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  1. On the big stage, sure things are changing. But in the everyday modeling world, and I don't mean the supermodel, victoria secret, cover of Vouge, SI swimsuit level of modeling....I mean in the local city to city modelling agency world, nothing will change. This will continue as long as the money is there and there are cash-straped pretty girls who will take any job just to try and "make it" to the next level. And the girls who agree to more proceed to the next level faster. Its sad really.
  2. For the record, my post was making people aware of how rampant these practices are. Even when there are no national brands involved. Its crazy.
  3. Better to read my post again "This is obviously different than being required to do so, but it just kind of shows insight in to how the world of modeling focuses on trying to get nudity involved (bc sex sells)." Didn't defend it, just providing more information on how that world works, right or wrong.
  4. Not saying this is the right way to do things at all. But just so everyone understands, I have a close friend (female) in the modeling industry and this kind of thing happens all the time. She says at nearly every photo shoot, they ask her if she wants to go topless for some shots, even if that was never mentioned previously. This is obviously different than being required to do so, but it just kind of shows insight in to how the world of modeling focuses on trying to get nudity involved (bc sex sells). Especially the escort part is common. Modeling agencies get contracted to provide models to be flown out to hang out and drink/party with the rich/celebs at Las Vegas clubs and other places around the nation. She said there was never anything "understood" about doing it (i.e. prostitution), she said you may get hit on and asked up to a room, but she never felt pressured to comply and she did them because of the amount of money the agency offered for the jobs (more than usual jobs). Granted these are NFL cheerleaders, but i can't help but wonder if its being run sort of as a modeling agency. For the record the modeling world is insane.
  5. Ryan Kerrigan future HOFer?

    THIS. As long as he keeps getting 10-12 sacks a season and keeps making pro bowls the dude is a LOCK for ROF. I actually think he has a shot at HOF as well based his stats which aren't that far off from those of JJ Watt who I assume everyone thinks will be in the HOF. If he ends up with 100-120 sacks and a super bowl win I think you'll see him there eventually.
  6. Did you card her or something? And even if she is, is she naked or doing something illegal?
  7. Apparently he's had multiple offers per Cooley this morning....and like Cooley & Kevin're not being blackballed for your protesting if you're getting offers and you just don't like them....means people are willing to take you despite it. Not to mention there are TONS of other players who have taken a knee who people are willing to sign. Playing the victim is a loser's game. EDIT: That being said, I'm all for signing him...he's a great player and just entered his prime.
  8. You'd think they would have learned by now, but the glitter of that big name starts to mesmerize people i guess.
  9. Were you actually a fan back then? Because if it was early 2000s feeling, we'd have 5 big name, but past their prime, free agents already inked and on paper we'd look like an all-star team. We would then go on to suck. Right now it feels like the OPPOSITE of that really.
  10. Yeah he's a slot corner...has little to do with Nicholson...unless we'd being taking Matheiu to play safety.
  11. Soooo good news? initial feeling is that if he wasn't going to sign with us or wanted to see what else was out there, he'd definitely have other visits lined up? idk