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  1. Agreed, and it is baffling considering how big our line is. Not to mention we have a converted guard playing center and a monster at right guard and left tackle. You would think these guys would be mauling people. I think Callahan has done wonders in the passgame but I feel like runblocking takes a certain attitude(one we are lacking). If you watch our team run the ball it seems like a slight delay before they hit their assignments, while you watch good run blocking teams explode forward in sync with the snap of the football. Sometimes even our exchanges between center to qb, and qb to rb just look hesitant and wonky. I know most yards comes from between the tackles, especially in short yardage situations. But maybe since we have bigger bodies out wide we can do more misdirection and pulling.
  2. Blind homerism and being optimistic with our free agency are not equals. And that's what I think. You even said you liked some of the moves. Can people who agree with that believe the team has a chance to get even better after the draft without being blind? Since when has pessimism done anyone any good? Are negative opinions supposed to be antidotes to something out of our control anyway? Again. Not knocking anyone for being skeptical by some of the offseason moves, it's valid. But calling people homers because they are excited for the positives is just Scrooge mcduck worthy.
  3. Not to stir the pot here but @carex has not been insulting. He just is trying to see the positive in a team he loves. Nothing wrong with being a realist or a "homer". Both sides are valid here I think. I have noticed about 3 or 4 of the "realist" types banging the drum about how the team has declined with the occasional optimist popping up only to be overwhelmed by pessimism. In response these optimists create an argument for why the team is better and then have to defend themselves from the group of "realist" who have repeated why they think this team is worse off. At this point we have lost a couple key players, our talented, super-scout gm and have yet to lock up our franchise qb. That is enough to be upset about. But lets not act like the front office is sleeping at the wheel. We have added some good pieces and some questionable. We got younger on both fronts and we still have 10 draft picks in a deep draft to fill some holes with. I think being optimistic is relevant here. We as fans have been through hell and back these past 25 years, leading to constant skepticism. So I'm not blaming anyone for having those familiar feelings of failure and disappointment set in. But lets not destroy faith, hope and optimism for a team we love. After the dust has settled and the 53 has been set, all 32 teams are 0-0. Let's continue to let this thing play out. Let us also continue to have an open mind to both sides of the mental state of Redskins fandom. HTTR
  4. Ok cool, just felt like some were downplaying one of his strengths. He is fast and a fantastic runner in space.
  5. You have to take into account his other timed agility combine numbers plus game tape to truly understand his on field speed. He is fast. Not blazing like tyreek hill, or desean...But he is fast.
  6. It happens a lot man. Teams miss a lot. His resume as an NFL safety(SS) was spotty at best until he spent some time at FS with Zona, he played well. He was surrounded by lots of talented players on a well put together defense. But he did his part . Combine numbers are so overvalued in this league that if the numbers don't fit the position then teams blindly reject that the player can play the position. Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, Jerry Rice, Julian Edelman, Richard Sherman are examples of players with falling stock because of tangibles. Now I know this comparison defends only half of the point you made. Imagine this scenario now, Edelman starts his career as a qb and struggles...bounces to a couple teams before fitting into a wr role for 3/4 of a season and looks above average with flashes of good. In the FA market he would be overlooked and in fact, he did test the market before being resigned last time and he didn't generate the buzz he anticipated due to tangible stereotypes. Swearinger was a stud FS in the SEC. He was a solid FS for one of the best defenses in football last season. I'm not saying you couldn't end up right and he isn't the NFL FS I think he can be(the reps are limited at this level). But i think it's unfair to say he won't succeed. In my opinion he was stunted by the lemming mentality, combine obsessed powers that be who think he can't play FS because he doesn't run a sub 4.6 Give him a chance. That post earlier you made about us not snagging an ILB and potentially missing out on elite talent was spot on though. I hope they stick to the board and don't reach.
  7. This is so exciting to me. Our wide outs have always been small speedy types, or big slow and always injured. If we can keep all these big athletic receivers healthy... As his airness recently said "the ceiling is the roof"...And FedEx has no roof. It's real, this damn team finds new ways to sucker me every damn year.
  8. How about South Carolina??
  9. Pro bowl linebacker off topic how bout those game****s right now. I know it's far from over but they are giving Duke a run.
  10. You know our defense is like an 11 link chain with 6 links that are gaping and need to be bolstered or welded. You are blaming the 4 or five fortified links because of the other clown pieces of chain. I won't buy that fuller is trash or that Kerrigan can't tackle. Kerrigan is made to rush the passer and set the edges. He does that mostly, he got exposed really bad on misdirection and playaction this season but how much of that falls on Compton/theDl/Barry and what happens during the week at practice before the games?
  11. Barry doesn't help. But you are right personel as a whole was bad, but I won't buy that Norman is the only talented dude on the defense. Fuller was a rookie coming off of serious injury previous season, playing slot against Beasley and Diggs, I'll give him a break before I give you one. How the heck is our defense worse now that we have talent at safety? I guess my biggest issue is why pick on one of our best assets on a defense with not much to be proud of? Seems silly to me, the guy(Kerrigan) has been solid, year in and out since being drafted. Yea we could have had Watt, but a lot of teams whiffed instead we have a yearly 10 sack guy who can force fumbles. I'll take it.
  12. Ok well most teams only have 1-2 elite talent guys on either side of the ball. I think we are pretty on par in that aspect. The issue is we have too many scrubs in the center of the field. Subpar 3-4 lineman and maybe worst safety situation in football(but not now).
  13. What the heck are you talking about? Cravens and Kerrigan are talented. I believe fuller, Bash and Gallette are also talented. We just had major holes last year and a poor scheme. i rushed into this post without adding that the talent we have is negated by the inferior cast they are surrounded by. The players I listed above would look great on New England,Houston or somewhere with more cohesion on that side of the ball.
  14. Well I was playing into some of the stereo types I have heard about him in the list of "positives". When I say top 10 at what he does, I mean as a 3-4 OLB but He is fringe at that. Still a great football player. Not a huge PFF follower or believer.