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  1. I only got through a few replies. This is getting absolutely ****ing ridiculous. Our supposed favorite football team is coming off of 2 good seasons and everyone is acting like it's doomsday joke of the league awful and no one would want to work here????? What?? The GM got fired. FOR THE THIRD TIME IN HIS CAREER. Our qb used to throw a lot of picks so we were hesitant to give him a billion dollars. Our wrs contracts were up and they're gone (which is being addressed)....sounds like pretty normal football operations to me. ...so tell me, WHERE is the part where we are a stupid awful joke, why Bruce Allen is so awful, why Dan is awful (again). What am I missing here? OUR TEAM HAS BEEN WINNING. Everywhere I turn, in here, on Facebook it's just awful negative ****. And stop with this "there was a power struggle" ****, of course there was! That's business. There was obviously and I mean OBVIOUSLY something else going on with Scot, but no, the easy, fun, sexy answer is to call Bruce a power hungry evil villain and make hashtags threatening his job and livelihood. It's a simple question no one has answered for me yet: why does everyone hate Bruce Allen so much?
  2. I still don't get this doomsday feeling everyone has. The only odd thing is Scot being let go. We already knew guys were hitting FA or needing contracts. Back to back winning seasons, young players, coach extended, changes in crappy defense... I mean what do people want us to do differently, and why is this considered dark times or something??
  3. Yeah. And maybe this was said GMs fault. Maybe that's why he got fired. For the 3rd time. But go ahead, blow up Bruce Allen's phone, I'm sure it will sway his opinions on things.
  4. I don't know what you mean. A guy got fired and a statement was made. I'm sorry he didn't sit you down and pat you on the head before he delivered it. This is the most overreacting I have ever seen from fans.
  5. This is just full blown whining now, can we stop?? Our wrs and qbs contracts were up and there was something wrong with our GM. Get the **** over it and stop calling for people's heads, jesus
  6. Seems like fans are coming back down to earth. It still sucks, but now that the dust is settling, we can clearly see what's going on. We already knew 2 WRs were likely gone, we hoped one of the two would stay but nope. That's just typical NFL free agency. We'll move on and hope that doctson contributes and that Jamison will grow, along with whoever else. We already knew cousins contract situation would be one of those things. If this Scot thing turned out to be worst case scenario, then I would like to think the cousins thing will be the opposite. Again, typical NFL free agency and we agree to a deal at some point. (Again, we have plenty of time to figure it out, we will consider that we now have needs at wr, always had needs on defense and don't have time to search for a QB.)
  7. Isn't it "people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones" lol.. Whatever. This is a prime window for everyone to paint the bosses as Mr burns type evil villains
  8. I see it. You're buying that? Lol. I mean that choice of words. "Jealousy" oooooooooo, it's like a soap opera! If there were disagreements, then obviously Scot didn't handle them very well. But many of you actually think that Dan and Bruce were jealous like high school girls because people are making Scot their profile picture and giving him nicknames like GMSM and ****? Really? The man just lost his 3rd job doing this. Perhaps we put too much stock in him...I mean emotional stock. But really...."Bruce and Danny are jealous evil villain type idiots who are destroying the team"......."Scot McCloughan just lost his 3rd job in a row for what sounds like similar reasons as the first two whether it's drinking or attitude". Makes more sense to me.
  9. Still waiting on anyone to explain why Bruce Allen is such a horrible, awful piece of crap. ?
  10. So? What difference does that make?
  11. Why not? How would you handle it then? Maybe Scot was a huge asshole, maybe that sort of behaviour would be bad for a team so you get rid of it? I'll ask again, why does everyone demonize Bruce so much, I fail to see what he did so horribly wrong. We will still get good players. We will be fine. What's not fine is a disgruntled/drunk/whatever was going on being your GM. I refuse to believe it's "jealousy up top" I mean what a vague statement, what does that even mean. It just fits our disgruntled narrative. Scot just lost his 3rd job in a row for whatever reason, but we are ignoring that history and hating on Bruce because....why again? Honestly, no one's answerd this yet.
  12. I'll just pick this one out of the many sky is falling posts. The Scot thing is worrisome but it's not "lingering". If the redskins came out debating with the media about every story and tried to ease your poor little impatient hearts about everything, we would say they were being unprofessional. Because they would be. As for Kirk and the WRs....again....WE ALREADY KNEW THEY WERE ALL FREE AGENTS. WHY are we suddenly acting like things are spinning out of control?
  13. So I'm supposed to believe that Scot was stomping his feet and fussing about Cooleys comments and thats why he's not at the facility. Ok. And now we're googling unflattering pictures of him (from whatever time) to determine whether or not he looks like an alcoholic. Yall have freakin lost it.
  14. Did I miss something? Why does everyone talk about Bruce Allen like he's some horrible, useless piece of crap. Is it because he said something about a harvest fest once? That's it isn't it. Shrug
  15. 😅 bang, put it down brother you're killing me lol