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  1. OK can I say this... Kirk should show a little more self-awareness sometimes about what he writes. Such as keeping in mind that most NFL fans are making less than 100k/year, some much less. Some fans are actually in poverty.. Whereas he already has banked $45 million dollars and is weeks away from a 100 million dollar signing bonus. So if he is trying to advance his beliefs, as opposed to just preaching to the choir, he should think about how it comes off when he says certain things. Anyway guys, I'm off ES for Lent. CYA in April.
  2. Mods, don't ban this guy. He has a good sense of humor. Plus, he might really be Snyder, and if you ban him he might shut down the site.
  3. Because it was only his second year. He took 2/3rds of our defensive snaps though.
  4. Thank you. The "what if SnyderAllen's terrible GM decisions win the Super Bowl?" argument is idiotic and has just got to stop. It's like if a kid is about to chow down on a Tide Pod, and the rest of us are trying to stop him, and along comes some idiot saying, "But what if it gives him super powers?"
  5. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    So what should we hope for with Alex Smith? OK, OK, how about the time in "It's a Wonderful Life" when Jimmy Stewart gave some of his money to the bank so it wouldn't go under? That counts right?
  6. RG3's personal issues aside, he did not have close to the QB skill Cousins does.
  7. Kirk won over Von Miller in 1 game.
  8. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    Don't be surprised when Kirk takes more money than Jimmy G but the contract is structured so the cap hit is under 20M/year for the first few seasons.
  9. Kyle preferred to lock up the guy he had in the building right now rather than wait until March to compete with 10-15 other QB hungry teams in the open market for Kirk. Smart choice. Still means Kirk is good and the Redskins screwed up.
  10. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    How is that a debate? The answer is "yes" and it doesn't matter what franchise or sport you are talking about.
  11. Also reminder that some of us spent the last two years saying "Kirk is a real franchise QB and we should lock him up now before his price gets out of control." We were right and the rest of you folks were wrong. This will becomes even more apparent once Kirk plays 16 games with his next team and freaking Alex Smith plays 16 games with the current Redskins dumpster fire.
  12. Reminder that if we'd signed Kirk's extremely reasonable $19.5M/year offer at this time two years ago, he would still be under contract for 2018.
  13. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    He can leave his players behind....
  14. Is trading for Tyreek Hill an option?