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  1. Perhaps, but again, we have to turn a blind eye to a lot of evidence right in front of us. The Trump Tower meeting. Trump throwing in that "other people" line after he got home the other day while deviating from prepared remarks. Saying "no" to "is russia still hacking us" when everyone in IC agrees its yes. Or even just waiting until a day after getting home to "correct" his "would vs. Wouldn't" thing. Like, sure, could it hypothetically be another explanation? I suppose it's not impossible. But it's just so ridiculous as to be something we can almost dismiss out of hand. I suppose I'll paraphrase one of the diplomats on this: "Trump is guilty or he's such a **** he should grab himself."
  2. Hmm, people should check out Mueller's evidence list for the Manafort trial. A certain Ted Devine is mentioned. Ruh-roh for Bernie.
  3. That argument could have been at least not utterly ridiculous several revelations ago, but now (and as of several months ago at a minimum) has to ignore a truly exceptional amount of information and evidence. Primarily, as Benning points out, a person who truly believes they are the instrument of their own success would not act the way Trump does with Putin. Remember the secret attempt to get sanctions lifted early in his Presidency? Or just this week with the secret meeting at the summit that literally everyone told him not to go alone? And his subsequent actions? I could go on and on and on but we all know the list. His actions are not those of a man who doesn't feel beholden to Putin. His actions are exactly that of a man who feels, and is, in some fashion, beholden to Putin. _____________________________ Schindler coming in hot:
  4. I assume you mentioned that 2 and 3 are mutually exclusive.
  5. I mean, Mueller isn't ignoring them. He's subpoenaing them.
  6. I am sadly fairly certain that Ann Coulter is safe. That being said, I didn't expect Grover Norquist's name to pop up but I've seen it twice in the last 24 hours (nothing demonstratably nefarious but they want to talk to him), so who knows. Do Hannity first though.
  7. That the response to Putin wanting to interview McFaul wasn't "**** off dip**** we're restarting Star Wars" is pretty much treasonous as of itself. Like seriously, Putin wants to destroy everyone tied to the Magnitsky act and we're like "hurrrrrrr we'll consider helping with that."
  8. Tfw the greatest national security threat to the USA is the POTUS.
  9. Most of the people on twitter with decent batting averages seem convinced he's person 1. It's possible the person he's talking about is one of the other people she honeypotted.
  10. Election 2018 Thread

    Our electoral system was never meant to handle the population distribution that we see today. We need to fix it. The wobble between "majority of voters" and "majority of power" is only growing, and will only keep getting worse and worse.