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  1. If you saw her reaction, you can see that she was not expecting that.
  2. I think Lavar is a clown and I wish ESPN would stop shoving a mic in his face, but I must admit, I kind of got a kick out of him not backing down from LeBron.
  3. I saw both fights last night. I thought Jacobs defeated GGG and I thought Chocolatito won.
  4. Just saw Kong: Skull Island. Thought it was really good. There is an after credits scene.
  5. Does anybody watch Pitmasters and BBQ Pit Wars on Destination? You get great tips on BBQ.
  6. I doubt it. That catch will be nominated for an Espy. And if AJ one day gets a statue at OPACY, that catch should be his pose.
  7. I would not want us to take the 3rd or 4th best RB in the draft at 17. He might be there in the 2nd.
  8. Mel Kiper Jr has us taking Stanford RB Christian McCaffrey. Please NO!
  9. Why can't we see the vote results? I voted 6 months to a year.
  10. Fences. Denzel's strongest performance in years and he deserved another Oscar.
  11. You guys are nitpicking because you don't like him. If he didn't do what he's doing, OKC would be nowhere near the playoffs.
  12. How can you say he's stat padding when their record is so much better when he gets a triple double? As as for the AS game, at least he did go hard unlike just about everybody else. That game was an embarrassment.
  13. You should know the vast majority of basketball players are all talk. This isn't hockey or football. Plus, I'm sure Billy Donovan pulled him aside and told him retaliation isn't a good idea.
  14. Is Westbrook supposed to get into a fight and get suspended? Just to show everybody how tough he is?
  15. Westbrook wants to win the MVP, he can't be getting it handed to him like this at home.