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  1. Agreed, but to avoid the penalties we're going to have to adjust how we play. Their 5 on 5 high cycle is causing us to foul them.
  2. ES Soccer Thread

    This lad so loved Wayne Rooney... who is... as he said, a Scouse ****... that he stunted his growth and modeled his dietary in take after him.
  3. ES Soccer Thread

    So you're saying Spurs got one third of our Pen allotment for the last three seasons in one match?
  4. Why would you doubt that? I think there was certainly an element of that to it. Up 2-0, coming home, all of a sudden you're Stanley Cup favorites out of nowhere... it had to be a trip. Win tomorrow night and you're fine. But it's as massive a game as they've had.
  5. They were certainly picking on him during every PP trying to get the two on one (or three on one depending on their PP shape). The Pens could not get passes through the PK box but the Lightning have been patient and have certainly picked Orpik out as the guy to move side to side on (or up and down in this case) before firing across to Stamkos. It's worked every time that Stamkos has had good wood on the puck. He chunked one early last night on the PP - right after that Orpik missed the clear, and then that was all she wrote, seemingly.
  6. I wouldn't say he looked like crap. Tampa switched to a high cycle, something they didn't do in the first two games, and it allowed them to keep the puck in our zone a lot longer. They moved it well left to right and threw it into vacant corners where our guys weren't, which allowed them to draw penalties. Any goalie is going to struggle against that much zone time. That's the big adjustment for tomorrow for Trotz and Lambert and crew... they're going to have to figure out how to deal with that or it's probably over.
  7. I nervously feel like I have nothing to worry about. It's such a weird feeling with this team.
  8. Yeah I think Jay was 2 or 3 on my list that year. I really wanted David Shaw from Stanford. I just remember there was a thread about Art Briles after about week 2 and finally folks came to their senses.... for the most part, lol.
  9. So first, most of the folks who were pissed when Jay was hired were pissed because we didn't hire Art Briles. It had nothing to do with Jay nor his experience. Most of us were here for that and hopefully it all ended last month, lol. I agree everything is who you know. Especially when dealing with upper level positions. What I am saying is you have to have SOME merit... which is why I used Bostic as an example. Played the game, played for the team, has done nothing since (that I am aware of). I get what you're trying to say, but I don't think you mean it. Basically what you said initially was "Who cares HOW as long as it works." I said "HOW did you get here." You get there from there being some merit. It's very basic. Dan isn't going to come in here and hire one of us if he likes our posts - though I'm convinced some folks think he will.
  10. That's a candidate for the TOOCT
  11. I change mine around and I turn my blade toward me. It's like I'm shoveling backwards trying to hit the puck through my legs. But I play defense in a beer league and the milk has gone real bad if I have to take a faceoff.
  12. I'm confused by how so many folks are saying this? Maybe I've missed a significant portion of the story or the discussion... but yes, it would be amazing if things fell into place perfectly with little to no effort. It would also be amazing if I won the lottery. If I didn't have to pay for my kids to go to school. If I had a helicopter and driver to avoid traffic. How do we get there? Usually you get there by putting folks in place who are good at the job.
  13. Well, since Doug has been a personnel guy in the league for quite some time I would say it's more likely that he made it based on merit. He was also a HC at a high level in college and knows something about recruiting and identifying talent. Jeff Bostic hasn't had anything to do with football since he retired (to my knowledge)... if they gave it to him it would raise an eyebrow. So yes, it matters how they get there because if you hire the RIGHT people based on merit you are less likely to **** it up.
  14. I'm taking this as a move in the right direction. Hopefully it's a move away from Bruce and a move towards a Doug Williams as team President/GM and a Smith in charge of personnel/drafting. I'd be fine with that if it's based on merit and not the old boy network. Which on it's face it appears to be.