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  1. I'll take that bet. Is that more of a criticism of Lonzo or are you just really high on Hart? I'm genuinely curious. I watched a lot of UCLA's games this year and I think Lonzo is a can't miss prospect. I see a lot of people trying to poke holes in his game, maybe I'm missing something. Kid seems like a prodigy to me.
  2. Plenty of room in Steph's mouth for another couple of d****.
  3. No doubt. I kinda wrote my post with you in mind. I know you run with the Heat. I followed Bam since he was a soph in HS. I know he didn't grow up with much, if anything at all. He's a country strong, humble kid. Easy to root for. I imagine you'll like him quite a bit.
  4. I'm pulling hard for Bam to make it. He's a local kid, was really disappointed he didn't play for the Heels. He plays hard. Works hard. Better shooter than people think. And he's a freaking moose.
  5. Not swapping the team names after trades is the most annoying thing about the NBA draft. It just makes it confusing. I watch a lot of ACC Hoops. The Collins kid from Wake Forest can really play. I think he'll prove to be a great pick for somebody.
  6. I don't need an estimate to figure out that gutting Medicaid is gonna hurt a hell of a lot of people. You're right, there's no telling what the actual number will be. But kicking anyone off of healthcare is one too many. We can't be the greatest country in the world if we can't even take care of our own people. It's disgusting. You can spin it however you like, but those "projections" are actually living, breathing people. And those people will suffer. All because a bunch of rich pigs want more.
  7. I too get sick of party bickering. It's like a bunch of spoiled kids with the "you did it too!" argument. The media slants both ways which is equally as tiresome. But I don't need to belong to a party to know that taking 23 million people off of healthcare, adding back caps and limits, gutting medicaid, etc. and using those savings to finance tax cut for millionaires is a despicable and shameful act. I don't see how people with a soul can defend such a blatant and shameful policy.
  8. Why don't you guys start a mathlete thread? Like this thread needs more headaches. The Carr deal is good for Cousins. Pony up the 25 per and let's win some ball games.
  9. Don't get me wrong, I'm as big of a Kasdan fan as anyone. However, there's too many cooks in the kitchen on this one. Ron Howard is too safe to make it soar. And Harrison Ford is Han Solo. Nobody else can pull it off. They need to move on to something else. I don't need a stand alone Han movie. A stand alone Boba Fett movie. A stand alone Yoda movie. They'll probably make a trilogy about the ****ing Jawas at some point. Kasdan also wrote The Force Awakens which was a big pile of ****.
  10. It doesn't matter. The Han Solo movie is gonna suck regardless. Probably have the same tone as an episode of Wings.
  11. Hearing people chant "Trump!" at her rally is just gross. She can **** off.
  12. I actually read that Colt wore the wrong colored cloak to Kirk's D&D party. The two have been on the outs since.
  13. I still think Flynn is gonna sing like a canary at some point.