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  1. It's unfortunate, but that's basically the situation. She has to walk in front of a firing squad that views her as standing between them and achieving a goal they've toiled 40 years for, or her allegation goes poof. The GOP is internally livid at this delay. Lots of chatter that Brett should just withdraw and let them put up a less controversial candidate. There was that one woman on the short list. Could probably get her through quickly. Others truly want Brett, for a variety of reasons and don't want him to back down. And then there's the ominous question of WHO PAID OFF HIS 200K DEBT AND WILL THOSE CREDITORS ALLOW HIM TO WITHDRAW AT ALL? In any event, there is a precisely 0% chance the GOP will delay this a minute longer than Monday. If that goes badly, Brett is toast. If it goes well, they ram through. I understand completely why she would be reluctant to show up. And frankly it's not fair to her for this to happen in this fashion. But for the rush to get him in, this could be handled with much more care. But life isn't fair, and the chips are down.
  2. I mean, only bad thing if we ignore the likely perjury and turn a blind eye to the fact he somehow wiped out 200K in debt in a year and his explanation doesn't add up.
  3. Polygraphs are totally bull****, unless administered by a trained professional in a controlled setting. And then they're only mostly bull****.
  4. This is the official Nintendo of America account. (note: that picture is at the bottom of the tweet in the actual tweet) Nintendo is ****posting about Stormy-Trump stuff. What a time to be alive.
  5. I think to make sure you get the most out of the hearing, you need: Ford Brett Ford's Husband (present during therapy) Therapist Mark Judge And anyone else identified as a potential witness to either the events directly or corroborating events. Key on that will be if anyone else attended the party, who was it? They can corroborate whether the party happened, even if they didn't witness it directly. Unfortunately, I have a feeling its gonna be Ford v. Brett and call it a day.
  6. I mean, if you suddenly publicly saw someone who attempted to rape you, even 36 years prior, on tv every day after years and years of nothing or next to nothing, it probably would lead to some pretty major episodes too. PTSD and similar things are, unfortunately, fickle like that.
  7. She (and presumably her husband) contend that she told the therapist two attackers, but that the therapist incorrectly wrote four. It's a good opening for questioning. GOP could/should drag in the husband and the therapist and pick their recollection apart. Good way to go after the key corroborating story without having to attack her directly.
  8. I'm reminded that you aren't the one getting doxxed and threatened. Sorry that she couldn't make her accusations when it was politically convenient to you. Maybe if you treat her with respect and allow her accusations to be investigated fully, then in the future women will come forward faster, which will hopefully mean accusations will be more politically convenient to you.
  9. This is his response to Manafort flipping. He's moving into his "fire Mueller" endgame. Release all texts. Find some impropriety (which naturally will be taken out of context). Fire everyone involved.
  10. Gonna be some serious fireworks before November 28. As we see with Manafort, sentencing doesn't happen until they've wrung the guy dry. That means they expect Flynn to have expended the vast majority of his usefulness by the 28th of November.
  11. Eh, it checks out, kinda. Peaked in popularity in 1964 as 469th most popular name. Brett born 1965. Assuming these women are the same age or about, would have been right around peak popularity. Weirder things have happened.
  12. (continuing above thoughts) Also, the optics are very bad when some of your big names (like Hatch) have already started pivoting from "it didn't happen" to "okay but it was so long ago." Like normally you'd investigate before pivoting to the fallback position. Between this and the 65 person letter, things are very fishy. Very very fishy. Innocent people/groups don't act like this. Shoot, they can't even pretend that an investigation will be rigged by the deep state because the Senate, led by Republicans, would lead the investigation! There's something out there the GOP doesn't want us to find out about. I don't know if it's the Ford thing, but something is out there with Brett and sexual misconduct. There is supposedly some rumor about Brett and his time as a law clerk. I wonder if that's the thing they expected to pop up, but then this came out of left field and they had to fire their ammo they were saving for the other thing.
