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  1. Dirt

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    It never occurred to me that the hurricane could have something to do with empty seats....if so, it wasnt responsible for that many. I'm on the outer banks and we were barely affected storm wise, but our tourism is wayyy down. People just weren't traveling. But it's nothing new. If it's not empty, it's a majority the other teams colors. I think the location of the stadium itself is a problem. Its always a trip for me to go to a game, so I dont care that it's basically in the middle of nowhere. But folks who live relatively close by dont want to make a small trip to a game. It would take a lot of winning and probably a super bowl to get those seats full, and even then, they wouldn't be 100% full. Different stadium in a different location is what it would take.
  2. Dirt

    Post-game apathy thread: We're baaaack

    Boy, this is a lot of deep thinking and hate for our 1-1 team. Meanwhile, the giants and cowboys are looking very mediocre and the super bowl champion eagles just lost. I know we are sick and tired of starting over but we have to give them a chance....again. The loss today is because the colts balled the **** out on us. Wrecked the line, doc couldn't pull in a tough ball in the end zone, and Reed had a ball punched out late. That doesn't mean our line sucks, doesn't mean doc can't haul one in, and it doesn't mean reed will fumble everything. We've seen our o line dominate, we've seen docs ability (sometimes) and reed is arguably our best player. Its week 2. We have to believe its growing pains in a new season. And it is. It's much less likely that its because Dan Snyder is evil or Jay Grudens an idiot or our players are counting empty seats and decide they dont care anymore, I mean what the hell? These guys are trying. It's as if we figure our team would be undefeated. We got outplayed and took a loss. Remember last year, we lost to some team, can't remember, and we were all "oh we played hard." The next week, we WON against the 49ers, who sucked at the time, and this board blew up with hatred like we lost because we didnt stomp the 49ers hard enough. Your favorite football team is going to lose games. Sometimes like this. This one looked like out schemed. And Jay Gruden said it out loud, so save me on the Jay deflecting blame bull****. He needs to get his team prepared for the stunts they faced today and he knows it. Maybe it's a little hard for him to do that with his new QB, maybe it will take a few weeks. Professional football is complicated. 1-1. Not scared of the packers. We have the players and scheme to win any game against anyone, it just has to click. We need to find more ways to click. Can't be one dimensional. I believe they will work on that to their best ability. In the meantime, it's a 1-1 team that looked pretty good last week so.... relax lol
  3. Dirt

    Gameday Thread

    Speaking on how much players are worth and all... I would pay Aaron Rodgers five hundred billion dollars. Good lord that dude is good.
  4. Dirt

    Gameday Thread

    I think these fans enjoy booing more than they do cheering. Way to give your super bowl winning backup QB some support philly lol
  5. Dirt

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Veteran guy like Alex with jay... the plays will write themselves. Jays experience with cousins will help. We're going to be one of those teams that needs the running game and defense to be reliable. I say reliable, not great, because neither of those areas are likely to shock the world. But the offense should be interesting, and clever enough to get a winning score. Don't get blown out. Don't get under 50 yds rushing in a game, and Jay and Alex will put together something for the winning score. For whatever reason, Alex is a guy I trust on the field, in any situation. I mostly felt that way about Kirk, but he did have a couple bonehead moments. The kneel that should have been a spike comes to mind. Still love Kirk, and I do wish he was still here building with us, but if there was any way out of this, it was doing exactly what we did. They wasted no time getting this guy. And enough with the FO hate. It was a mess but it's in the past. Can we just admit that we were all skeptical about a super long term deal for Kirk, even 2 years ago? (The only thing I HATE is that dumbass announcement about how much they offered him, I mean why the hell??). It's almost like they knew they screwed up and said ok let's get a good qb and do it now. And they did. Qbs are moving all over the league the last few days. Can we say we got the best of all those deals? Time will tell, but trust is an important thing, and Mr Smith is about as reliable and trustworthy as it gets. I'm on board. Make some plays fellas.
  6. Dirt

    The Official 2017 Game Day Thread

    DG what the ****!!!
  7. Dirt

    The Official 2017 Game Day Thread

    Welp. Hell of a game.
  8. Dirt

    The Official 2017 Game Day Thread

    Left too much time dummies Although if it was the skins id be happy they scored. Play to win
  9. Dirt

    The Official 2017 Game Day Thread

    Oh god that Eli commercial 😂😂😂
  10. Dirt

    The Official 2017 Game Day Thread

    I thought defense wins championships Or maybe it still does, I dunno I'm confused, these teams are moving the ball at will. Difference is, eagles can run it
  11. Dirt

    The Official 2017 Game Day Thread

    Maybe they should throw to gronk lol
  12. This is literally the exact thing we were saying about our team when Scot came aboard. Then something happened with Scot. Whatever. Point Is, the statement above makes it sound like its so easy. OF COURSE teams want lots of draft picks, good rookies and good free agents. Even the evil Dan Snyder and Allen understand this. It's just really really hard to make all those things happen at once. And here we are in a thread assuming that the ****ing browns are the team to finally break the mold and succeed. Great QB play and a decent defense is what succeeds. And if your QB isn't Tom Brady, then do your best to make your defense awesome (jags). The browns have the same philosophy as everyone else. Their extra draft picks will help their odds, but that's it. It's more about coaching, scheming, adjusting, and the players themselves. So enough about this so called super front office the browns have. Even dumbass Bruce allen can wind up looking like a winner if we have good qb play and a good defense....actually.. both those things were happening at the beginning of the season, remember? Stay the course. **** this "lose like the browns do" nonsense, because that's all it sounds like to me. Unless were saying "hire the best front office guys", as if there's perfect office guys just waiting out there to get hired. Disclaimer I'm watching UFC and drinking. HTTR 😁
  13. You know Janet Jackson will be there. You know they will tease a booble coming out. It will be hilarious. At least that's how I would book it. But really, he's a guy a went 180 on since his goofy pop days. Dude's super talented.
  14. Gotcha. Wasn't aware of the GB thing. Still, I wonder why the browns were the team to catch the suddenly available top execs. I suppose it's that sexy amount of draft capital they have. Also, do these guys just seem like top execs because GB has had some of the best QB play in the league? Anyway, I never was laughing at the poor browns, but if I was, I'm not suddenly scared of what they're doing now. They're AFC, I don't really care, but hell, I hope they do turn it around, It would be interesting. I'm just not on board with modeling after them, especially if it involves losing literally almost all of your games for 2 years. Believe it or not, the skins are close to contending. We don't need this nuke the team nonsense. .....as long as we have a QB ;(