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  1. You and I both know cause for impeachment is up to Congress. It's not dependent upon specific charges and recommendations by Mueller or any department. Further, to speak to something from you a couple posts back, Mueller will recommend charges right at the end in a final report. I suspect he has some leeway but Mueller is a straight laced guy, so at this point I don't think we'll see recommendations until the final report is submitted. However, that doesn't mean we can't make some determinations ourselves based on what's been presented thus far. And of course, Mueller delivering a message that an indictment is coming is probably the equivalent of a death sentence. Mueller has not shown himself to be one who screws around. If he tells you an indictment is coming, that means you're probably toast.
  2. Trump and His Cabinet......God Bless America; OP Updated

    Tillerson knows he's talking about the Middle East, right? There hasn't been regional stability there ever. Iran being compliant is all people should have reasonably hoped for. If someone expected this deal to magically make the Middle East into some stable group of loving listen, I got this huge oil reserve to sell you, but I accept cash payments up-front only.
  3. Question. Did we know of Manafort-Stone calls during transition/inauguration before? If we didn't before we do now. Thanks Roger.
  4. CNN really is not doing itself any favors in terms of combating the "advertising trash mag" persona it gets accused of having by running these click-baitey headlines. Feinstein was very cautious about how she phrased this. "Not at this time," and "We've hired two investigators," and "we have to wait for the evidence to come in," etc. etc. Seriously CNN, this article ran two days ago:
  5. Game Day Thread - Redskins at LA Rams

    Oh man, CT wants that one back.
  6. Game Day Thread - Redskins at LA Rams

    Okay, guys, I have Reed in a PPR league so thanks for 2 receptions quick there, but, uh, come on, gotta aim for past the 1st down line and give your guys routes where they can get out of bounds. Wasted chance to run up the score there.
  7. Game Day Thread - Redskins at LA Rams

    Mine too in one of my leagues. That is the one league I'm actually winning in, but still, I'd be winning by EVEN MORE if CT was in there. Nice sack by Smith. Beat his man grabbed the QB and dragged him down.
  8. Game Day Thread - Redskins at LA Rams

    Whatever we paid Chris Thompson, it wasn't enough.
  9. Game Day Thread - Redskins at LA Rams

    Offense needs to respond. 3 minutes with timeouts, this is where you can re-seize the momentum. Score some points and Rams need to respond with TD opening the 3rd. Can put us in a good position to take and hold the momentum through the 3rd. But we've got to score some points. Chris Thompson is out there looking like our best player.
  10. Game Day Thread - Redskins at LA Rams

    Shut. Up. Schlager! Don't talk about how we're doing well. That always makes us do bad!
  11. The Tech Backlash Thread

    Re: Youtube, there is no magical persecution of one specific group. Youtube as a platform is ****ed for everyone. Youtube wants ad money, and everything goes back to that. They haven't figured out how to make their algorithms work appropriately, so a huge number of videos that should not be flagged get flagged, and this is across all kinds of videos. Lots of lets players, skit groups, reviewers, anime analysis, etc. channels all A guy was reviewing foreign snacks and his video got demonetized. His channel's main purpose is short, vine-like skits with anime inspiration that often include no cursing or really anything objectionable, and yet most of videos get demonetized and he has to appeal to get them re-monetized. How it ended up that way, no idea. No one really knows. DMCA takedowns are the other big issue, of course. There is definitely an overabundance of caution in some of their algorithms regarding DMCA stuff. But anyways, youtube hates EVERYONE. It's not just right wingers, or even confined to politics. Youtube as a platform has been marching down a very anti-creator path for quite a while, lowering revenue per 1,000 views, flagging things, etc. etc.; the golden age hit its peak probably in 2011-2012, and it's been a slow march downhill since then. Lots of people have migrated to Twitch which, to my knowledge, has much more favorable terms, but I think is also a bit more limited as a platform, so youtube lumbers on.
  12. Trump and His Cabinet......God Bless America; OP Updated

    Since when do WH spokespeople speak for the WH?
  13. Trump and His Cabinet......God Bless America; OP Updated

    Oh of course, but we have to remember that there are plenty of people who won't examine the record and see the massive difference in activity, and basically just equate conduct. If we can rise above, we should. Besides, with SHS, looks are not even the low hanging fruit. There are about a million legit things to jump on that are also low hanging fruit with her. It's just a lazy criticism; even after setting aside the hollow and mostly unfair nature of the attack, it's just lazy. She can be conclusively established as a moronic propaganda spewer with her words from a single press conference, why even drag anything else into it?
  14. Trump and His Cabinet......God Bless America; OP Updated

    Yeah, guys, let's not attack SHS on her looks. There are a million things to attack her on, looks shouldn't be one of them.
  15. Oh yes he is. We've all had that moment where we're bouncing around the FB or twitter on some random page and accidentally hit "like." Of course, we usually don't do it on porn. Also, we tend not to be excessively moralizing jerks while doing it to. But hey, distance makes the heart grow fonder, and repression makes the dick get harder, amirite?