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  1. Isn't there a bit of a silver lining here though that if Bruce doesn't hire another whipping boy, and the team struggles that Allen is on the hot-seat? I mean I know he is "giving credit" to the entire staff for the off-season but ultimately not hiring a GM is putting him at the controls with no puppet at the end of the strings he can cut away from if things go south. Obviously I just want to win, hell if we win a Superbowl(however unlikely that is) this season or say make an NFC championship game with no GM, we will all be singing a different tune. I also would prefer a GM, but not another GMSM situation where he has one foot in and one foot out with his hands tied behind his back....Id almost rather let the ship sink with Bruce at the helm... Then hope that Dan sees Bruce to be a megalomaniac and a dumb-ass, and moves on.
  2. Scarface is a solid movie(a tad overrated) however seeing that breaking bad casted a couple actors for key players in that series is kinda neat in hindsight. I say "Return of the Jedi" wins it for me. feel like popping it in now.
  3. This times one thousand. Chelsea Manning deemed a patriot and this... Maybe I should spend more time listening to metal and lifting weights than watching this generation of ******* ruin every thing that hurts their feelings.
  4. Not Joe Mixon or Dalvin cook so he can't be agile!! They cant do some of what he can do either... the whole "not athletic" reference to this guy is laughable. Like oh ya? How many "not athletic" guys you know that can bench press 400 pounds, run a 4.5 to 4.6 and hold school rushing records?
  5. I agree with your point. But McCoy would be our guy in said scenario and I think he could hold us around .500 until he(colt) gets hurt and thhhhen we get Sudsy...
  6. (It just fit, lol sorry)
  7. You made a good point earlier @RansomthePasserby I just hate hate seeing that crap. The police did come on pretty swift too.
  8. I hate to say it but average Americans are unprepared for violence. Totally prepared to show up and complain and protest, but unable to protect themselves from thugs. This country has become too dependent on government to save them from bullies. If these out out of shape uncoordinated mid forties Turkish dudes in monkey suits ran up on some angry people where I live, they would have got ****ed up...
  9. He used power and money as a means for sexual exploitation. The world is a a better place without him, Shame he wasn't dealt with sooner.
  10. I hate this. Saddened by the loss his family and friends have to endure and saddened for all his fans and followers. Rest In Peace.
  11. Matt Jones could be top 20 based on potential alone...
  12. Someone else noted Knighton. Aaron Rodgers changed the face of that game because of us trying to rotate Knighton. Lots of teams attempt to do it now too. Having a guy 320 pounds or more on the field for 3 downs on sustained drives can be unrealistic and costly. There are a few guys like Brandon Williams, Poe, Harrison and Joseph who are huge and can also stay on the field without costing their team. They just so damn hard to find. Would I like to have one of those guys? Yes please. But I don't think not having one of them could cost a playoff run as long as we have a NT stop gap and good supporting players. Time will tell though. I think someone will step up and we will have a couple guys able to run the Nose. I still like Ioanidis potential there as well, the dude is strong as **** and anchors really well...I think if he adds a little more weight and help from tomsula. ya never know. Sucks having to gamble instead of having the position locked up so I do understand the urgency. Even contenders have weak spots though...
  13. I have the worst sun burn I've ever had in my life. self induced hell since Sunday. I went 3 hours no sun screen on the beach. Convinced myself "I tan" and "don't burn" needless SS to say I now know what "hells itch is". I've been worthless since Monday and I'm just now starting to heal. completely covered in blisters on my chest shoulders and upper back. Last night I took painkiller/benodryl/whiskey and convinced myself to go to the gym. I had wet spots on my shirt from busted blisters during the workout (gross right?). To add insult to injury. My wife has been more annoyed than sympathetic. Anyways, lesson learned. Never again.
  14. The last true NT we had helped the packers beat us first round in 15. Alas he was out of shape but many "true" nt's are. i think if we can find someone 300 lbs and can anchor. We should be fine with good pieces around him.