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  1. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    Where the **** has that been all year? They played their asses off in that third period and it was noticeable. That wasn't just the best they've played in this series, I dare say it was the best they've played since last season. We're about to find out if it's sustainable.
  2. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    That first Crosby team was stacked. It wasn't even close. You may want to go back and look at that one, lol. The last two Pens teams were not WAY better than the Caps but they were about equal. They just got more production from their bottom six than the Caps did.
  3. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    Honestly, they "Put the **** on a pedistool" after the Halak series in 2010 (was it?) and really haven't recovered since. That series had them over-thinking playoff hockey instead of just going out and playing. That year it started the "Well they need defense," which they did. Then it was "Grinders," and "Hot goalie," and "Secondary scoring," all instead of sacking up and winning. This core is poisoned from that series from a mental block perspective and only they can get themselves out of it. Core being mainly Backstrom and Ovi and Carlson at this point.
  4. ES Soccer Thread

    @Long n Left looks like Dortmund 22 July in Charlotte! Was REALLY hoping for Nashville... my wife already started planning with her sister for that visit. So I might be ****ed lol. BVB Charlotte 22 July City - New York (Meadowlands) 26 July United - the Big House in Michigan 28 July Then Napoli, August 4th in Dublin.
  5. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    If it were the Redskins the story would be "Snyder is too cheap to pay his buy out clause because he hates Redskins fans." Just another example of the lazy DC media. But I digress. Continue.
  6. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    I'm not as invested as I have been in years passed, either. I have still watched just about every game, though, once I was able to late in the year in 2017. But I was realistic about this team. They far surpassed my regular season expectations where I thought they'd struggle to make the playoffs. The last two years was their window to do it and the Pens were better both years, unfortunately. They won't do an entire re-build. At least not a "blow the team up," type re-build. They need to ensure the next coach is good at player development. Unfortunately I think the best dude for that is Mike Bab**** and he's got a pantry full of goodies up in Toronto so he's going nowhere. I wish they would've at least tried to go with Sutter for this run just so that we had a different structure about us. To be fair I think the Caps played the better overall game in both games 1 and 2, but their inconsistencies, as it's been the story for the whole season, have led to their downfall both times. They aren't good at anything in particular, they're "Okay" at everything and they perform differently in all areas in a given game. Sometimes they're good at defending and poor at scoring, sometimes they're good at the PP and poor on the PK. Sometimes the goalie lets them down, sometimes the goalie saves them. That does not make for a good team in the playoffs or a long run. That's why I have them going out in four or five. I think this team is done unless Holtby gets on his head tomorrow night/
  7. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    Dominated the first two periods, really. Lost it a bit in the third with some silly penalties. Not the end of the world but this is not a cup winning team. I don't see them making it 5 or 6 games with Columbus. But I'm numb. I didn't even watch the OT period. I turned on a "Psych" re-run.
  8. I agree that football definitely turns the needle more for fans. I myself have been less and less a football fan and more and more a proper football and hockey fan the last few years. I still religiously watch the Redskins, but I am more willing to watch a soccer game that doesn't involve my team than a NFL or college game. It's just where I'm at in my life I guess. Due to the rules, I think there are more things you can do tactically in hockey and soccer than in football and it's just more interesting for me to watch. I think a perfect example of this was Chad Dukes took a poll on what his audience wanted to hear yesterday and more folks wanted to talk about RG3 signing in Baltimore than the Wizards in the playoffs. That shouldn't preclude them from dumping on the teams that have had the same glaring holes and fail for the same reasons in the playoffs - regardless of whether or not they are making the playoffs consistently or not. It's a sign of laziness and catering to what gets clicks. That's the whole discussion from my perspective and it's indefensible.
  9. Would've been a great play if they didn't call timeout. Knew right away the long snapper was supposed to be an eligible receiver based on the formation. He walks in if they get the snap off. But, to line-up in it AFTER the timeout was the height of stupidity and was certainly a great example that encompassed that whole regime. I was just busting your balls, of course. I think Fab is going to be a player, as well.
