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  1. Cooley said the same thing last year when they first leaked the story about the stadium and the designers. He said we’d know by the end of the year. That was last year. Don’t listen to Cooley lol
  2. Eh. He didn’t draft him.
  3. What happened to the new stadium? Haven’t heard anything since the initial leaks. Chris Cooley was saying we would know something last season. Shows how much he really knows lol
  4. That’s right! Tell ‘em why you mad!
  5. They call the kid crazy. Derrius “Polter” Guice
  6. AKA - He was terrible. LOL
  7. Per Schefter: DeAngelo Hall Retiring

    What’s he waiting on? Now he says he isn’t retired but about “95%” sure?
  8. Reed Doughty was pretty terrible. I actually find it quite remarkable that our defense was so bad for a good number of consecutive years that Doughty continued to be a starter at Safety.
  9. I see Stroman is wearing #25 right now. Obviously, he’ll have to change numbers when the season starts with Chris Thompson already #25. I’ll go out on a limb and say he’ll end up wearing #23 lol
  10. I was out all day and checked ESPN to see what picks we had made and I was honestly shocked that we got Tim Settle in the 5th round. Wow. Beast draft.
  11. Def won’t call you stupid because of a single opinion. No disrespect intended.
  12. First of all, calm down. Take a breath. I’ll keep this simple. I’m not a fan of adding depth to the trenches via FA. I would explain my reasoning, but history itself is pretty self explanatory.
  13. What is your issue with the draft? Absolutely absurd to be mad at drafting a Tackle prospect when Trent Williams is literally always banged up and we have no depth. Haven’t you learned, over the years, that free agency is not the best way to accumulate depth?
  14. https://www.landof10.com/penn-state/2018-nfl-draft-penn-state-troy-apke-nflpa-game-mvp Nice!