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  1. A GM getting fired and a QB not signed long term are not reasons to go all dumpster fire on the team. Losing is. Remember? Losing a lot and posting pics of dumpsters on fire. Save those till we start losing a lot again. This team will probably play pretty well and be fine. Don't worry about contracts and cap numbers while watching Kirk on Sundays, it's not healthy.
  2. Was just watching some random skins highlights and gotta say..(never thought I'd say this 7 years ago right?...)...I'm gonna miss Desean Jackson. Still think it's the right thing to move on from him and garcon, still excited about Doc and Pryor and Crowder and Reed, I mean come on, of course we should all feel good about the receiving corp just wanted to throw out a "thanks for the kickass plays" to Jackson, 'cause he made plays like no one else. Just blazing past everyone else on the field. As excited as we should be for the current group, you have to wonder how crucial that sort of deep threat was to the success of the offense. But I think things will not only be just fine without the crazy deep threat, but possibly better. There's still very fast guys on the team and Cousins can still get the ball to them...then we have the best route running TE in the game, more height and 'box out rebound catch' ability in our new guys, Crowder is rising, and the 3rd down back is capable of anything in the 3rd down playbook. What's not to love? Love our receiving corp. Enjoy your Dez flexing and OBJ flashy catches (****, Reed has had better catches ) the Redskins have a little bit of everything. I think Kirk and Jay are feeling it, in high gear, and ready to have their way with opponents in the passing game. But football still has running I guess lol...so lets figure that out a bit and this truly becomes a very very dangerous offense.
  3. Ohhh this game 7 comin up. You're welcome NBA fans
  4. What in the world happened with that double flagrant or whatever. (It was only barely flagrant on big dude) Refs putting both teams in foul trouble in the championship game. Cool
  5. Lol dagger The worst kind of plagiarism is when you change a few words here and there. Why not just copy and paste brother lol
  6. I think Kirk seems to be the opposite of that kind of player. He seems like a genuinely good guy, like too good for his own good, the kind of guy to loan you his last 20 bucks. But this is the NFL and he has an agent. It's barely up to him what the numbers are. And there is a market to "abide by". Brady isn't a good comparison. I think DHall did something similar? But still not comparable to a QB, especially not one that's been double franchised.
  7. Hey if we're going to hate on OP for not being creative enough, then let's hear your ideas. I dunno what was there to be had. When we were courting djax and someone posted "skins no longer interested in Jackson" but it was Rob Jackson lol. That was good. Everything's too serious here lately so I dunno if any decent jokes could be made about Scot or Kirk whatever. "Cousins signs long term franchise tender" or something I dunno lol.
  8. Ok fine, Bruce is an ass lol. I just don't get the immediate pile on as if Scot was this perfect thing and we can't possibly succeed without him. Dan's not going anywhere and Bruce isn't either. That's why I find the fire Bruce hashtag and all this outrage silly. This is our favorite team, it's healthier for all of us to accept the hierarchy on this team and hope for the best. No sense in being miserable about it. Besides, we are trending upward. Just because Scot isn't making player decisions from now on doesn't mean we're automatically losers. I belive Jay Gruden when he says it's always been a group effort deciding on players. That includes more people than Bruce or Scot. So I'll believe that we will get good players and we will continue to trend upwards. If we start to suck again, Ok, THEN we can start calling for heads. But why are we doing it now, before any games have been played? We may not agree with the way it appears Bruce does business, but sometimes the asshole boss is a good boss. We like the idea that Scot was very personal with players but it seems Bruce did not, and oh well. Here we are. We're still going to be a very dangerous offense with Jay. We need to fix D, and people besides Scot know that, so we will try. So in the meantime, let's just root for our team, hope for the best, and enjoy the games yeah?
  9. I only got through a few replies. This is getting absolutely ****ing ridiculous. Our supposed favorite football team is coming off of 2 good seasons and everyone is acting like it's doomsday joke of the league awful and no one would want to work here????? What?? The GM got fired. FOR THE THIRD TIME IN HIS CAREER. Our qb used to throw a lot of picks so we were hesitant to give him a billion dollars. Our wrs contracts were up and they're gone (which is being addressed)....sounds like pretty normal football operations to me. ...so tell me, WHERE is the part where we are a stupid awful joke, why Bruce Allen is so awful, why Dan is awful (again). What am I missing here? OUR TEAM HAS BEEN WINNING. Everywhere I turn, in here, on Facebook it's just awful negative ****. And stop with this "there was a power struggle" ****, of course there was! That's business. There was obviously and I mean OBVIOUSLY something else going on with Scot, but no, the easy, fun, sexy answer is to call Bruce a power hungry evil villain and make hashtags threatening his job and livelihood. It's a simple question no one has answered for me yet: why does everyone hate Bruce Allen so much?
  10. I still don't get this doomsday feeling everyone has. The only odd thing is Scot being let go. We already knew guys were hitting FA or needing contracts. Back to back winning seasons, young players, coach extended, changes in crappy defense... I mean what do people want us to do differently, and why is this considered dark times or something??
  11. Yeah. And maybe this was said GMs fault. Maybe that's why he got fired. For the 3rd time. But go ahead, blow up Bruce Allen's phone, I'm sure it will sway his opinions on things.
  12. I don't know what you mean. A guy got fired and a statement was made. I'm sorry he didn't sit you down and pat you on the head before he delivered it. This is the most overreacting I have ever seen from fans.
  13. This is just full blown whining now, can we stop?? Our wrs and qbs contracts were up and there was something wrong with our GM. Get the **** over it and stop calling for people's heads, jesus
  14. Seems like fans are coming back down to earth. It still sucks, but now that the dust is settling, we can clearly see what's going on. We already knew 2 WRs were likely gone, we hoped one of the two would stay but nope. That's just typical NFL free agency. We'll move on and hope that doctson contributes and that Jamison will grow, along with whoever else. We already knew cousins contract situation would be one of those things. If this Scot thing turned out to be worst case scenario, then I would like to think the cousins thing will be the opposite. Again, typical NFL free agency and we agree to a deal at some point. (Again, we have plenty of time to figure it out, we will consider that we now have needs at wr, always had needs on defense and don't have time to search for a QB.)
  15. Isn't it "people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones" lol.. Whatever. This is a prime window for everyone to paint the bosses as Mr burns type evil villains