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  1. Redskins vs Vikings Prediction Thread: CK vs KC

    Redskins - 16 Vikings - 12 It's pretty much a carryover from the Seattle game in terms of play with the back and forth, defense holds. It's going to come down to Time of Possession and if Kelley/Thompson can just get a few runs in for 5-7 yards to eat up clock throughout the game, I think the Redskins can hold off the win. I believe the 2 losses for the Vikings are when they lost the ToP battle, all their wins is when they controlled the clock. I think there will be some availability in the passing game over the middle as their linebackers are good but average in coverage, ala Zach Brown. The biggest threat won't really be Thielen or Diggs (although I am sure they will get some catches in, will need to stop the YAC) but will be Rudolph. Each and every year, tight ends always are our thorns in our sides and our linebackers still lack in coverage. Compton seems to be an improvement over Brown in that regards but Brown definitely shuts down the run and should be able to get after McKinnon. It will be interesting to see how the coaches get their minds right after a slugfest in Seattle. Manusky, Tomsula and Gray have proven that they can get guys ready within a week so I believe defense is up for it, will come down to offense and after what Kirk showed on that scoring drive to take the lead last week, if it comes down to it, I think they can repeat the success. Another big thing is if Everson Griffen is still bothered by his injury. It says questionable but there's no way he's not out on the field but see if he's just 80% of what he can do, which is still tough but better than him going crazy against our line (especially if it's Clemmings in there).
  2. Pre-Draft Pick Predictions

    At least post the highlight reel:
  3. Not sure if someone posted earlier but: I know he probably knows as much as any of us out there, but he firmly believes Cousins will be here, so I have to imagine the Redskins will break at the very end of negotiations and understand that since they didn't get a trade done, either Cousins walks at the end of the season or we spend $28+ million for yet another 1 year rental, on top of the $20 + $24 million from the past 2 season, so just spend ~$72 million on 3 years. They will meet his baseline for a LTD the day before because Cousins team won't budge.I just have to believe like many said, right now, besides some tension and "aww, come on man!", it doesn't really do anything to stretch out the talks if they do plan on signing up at the end. They know what they need in the draft, FA is pretty much done with so not having a QB long term won't be a factor there.
  4. If the Redskins are hoping to find that 3rd/4th round QB that over delivers such as; Dak or Russell, they are definitely the exception to the rule. Just look at ALL the QB's drafted in those rounds that have done anything, becoming a starter: Dak Prescott - 2016 - 4th Round Russell Wilson - 2012 - 3rd Round Nick Foles - 2012 - 3rd Round (had 1 strong season, dropped off quickly) Kirk Cousins - 2012 - 4th Round Tyrod Taylor - 2011 - 6th Round (Not entirely flashy but plays well enough to be a starter) Ryan Fitzpatrick - 2005 - 7th Round (Eh-Eh starter, ups and downs) Granted, a bunch of QB's picked in the 3rd round and later were destined for backup, but there were 83 QB's taken from 2005-2016 with the 3rd round and later and those 6 I would say have shown anything and becoming a starter. (May have missed someone, my apologies). Even a bunch of 1st round and 2nd round QB's taken have failed! A constant NFL QB starter that's in the top 1/2 of capability GETS PAID. Stop worrying about Kirk front office, worry about the defense that cost us a lot more games than Cousins, that's for sure. It's just crazy this is an issue day in and day out. So, we have one of the better QB's taken after the 2nd round, shown he can win and is still growing as a QB and going into his 3rd season in the same system, what happens when we get another QB in the same situation? Let them walk because don't want to pay a QB and NFL QB salary? It's just so strange.
  5. Exactly this. Go into the trade talks with some outrageous and worst case scenario, they say no! and we keep Kirk for at least next season. Maybe they come around and we get a steal. I am ALL IN for Kirk and signing him to LTD, even if it's incredibly high, but definitely not against getting the #2 and #15 if they really want to wheel and deal. I mean, isn't that what Kirk's agent is doing to us? I am sure Kirk would LOVE a LTD and his agent is probably riding the higher end because, hey, if not, he's still getting $24 Million this year and hits FA possibly next year and gets paid again. Might as well entertain trades and stay high, just hope Kirk and his agent understand that it's business and not a reflection on them not wanting him.
  6. Lets Say We Do Nothing Else: Are there enough weapons here?

    Like both @Warhead36 and @RabidFan put, I think we're in a good spot to be honest. Pryor had a great year in Cleveland with a rotation of QB's and gave Norman fits. Crowder came on strong and like mentioned previously, if Doctson can come on looking like his college-self, not only will Doctson be a threat, Crowder will see some open field. Our tight ends are legit and as long as Reed stays healthy, he's one of the best in the league and Davis played well when called upon. I kind of wished we looked at him a little more last season. He seems to love playing here for us and could be a good 3rd down option like Garcon was. And one things I don't think we use nearly enough, like RabidFan said, Thompson is a legit screen RB that can make people miss and pick us up some yards, plus he can block in the backfield which is important.
  7. It's just crazy, we're going to pay him ~$24 million this year regardless, so what's another $24 million next season and the next? Then you can start breaking down the contract after 3 years if looking to get out, but there's ~$75 million guaranteed for that, plus cap increases, continuing of cutting dead weight. It's not like were holding our money to pay BIG on our own players. Look at Garcon and DJax, they were willing to let them go because it cost to much. QB isn't as replaceable as a WR. Just suck it up Bruce, either way, you will have to pay for a QB, you can't do every 4-5 years rotating a rookie.
  8. A Plea for Pioli

    I don't think it matters who the Redskins hire, honestly. Clearly, they'd come in and promised the world only to see it get taken from them the minute Bruce and/or Dan feels threatened or disrespected. Scot, despite the personal issue, was considered one of the GM grails and was in for just 2 years. I think Bruce will now go after someone soft and that he already knows will just "Yes boss" so that no big issue will arise because everything will just be dandy in the front office and now clashing reports will come through. Talent will suffer, will begin to throw money at names to sell seats because ultimately, it's 100% business and not an experience for the fans.
  9. Palmer? They better throw in A LOT of picks, plus they only have the 13th pick whereas the 49ers have the 2nd...big difference.
  10. We're okay, it's all okay...but just in case
  11. Haha, yeah well you're a cotton headed ninny muggins!
  12. Anyone listening to Cooley? He's going off regarding the whole drinking speculation, its a pretty good listen.