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  1. How many of yall want to line up to kiss Ryan Grant ass? lol! Good Luck to him though. Hard work does pay off.
  2. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    This is nice to see from the OP who we all know is a stout KC supporter. I'll have Alex's back the minute he is officially a Redskin.
  3. I'm sure the Redskins wanted to be a little aggressive but right now teams are making it rain. The only reasonable deal so far looks like Drew Brees.
  4. If the Bears are paying that much I can understand why A Rob will sign right away. I don't understand how some teams operate though. They had a good receiver in Alshon Jeffrey and they let hiim walk but now a season later your in Free Agency spending big money on a WR? If the Skins can't sign Richardson I hope they look for a WR or 2 in the draft. I don't see any of the other FA WR's really helping this team. Please No to Sammy Watkins! You just know if Watkins signs here it will be like Pryor where he has a phenomenal off-season, but we get nothing when the games actually start..
  5. The

    I'm just gonna drop this here. Oh Giants!
  6. The Cousins demands thing is wierd. Of all the things you can request the FO to have done to make the team better you want the cheerleaders to cover thier big titities and 6 pack abs? So strange šŸ˜•!
  7. Good point about him being mainly used in the slot. The rest of the WR in FA look just as pedestrian at this point. I saw some fans getting excited about DT and Emmanuel Sanders possibly being released from the Broncos but they are both now 30y old and may be looking for their last big payout or looking to play on a playoff team.
  8. Has there been any update on what the Packers are gonna do with their receivers? I'm interested in Randall Cobb. He is used to working with a QB that can scramble which is gonna be needed with Alex Smith starting.
  9. Lets keep laughing at the Browns, while we can

    Don't know about that. The Redskins most embarrassing years usually end with 4-6 wins. A good season for the Browns will be getting past 4 wins. I'd bet the Browns are more likely to fire their FO in 3 years vs them being some model franchise to be envious of. If the Browns are successful in the next few years I would for sure root for them to win. Their fans are loyal, which is frowned upon around these parts. If you are a loyal Skins fans you are a 'homer' or 'blind supporter'. You basically have to show public hate for a FO member or player to be considered a neutral Redskins fan. I also think Browns fans are just cool down to earth people to talk least the ones I have chatted with online.
  10. Yep, Iā€™m curious how everything will play out. Once free agency starts there is now gonna be quite a few cheaper options like AJ McCarron and Sam Bradford. Then you have ol Josh McCown who makes bad teams look decent (perfect for rebuilding teams). Down in Miami you have one or two of Tannehill/Cutler/Moore that are likely be cut. The teams with money to afford Cousins huge contract demands are picking high in the draft or already have a QB. This will be very interesting.
  11. I'd be willing to bet the Redskins FO just threw this tag and trade deal out there to see if the Browns or Jets would bite since they have a lot to offer. I'm surprised this is still a story. I also have to roll my eyes at anyone who would feel bad for Kirk if that did happen. It would be a win/win for him. In one scenario he would get to leave (like he wants) and start with a new team and in the other scenario he just made $70 mil in 3 years! Poor baby!
  12. Oh. I wasn't trying to say fans were the problem. I guess it was more of an observation. Twitter and IG Redskins fans are very critical of the team to, but it is more lighthearted. It's just tough seeing so many die hard fans not enjoying the team. Watching this team should be more like an outlet and not another frustration in our lives. Hopefully things turn around soon and yes the board is more lively, funny and entertaining when things are going well.
  13. I get the venting and frustration but this is turning out to be one of the most depressed media outlets for Skins fan. Even game threads that do not feature the Skins people come through with depressing posts. Even Twitter and Facebook are not as down on the team as here.
  14. HapHaszard's Passing

    RIP Hap šŸ™
  15. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    If it's true that Kirk doesn't want to be here like many are stating the Jets or Browns are the 2 places I would trade him and I would not listen to any other team offers. He's good, but not that special for the team to kiss his ass on the way out the door.