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  1. Oh yeah, I would like an upgrade too. I was only wondering why Grant gets more heat than other players? He seems similar to that Terrance Austin kid that was a fan favorite here some years ago. They look fantastic in preseason but when regular season comes we realize why they were mid round picks.
  2. Why is Ryan Grant targeted by our fans? He is a short and slender fifth round pick out of Tulane. Now, there has been some nice late round pick WR's in the NFL but I never saw Grant as more than special teams or a backup. Was there expectations that he was gonna be the next Antonio Brown?
  3. I get the pessimism from you guys but when is this particular message board ever positive (overall) about the team? Even last offseason was very negative from the complaining about how much we paid Kirk after having that bad playoff game, the FA additions were not satisfactory except for Josh Norman, the complaining about retaining Joe Berry, the draft was bad except for Sua Cravens, the practices that were reported from local media sounded dreadful, the starters didn't play enough snaps in preseason and so on. Some have even come on here and stated we had a bad regular season. Once again I know this team hasn't gave us a lot to remain overly positive about but lets not act like it's sunshine here and Bruce Allen rained on your parade.
  4. No to MaCaffrey at 17. I'm hearing that he is comparable to Danny Woodhead even though he much bigger in size. We already have a back like that in CT. I wouldn't mind another mid round back though because of Chris Thompson injury history and it's not clear if the coaches are done with Matt Jones or not (I hope they are not).
  5. Considering the event I know this is not that big of a deal. However, imagine if one of the Skins outspoken or popular players was caught on tape exposing some woman's huge fake boobs such as Josh Norman or Trent Williams. The story would have made all national sports headlines and our own fans would be calling for their suspensions or releases.
  6. Going to the Browns could be career suicide for Kirk. The Browns have been in good position in the draft for several years now and have only been able to build a 1 win team but now all of a sudden they are on the rise? They are know to go through Qb's even faster than than the Skins. If he were released by the Browns in 2 or 3 years he would be a 30+ year old QB looking for work which would likely put him into journey man backup QB status.
  7. This was discussed yesterday and the 49ers outside of the Jim Harbaugh years have been just as suck as the Skins the last 15 years. However if you are looking at both franchises overall history then yes there is no doubt the 49ers are more stable and have had more success.
  8. Everything is so confusing with this team! The "anonymous sources" were supposed to be gone from the building a couple of seasons ago and now they have returned full fledge. Kirk Cousins and Bruce stated they wanted to build here and now they don't. After the Packers game this last season many of our fans stated Kirk did not like Scott MC but now he wants out due to his firing?
  9. Wasn't there a similar situation a few years ago when the media was saying Big Ben wanted to leave the Steelers because he was unhappy with the front office? I do not recall any situation where a QB left millions on the table because of some issues going on behind closed doors and I would also consider it team abandonment and would NOT wish Kirk any future success. I thought we pride QB's on fighting through adversity?
  10. Appearanly it doesn't matter if anyone from the actual Redskins organization says they want Kirk. I guess it has to be confirmed by Mike Jones, Chris Russell or Ian Rappaport to be true?
  11. The 49ers have had more bad years than 4 years recently. Most of the 2000's they sucked right along with us. I don't think anyone here is trying to disrespect the 49ers, they have obviously had much more success than we have. What is getting frustrating is the narrative by many of our own fans that the 49ers are a much better team than us before the season has even started. Explain why they are starting from scratch from GM to players if that is the case? Also, despite Kirk Cousins, Bruce Allen, Scott MC, the national media and an exclusive franchise tender agreement all pointing to KC staying in D.C, our fans are still coming up with ways that the 49ers will have Cousins.
  12. I took that back. He is one of my favorites and and I am sad to see him go.
  13. Sorry I had a moment. Thank you Pierre for the good memories and good luck in the future!
  14. It would be really satisfying to re-sign Kirk and D-Jax. I'm tired of seeing fans of other teams boasting about how D-Jax and Garcon will compliment their favorite teams offense while us Redskins fans are going through a mental meltdown waiting for free agents to be signed.