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  1. NYMAG: Who is QAnon? The Storm Conspiracy, Explained

    So it's entirely possible Q is Trump himself, is what you're saying.
  2. It's kind of amazing how quickly everything went from maybe a deal to totally borked at that meeting. And holy cow Graham, way to say it happened but I can't say it happened. I think that's about as much of a confirmation as we could want.
  3. Oh no. The twitter user who put Stormy's and Ivanka's pics side by side was right. Looks like fetish Morty is gonna get his wish, at least among some circles...
  4. Lost his job and lost his mind, eh? But so important he literally cleared questions one by one with WH? I need someone to tell me how this all works. Any takers?
  5. Hello gents. Are you, like me, skeptical that Donald Trump weighs only 239 pounds? Well I believe I have the solution. You see, I have hatched an ingenious, foolproof plot that is guaranteed 100% to help us learn his true weight. I have made an artiste's rendering of my plan:
  6. I'm reminded of Head of State, where the R candidate's slogan in the movie was "God Bless America, and no place else."
  7. So Trump is completely healthy. Good to know, we've officially crossed "mentally unwell" off the list of reasons why he acts like a racist and idiot. I do call bull**** on the 68 heartrate tho. No way a guy in his shape is pulling down a 68 heartrate. He's gonna be at least in the 90s, tho I guess some meds could help on thst front.
  8. I think the prerequisite question is "How common is cursing in these kinds of high level meetings? Common? Uncommon?" Which likely draws a "very uncommon." Then "So when it happens it's something of an event, right? Something out of the ordinary?" "Yes..." "So you do not recall if he referred to places as ****holes, but it would certainly have been an event if he had?" "Yes and yes." "But you remember the specific tone of words used, as 'tough' right? So you had to be paying attention somewhat, correct?" "Yes..." From there it just a matter of haering home that this one second gap in their memory is ridiculous. Maybe also ask if they agree with the newly amended story from the two GOP senators that it was -house not -hole.
  9. They foolishly thought the WH had their messaging plan together. Alas, they did not.
  10. In case one republican (Graham) saying it happened isn't enough, here's Erickson after chatting with Don's friends who Don spoke with about it.
  11. Dunno either. Would need to read the NDA to have any idea at all and even then not my area of law either. But money cures everything at some level.
  12. Most scandals in a 24 hour period by a US President? And to think, paying 130K in hush money to a pornstar to cover up an adulterous affair is like the 3rd worst thing we've learned about him in the past 24 hours. Edit: But her emails.
  13. The ghost of George Washington is going to personally beat the everloving crap out of every person who didn't vote for Hillary when they die.
  14. The question he needs to he asked is not just what he intends to do regarding President, but also regarding Senators and Representatives (and Governors, for that matter, and that can even filter down to state officials). Like does he just not vote for President at all? And let's say his Senator was a Grassley/Graham type. Does he vote to re-elect them? If not, is he voting for their opponent? What about Rep? If his representative was Dana Russiabacher or Jim Jordan or someone similar, is he still voting for them, or actually against them. Buyer's remorse that only goes so far as to cause someone not to vote for Trump specifically is only barely helpful. I'll take it if that's all we can get but really they should go farther.