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  1. ES Soccer Thread

    Got into it with some Leeds fans upset they didn't get the loan on twitter yesterday (via Marty). They were like "Why fight with several European clubs to bring him in and then loan him out to Warnock?" and I basically said he won't get any time in the current 11 and I'm pretty sure Klopp sees him as a 6 - so a spell down there to learn defense will be fantastic for him.
  2. ES Soccer Thread

    I guess I'm saying the same thing GHH is saying - he's going to make the wold cup roster - but it doesn't matter if he does or not cause he's never going to play. Take it from Americans... who invented replay - it doesn't work. Just realized we haven't talked about Marko getting his loan spell at Cardiff. I'm excited to watch the second half of the season in the Championship now.
  3. ES Soccer Thread

    I'm not saying he should want to stay in Liverpool... you're missing the whole point of what I'm saying though. Courtois is 4 years younger than him and he's never going to be benched for Mignolet in the Belgium team. It doesn't matter if he's a number 1 keeper or not. If he wants to be a number 1 keeper somewhere else that's another story. Sounds like he does.
  4. ES Soccer Thread

    Belgium will keep 3 keepers - and he's never get in ahead of Courtios unless there is a game they have to play in the groups that mean nothing. Not even sure he'd cut it in Italy. Very defensive league and with his gaffes on set pieces they'd have him for lunch, literally. Sign me up for the Alisson in January club, though. I'll front for the t-shirts.
  5. ES Soccer Thread

    Mignolet wants out? Lord love the kid... He's had his chances to make that his job over the last 5 years. All he's managed to do is make himself the **** that smells the least bad.
  6. ES Soccer Thread

    Convinced the end of the LVG season you guys would've been lower-half, MAYBE fighting off relegation, if it weren't for him.
  7. ES Soccer Thread

    You know we had Oblak in for a trial as a 16 year old and he got injured before he got on the pitch and never got to show... How about that? Congrats! I'm sure we could find him something if he makes it over. He'll have to re-learn driving on the correct side of the road, though.
  8. ES Soccer Thread

    How many of you guys in here would be interested in meeting up for this? I think it would be cool to put some names with faces and I'm sure at least we can all get behind this - as bad as they are. Looks like 14 July. @Gibbs Hog Heaven I have your ticket if you make it over.
  9. ES Soccer Thread

    We KNOW Klopp like Moreno. He's been his project and he's become a solid player as long as he isn't playing against Sevilla. I'm not exactly sure who is going to be taking the free kicks on target. Emre would do well to make a few if he wants Phil money. Now that I'm back stateside, back in the DC metro, and got my promotion over the line - coming to see you a couple of times a year is something I'd like to do. I'm always jealous of these sly one-liners hahah. I think I'll find a sports bar in NOVA to watch it before driving home to scoop up the wife. It kicks at 2:45pm, so either I'll be shaking the walls in the office or I'll be somewhere else screaming. Either way, it'll be hours before whatever the misses and I decide to do.
  10. ES Soccer Thread

    Good luck to my Red brothers this year - Match Day / Valentines Day. Curious about everyone else's work around.
  11. ES Soccer Thread

    Moreno can do it when he's in. Ox seems to have a very nice delivery as you mentioned but I'm not sure he has the shot. Moreno actually taught Phil how to do free kicks. TAA used to be a CAM in the academy and he's got a nasty one, too.
  12. ES Soccer Thread

    It wasn't full on like the Benteke thing, but you were just not impressed with the signing. We had just missed out on Depay, who I'm not sure where he is now but Memphis, Tennessee is starting an USL franchise and he'd fit right in there wouldn't he? We were basically talking about where he'd fit in and Brendan was still here and you said he was a 10, I agreed and I said slide Phil back to the 8 and play this kid at the 10 and eventually he'd be a strike partner next to Sturridge. Nothing earth shattering but he has a nasty shot when he connects. Never saw him as an out and out center forward who could hold up and distribute like this. He's just absolutely fantastic. Loved that celly yesterday - get that ****ing shirt off, Bobby! Saw Akanji signed for Dortmund today.
  13. ES Soccer Thread

    This is hilarious
  14. ES Soccer Thread

    Fernandinho gets away with murder WEEKLY and Otamendi is just a dick. Here's an exchange I was having with Phil McNulty referencing the first match where Jesus kicked Mane in the head right before Mane did Edderson (not even a free kick to Liverpool here, mind you). Sterling should've been off today. Mariner gave Pep a chance to get him off and he did immediately. "There's only one greedy ****." Brilliant. My only complaint today was the lino on the Anfield road end at the beginning and the rest of the game it was the lino on the Kop end (after about 20 minutes). I would see what the Foxes want for Ndidi. I'd disagree that Hendo has made himself a better player, though. For me, he's the only one who hasn't. He gives you energy and that's about it.
  15. ES Soccer Thread

    I remember you did always support Phil and yes you and I argued that he should be captain and I disagreed. I said it should be Emre I believe and you said Phil. Phil is easily the best player but Emre was a "grab 'em by the scruff" guy that I think you need as a captain when the "breaks are beating the boys," to quote the Gipper. What I'm saying is I always had him as one of the best players in the world. Not everyone did. Even our full-blooded Scouse brother and I had it at the end of 12-13 where he was doom and gloom going into 13-14 and I said we were winning the league. I sound very self-righteous right now so I'll shut up, lol. But I really don't think Hendo is on the team after the summer. I just don't. I like him but he just doesn't have any quality and energy only gets you so far. You're basically picking between Hendo and Gini. I'd be alright with that. Even without him in the side today we were pretty organized. Massive effect. Just what we needed. And he's very vocal on those set pieces. Jimmy really left the back 4 out to dry today late late and Lovren sold out on a tackle and missed... which I believe led to 3 chances, to of which scored. It's 4-1 without that nonsense and VVD starting. 4-0 if we have a top keeper. So. ****ing. Close. And it's actually true this time.