and stuff, but surely claiming that as OC he was responsible for multiple top 5 Defenses is a bit of a stretch