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  1. The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    This is a really interesting look into the photo. I am not an expert at that kind of forensic examination. However, I have listened to enough people talk about stuff like it to know the person in there is saying the right stuff as to EXIF data and the like. It demonstrates the importance of finding the person who took the photograph. That person can answer a lot of questions that remain, like "Was it staged?" or "On what day was it taken?" or "Were his hands hovering or were they actually touching?" That isn't to say the photo can be cleansed, it's still bad conduct by Franken, but it could be the difference between an apparent sexual assault and what would amount to an off color joke.
  2. Game Day Thread Skins at Saints

    Well they got the field goal but honestly looked like they could have gotten the TD with a slight bit more time. Thank goodness they stopped that first down.
  3. Game Day Thread Skins at Saints

    Dang, nice collapse of the pocket there. Brees sandwich on the menu.
  4. Game Day Thread Skins at Saints

    And then we allow a 3rd and long and another big catch. Now 26 seconds from inside the redzone. Ugh, Brees makes it look so easy.
  5. Game Day Thread Skins at Saints

    Man, it's so nice to get a tackle in bounds on a short pass. Ran literally 20 seconds off the clock. Huge factor in getting to the half.
  6. Game Day Thread Skins at Saints

    Ugh, rough couple of plays there with the unforced errors. Defense needs to hold. Keep that 7 going into the half.
  7. The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    In fairness, they tell us outright. According to them, being pro-choice is mass murder, there was someone speaking at a Moore rally yelling it loudly to the crowd. Mass murder is worse than sexually harassing young girls. Therefore Moore > ALL Pro-Choice people. Further, if you assume that McConnell and the establishment are secretly in cahoots with Dems to maintain some sort of status quo which Moore would interrupt, then you can extend the Moore > X logic beyond simply pro-Choice but to anyone who opposes Moore, because they are aiding and abetting the pro-choice people. RIP my conviction that everyone should vote. Time of death = whenever these dumb****s decided Moore was a good idea.
  8. Larry basically got it. What did she know? When did she know it? How did she come to know it? She's clearly got some knowledge that interests the special counsel, and presumably learned it during the RNC. Depending on the answers to the above, she could hypothetically end up considered a co-conspirator. The other reason to lawyer up is in case there was a criminal activity afoot you were involved in that wasn't directly related to conspiracy/Russia. Like, say, if you overheard Carter Page talking about his sick nasty Russian trip where he totally set up a quid pro quo during the RNC's Official Hookers and Blow party, you might want to, maybe, have immunity before you tell the grand jury where you heard Carter Page talking. "So please describe when Carter told you about the quo?" "Uh...fifth." "Fine, immunity." "Well from what I recall I had just done 4 lines off a hooker's ass, I looked up, and Page said that the hooker kinda looked like one he met in Russia during his trip when he delivered the suitcase full of social media information to the Russians." "Thank you."
  9. So...I've recently been involved in a matter where I've been repping people in front of a grand jury. Denman's situation sounds exactly like what I would expect to hear from someone who was being called as a witness in front of a grand jury, based on my recent experiences. She wants to avoid accidentally running afoul of conspiracy charges, so she's lawyered up and undoubtedly seeking to get an immunity agreement.
  10. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    Did Roger Federer take up hockey ir something? These look like tennis sets.
  11. The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    It's a meme but it does present an interesting thought, these cartoons were fairly pervasive and considered fine for the time. Indeed, I watched them when I was young (I'm late 20's). It makes me wonder how much of an impact it had on the culture of Baby Boomers and GenXers. Obviously, things have changed. For example, in Dragonball Super there's a character who is basically the old guru character who is also a pervy old man. When Dragonball first started its run in the 80's, such tropes were commonplace. Now more recently he appeared in an episode and did some similar antics and there was some discussion of the appropriateness of it. Now, that discussion didn't go anywhere really, but it was interesting to see that it happened in some quarters.
  12. The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    It'd be nice if GOP voters held onto the past with such vigor when in the voting booth. Imagine if everyone in the south voted Dem without regard for the changes over time that resulted in them swapping over to voting Republican? We might actually have had enough progressive legislators to pass things that would help the economically depressed areas down there.
  13. The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    Thems some big numbers. Seriously, what happened in 2002 and 2007?
  14. The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    If I had to guess how Franken's situation ends, it will be in a retirement at the end of his term. This, of course, assumes that the present accuser is the only one (2nd accuser appears to not be sexual harrassment).
  15. The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    Shame about Franken. He was a definitively good legislative force, but oh well, bad conduct is bad conduct. I suspect we could see a lot of these. Saw something about 32M in payouts for harrassment (no idea over what time frame). That's gonna mean dozens and dozens if not hundreds of lawmakers. It may ultimately be that huge swaths of baby boomers and Gen Xers end up sorta persona non grata re: elected office, at least at levels of some national prominence. (Other age groups too but younger groups will have had time to adjust to changing standards such that they avoid the backlash somewhat). Certainly, exposing sexual misconduct is good, but I will be interested to see what is wrought from here on out. I suspect we will see some pushback. Moore may still win and I can't fathom that Congress wouldn't seat him. Franken may not resign. While I'd hate to see sexual misconduct accepted, I think what we might see if some balancing test sort of emerge. Naturally, that test will be abused for partisan purposes and things will sort of retreat to their corners instead of making substantive progress, but at this stage I think a lot of the genie is out of the bottle. Future candidates will be vetted and likely rejected at a higher rate for such misconduct, which is definitely good.