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  1. Crowder vs. Richardson

    Going by stats and production Crowder is better. I don't think Crowder is overrated by Redskins fans either. I think most probably think he is good but not elite. My only concern with him is each season there has been a period where he disappears for a few games. For the money he is making now and where he was drafted, I don't see how anyone could think he is under-performing? I don't know much about Richardson. He seems to have good speed and ball tracking from highlights that I've seen but his low production has kept my expectations tempered. I will be more excited to see J Reed back to healthy and Doctson step up than seeing Richardson honestly.
  2. That ****ing clown and movie terrified me as a kid!
  3. Maybe I'm too sensitive about this but I don't know why a guy like Robert Kelley is being refered to as a "garbage ass player"?? He was an undrafted free agent that worked hard to get a shot to start. He is obviously nothing special but has shown flashes to be considered a NFL starter. Why do players like him and Ryan Grant get trashed while other players that were picked higher in the draft and play average and/or inconsistent get all type of excuses about being placed in the wrong position, wrong team, wrong FO structure, injuries, etc?? /endrant
  4. I'm sorry but I'm active on Twitter and on this forum and this is not true. I'll just leave this alone for now until the regular season so we can all continue to be excited about this pic.
  5. This will actually be an issue with a part of this fanbase. Not now in the "honeymoon" stage with this kid but trust me it's coming.
  6. Thanks for being that guy to post something like this. This was a bad signing for the Skins, but from everything I saw Mclain was excited to be here when he signed and put in the work and effort to start. He just didn't have the talent that this defense needs to go to the next level. The cut saves the team money and gives him and his family time to find a new home. So for me personally I'm thankful for his service and will not clown him on his way out.
  7. I feel like we never got the complete story about Su'a in college. Also, for me personally I would not consider walking away from football as a character issue. He may have mental issues though.
  8. Colin Kaepernick is not a cancer and no players or coaches in his college or NFL career have indicated that BUT that is topic for another thread. Guice has not had any issues either. If they were any legit stories don't ya they would be out right now.? Most of the time these stories come out before the player is drafted. Like with Cam Newton and Jameis Winston.
  9. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Love the Guice pick and if there is any team equipped (or experienced) to deal with embarrising news coming out that would be the Washington Redskins!
  10. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    We will have to give up our #2 to move up
  11. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Not the Browns 'perfect' front office picking Baker Mayfield at #!?
  12. Redskins 2018 Schedule (Leaks)

    This is not a leak but some guy that was a part of NFL schedule making in the past was on JP Finley's podcast and he had a mock schedule that has us playing @ Dallas on Thanksgiving and opening at home vs Carolina based on his expertise.
  13. Who should be Starting RB in 2018??? (Public Poll)

    I think they should give Samaje a chance to start. If he is still fumbling and running into blockers then bench half season like they did with Matt Jones a few seasons ago. Of course if the rookie is clearly better during the offseason then he should start.
  14. I'm mixed about Dez being here but If he does sign his attitude or whatever will most likely not be a problem. Every player on this current roster is not an angel and the organization has people in house to deal with players like Dez.