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  1. gooseneck

    Game Day Thread - Redskins VS Pink Panthers

    What about trading Jay Gruden for Jon Gruden?
  2. gooseneck

    Post-game Apathy Thread

    I could make an insightful comment, but I just don't feel like doing so.
  3. gooseneck

    The Offensive Line Thread

    LT first round; guard second round- cut Norman, Smith, trade Kerrigan=we will suck so we can draft that Qb from Alabama- and we get him we will have a solid O-line in front of him. Next year CB and edge rusher as the first 2 picks and we might have a team in the future.
  4. gooseneck

    Redskins vs Panthers Prediction Thread: Here We Go Again

    Wash 17, Carolina 17
  5. gooseneck

    Game Night Thread- Redskins at Saints

    Not to mention a better salary cap position for years
  6. gooseneck

    Game Night Thread- Redskins at Saints

    Anyone still laughing at myview that I would rather be in Cleveland’s position instead of ours.
  7. gooseneck

    Game Night Thread- Redskins at Saints

    Just got in from walking the dogs. Saw a bear and 2 foxes. Looking at the box score here my fine deductive mind has figured out that our pass defense is not very good.
  8. gooseneck

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    thanks for the summary. Just what I was looking for. It seems there might be a few guards in the second or third round. I am thinking a bit of drafting offensive tackle first- and slopping Williams to guard. I worry how long he will last and we will need a quality left tackle probably in a few years and if he does stay healthy our guard problem is solved. looks like there are some decent second or third round QB's that will probably move up the first round. Would not draft a RB early, still have confidence in Guice and hopefully Perrine will pick it up and stop fumbling.
  9. gooseneck

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    I wasn't at the home opener but please include me as being pathetic with the rest of the Redskins' crowd
  10. gooseneck

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

  11. gooseneck

    Was Letting DJax Leave via FA a Mistake???

    yes -we would be 6-10 with him this year instead of 5-11
  12. gooseneck

    Redskins vs Packers Prediction Thread: Slippin' Away

    Packers 29 Skins 29
  13. gooseneck

    Post-game apathy thread: We're baaaack

    7-9 and we win the division
  14. gooseneck

    Game Day Thread- Colts at Redskins

    D. Jackson 3 3 112 1 75 17
  15. gooseneck

    Game Day Thread- Colts at Redskins

    we need to keep perspective. How are we going to win the off season if we win too many games?