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  1. Do We Suddenly Have a Dominant Defense?

    Anyone else hear the rumor that the Raiders offensive line purposely threw the game because Carr stood for the anthem while they sat? It is suspicious that we sack a guy four times who never gets sacked. Dont get me wrong we still played great but if true it would explain every single lineman of ours getting home multiple times.
  2. Have they shipped you the season tickets yet?
  3. Great video, but the guy narrating has a huge issue with ending every sentence with an upward inflection? Almost like he's asking a question? Kind of like how this post would read if you read the punctuation? Super hard to listen to.
  4. In years past, we would have and we would have overpaid to do so. I'm glad to see we didn't because it indicates something this franchise has struggled with: restraint.
  5. Some people just want to be mad. To me Baker was a slow developing player. He reached his best this past season. Who is to say that won't be the case for the guys we signed? In any case, Baker, even at his best last year, flashed brilliance but wasn't as consistent as I would like to have on the D-Line. If either one of these guys is more consistent then I'll like the move. Plus we are not done in FA.
  6. Yeah the hard-ons around here for him are mind-boggling. He can return a kickoff pretty well, but why on earth would you want us to spend the kind of cap money it would take to get him just to get a decent KO returner? I hope we pass and spend our money elsewhere.
  7. Darvin Cook is a MASSIVE sleeper...he might even be better than Dalvin Cook. Haha sorry, I wouldn't have said anything but "r" is not close to "l" on the keyboard.
  8. Crazy how just a LTD for Kirk at this point would COMPLETELY change the outlook on this franchise. I would actually be excited for the future (like I was before the last week happened).
  9. Can you blame him? The conversation was probably: SKINS: We'd love to do a 3 year deal PRYOR: Who is throwing me the ball in years 2 and 3? SKINS: 1 year deal it is!
  10. Yeah but if they don't, drafting John Ross III wouldn't be a terrible move, esp in a really deep defensive draft. He would change how defenses cover us. But none of it means a thing if we cant sign Kirk long term. That being said I want Malik Hooker. Besides, who wouldn't like a hooker after what we've been through.