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  1. Holy ****. Terrelle Pryor caught a ball... and even weirder, it was a TD.... gotta be PEDs right?
  2. Josh Norman showed up today. Credit to him. After a tricky week, he has strapped up and come back strong. Gruden needs to rip those headphones off every week. I criticised JNo last week after he came out whining but he is making plays tonight. Mason Foster also playing really well tonight.
  3. UKskins

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Saints

    I was a big fan of getting rid of Kirk and thought Smith was about the best replacement we could hope for, being pretty much a wash for KC. I'm still a fan of getting rid of Cousins (regardless of what our FO SHOULD have done with regards to signing him, they didn't, they let him bleed us dry and I was sick of him being a leech and talking out of both sides of his mouth whilst shoving the cash in his pockets) but I am really seriously concerned about how bad Smith has looked so far, he never even looked like keeping us in the game yesterday (although the defense did a pretty good job on giving him a really **** situation to work with).
  4. Maybe Norman should stop playing at a mediocre level if he wants to help the team be better than mediocre. The whole thing is a ****storm and there's plenty of criticism to go in all directions, Gruden included but Norman is paid like an all-pro and playing like a scrub. The defense crashed and burned tonight with dumb penalties extending Saints drives 3 times in the first half - I think all 3 put another 7 points on the board. Norman got torched on the record TD and sucked most of the half. Maybe he should quit whining like a little **** and strap up and play big boy football if he wants us to improve.
  5. UKskins

    Redskins Lead NFC East

    Wentz sack/fumble and Linval Joseph takes it 63 yards to the house.Come on Vikings. Turns out that 3 is not the magic number. 63 is.
  6. UKskins

    Redskins Lead NFC East

    Giants lost due to a last second Graham Gano 63 (YES, SIXTY THREE) yarder.... Just the Eagles and Cowboys to lose now.
  7. UKskins

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    On the plus side, none of our receivers have dropped a ball and the Defense is looking stout after a solid bye week shut out.
  8. UKskins

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    Clearly you haven't been reading this forum properly. Minny have KC and that means they are automatically going to win the Superbowl because "Look at Kirk's stats". I expect you'll be accused of being a Bruce Allen lover now because you've dared to say Minny may miss the playoffs despite having the anointed savior of football under center. HE THROWS FOR 4000 YARDS PER SEASON DONTCHA KNOW?!?!?! 🤬 I think we have a legitimate shot at the playoffs this year. If not, I do think Gruden is gone. Can't see Danny boy sitting on his hands after another season. Doesn't matter if the move he makes is worse, he just has to make a move... that trigger finger must be getting itchy by now. In other news - Really looking forward to seeing Saints vs Giants tonight. Have it on TV as I'm working on my laptop, and our Sports channels show 1 game per kick off slot... Patriots vs Dolphins at the moment. Total borefest predictable Pats blowout.
  9. UKskins

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Packers

    My thoughts today are similar to yesterday really. Its a great win. It may have been ugly in spots but is there a single fan who wouldve rather lost pretty than beat the pack ugly? Our defense looked really good as a unit. Not against Sam Bradford but against (albeit hobbled) Aaron Rodgers. Lots of positive individual showings. I though Moreau had another good game, Richardson got the big catch and TD, Ionnidas Payne and Allen were bringing heat on Rodgers all game and got some big sacks, Swearinger is balling atm, Jordan Reed was fired up and AD is just a monster. Theres definitely still work to be done. Special Teams look ropey as hell and the playcalling in 2nd half was absolutely shambolic but ultimately got the job done due to the defense showing up. Alex Smith is underwhelming for me and our receiving corps look pretty poor but i think we have enough playmakers to put a winning season together
  10. Great win. Very happy with that, even if it was ugly at points. Dad kinda plays at being a Packers fan but isn't really that bothered on it and doesn't know much about football - His verdict was Peterson minced them and Alex Smith ain't great. I was pleased to see some big plays from the new guys too - Payne with the sack, P-Rich with a few nice catches, including the 45 yard TD. Peterson is just a machine though. He's incredible. Anyway, great win - didn't expect much out of tonight but the defense played a real nice game and the Offense got a real nice half in before collapsing. I don't care if Rodgers was on one leg, we beat him somehow and that's all the record books will say.
  11. We're actually going to do this aren't we?
  12. How the heck do we look so different week to week? Great half. Unbelievable half in fact. We look like the team that showed up week 1. If we play at this level then we'll be in the paloff shake up.
  13. UKskins

    Game Day Thread- Colts at Redskins

    Which he chose not to do for 3 years whilst milking 40million + out of us.
  14. UKskins

    Game Day Thread- Colts at Redskins

    Who is arguing with that? Our FO being a steaming pile of **** is what it is. That has nothing to do with Cousins milking us dry though, aside from them being stupid enough to let him. If he cares about winning then refuse to sign the tag and make us rescind it. Show some cajones. Say you'll only sign it in a tag and trade, whatever. Don't grab the money and then try and spin it with some BS. I'm not bitter, I'm just sick of listening to this "Kirk is a saint who was so badly wronged by the FO" bull****. Yeah, the FO made mistakes, mainly because it's headed by the totally incompetent and seemingly unfireable Bruce Allen.... but Kirk was also a total jackass who has no interest in anything except who has the biggest suitcase full of cash. You don't have to be pro-FO to be anti-Kirk.