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  1. Not sure why we're talking about the Vikings here. Not sure why we're talking about conference championship games either. The Redskins haven't played in one since 1992.
  2. NFL.com: Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    Preseason pass rush is a joke. When the real games start, Kirk is going to need his quick release and then some.
  3. NFL.com: Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    Most NFL throws are throws that any NFL QB can make. The hard part is reading the field and making the decision.
  4. Yeah that's kinda my point. He's not a pro bowl safety, or rookie of the year QB, or franchise record setting QB. He's a draft pick playing the most disposable position in the NFL.
  5. Oh get out of here with this. We're talking about a second round RB missing one season. No comparison to those other three examples.
  6. Male dancers make NFL squads

    It's like they were trying to find something even worse than NFL cheerleaders.
  7. Mods please delete. Thanks

    No rules thread.... go!
  8. NFL.com: Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    The odds we will meet the Vikings in the playoffs at all are low. The truth here is you don't want to make a concrete prediction about Kirk, because he'll probably exceed it. So you'll wait until the Vikings lose a playoff game, and then you'll call him a choker who loses big games.
  9. NFL.com: Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    What is your definition of "crash and burn"?
  10. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    OK here is the problem with Snyder: He makes terrible football decisions. He has made terrible decisions for 20 years, and he is never going to change. The best we can hope for is a respite where he makes less terrible decisions. However, there is so much parity built into the NFL that, with a lot of luck, we might finally have a really good season, despite Synder's terrible decisions. It has not happened yet, but it might. If it does, I will still hate Snyder. Here is an analogy for you. Suppose we're married (you're the wife). I am unemployed, because I cannot hold down a job for more than 1 month. You have a job that just barely pays the bills, most of the time. We only have $50 left until you get paid next week. However, that is enough to fill up the car (so you can drive to work next week), buy groceries (so we can eat next week) and buy our kid's asthma medicine (so he don't die this week). I take our last $50. I drive to the gas station and buy $50 worth of scratch off lottery tickets. The first 49... nothing. The last one, I win $10,000! Hurrah! Our troubles are solved for the next few months! Until I inevitably find something stupid to waste the windfall on. Does that mean I make good decisions? Does that mean you aren't going to divorce my dumb ass?
  11. NFL.com: Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    I don't like to bet against the Redskins, but I think you are going to be disappointed. Not saying 9-7 and playoffs is impossible, but it's quite unlikely. Even with Kirk, we were a .500 team for three years. The worst of those was the one without the two 1000 yard receivers, who we still haven't really replaced. And Kirk is better than Alex.
  12. Ravens Sign Robert Griffin III

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G_factor_(psychometrics) Knowledge is not the same as intelligence You are describing people who are knowledgeable about some things but not about other things. This is normal. Nobody is knowledgeable about everything. You are describing someone who is experienced with and knowledgeable about one subject, but is not especially intelligent in general. I agree with you here. The takeway is this -- being smart doesn't automatically mean you will be a good QB. But if you are dumb, it will be difficult or impossible to be a good QB.
  13. Ravens Sign Robert Griffin III

    It's amazing that some fans still believe this.
  14. NFL.com: Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    Because our season ends Dec 30th. What, you think we'll make the playoffs? What a shame we picked RG3 ahead of him.
  15. NFL.com: Kirk Cousins tops biggest contracts

    Like pimping cheerleaders out to high roller fans?