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  1. Happy 4th, fam.
  2. Thank you for again sharing with me another demonstration of your inability to hold a basic conversation. Further examples are not necessary.
  3. Yes. I even voted for him. EDIT: Can you tag me in the right thread for this discussion. I don't want Jumbo to go to the gun cabinet on us. I've muddied this thread up and that was not my intent.
  4. Deliberate deception is yes... but you have to be able to prove the intent. That's very difficult to do and it will be with two guys who have never held a public office before. Also, did they leave just meetings with the Russians off? Or did they leave meetings with the French, German, English, etc off, too? That's what we don't know. If it was just the Russians I'm sure we'd be further along than we are now, but we aren't. I JUST got one of my dudes out here and into the fight because his clearance got suspended for leaving off a couple of things. It took them 6 months to square him away. 24 year old kid whose never had to deal with that stuff in his life. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Willfully leaving something off would be lying. Negligently doing it would be derelict. Those are two different legal standards. You're right, my apologies for the derail.
  5. I'm really not an ass hole Leaving something off and lying are two different things. I've never seen someone put in prison for having a bad SF86, but I've seen them not get a clearance. Is that the smoking gun, brother? I'm not as Pro-Trump as I might come across. He's my commander in chief, so he gets that respect from me. But holy **** MOST of the stuff I've seen the last few months has been petty and ridiculous.
  6. Sure thing. Keep telling me my job. That's working well for our friends in England. Either offer something to the discussion or bow out. I'm not here for the peeing for distance contest.
  7. I've seen nothing out of the ordinary with Trump and Russia except the coverage. If that changes then we'll all know. Let's try to stay on topic before we get yelled at.
  8. Yeah... that's an Army term but you could just go with "Good point, DC9" We're kind of derailing the thread... but you damn well know if there was something to it then we'd have it by now. Especially if POTUS is as dumb as you guys think he is. I've honestly never heard this. If it's out there it does need to be brought to light. I would suspect that those doing the reporting would rather not want to be known, though... Just a guess.
  9. If they find something, awesome. The we impeach. That no one has found anything concrete yet, with all the leaks in the deep state... I wouldn't start spreading peanut butter all over yourself.
  10. The news coverage begs to differ with you. I don't get to watch it much, but I legit saw a headline a few weeks ago that said "MSNBC confirms that New York Times Reports...." Are you ****ing kidding me? Source?
  11. I'm surprised you're in this thread... it doesn't effect your small world in Northern Virginia. My point is... if there was a smoking gun we would've smelled it and found it by now.
  12. Heartfelt condolences go out to the victims, their families, and everyone taking a stand. How many terrorist attacks has this been since we've been waiting for something concrete has come out on Russia? Might be time to shift the attention back to something that effects everyone. Glad the police are now carrying firearms in England. Thumbs up... welcome.