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  1. Johnny Manziel Todd Marinovich, or Billy Kilmer who starts for us in 2018?
  2. Should we sign Colt McCoy to a long term contract now? (is this another thread?)
  3. I think we are waiting to sign him next winter so we can win the 2018 off season
  4. Well, the off season is almost over; I will be back in February of 2018.
  5. The Orangutan in the Indy Zoo should get all the credit
  6. free agent tracker
  7. I agree, Where I would be going too I think that is the dude. For Grover Taylor I just got a police lineup on my google search
  8. We do better picking Quarterbacks in the Fourth Round-though for the reasons you say I do not see them doing it, but I think there is value there
  9. thanks for posting- looks like we can have a good pick with Johnson, Johnson, King, Peterman, Lawson, Perine still there, Probably great value for both picks in the Fourth
  10. I would like Desmond King too, but wondering if Moreau might play free safety-speed and range
  11. kevin King went to the packers first pick round 2
  12. Looks like they won't be going after Cousins now.
  13. should be a good one dropping I agree. with the right drop our dl becomes good