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  1. I'm most concerned about Doc. Will he stay healthy? Will high expectations throw his game off? The good thing is even if he has a bad year we will still have Pryor, Crowder,Quick,Reed, Harris, Vernon Davis, Chris Thompson and Ryan Grant ().
  2. 😲 Why do you have this unpopular wish?
  3. I only remember Grant having that one fall down which cost us the Falcons game in 2015 but he bounced back with productive games against the Jets and Bucs the following 2 weeks when D-Jax was out. Mo Harris had a critical fall down as well against the Giants but I do agree with you that he can probably make some catches Grant cannot make due to his size.
  4. Again I don't understand the Ryan Grant hate? He was a 5th round pick that has developed into a backup and ST Player. He is not lazy and seems to be a good teammate. I'm sure every team in the NFL team has a Ryan Grant. Whoever replaces him (if so) will likely have the same role and not be a premier part of the offense. Why is there such a harshness toward him as if he did not live up expectations? The same can be said for Will Compton.
  5. I had a problem with it being slow loading and crashing my pc browsers (Chrome, Edge,Firefox ). I was also getting an error message that the browser memory was running low but lately it has stopped. I think some of the pages have too much content to load.
  6. I didn't notice that part. 13 out of 32 is not terrible but Cousins stats are top 5-10 at minimum. We all know the disrespect will keep happening until he wins a playoff game so hopefully he gets over the hump soon (as in this upcoming season)..
  7. I saw Redskins fans on Twitter and other social media complaining about KC at 70, but this is NFL players rating him as the 6th or 7th best QB in the league 2 years in a row. That is impressive! We know J. Reed is a beast but he had somewhat of quiet season and was still picked at 65 so that is still respectable.
  8. Rookie Crushes: Jon Allen and Perrine Underdog crushes: Nico Marley and Fish Smithson (Small guys but very physical)
  9. I just watched the ultimate highlights video and wow that was impressive! Unlike the McCaffery highlights you see lots of physical contact and bad tacklers getting destroyed. He does not look as slow as some have suggested either. Can't wait to footage of him at rookie minicamp!
  10. So I see a Cowboys/Eagles/Giants fan has wondered over here to the wrong side of town.
  11. I like this draft pickup also but don't like the downplaying of J. Reed lately (not just here but also on other social media outlets) by fans. We know Reed is not a good pass blocker but some have been making Reed out as a JAG even when it has been shown statistically that he makes the difference between us being a bad team vs a respectable one.
  12. delete
  13. Aww Dawkins feelings got hurt yesterday?
  14. Are the RB's left in the draft any different than Matt Jones and Mack Brown because it doesn't seem like it? Secretly, I want the team to check out Jamaal Charles knees and go with another WR or TE in these late rounds when picking offense.
  15. Gotta go with Gruden at this point. He has been improving each season and has dealt with the constant drama surrounding this franchise pretty well. Shanahan and McVay haven't even started yet. Word on the street is that Shanahan is not even a "peoples person". McVay is walking into a kinda rough situation with a struggling rookie QB and fanbase hungry for success.