  13. My thoughts and prayers go out to McConnell. In completely unrelated news, "thoughts and prayers" is the left leaning version of "Bless your heart." Also, the optics are very bad when some of your big names (like Hatch) have already started pivoting from "it didn't happen" to "okay but it was so long ago." Like normally you'd investigate before pivoting to the fallback position.
  14. Should Brock Turner sit on SCOTUS?
  15. I mean, I get why DiFi did what she did. I mean, look at what Ford has had to go through just in the past 24 hours. She was doxxed, and undoubtedly will face threats and attacks on herself. DiFi knows this, so she held onto it as long as she could, until she could no longer hold onto it and keep it under wraps.
  16. Something I will point out. The timing of this accusation is only as dire as it is because the timetable on Brett is as crunched as it is, and that is due to Republican scheduling and desire to seat Brett as quickly as possible. Not that timing matters as much as credibility of the accuser, but I know timing is an issue some have discussed. If the GOP was going to wait until archives finished bringing out his documents, a vote on Brett wouldn't be happening until November, giving these allegations much more time to be processed.
  17. I mean, he's not wrong, technically it is assuming nothing would come out through the process. That being said, I think the odds of perjury/debt issues with Garland were much lower than with Brett at any point in the process. The sexual misconduct stuff generally you can't know until it comes out.
  18. Anybody else getting any Salisbury-Novichok vibes from this?
  19. DogofWar1

    Election 2018 Thread Not that I expect Cruz to get in trouble, but it suggests some desperation on his part. He needs money, and he's scared.
  20. The revelations regarding the marriage counseling from 2012 raise this above a mere "person makes allegation" situation, indeed. And if the matter is investigated further, more information may come to light. That being said, that's not how these things ever go, politically. With how strenuously the GOP wants him confirmed, it will take more evidence than exists at present to stop him. If that evidence comes out, and Brett is stopped, it will have been because of the evidence having reached a point of being sufficiently overwhelming. However, time has a way of making the past fuzzy. Ten years from now, some may remember the corroborating details that made the story credible, but many will just remember that he was taken down because someone accused him. That fuzzy recollection that loses a lot of key details will be pushed as "the standard," especially if its Dems nominating someone, because then it becomes politically expedient to lower the standard. We basically saw the same thing with Merrick Garland. It's okay for them to never even hold a hearing for him because [insert some thing that isn't really analogous unless you squint really hard and ignore a bunch of stuff from 10+ years ago]. We'll see it again on this. Actually I think the FBI added it just recently when Feinstein sent it over. So not before he was nominated. That being said, someone on the right knew a while ago, no one can pull testimonials from 60+ pertinent people that quickly, someone was working on that for weeks.
  21. They apparently added the allegation to the file they send to the White House on nominees, but have not opened a criminal investigation. That appears to be based on the fact its not really something the FBI would have investigated at the time, it'd be something for local law enforcement. Further, like the Roy Moore accusations, no one really expects the FBI to investigate and issue an indictment and arrest someone. The evidence is simply too old, and it's just not reasonable to expect to find enough evidence to make a case beyond a reasonable doubt. But evidence can reach a point of a preponderance of the evidence, but that's not the FBI's job. They went to different high schools near to each other. The event allegedly happened at a party they both attended independently.
  22. I mean, I think there is still daylight where people can still question the credibility of the allegation, but I do think we've reached a point where there is enough that to just ignore it and plow forward is also not right. The allegation ought to be fully investigated, as much as it can be, at least. That ought to take some time. I suspect this will not get the investigation it deserves because there is a timetable the GOP needs to meet, and they're too deep into Brett to back out now.
  23. Dr. Ford's husband saying that Brett's name was mentioned in marriage counseling back in 2012 adds to the credibility of the claim. It suggests that this is not a recent fabrication, and there isn't really any reason for a doctor from California to point fingers at a random judge on the DC Circuit. I don't put much weight on polygraphs. My understanding is that if administered correctly they can be decent but on the whole I don't much like them. The friend's, Judge's, statement is a cop-out. He says he has no "recollection," of it, and himself has a bunch of weird fetish videos that he just recently deleted after his name popped up. And of course that she's come into the public helps to give weight to them as well.