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  1. If the Skins lose tonight , retire these god awful burgundy on burgundy uniforms once & for all.
  2. Josh Normanism's

    Teams don't even consider throwing at Norman it's crazy how dominant he is!
  3. Redskins Raiders Post Game Assessments

    Best collective defensive effort against a legit top notch NFL offense since 1991. Holy ****.
  4. Yes they can make the perfect throw. Or at least it appears to be perfect when Moreau is getting roasted by 3rd string WRs
  5. 2-14 could get us Sam Darnold!! Tank city, baby!!!
  6. The "perfect throw" was by their backup QB. He was roasted by the backup QB & backup WR.
  7. I'm not saying I'm worried about him. I was just stating facts *shrugs*
  8. Packers are a legit franchise. They are consistently pretty damn good. The Redskins not so much. It is what it is.
  9. Our 3rd round pick getting roasted by backup receivers.
  10. Cousins is so average.
  11. I'm having a hard time figuring out why fans are so mad that the Redskins didn't just hand Kirk Cousins the richest contract in football history. I'm sorry, but did he or did he not absolutely stink in the biggest games last season and not even make the playoffs? Almost 5,000 yards passing, but awful in the red zone. Awful in the biggest moments. If Skins miss playoffs again & he shrinks in big moments again, who the hell wants to be tied to that contract?
  12. I find it pretty funny that so many naive fans really thought Cousins was actually gonna sign a long term deal. Jeez. Get real.
  13. I think going forward, when other high profile players keep pushing off deceptive "long term" deals to get more guaranteed $ then teams will be forced to shell out better contracts for players. Cousins is doing what is smart for himself. You can say he's being selfish and not a team guy but screw that. Owners are not loyal to players at all. Time for NFL players to stand up to the owners and say F those phony deals because NFL draws in way more revenue than NBA and although there's more guys playing in the NFL, even a terrible NBA player like Ian Mahinmi can sign a 60+ million guaranteed contract which only the very best NFL player could dream to sniff.
  14. He's not going to sign a long term deal.
  15. Does anybody actually think Doug Williams will have a damn thing to do with Kirk Cousins contract situation? If your answer is no, you're correct. Reshuffling of front office, my ass.