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  1. It's pretty obvious we're the baddies now. Just a matter of if we can correct course before the rest of the world has to come kick our ass, whether that's literally or more indirectly (like reciprocating on tariffs and watching our economy burn).
  2. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    Feeling fine. I know the team *can* do it, it's just a matter of them executing. Well, unless MAF decides to be the hottest goalie of all time, which is a thing goalies tend to become when facing us. But that's half of this. It's MAF. He's, like, the final boss. But the team seems pretty loose. Ovi literally could not be separated from the Prince of Wales trophy, he probably literally banged his wife while holding it over his head, while most other teams and players view it as bad luck to even touch the thing. He's loose as ****.
  3. The DC Sports Curse Thread.

    Wait wait wait wait wait. This guy moves here 3 years ago and wants to talk about how calling it a curse is silly? Also, fta: This guy does know Dan Snyder bought the Redskins the year after any team's last trip to a Conference Championship and/finals, right?
  4. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    Person: "Isn't that bad luck?" Ovi: *goes on rollercoaster with trophy* Person: "maybe you should stop-" Ovi: *solves mystery of the old haunted mill with trophy* Person: "I really think that-" Ovi: *stars in buddy cop movie with the trophy*
  5. Did anyone hear this live? I did not hear it live nor did I hear what the basis for Hayes suggesting this was.
  6. Stone's in the barrel. His butt was always ****ed but now the circle is closed instead of merely believed to be closed.
  7. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    Well then you'd better send him some booze so we're certain!
  8. Late breaking news prior to meeting is that Pelosi got invited to noon meeting and she was sending Schiff in her place. Haven't seen anything confirming that, anyone see tweets on that? Also, in case anyone thought WH was doing this for legitimate reasons: This is like the 10th wildly inappropriate thing in a row about this series if events.
  9. "I see your schedule opened up. Do you want to come in early, like 830, or maybe a little later, like 10? I figure we'd break for lunch at 1 and if you want to finish before 5 we should probably start no later than 9am." - Mueller, probably. Well DAJ Rosenstein and CIA head Wray will be there so they can't do too much scheming with them present. Which is probably why they wanted the gang of 8 meeting after Memorial day. Give the Trumpsters time to process the info and plan their next move before the gang of 8 gets the info and can combat Trump's nonsense narrative.
  10. The DC Sports Curse Thread.

    Whoa baseball more entertaining than hockey? I mean, to each their own but hockey is all action and lit AF. Brawls in baseball are a big deal. That's like SOP for hockey. As for the Skins, I think the mismanagement has caught up. There aren't any anchors. RGIII big then fails. AlMo big then let go. Kirk big then replaced. I guess we're all supposed to be huge Smith fans now? Like he's good but I won't have the same zeal for him as someone with more history here. Not to take anything from Trent or Kerrigan but there's a difference. Meanwhile, Ovechkin, Backstrom, Harper, Wall. These guys have names with weight and history. Sure, DC is DC, with regards to success (hence this thread), but when you watch the Caps/Wiz/Nats you know some of those guys are gonna blow up given the chance and enhance the excitement about the team.
  11. Part of me wanted no dems to attend any meeting, so that when leaks inevitably happened the list of potential leakers was short and had all Rs on it. However, the importance of keeping the WH and Nunes from being able shape the narrative overcomes that. When information leaks, and it undoubtedly will, it is crucial that someone is able to correct the record who isn't DOJ.
  12. The Scandal-Naming police should be arresting Trump any day now for trying to reuse Spygate. That name is taken and not only that but its a well known scandal. That's like double criminal.
  13. The DC Sports Curse Thread.

    This is true but the problem is that now that we've made a finals we've beaten out Minny-St Paul in terms of luck. They've made conference finals but no finals since '98. Since we've now reached a finals we can't be considered as or more unlucky as them. So while I would agree, the general public won't hear of it. So we better put on our war faces and win.