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  1. The Defensive Line Thread - Who makes the cut?

    Nice post, TSO. A Concise effort. I agree on the Mc's. As much as a lot of people on here follow and anticipate FA, with people making wish lists, etc., when we sign a couple guys and everyone says "who?", you have to keep your expectations in check. I'm hoping that maybe McClain can be a sold rotational guy. JAllen is the real deal. That clip where he chased down a screen? from the opposite side of the field was not something that you see ordinary DL do. Can't believe he fell in our laps. I'm excited to watch him grow.
  2. Trump and His Cabinet......God Bless America; OP Updated

    I wish I shared your optimism. I think the percentage is much higher. Every single person that I know that voted for Trump has a problem with minorities. Every single one.
  3. Trump and His Cabinet......God Bless America; OP Updated

    These rallies are so ****ing weird.
  4. All Things Star Wars Thread

    Did you laugh when that one Ewok died?
  5. Bill Callahan and the Offensive Line

    I'm too lazy to look it up, but I think Jay's stats as a career OC would lead you to believe that he tends to lean more on the passing game. It's not a total knock on Jay. I think every OC/HC has their areas of expertise. Jay's passing offense and WR development/production can't be ignored. He schemes guys open. But I think his preference (my perceived preference) for the passing game makes it so tempting to abandon the running game when we struggle early on. And I understand the concept of "it's on the players to execute" mentality, but teaching matters. If you give ten coaches the same play with the same players, some coaches will get better execution. I know Bill Callahan is a stud OL coach, so the amount of missed assignments we have leads me to believe their is some confusion schematically. Or, Callahan could suck and our OL could be overrated. I just think that's a a bit of a knee jerk reaction.
  6. Bill Callahan and the Offensive Line

    We run too many concepts, and Jay won't commit to running the ball. And he's not good at teaching the run game. MShanny understood the importance of a two-yard run. Jay doesn't grasp that concept. Like our defense has lacked attitude, our OL/run game has lacked it as well. Running the ball is an attitude. It looks like we have zero confidence right now like a guy who has missed a bunch of short putts. I personally think Perine is gonna have a bigger impact on the run game than people realize. It's just a matter of time before he gets the lion's share of the work.
  7. Trump and His Cabinet......God Bless America; OP Updated

    This is an effort to pivot away from last month's disaster. Let him give a speech off the prompter. Have Paul Ryan give a town hall after. Let all the Pub Senators tweet their support. It's another attempt at a reset for this pile of **** presidency.
  8. Random Thought Thread

    The eclipse came and went and I'm still broke. Thanks Obama!
  9. Random Thought Thread

  10. The 2017 Training Camp Discussion Thread

    I am still shocked and surprised by how many people here who still don't seem to understand who we root for and what that means. Complaining about our team is like complaining about the food at Arby's. You shoulda known what to expect when you sat down at the table. Embrace the suck.
  11. Game Day Thread - Redskins vs Packers

    Proud of my guys. Proud of my team. Proud of my bourbon. Good night.
  12. Game Day Thread - Redskins vs Packers

    I understand the sentiment here, but there's gotta be a happy medium between your idea of moving the goal posts, and your chosen tactic of ****ting on everything after every play from the very outset of the second preseason game.
  13. Game Day Thread - Redskins vs Packers

    Our guys were probably tired from the trip to Green Bay. I'll start to worry when we play this bad at home.
  14. Game Day Thread - Redskins vs Packers

    I wanna see Curcht chuck one out to Doctson.
  15. Game Day Thread - Redskins vs Packers

    We made some moves on defense, but we still haven't upgraded enough on that side of the ball to be a legit team. Need another playmaker or two. About what I expected.