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  1. I don't see much of a change overall. We're probably better against the run but with a weaker pass rush.
  2. Good point on Elway. I would prefer someone brought in from outside the organisation, but don't really know who. If they do hire Doug Williams then I would obviously hope that it's a great success, but am not convinced.
  3. I don't want Doug Williams as the GM. I am a bit concerned about how extensive his scouting resume actually is, but more than that, I want to remember him as a Redskins hero. The image of him in the superbowl. hobbling around throwing touchdowns for fun is one that still makes me smile. I don't want to remember him as the guy who got sacked and smeared even though he was just implementing Bruce's failed master plan. I realise that Doug and Bruce may turn out to be the best GM/overlord combo in NFL history, but I doubt it. I also realise that 'sacked and smeared' sounds a bit pervy, but you know what I mean. Just want to add that I'm not completely sure that Bruce is the bad guy in all this, Scot's drinking may well have become a major problem. I was just thinking worse case scenario.
  4. Happy 50th Anniversary Hap. Just thought I'd share a bit of 50 year old nostalgia, (cue the cascading string music). Cost of Living 1967Yearly Inflation Rate: USA 2.78% Yearly Inflation Rate: UK 2.7% Year End Close Dow Jones Industrial Average: 905 Average Cost of new house: $14,250.00 Average Income per year: $7,300.00 Average Monthly Rent: $125.00 Gas per Gallon: 33 cents Average Cost of a new car: $2,750.00 Movie Ticket: $1.25 Polaroid Camera: $50.00 Parker Pen Set: $11.95 The Federal Minimum Wage is increased to $1.40 an hour. And in astronomy; NASA launches the Lunar Orbiter 3 spacecraft during February of 1967. The main purpose of the Lunar Orbiter 3 mission was to photograph the surface of the Moon in order to find and analyze potential safe landing sites for future missions in the Surveyor and Apollo programs. The cone-shaped craft also measured radiation and micro-meteoroid impact. The mission lasted for a total of 264 days and it ended in October after taking 149 medium resolution and 477 high resolution photographs.
  5. Well he certainly talks the talk, I don't think he could've given a better interview. I'm sure the QB situation must have been discussed during the interview process. Would he really have signed with us if he thought that McCoy may well be the guy throwing to him?
  6. A few weeks ago I was convinced that a LTD was going to get done, but in light of recent news/leaks my confidence is waning somewhat. With Scot gone there's one less voice in the sign-him camp IMO and Bruce's voice is now even stronger. It seems that if Bruce want's Kirk signed, then he gets signed. If he don't, he don't. Snyder could step in and overrule him (or even fire him), but I think that's unlikely. I believe that if an acceptable deal is offered, Kirk will sign it. This whole 'I won't sign with Bruce there' theme will be swept away as just another ambiguous /false leak. As others have speculated, I reckon that 24-25m per with a big chunk guaranteed would probably be acceptable. I'm sure that all parties involved already know what the likely acceptable deal will look like, but some amount of posturing is almost obligatory. My fear is that 24m-25m is too much for the frugal Mr Allen and he thinks the drop-off to McCoy is not enough to justify paying it. He could also get some shiny new draft picks to play with as well. Right now, I'm still thinking that we will get a LTD sorted, but maybe I'm just fooling myself because that is what I want to happen. As far as the Scot sacking goes, I've changed my mind on it a few times already, with two contrasting scenarios considered: A: Scot's drinking became an increasing problem. Bruce took more and more decision making away from the GM while the team was getting him help, but it eventually became untenable. It was clear that Scot was getting worse and it was agreed that he had to go. The team have said nothing publicly out of respect, allowing Scott to make a statement when and how he wants. B: Bruce wanted things done his way and a power struggle ensued which ended with Scot being sacked. The drinking, while not a problem professionally, used in a well timed 'leak' to smear the ex-SMGM. Scot may be restricted in what he's allowed to say about the team, so a statement may not be forthcoming. Maybe it's a bit of both, maybe there's a completely unknown variable involved. One thing's for sure, you know that we're all buying these guy's autobiographies when they come out. The truth is out there.
  7. I'm not sure if he would take the job, even if offered. But I really like the thought of Mayock coming here. He don't seem like the kind of man to be Bruce's **** though.
  8. @Burger35 you may be correct. But like ZRagone above, I also forgot this was the FA thread and apologise. Probably best to not derail it further.
  9. The article said that he had received treatment for his problem, seems like they tried to help him. I don't know if this is all true or not, and I've been a big supporter of Scott. But if it is true, do you really want a drunk running the team? It's easy to be trite and say yes, better than what we have, but forget the hyperbole and think about it honestly. A drunk assessing free agents and draft choices, c'mon.
  10. By Liz Clarke, John Woodrow Cox, Mike Jones and Master Tesfatsion March 9 at 7:14 PM After weeks of speculation, the Washington Redskins fired General Manager Scot McCloughan on Thursday, a little more than two years into a four-year contract. An official with direct knowledge of the situation attributed the decision to McCloughan’s ongoing problems with alcohol, which also led to his firing from front office positions with the San Francisco 49ers in 2010 and Seattle Seahawks in 2014. “He’s had multiple relapses due to alcohol,” said the official, who spoke on a condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to comment on personnel matters. “He showed up in the locker room drunk on multiple occasions. . . . This has been a disaster for 18 months.” McCloughan, the official said, has received alcohol treatment since joining the franchise in January 2015, but he hasn’t actively worked for the team in weeks. Even before McCloughan left Redskins Park abruptly late last month, the official said, he had already been placed in “timeout” because of his behavior. ........... If true, not sure what else the team could have done.
  11. You admitted that you quoted my sister a while back, so I quoted your ex-wife.
  12. Well if Scott's been leaving the toilet seat up, then they definitely need to sack the selfish pig.