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  1. Your score is: 23692 (GRADE: A) Your Picks:Round 1 Pick 22 (BUF): Vea, Vita, DT, Washington (A+)Round 2 Pick 12: Price, Billy, C/OG, Ohio State (A)Round 2 Pick 26 (ATL): Michel, Sony, RB, Georgia (A)Round 3 Pick 7 (DEN): Averett, Anthony, CB, Alabama (A)Round 3 Pick 35 (DEN): Lauletta, Kyle, QB, Richmond (A+)Round 4 Pick 6 (DEN): Bates III, Jessie, FS, Wake Forest (A+)Round 4 Pick 13: Christian, Geron, OT, Louisville (A+)Round 5 Pick 12: Burnett, Deontay, WR, Southern California (A+)Round 6 Pick 14: McCray, Mike, OLB, Michigan (A+)Round 7 Pick 13: Reed, DJ, CB, Kansas State (A+)Round 7 Pick 23: Thomas, Roc, RB, Jacksonville State (A+)Round 7 Pick 38 (ATL): Facyson, Brandon, CB, Virginia Tech (A+)
  2. I am fine with how things are going. If the price of a nose tackle goes down in the next few weeks, we sign Brown, cb in first, guard in 2nd. Rb in 4th 5th and 6th and pray real hard for their success, aren't we set?
  3. Fire Allen, Hire Beathard now

    I thought a drunk Scotty was better than Bruce and even if Beathard is senile he would be a 1000% improvement. Snyder likes redskin's history. Sign him quickly before the draft. whoops, wrong forum-sorry but cannot figure out how to move
  4. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    yes- dominant dt, rb and guard-, take care of some real problems- just hope Vea falls to 21,
  5. I think it is right in line with the Redskins actions for rebuilding. Now all we need is Haynesworth to sign a big contract to anchor the line.
  6. Logged in as: Tracker, gooseneck's dog Your Team: Washington Redskins GAME OVER! Your score is: 24931 (GRADE: A+)Your Picks: Round 2 Pick 28 (PITT): Dallas Goedert, TE, South Dakota State (A+) Round 2 Pick 30 (MINN): Equanimeous St. Brown, WR, Notre Dame (A+) Round 3 Pick 12 (G.B.): Nick Chubb, RB, Georgia (A) Round 4 Pick 19 (LAC): Derrick Nnadi, DT, Florida State (A+) Round 5 Pick 8 (CHI): Jaylen Samuels, RB/WR, North Carolina State (A+) Round 5 Pick 12: Matt Linehan, QB, Idaho (A+) Round 5 Pick 30 (MINN): KC McDermott, OG, Miami (FL) (A+) Round 6 Pick 14: Poona Ford, DT, Texas (A+) Round 6 Pick 30 (MINN): D.J. Reed, CB, Kansas State (A+) Round 7 Pick 13: Austin Corbett, OG, Nevada (A+) Round 7 Pick 23: Jeromy Irwin, OT, Colorado (A+) Nfl Draft Game 2018 Logged in as: Tracker, gooseneck's dog Your Team: Washington Redskins GAME OVER! Your score is: 26562 (GRADE: A+)Your Picks: Round 2 Pick 16 (LAC): Vita Vea, DT, Washington (A+) Round 3 Pick 14 (K.C.): Sony Michel, RB, Georgia (A+) Round 3 Pick 22 (K.C.): Ross Pierschbacher, OG, Alabama (A+) Round 5 Pick 11 (PITT): Deontay Burnett, WR, Southern California (A+) Round 5 Pick 28 (PITT): Jake Wieneke, WR, South Dakota State (A+) Round 6 Pick 1 (CLE): Troy Fumagalli, TE, Wisconsin (A+) Round 6 Pick 11 (OAK): Micah Kiser, ILB, Virginia (A+) Round 6 Pick 14: Taron Johnson, CB, Weber State (A+) Round 6 Pick 16 (BALT): Trey Marshall, SS, Florida State (A+) Round 6 Pick 20 (LAR): Akrum Wadley, RB, Iowa (A+) Round 6 Pick 24 (LAR): M.J. Stewart, CB, North Carolina (A+) Round 7 Pick 1 (CLE): Christopher Herndon, TE, Miami (FL) (A+) Round 7 Pick 13: Jeromy Irwin, OT, Colorado (A+) Round 7 Pick 19 (DET): Kurt Benkert, QB, Virginia (A+) Round 7 Pick 23: Dimitri Flowers, FB, Oklahoma (A+)Your Future Picks: 2019 Round 1 Pick (LAC) 2019 Round 1 Pick 2020 Round 1 Pick (PITT) 2020 Round 1 Pick
  7. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    trade hum to KC for Fuller
  8. I was hoping that we would sign Bruce Smith and Deon Sanders again-make up for loss of Fuller and we could trade Allen for a third round choice in this draft
  9. we should trade him to KC for Fuller
  10. The Sycophants of Smith (Merged & M.E.T.)

    I have a headache
  11. what about Kareem Abdul Jabbar?
  12. Was Vinny Really Better???

    Shouldn't the poll be who was better at winning the off season? I think Vinnie was.
  13. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    what does our salary cap figure look like now?
  14. Welcome to the Redskins, Alex Smith

    Best of bad situation. Mr. Smith goes to Washington. Not his fault the franchised goobered the last27 years