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  1. Bundy definitely need to pitch better than his last outing. Right now, I don't have a lot of faith in none of these guys.
  2. The "Jaws" era Bond. RIP
  3. He tried to have him killed at that nightclub. Remember?
  4. Lopez: "Hey Tony, remember when you started working for me, I told you about the guys that last in this business. They fly straight, low-key and are quiet. And the ones who don't, they want champagne, chicas and flash. They don't last" Something like that. It was good advice.
  5. Lopez was actually a lot smarter than Tony/Scarface if you think about it.
  6. Jedi, Vacation, Scarface and The Outsiders are my favorites.
  7. We aren't going anywhere with this pitching.
  8. Schoop's errors are getting old fast.
  9. Someone needs to start being held accountable for Ubaldo. Why do we keep running him out there?
  10. If they're serious about winning a championship this year, they need to make a deal for a starter. With this rotation, no lead is safe.
  11. Guys, you better tack on some runs.
  12. Just heard that AJ became the all-time OPACY HR leader. Big congrats to Adam Jones.
  13. Basketball, yes. But I'm not so sure baseball market players that much.
  14. Tell me you don't believe that.
  15. Nothing was rigged. You don't think the NBA wanted undefeated vs undefeated?