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  1. Does anybody actually think Doug Williams will have a damn thing to do with Kirk Cousins contract situation? If your answer is no, you're correct. Reshuffling of front office, my ass.
  2. Folks continue to argue whether this guy or that guy is right for the job, yada yada yada... blah blah blah. Dan Snyder is the guy who owns the team. Is he not? What else matters? The guy realizes that the Redskins had some epic moments many many moons ago and just continues to ride the nostalgia wave while blind fans contInue to devour turd pie after turd pie that this guy hurls like 4 seam Nolan Ryan lasers and we are the idiots in the dunk tank as his lasers nail the target every single time he decides he wants to re up and hurl more doo doo pies. Just a pathetic organization. Pathetic. And I love them just like you 😭
  3. The Redskins have been consistently mediocre for so long now. It would be insanity to predict great things for Washington.
  4. You know it's not going to work out. I know it's not going to work out. It never does. Hell, Allen & Williams didn't work out in Tampa Bay. But, you & I both know, we'll be watching. Snyder knows we'll be watching. Good old boy network, on full display! Yay! 🙄
  5. Dan Snyder is by far the worst owner in professional football history. Browns fans couldn't possibly hate Art Modell as much as most intelligent Redskins fans despise Dan Snyder.
  6. During his tenure in Jacksonville and Tampa Bay, they failed to find quality talent am I wrong?
  7. I'm not advocating for the hiring of Mayock at all, but Doug Williams? Aside from winning the SB as Redskins QB, what has he done as a part of any NFL front office that is of merit?
  8. You actually want to see the Skins in that terrible all yellow uniform?!
  9. If a IF was a fifth , we'd be all ****ed up LOL
  10. He plays football, yes.
  11. Jamison Crowder & Kysheon Jarrett in the 4th & 6th rounds, respectively, were great picks. This past season, McCloughan traded picks to add picks in 2017. One or two years is clearly not enough time to properly rate a draft class..
  12. Nobody is saying any one man ever deserves ALL the credit. However to say he deserves none and we are better off without him is ignorance at its finest.
  13. LOL ate at an Olive Tree in Ocean City once. Not bad if I recall ha