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  1. "Can I pardon myself?" asks the innocent man.
  2. It's like Reaganonmics, but even dumber. And you thought that wasn't possible.
  3. Hey, when you've got a gun to your head and are picking between the 2 and the 4, you'll take the 4.
  4. Everyone's favorite Russian stooge is at it again, but this time he wants to help those kids being taken to Mars.
  5. The Hill is reporting that that side meeting lasted almost an hour and included no Americans besides Trump. Only Trump, Putin, and Putin's translator. Witch hunt tho.
  6. Well, he IS from New York.
  7. See, when the people beneath you have to liquidate their kids' college funds to pay for legal fees which the higher ups are crowd sourcing, that tends to piss off the lower ranking people. Great way to get some flips.
  8. I dunno man, end of Bruce's pronounciation sounds pretty "t"-ish to me.
  9. Why does Bruce Allen keep calling him "Kurt?" You've had almost 6 years to figure it out. Come on.
  10. Sekulow should have just stuck to attacking Obama. That was still a dumb line of attack, but it isn't as dumb as dragging the Secret Service into it. Edit: And yup.
  11. It really would. It would immediately put the sudden Ukraine change in the platform in a new (well, updated) light. Everyone would suddenly try to clam up, but at that point it'd almost feel like a foregone conclusion. skins_fan1215 might have nailed it back on page 227.
  12. Shout out to Shep Smith and Chris Wallace for being very done with the bull****.
  13. Can't find the tweet but saw someone on twitter mentioning that at the rate things are going in about a week more people will have been in that meeting than were at the inauguration.
  14. Do we have any knowledge about who the 8th is? If we have no info at all I might put Priebus up there on the list of suspects.
  15. So it's fine to use bad and potentially illegal methods to "find out the truth" about some matter and then willfully obfuscate everything about your methods? So the truth of the methods matters not? This guy is a national disgrace. If anyone should be deported it's him and his supporters in his district. He makes Bachmann look good; she was a stupid ideologue, but at least she didn't appear willfully evil. He does.