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  1. Good guy Putin helping to protect Russia and the world from the 2nd place guy, a communist.
  2. Deep State so powerful that they get people to plead guilty despite being totally innocent.
  3. Whoo let's roll. Aaaaaaaand I've got carpal tunnel from trying to set up my big board.
  4. Lol This Morning: Dowd - "Speaking for Trump, the Mueller probe should ended by Sessions." Later: Dowd - "I'm wasn't speaking for Trump." Now: Re-upping:
  5. I also love how every investigation into dems that turns up nothing (and is conducted in accordance with established procedures) is somehow wrong, but the second there's a pro-Trump one that warps every procedure that can be warped to get their desired result, boom, it's perfect and great and just. What a joke.
  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA AH Comrade! I have not laughed so much in long time. Not since comrade Joseph was mad about his potato being bad shape so comrade Eli hit him in face with new potato! But you must hurry, polls are open in your province, comrade! If you do not hurry you shall miss your chance to help great leader Putin to fourth term. ________________________ In all seriousness though, McCabe's firing was a total sham and he's gonna win any legal challenge he lodges. - the investigation into McCabe was spun off, for no discernable reason, from a larger investigation - the spun off investigation was rushed - the negative findings are minor offenses like "lack of candor" (all while his boss has the memory of a gold fish the second you put him under oath) - he was given little to no due process that is pretty much always afforded to people, for example he was sending expulpatory evidence as little as two days ago - he was fired by Sessions, who had supposedly recused himself from Clinton and Russia matters, which means he ought to have been recused from overseeing punishment for this investigation - Oh and Trump blew all their covers with his tweets anyway, showing this is was political in nature. Choose who you stand with wisely.
  7. If Trump had any brains he'd be terrified of what he just did. The last time he fired a high ranking FBI official, Mueller happened. And now he's made the same mistake with McCabe, only unlike Comey he's given McCabe the benefit of knowing for months that this was a likely outcome. McCabe is prepared.
  8. Seriously? The guy had such a severe gambling problem they kicked him out unceremoniously, and within like a week they're thinking about bringing him back?
  9. "Brilliant and courageous example"? Jail for life is too good for these traitorous ****s but I suppose it'll have to do. Unless any of them dealt drugs at any point. Then, y'know, Trump has a solution. Also:
  10. Part of the plan. Attack the FBI This turns some in the FBI against Trump This allows Trump to loudly yell bias Which in turn allows for more "justified" attacks on the FBI
  11. Trump is literally the evil guy in the movie who kills the cop who is two days from retirement.
  12. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    Okay, I figured it out. The Caps need to be on in my apartment. But with me not paying attention. STANLEY CUP BAY-BEEEEE