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  1. @SemperFi Skins has to be changing his shorts every few hours right now with these Josh Gordon rumors. JP Finlay seems to think something is on the horizon as he is boarding the plane for the league meetings. Not necessarily Gordon related but something Skins related. I will say, if we sign Gordon and he plays 10 games, I'll be impressed. I'd also be shocked if Cuzzo doesn't put up 40 TDs with this corps plus a Josh Gordon. And we'll need all of those TDs if we don't sign a MLB.
  2. Thedance goes "PSG want Wenger," and "Arsenal want Tuchel." Neither of which are expected to happen this year. Like Liverpool with Rodgers, Arsenal are probably going to have to wait.
  3. Well, that's how it goes... a draw when really either side should've won. And your typical, completely out of hand Michael Oliver match. Time to tighten the belts, men. Must wins coming up and we'll need some help.
  4. Honestly feel like we're going to get shelled today. If Arsenal drew or won we would get a point, but too many on this team will see that as an opportunity to take a day off. That and we've made entirely too much out of our prowess against the top 6 in the build up to this one. City are due against us and I just don't like the odds. But come on you REDMEN!
  5. Part of me thinks there is a HUGE franchise changing draft day trade. But it depends on who is there at 12 and that's all I will say about that. Bar that happening, we're bang average at best on defense again. And that is at BEST. So frustrating cause I think this offense is going to be fantastic again. Bruce is really putting a lot of stock in those blown achilles of JG, if he's really putting stock into anything.
  6. My bad. It's just starting to get to me. Last year's theme was "Building a Champion," and this year's was "We SHOULD Be Ready To Contend...." And these moves don't inspire me. I will say Tomsula is the Callahan of d-line coaches in the NFL. But he needs more than **** on shingles to make a tasty breakfast for us. I have hopes for Ioaniddias, but these other cats, oye...
  7. We'd just finished talking about Martinez taking over as the Belgian manager and how their spine is the best in the world, to include their midfielder who plays at Roma and has scored "a belter a game for the last month it seems." Yeah, he's mixed up... gave me some anti-Scouse shtick and I asked him to stick his chin out a little further and he backed off. Newbies... what are you gonna do? Like, just say you're wrong and move on... I'm pretty sure you don't need to test the Yank with the LFC scarf and the Shankley Gates up over his desk but I digress. Saw an Article today when I woke up that we're "just about done in FA...." My heart stopped. I get that we have some solid picks, but for ****'s sake if we don't spend this money OR do an LTD I'm going to be very disappointed. They're thinking the Giants are going to re-sign him and it looks like that was the plan all along. They were just trying to make some room first, I guess. Unless I'm behind again on that.
  8. At least we know how to spell defense. New guy from Hull showed up today. He called someone a "belter," and I said "You mean bellend." I'm pretty sure he said something that would've translated to "I want you to throw hands right now," but I'm sure he just meant it was the "Scouse," version. I wish I had more to discuss. Like an ILB or a DL or something. We're going to be shocked that the front 7 is garbage again because it's obviously been the coaching for 7 years. Though it was the coaching for part of it.
  9. No idea why we haven't gone after an ILB yet. Like, zero idea. I also don't know why we haven't signed one of the three other big men.
  10. No I think he's still 16. The academy has some nice talent in it.
  11. How amazing is it that the Lenin statue broke the same day we found out that Bernie only pays 13% on his taxes?
  12. That's all I wanted at the end was him to web one. Anfield was so ready to as well. Did you watch he and Brewster against Reading from earlier in the week? That counter attack looks like a bombing drill at times.
  13. @Gibbs Hog Heaven and why did you think Aunt Sheila used to keep you so wound tight? See what happens when you're "comfortable," you ass ****ing tried to kill me at the end there with the post. Strong ****ing fight and it had to be to get all three, very important points. Now we need a little help or some of the others to drop a few here and there. If that doesn't give you confidence going into next week I don't know what does. Well done, lads Was always going to be tough. Klopp has what he has with these players. 5 or more so in the summer before he can start working his style of play with his style of players. Right now we don't necessarily have in us to make a swooping adjustment. Though we tweaked a bit there. I just wish Can could be more consistent, but he needed that goal. Origi has all of the potential in the world but he just needs to get the details right and he needs to be told he's 6-3 and strong.
  14. LOL! I found my old boombox in the basement of my house in VA when we moved back last December! I'm off today so I get to watch us try and take down the Burnley bus. I'm tired as **** so I'm not sure what my instincts tell me about this game but I have a feeling it's 3 points. Just bought those for your nephew as a birthday present. Those are fun as hell but I would get no where near a bull with or without one