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  1. All I know is that if he does sign, the contract will be huge...Somebody should trademark "time to earn that money Kirk" and collect royalties off the game Day threads.
  2. You will see. We will talk then. i will have no problem admitting I was wrong. i just feel like the organization almost has to offer market value or there will be lots of angry fans (including me). i just have a good feeling they will (offer fair contract) due to the circumstances. I also think it's a high probability Kirk will chase the open market. Time will tell.
  3. The deadline at this point is the only way we will be able to see and real transparency on what the "Cousins camp" is thinking... Our front office WILL offer a fair market contract (something similar to Carr's or slightly better), and say "Kirk we want you to be a Redskin, this is what we can offer without hurting our chances at a Super Bowl". If Kirk chooses to say "no thanks" and hit the market to chase 30 million. Nobody can blame this team for being railroaded by a greedy man. I won't be told otherwise.
  4. All the different percentages for Kirk getting signed are so funny to me. Contract meteorologists
  5. This type of nostalgia just hurts... nothing even comes close to this as of late
  6. Wow surprising big strong athletic kid like Harper looks like hes never been in a fight before lol. Spaz out big time.
  7. I didn't feel bad for him with the infidelity story... After this, I feel sorry for him. I hope he can turn it around, for his health.
  8. (place social/political daggers in the room) "im just going to leave these here".... Watch a whole lot of tip toe'ing through the tulips/banging on drums.
  9. We don't want them in SC 😜
  10. Most of y'all cry about puck luck all playoffs long...then when we lose a game 7 to the most likely back to back Stanley cup winners y'all want to blow the whole thing up. If it was truly puck luck, y'all would be wanting another shot.
  11. It's like the scene in "Deadpool" where Wade is unsure if the punishment he inflicts on the female villain is sexist because he is hitting her or would be sexist if he didn't. But this is also a movie about a guy who overcame terminal cancer and cannot die. I for one (or two here in ES tailgate) will proudly live with the outdated software of being morally opposed to striking women with intent to cause bodily harm. Sometimes the old operating systems work better anyways.(I'm looking at you windows 10)
  12. This and I choose Gone with the wind
  13. I don't know how or why this is so hard to explain or grasp. When was this lost?