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  1. Thanks for sharing, Warhead. Hadn't heard about this one yet. I'm really excited. These were my first actual memories of being a Redskins fan. 1987... sigh.
  2. Danny Ward then? I'm not sure Danny wants to be the third choice and the middle child all in one blow. We could do a lot worse than have an aging world class keeper to push Si and teach Karius.
  3. This is a big picture. It's also a metaphor... I'm not sure you're capable of having that conversation. I shouldn't have posted in here. My apologies... Yeah, I'm out, too.
  4. That's simply the most ignorant thing I've read all day. I'm not sure it's worth more than that comment if that's how you sit down at the table...
  5. It was 12 in 14 for him down the right or something like that for the U23s. Jurgen allegedly said something about him getting time next year. Another reason I can't be convinced that Keita isn't the number 1 target. Enter Iker for the same role, but probably a few more reps.
  6. Oh I agree with that then. Those were some great scenes
  7. Came out that he committed a couple of weeks back so long as we'e top 4. Not sure I'm going 50 mil for him, but it's not my money either. You're so new at this it's adorable. Tell your mom to save me a plate.
  8. He's made for the 8 and he's been a boss. If we got a Lacazette or a Luan or a channel running forward opposite Mane (Timo maybe) then he's going to be vicious from back there. There was a stat flashed up on the screen about the 75' on my broadcast and it showed number of passes completed for Liverpool was in the 700s, and it was in the 100s for Watford. That is atrocious. For me, Keita has to be the number one taget this offseason. I think van Dijk is probably you number 2. Then get some depth up front and a left back.
  9. With 2 or 3 hattys in there against some pretty blah sides. I wouldn't take him over plenty of 9s in the PL. I'd certainly have him over Origi at the moment, but Div has scored bigger goals than Kane has, so we'll see if he can iron out that inconsistency. Bobby at Selhurst after the chip. Had his shirt off and was running towards you before the ball was over the line lol. Not even close for me.
  10. You were generalizing Liverpool supporters... Yet here is an Everton player who is kissing his badge after injuring a Liverpool player in the Derby and the fans are cheering him on. Have two helpings of that, brother... cause you apparently didn't want any of 10-man-Arsenal today!!!! And we're back in Champions League like vertebrae! So I'll have these: 1. Keita 2. Luan/Timo Werner 3. van Dijk 4. Sessignion I'd also go ahead and give Gotze a spin if he's gotten over himself. I think it's fair to question who he's scoring against... the difference between Kane and Aguero so to speak... I'm admitedly very harsh on Harry Kane, but I think he's very overrated. If he wasn't English we'd be talking about him like we do Lukaku cause he disappears so much.
  11. I'm tired of "making nicknames," for folks. Let them happen. ****, we've nicknamed the defense each of the last 5 years prior to the season when really we should've been describing whether it was more of a vomit smell or dog **** smell. Most of the time it was both. Hopefully this year that'll change... at least one-deep we know we're going to be decent.
  12. He kissed his badge as he was sent off as Evertonians cheered... Yet you say WE support dirty and nasty play or whatever.... That was what I was saying.
  13. Aren't you the one who predicted that world war three was starting two years ago or something?
  14. Aren't you still wondering how Barkley didn't walk in either fixture this year? And **** Funes Mori for ruining Big Div last year...