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  1. Election 2018 Thread

    Our electoral system was never meant to handle the population distribution that we see today. We need to fix it. The wobble between "majority of voters" and "majority of power" is only growing, and will only keep getting worse and worse.
  2. I was really hoping this was satire. Thus far it does not appear to be. What. Who. When.
  3. There are good people on both sides of the Kremlin-American Intel Community divide.
  4. This non-apology apology is pretty crappy. But the media hot takes trying to say he accepts the findings (while also adding the above) are also pretty crappy.
  5. Art of the Deal getting butt****ed by Putin. But let's be honest, what difference does it make? Trump is terrified of Putin. Look at the body language. Whatever Putin is gonna do, he probably could have done it anyway. Really the only possible difference I see is Putin trying to rope the GOP into being complicit. That is to say, if Putin invades, say, Finland, on his own without a summit, Trump may be cool with it but the GOP in Congress might actually push back. Alternatively though, with a summit and "agreement" the GOP now has to oppose not something that Trump is passively letting happen, but rather something that Trump supposedly actively negotiated. I worry that such a distinction makes a difference.
  6. Well this isn't good. I swear, we have got to make major moves after 2018 to reverse this course. Step 1, universal healthcare. That alone would drastically reduce the dependency of people on their specific job which is a huge part of the problem.
  7. Sweet jebus if we can get Grover Norquist in jail too, my gosh, it will almost have been worth it.
  8. Sacha Baron Cohen Dupes Political Leaders

    He was pressured to do it, just like Papa John.
  9. Sacha Baron Cohen Dupes Political Leaders

    Uh oh, someone said a naughty word or ten.
  10. Rand Paul is rapidly reaching Devin Nunes levels in terms of "pleasure I will take watching them be arrested by federal mashalls." Guy is absolutely guilty of something major.
  11. I'm just gonna put this out there. Anna Chapman was hotter. Not saying Butina isn't nice looking. And I'm sure she's a great spy. But. I mean. Anna Chapman. DAMN.
  12. I will never forget this article, how dumb it was before the trip, how dumb it was after, and how an acquaintance of mine through my fraternity who worked for townhall and knew Schlicter defended the premise of the article even after the trip was over. I am so very tempted to ask him when Schlicter will put out a new piece like this one for Trump, but that kind of hostility is usually something I keep off of facebook.
  13. Really really REALLY important on Butina. It sounds like she's in custody. That's YUGE. Unlike the 25 russians who can just never leave Russia and be safe under Putin's wings, she is in the US' custody. And that means the information in her head is that much easier to snag.
  14. Butina indictment will sail over most but it shouldn't. She played a large role in backchanneling of funds through NRA. She is a vital person in that part of the Russian interference case, and really you can't make that case without her. Which likely means we're one step from major indictments of US citizens tied to the NRA. Just like how Stone, Mast, and Stranahan were put on notkce by Friday's indictments, today puts the NRA on notice. We are no longer several degrees of separation away. Kevin Bacon is behind you, right now.
  15. Election 2018 Thread

    This is maybe the 3rd or 4th time its happened this cycle, with the most notable occurance in December of 2017 where the separation of cones of uncertainty remained for a couple weeks. Probably the most important thing here is that polls lag. There is probably some normalization and revertion to the mean that brings them back together but the Strzok testimony, the indictments, and the Surrender Summot might drive the numbers back lower once their impact hits polling.
  16. *blinks into the distance* " Hello darkness my old friend... I've come to talk with you again..."
  17. Just heard on WTOP that the water at the Dupont Circle fountain turned scarlet red for some reason that is as of yet unknown. Yes, this is definitely on topic, why do you ask?
  18. I like how The Manchurian Candidate has this complex plan to install a Soviet asset as President, and the IRL version was much less complicated of a plot and worked even better.
  19. Benedict Arnold is really happy that, after over 200 years, he is getting upstaged.