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  1. You actually want to see the Skins in that terrible all yellow uniform?!
  2. If a IF was a fifth , we'd be all ****ed up LOL
  3. He plays football, yes.
  4. Jamison Crowder & Kysheon Jarrett in the 4th & 6th rounds, respectively, were great picks. This past season, McCloughan traded picks to add picks in 2017. One or two years is clearly not enough time to properly rate a draft class..
  5. Nobody is saying any one man ever deserves ALL the credit. However to say he deserves none and we are better off without him is ignorance at its finest.
  6. LOL ate at an Olive Tree in Ocean City once. Not bad if I recall ha
  7. Sure, after the first back to back above .500 seasons in forever, I'm going to be led to believe that Scot McCloughan was the underlying problem! Sounds legit!
  8. At this point, we all know that it doesn't matter who they parade around as the next GM. Snyder/Allen make all the moves. This is still just Snyder's fantasy football operation. He's still trying to prove everybody wrong! If you don't believe this to be true at this point, I feel sorry for you.
  9. I figured Swearinger would want #36 because he's worn that number his whole career and Cravens only wore it last year because he couldn't wear #21.
  10. Man, no ****.
  11. I was lit last night watching basketball. I was this 👌🏼 close to calling and leaving a brief "How do Snyders balls taste?!" Message but thought better of it LOL Go Wiz!