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  1. "We're?" I thought it was "they're."
  2. Absolutely. This guy wants to be a dictator so bad.
  3. I think blame goes both ways tonight. The pitching wasn't good, but the game didn't get out of hand. You got to score more than 4 runs at home against Oakland.
  4. This team is so damn frustrating to watch. As soon as we get back in it, we give a run right back.
  5. All Things Star Wars Thread

    Yeah, but the ending is magnificent.
  6. ***2017-18 NBA Off-season Thread***

    Cleveland definitely got the better of this deal.
  7. We'll see what they do tonight . They have a knack for winning the 1st game and losing the next two.
  8. Boy, does he get on my nerves when he acts as if the military has done more since he's been in office, that the 8 years under Obama.
  9. 2017 Eclipse Thread

    They say that could fry your lense.
  10. That was a very good SummerSlam. The ending to the main event was kind of weak though.
  11. Rollins/Ambrose vs Sheamus/Cesaro was great.
  12. Come on Davis, earn that money.
  13. Damn, we should be up 4-5.
  14. The O's season is practically over and the Redskins look like hot garbage. This fall sports season is going to SUCK!!!
  15. Only 2-1, but I get the sense that Tillman is hanging on by a thread.