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  1. I don't think anyone is putting the loss on cousins, but the people who have decided to hate him unless he's x amount of money (otherwise they love him?) are using a loss as a statistic to preach the importance between 23 and 25 million dollars or whatever. We've had our QB debates, but this one is just weird. Everyone except certain redskins fans know that Kirk looked big time today and pretty big-time overall. Would other teams have this problem? There should be no discussion about Kirk at this point. Pretend you're not a redskins fan and watch him play. He's really good I get the money thing, but it's going to have to be a reeeealy crazy high number to say it's too much.
  2. The Official 2017 Game Day Thread

    I just tuned in. Philly kicker hurt or something? Looks like they got a linebacker on kickoffs lol. Fortunate for them they're not gonna need a late clutch fg. I refuse to believe philly is this good. I'm sticking with: we are cursed, eagles are blessed this year. ****.
  3. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    The last 2 minutes of halves are unbelievable. Teams score with ease, even twice if they have to. That has to be on coaching I guess. I don't know. But it happens every time. It's guaranteed.
  4. Not irrelevant, just not as important as people are making it. I understand cap figures and such. But these leftover percentages of money do not automatically equal good football players around the team. The idea that we need to have a bunch of cap room to sign a bunch of great guys is silly. Even with "the biggest qb contract evar!!", the team will still have reasonable cap room to work with. It doesn't mean the rest of the team is automatically ****. I'm watching this guy play every week, And I feel like I'm finally watching a pro lol. If some cap space winds up being the problem, then that's just ****in embarrassing.
  5. Lol 150 million per year? No. Come on. I guess you're saying would I be ok with what seems like way too much, like 25 or 30. Fortunately, it doesn't matter what I think. Transition tag will show what he's worth to the league and whether or not we are willing to match an offer. 150 million is obviously an exaggeration, but yeah, I would be fine with some seemingly huge number like 25 or 30. Because that's the way the league is going now. QBs are getting $. He's a good QB. Cousins really understands the game and is playing like a reliable pro QB. I like seeing that on my favorite football team, I want to keep it, and I'm willing to let the rest of the contracts fall as they may, because QB is really really important lol.
  6. IMO, people really need to slow down on the money and cap situation when it comes to cousins. I feel like 100% of the time you hear that ("I like him but not for x amount of money"), those people are just saying they don't like him. I get it. Cap space. Signing other players etc. But to definitively say: "we will NOT have the money to sign other guys" is just trying to predict the future. What other guys are we talking about? Aren't we supposed to be building through the draft? (We are lately). Ok, so those guys would eventually be due for an extension. I get it, but most of the time, teams just work it out. Speaking of the future: you know the salary cap is going up every year yeah? Which is why the typical QB contracts are getting higher every year. So everyone has their number in mind that is "too high" for cousins, as if one million dollars per year (or even five million) is going to just completely ruin the rest of the team in some future situation that hasn't even begun to happen yet. We just lost Jackson and Garcon, and I'm pretty sure it had very little do with whatever cousins gets paid. (I could be wrong there). Anyway, point is, if you like and believe in cousins then you wouldn't care as much about the money. So just say you don't like him. And if you don't like him, then I say your expectations are way too high. He's good. And the team will find a way to build around him. Unfortunate that we're probably at a transition tag phase, but who knows, that could be the answer.
  7. Vikings Redskins Post game assessments

    So about the opposing fans always taking over (like over 50 percent every time, every game I've been to), ...honestly, why is that? Do we have a different system for our season tickets than everyone else or something? Are there people with accounts set up in such a way that literally MOST of the tickets are sold by redskins fans who have no intention of going to the game? I don't get it. People say build a smaller stadium. By what, 20,000 seats? What difference would that make? We're already seeing over 40,000 tickets go to opposing fans each game. **** really bothers me, I just don't get it.
  8. It's not normal for qbs to scramble every time there's a bit of pressure, not everyone is dak/Wilson. I believe cousins is one of the least sacked qbs. He plays the way a QB should and we're whining because he's not scrambling and making Aaron Rodgers plays when the rest of the team is failing. He doesn't throw many picks either but after today, you would think all he does is hold the ball in the pocket and throw only to the other team. We overreact more than any other fans I swear. It was a good game, theilen ran wild for a few plays and there's your ballgame.
  9. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Welp, it's Docston or bust at Seattle. All this stuff about Kirk being afraid to take chances has to go out the window. He's really gotta pick a bunch of plays to just throw it up for grabs for Josh. If not, and it looks like an anemic, dead offense, then I'll finally have some doubts about Kirk, despite the injuries everywhere else. I mean, if he does go all risk taker and it winds up with INTs, people will hate on him. If he plays it safe and we do nothing, people will hate on him. If Doc pulls in a couple for TDs everyone will love him. So take some shots tomorrow Kirk. Please. It's the only way lol
  10. Cowboys v Redskins Post Game Assessments

    I know it was rainy, but this is a pattern now. There is no offense. I don't know how we score. Whether it's Kirk or jay it's just like...what are we doing? Look at the WR stats, it's crazy. We suck at running or give up on it. And we don't throw the ball to WRs until we feel desperate to score.
  11. That has to be the last Crowder sighting on returns
  12. Redskins 49ers Post Game Assessments

    We didn't complain this much about a game we lost 2 weeks ago lol. Winning is hard in the NFL. Sorry it wasn't mind blowingly perfect everyone.
  13. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Pretty bad? 330, 2 tds one pick and a sweet rushing td? Dude doesn't really get sacked either. I saw a few off passes, but if those were on, we're talking about another nearly perfect game for Kirk. Shrug
  14. All Things Ezekiel Elliott

    So is Alfred the guy now? Do I start him in fantasy or...