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  1. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    25th out of 26, incredible!
  2. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Heh. They don't actually mean that. That is partly posturing for the media, partly staking out a position for us to buy them out from. This is DC we are talking about. Everything is for sale, if you offer enough. As a VA fan and taxpayer, I would like the team to move here, but I do not want the state to give the team one red cent.
  3. Their role has evolved, under Dan Snyder's leadership, into something rather unwholesome. Time to evolve it back. Or get rid of them.
  4. So if the team was paying them more it would be OK? The team would argue that the exposure (no pun intended) of being an Official Redskins Cheerleader is a benefit that means they don't need to pay them as much. Based on the number of women competing for the job, they're correct. No different than a job with a great benefit, like 100% WFH, can get away with paying less than an equivalent job without the benefit.
  5. I don't think he has enough money to buy the entire team. My dream scenario is that he gets together with the Lerners on this. They fund most of it, he takes the role of minority owner plus team president, then hires a real GM to set up a real front office structure.
  6. I don't want to trash our cheerleaders in a thread about them being victimized, but the fact is I don't like them and I wish we didn't have them. I know they like doing what they do, but I don't like seeing it, especially from them. So they should go do it somewhere else, while wearing something other than burgundy and gold.
  7. The ficus plant in Synder's office must be absolutely disgusting.
  8. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    New England doesn't have an official "General Manager" either. The important difference between us and the competent teams isn't the exact title of the GM, it's that they have someone with a strong football background in the role. While we have Bruce "winning off the field" Allen. Another difference is that the Redskins are pretending that we have a GM-by-committee setup. We don't really, but Bruce puts other guys forward to deflect blame for his failures. Bruce has to be hoping that Kirk fails hard in Minnesota.
  9. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    OK, I can respect this. But our eight picks still aren't amazing. We have one in each round, plus an extra in the 7th. An extra 7th round pick is almost the definition of winning off the field. Ultimately, Bruce is going to be judged by how his picks pan out. My expectations are low. Prove me wrong, Bruce.
  10. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Amazing, we have eight draft picks this year instead of the usual seven. Such a bounty! ... but we're missing a 3rd round, and have extra 5th and 7th rounders to compensate. At best that's a wash.
  11. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I don't hate the Payne pick, it's just the process is bad. Nobody outside the war room should know who we want and how we value them. Here's to Payne making the pro bowl 12 years in a row and retiring a Redskin.
  12. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    The Vita Vea thing is another example of incompetence from our front office. It wasn't bad luck that he was taken one pick before ours. When the entire league knows you plan to take him, every team who wants him knows exactly where they need to trade up to to get him before us, and so they can calculate exactly what it will cost to trade up to get him. There's a reason competent teams keep their draft plans a secret. PS: I'm not saying Vea was the right choice for us. But the team thought he was, and then didn't get him, thanks to their own incompetence.
  13. .500 In 2018 Would Be A Good Year For The Skins

    31 QBs aren't going to win a title this year. This is the level the anti-Kirkers are at now -- he needs to win the Super Bowl for them to consider him good. It could end Patriots 45 - Vikings 42, and Kirk would still be blamed for not outdueling tom Brady.
  14. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Only two teams this year are going to the Super Bowl. The Vikings might be one of them, they might not. But they have a chance at it, thanks to Kirk. Redskins are going to be lucky to get to seven wins.
  15. Ravens Sign Robert Griffin III

    I guess I'd root for the guy who didn't cheat on his pregnant wife.