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  1. You know Janet Jackson will be there. You know they will tease a booble coming out. It will be hilarious. At least that's how I would book it. But really, he's a guy a went 180 on since his goofy pop days. Dude's super talented.
  2. Gotcha. Wasn't aware of the GB thing. Still, I wonder why the browns were the team to catch the suddenly available top execs. I suppose it's that sexy amount of draft capital they have. Also, do these guys just seem like top execs because GB has had some of the best QB play in the league? Anyway, I never was laughing at the poor browns, but if I was, I'm not suddenly scared of what they're doing now. They're AFC, I don't really care, but hell, I hope they do turn it around, It would be interesting. I'm just not on board with modeling after them, especially if it involves losing literally almost all of your games for 2 years. Believe it or not, the skins are close to contending. We don't need this nuke the team nonsense. .....as long as we have a QB ;(
  3. So, if what the browns are doing in the front office is so brilliant, why hasn't everyone else done it? Football players you have to draft or buy with a salary cap in mind, but suddenly the worst team in the league by a mile is making genius FO moves? They just made some phone calls and boom, best FO in the league all of the sudden? We're these top execs just waiting around for the BROWNS to call them?? I'll believe it when I see results. I get the structure and culture change. We tried it with Scot, then **** happened, but then again, where is he now? Did Dan and Bruce successfully drag his name through the mud, or did we overvalue him simply because he's not Bruce allen. Are these new browns guys so great, or are they just getting excited because they...ironically...arent football guys. (I agree with going for it in that regard: run it like a machine or a business). But still, I'm skeptical. It's the browns man. Talk about a losing culture. I suppose if it's going to turn around somewhere, it's starts with guys in an office. I just don't see what's so special about these particular guys. Even if their new structure is so great, they've got a looooong hill to climb. Kind of like the jags have been climbing and we're doing now.
  4. This discussion happens every year. "I wish we lost more cuz draft picks". Stop. It doesn't happen. Teams don't lose on purpose in the NFL. Ever. Nope, not even the Colts that one time. It's unrealistic and a silly thing to wish for. Teams lose because they suck. It's not just their talent, they lose in the 4th quarter to teams who know how to close games. That's a thing you get with experience, not sucking so hard that you get to throw a bunch of high draft picks at your ****ty team. Winning helps too, believe it or not. Even if it's 7 or 9 wins. You just have to be patient. And if the team is 8 ish wins for 10 years, Oh well. You still did it the right way. Now the front office pieces on the other hand, Oh yeah, I'm with you there. We were so close to being at least 'normal' in that regard. If the browns do in fact have a great fo now, then that's certainly going to be an exciting draft for them. But I don't envy their position at all. We just have to keep grinding with what we have. It's tough. Wishing we were the browns right now is literally loser talk.
  5. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    I believe he stays. I'm no expert on contracts but I believe enough guaranteed money or enough of a bonus or whatever will seal it. I think Kirk, going forward, would be most comfortable going forward with the team he knows. I think the team knows this and agrees. They have to know losing Kirk in some sort of hopeless way just cannot happen. In other words, the off-season negotiations are actually for real this year. Whatever happens, I hope it's not losing Kirk over a few million dollars (in NFL money). That would be sad.
  6. Redskins vs Giants Prediction Thread: 2017 Locking the Closed Door

    Ayy all this negativity lol. Going 8 and 8 ish for 3 years is something we were begging for lately. I'm sorry we didn't skyrocket to 13 wins yet yall. This team is alright. Miles ahead of the giants. Injury riddled season. Show who we are and stomp 3 bad teams in a row to finish. 8-8, watch out for us next year. That's what everyone besides redskins fans would say about our team. Obvious x factor is cousins, but otherwise, let's slow down on the typical doom and gloom. Anyway, 27-17 skins, garbage time td from Eli for that 17.
  7. Redskins Denver Post Game Assessments

    The injury thing (to our extent) means that we are not fielding our opening day team. Most teams can say that, but we lost everything. You spend all summer getting guys ready, getting a scheme ready. It's tough on every team sure, but we were having to reinvent a scheme each week. Each week made us look like a .500 team. GOOD. I mean honestly, WHERE did these huge expectations come from? Since when do redskins fans get to expect 12 win seasons? Well, since now. Couple plays here and there and we are fighting for 11 or 12 wins. That's WITH all the injuries. Imagine it with a consistent healthy oline (biggest thing, would have made a huge difference) a healthy Jordan reed and a Chris Thompson who didn't get hurt? Folks would be talking about how dangerous we are. Its close. We're close. Don't let that dreaded 8 and 8 record sour you Lol. Suddenly it's a bad thing for us to be 8 and 8 each year. We have to be automatically 13 and 3 or we want to blow it up lol. Consistency is key. Keep this team goin. It can beat anyone.
  8. Redskins Denver Post Game Assessments

    Yeah well, remember we used to be the "make the nobody qb look like a hofer" team. So...glass half full! To be fair, we had some good qbs on the ropes this year. It took everything for brees to beat this team. It still would have been very close considering the nfc. The 10 win Panthers were close to being in a situation where they'd be out of the playoffs. If we're pretending that KC and NO were wins (they should have been), we would still be having to fight hard, With this banged up team. I'm almost glad I'm not having to have heart attacks on these last couple games lol.
  9. Game Day Thread: Donkeys at Redskins

    Hah. **** yeah Oh we did an end zone thing
  10. Game Day Thread: Donkeys at Redskins

    I mean, It's clearly a fumble. Reffing around the league this year man. Those guys are getting old
  11. Game Day Thread: Donkeys at Redskins

    Catch, turn, move, fumble Or not. Whatever
  12. Game Day Thread: Donkeys at Redskins

    "It was a bad snap yeah, but, you know, probably a lapse in concentration from cousins." Even the announcers make no sense when taking about Kirk.
  13. Did you finish the Chargers game???

    There's a lot of this 'giving up' talk, and it certainly looked that way, but let's not say it so matter of fact-ly. I believe that it's rarely if ever actually happened: players that truly don't care. That's not what happened Sunday. In fact, calling them quitters is a cop out. They just got their asses thoroughly kicked. Mostly because their roster looks nothing like the one in September. It's been more hopeless than this, yet here we are actually considering whether we should even like football anymore lol. Dial it back a bit people. The injuries were insane. That's pretty much it. We needed a healthy offense to make up for losing those 2 receivers. If anything, hate on Bruce, but don't call the players and coaches quitters. These guys are trying.
  14. Redskins vs Cardinals Prediction Thread: MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY!

    The last 3 games have looked exactly the same, an offense that just cannot do anything. It's gonna look that way from here on out, with maybe 1 fluke win via lucky bounces. Could be this week. Who cares.
  15. Is Jay Gruden a quitter?

    Yeah, this is true. But when you know your running won't work, you have to get off that page. You have to try SOMETHING. Something else. I think the creativity in our offense ended with Chris Thompson's broken leg. Should be time to let Kirk do a screw it, wing it offense, but we're still doing a standard, predictable offense. Predictably bad. Embarrassing. Just do something different Jay. For the hell of it, just do something different. Get creative. Who knows, it might actually freakin work.