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  1. Rain Man. This scene crushes my soul. And the one that really shattered my guts as a boy....
  2. I'd like to see some breakdowns of the defensive side of the ball. There always seems to be more of a skew towards offensive discussion on threads and I want to learn more about our defense. We got a a new DC. A new scheme. I know that's broad. I'm not considered to be much of an idea guy.
  3. My personal favorite and a hero of mine. Pouring one out.
  4. Awesome!!!! This is my favorite draft in forever, so obviously they will all suck. Great job by the FO, in my opinion.
  5. You're obviously not from Philly.
  6. I'm thinking we might take a RB here. You know Jay is itching for a weapon in the backfield that he can underutilize.
  7. I'm on a roll. Who you guys want at 81? I know Monk mentioned Montravius Adams. Weren't we linked to him early in the process?
  8. You know you're my boy. Who you like tonight? Who you got your eye on?
  9. I'm thinking Ryan Anderson. Sneaky good.
  10. This is the most concise TSO OP ever. Let's get this thing going. I want a teeth rattling ILB, an EDGE beast, and a slick wheelin' DB. Let's roll!!!!!!
  11. We did. He dropped his gatorade on the way out.
  12. Nice!!!!! I'll guess it was SM draft board since I liked the pick.
  13. Alright, Bruce. You ***** **** ************ ****** ***** *** ******* ***. Let's do this.
  14. Solid work, sir. CB is a big need for the Eagles. So is a new fight song.