  10. Yeah there are a few cats still out there where it appears the money needs to work for both the team and the player. He is certainly one of them who still has a very high opinion of himself. I wish we could take a flyer on him. Heck if we had the room to get he and Hankins in here this draft would really be something to watch.
  11. Vaccaro is interesting to me. HUGE talent coming out of the draft and was definitely a weak link in his first stop.
  12. Honestly, for me, the way the game is going now - once Tom Brady retires, it's a literal crap shoot of parity every year on who makes the playoffs. It'll be a more kalidescope league than ever (not sure I got that spelling right but you get it). I think our starting 11 on all sides of the ball has dramatically improved over the last 5 years (WRs aside this past season) and our depth was tested due to health. I'm not saying we're world beaters but we are THAT bad anymore. We're solid. Mediocre. With a little luck we can sneak into the playoffs. Unlucky with injuries in the wrong spots and we will only win 6 or 7 games because we're not THAT good yet. We're solid. That's a long way from the flash in the pan seasons with RG3 or the bad NFC Least year where we won the Division in 2015. I think the last time this team was good enough to win a Super Bowl was 2005 if not for one or two plays in Seattle going the wrong way. Between 2005 and 2014 this team was a joke. Since Gruden got here we've gotten MUCH, MUCH, better. Like him or not, we need to keep at him until he shows that he can't do it with the right players in place. Cause he's shown he can do it with the wrong ones and a little luck. Comparing football - with 53 man rosters and 11 players on the field at a time - to basketball (12 and 5), baseball (23 and 9) and hockey (23 and 6) where just one player can change the whole game is ludacris. And for how poor the other teams were to get Ovechkin, Wall, Harper, and Strasburg, they've done absolutely **** with them. No press on that other than "The Nats/Caps/Wiz blew it again - and the Redskins still suck." Leave it out. Actually have some pride in your work and do some reporting. It's why guys like Keim, JP, Tandler, and Russell are always my first reads/listens. They actually do some work.
  13. So help me here... If the Redskins lucked into the best touchdown scorer of his generation and failed to build a team around him until he was 30.... Oh, and the owner literally got into a fight with a fan at a game.... how would the press treat them? If the Redskins sucked royally for years so that they could luck into not one, but TWO GENERATIONAL talents - one with a golden arm, when that could score when he wanted and graduated college when he was 18 so that he could play in the majors - and didn't build a good enough team around them to even make it out of the first round FOUR times - and are now on the verge of losing said 18 year old to a rival and have had all kinds of clubhouse problems that aren't well publicized because credentials get pulled from the press members who report them.... how would the press treat them? The Wizards are full on stupid, and I don't really pay attention to basketball, but they're a Ted team and I'm sure you could have an example... Point is, these dudes are still bringing up **** from like 10-20 years ago in their pieces. Yeah? Ted assaulted a fan AT Verizon Center in like 2004. That was barely covered. Ted didn't fire McPhee (Who was GM for almost 20 years and won nothing) until he traded Forsberg for "being slow" for a dude who played 8 games for the Caps. Ted doesn't hire coaches who know more than him or his GMs (Same with the Nats and Rizzo) until the most recent hires. All kinds of passes and the same problems year in and year out with those teams. Your post is perfectly bad. Miss me with the next one.
  14. Everyone has an agenda and culturally we are eliminating the ability for folks to compartmentalize issues. Usually sports is one way to do that among dudes, especially, who don't know each other. "Hey, catch the game last night?" "Yeah, how about them Yankees?" Has turned into: "Did you see the game last night?" "Yeah, and I LOVE Lebron, and I respect that he went back to Cleveland - but Jordan would never let that happen, ya' know?" Honestly part of the reason my draw to this website is so strong year in and year out. We usually know what we're all going to say and it's pretty comforting in a world of uncertainty lol