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  1. On defense I think we'll stack up decently against their WRs, as kleese says. The key will be Zach Brown making tackles and the d-line playing well vs the run. Cousins will need to make smart plays and we'll need to throw some double moves on Amerson (if he's still there - honestly haven't watched them outside of highlights). This is also a tremendous opportunity for Gallete and Kerrigan to draw some holding penalties against a pair of tackles that get away with it a lot. I'm not sure of the score yet, I'd like to say we win but I think the Raiders are just fantastic. It's very important we stay around .500 until the bye week. We can make moves after that. But we have to take one of the next two and this would be the one.
  2. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Saw these pants at Target yesterday. I immediately had warm feelings of my childhood along with Redskins dominance. I bought them immediately.
  3. If my nack is the ability to pick out "football players," who LOVE the game and I whiff on a 1st and 2nd rounder (purely based on rumors, of course - but I'm referring to the rumors that Doctson doesn't want to play unless he's 100%) then I'm not sure I can **** about getting fired. Those are supposed to be the easy ones. I'm never upset at a player who wants to retire, but I'll get upset at the guy who picked him out. Few were higher on Scot than me... this is disappointing to say the very least.
  4. Defense is MUCH improved. This Eagles team is pretty good and they've done outstanding.
  5. We can honestly say we've beaten ourselves today. Eagles should go for it.
  6. Jeeze, Everett smoked Breeland...
  7. Jeeze... Cousins is making the correct reads but anything that requires a depth throw moving away has been horrendously overthrown.
  8. That command post in your mom's basement is getting taller isn't it?
  9. Great punt, gonna have to earn it...
  10. VERY GOOD TACKLE!!!! Good job, defense!
  11. Brown got him that time. 3rd and long again......................
  12. Smallwood just stiff armed the **** out of someone
  13. Well, at least we blitzed, just didn't get home.