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  1. Paul George proved that he is no where in the vicinity of LeBron.
  2. We watch baseball too. Gausman has been hot garbage. His last two starts, he hasn't given this team a chance.
  3. It was 4-0 before anyone was retired. Have no idea how Gentry's an everyday player and Kim rides the bench.
  4. Again, Gausman is GARBAGE. No joke.
  5. His portrayal of Popeye was spot on. Underrated film by the way.
  6. One thing I will never get. Why do home court means so much in the NBA?
  7. Oh, they were out there.
  8. I wonder where is all those people that were claiming Kawhi as the best player in the league are at now.
  9. Berto and Porter are letting those hands go.
  10. Jermell is a baaaaad man.
  11. 4-2 O's Manny missed an opportunity to almost put this one out of reach.
  12. BOOM BOOM does it again. SCHOOP!!! 3-2 Good Guys
  13. Great look by Harden. Just didn't go down. Russ missed some big frees that could have cost the game.
  14. Wonder is there going to be any retaliation for Manny's slide?