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  1. Redskins @ Seahawks Game Day Thread

    I haven't been around as long as some of you, but I've been around a while... and this is a top 5 thread of all time.
  2. ES Soccer Thread

    I know he was much younger at the time, but could you just imagine Salah with Stevie, Suarez, young Danny Sturridge, Coutinho.... **** me we weren't losing the league that year.
  3. ES Soccer Thread

    Ox has been the man of the match the last 20.
  4. ES Soccer Thread

  5. ES Soccer Thread

    Gomez is having some brain farts. Give him a massage and a pat on the butt big bro.
  6. ES Soccer Thread

    Mignolet is awful. Arnautovic coming on... lots of height for that back four to deal with
  7. ES Soccer Thread

    Whenever he starts that it'll be amazing. And he can start whenever he's ready.... Arlo White even said "The Liverpool end are singing 'You're going down with Everton,' but not in those words."
  8. ES Soccer Thread

    Matip scored?
  9. ES Soccer Thread

    Thought Newcastle got the shaft with some of the decisions late. Pretty clear Defoe was offside on the move leading to that corner. Newcastle weren't really showing anything going forward. Very pleased with this 11. Lets hope we can get all three points. Need to start getting our **** together in the league. Especially since the fixtures out of the break are fast and ridiculous. Kind of mirrors the Redskins tough part of the schedule.
  10. ES Soccer Thread

    What a goal from Gini!!!! Wow
  11. ES Soccer Thread

    Much better day for the Reds today Here comes Emr... looks like Salah and Ox up front?
  12. ES Soccer Thread

    Brewster just webbed one for country against Spain, as well
  13. ES Soccer Thread

    The calmest of finishes from Sturridge there. Get him some confidence and play him. Get in there Daniel! ATTA BOY BOBBY!!!!!!
  14. ES Soccer Thread

    Again... since 2012... 3-2 Liverpool 5-0 Liverpool 4-0 Liverpool 3-0 Liverpool 3-2 Liverpool Draw Draw Draw 2-1 Liverpool 2-0 Liverpool 4-1 Spurs OMG SEE!!!! SEE!!!! IT'S THE ****ING SPINE MATE! I TOLD YOU IT WAS THERE THE LAST 11 FIXTURES WE LOST 25-11 ON AGGREGATE! Enjoy it Morrison. Get the t-shirt and the dvd.