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  1. Again, proving my point. Lots of negativity on a good signing. I won't add much else on the subject, other than I think he will surprise. Httr
  2. Cant wait for this dude to surprise some fellow Redskins fans. Much needed nastiness added to the back of our defense between him and Sua.
  3. Trotz Immediately becomes suspect in any unsolved homicides by cliff cases...😂
  4. Serena Williams and Peyton Manning would make a qb mold to change the sport.
  5. I'll get in on this "Ovi isn't doing his part" nonsense and add my two cents... 8 took a dirty shot walked it off came in and layed ****ing wood. Then when asked about the hit he short responded with "I'm not worried about it". He has 3 goals and has been a factor every time he's on the ice.
  6. Glutes getting a workout from all the clenching. Buns of steel
  7. New goaltending technique, strong arm traffic around the net. Hope for homecooking interference call.