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  1. Very very disappointing. What a complete **** up.
  2. I suppose that the 4pm deadline is to actually submit the contract to the league. If they ain't signing it right now, there won't be enough time.
  3. I'm still hoping that a deal can get done, but a lot of the apparent evidence seems to be saying not. Both sides may believe that it's not a big deal, but how can it not be? If Kirk has a couple of bad games, there will be talk about how he doesn't care because he's leaving at the end of the year. His name will constantly be mentioned as a possible future savior for whichever team is having QB problems that particular week. It may not be a distraction to the team, but it could be. I know one thing for sure; if there isn't a LTD done by the 17th then the Cousins thread will be rocking all season long.
  4. I still think that a LTD gets done, although at one point I did think that it would get done by March. I'm not as convinced as I was five months ago, but expect (and want) it to happen.
  5. Califan007 v theTruthTeller, I'm dying to know who's right, cos I ain't got a ****ing clue.
  6. I'm not really sure how I feel about this now that it's happened. Doug Williams is a Redskin Hero and I obviously hope that he succeeds. But there is a worry that it won't work out and he ends up being the bad guy. I want to remember him for his heroics on the field, not as that personnel-guy who got canned for some undisclosed reason.
  7. I'd like to see a weekly player snap-count, broken down by formation/plays.
  8. I'm English, but never drink tea. I'm 6'5" tall, but can't play basketball. I'm in my fifties, and listen to hardcore techno, gabba and speedcore. I love zombie films/computer games, but don't eat brains.
  9. Interesting what Gruden said about the NT position, (he's old school and called it nose guard). He seems to be happy with the four guys we already have; Matt Ioannidis, Joey Mbu, A.J. Francis and Phil Taylor. He did mention McGee in that group, but then dismissed him as an more of an end. Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but it seemed like both times he said Phil Taylor's name, it was almost as an afterthought. Unless an FA becomes available or an UDFA steps up, we appear to already have our starting NT.
  10. Not a lot of info about him out there. 6' 3 1/2", 298lbs UDFA center signed by the Steelers last year. Spent the year on IR.
  11. Only a five hour difference over here, but late games are still brutal. I usually drink lots of coffee and pre-warn my workmates to stay out of my way on my "zombie" days. Two hours sleep can make you kinda cranky, especially after a divisional loss.
  12. I don't see much of a change overall. We're probably better against the run but with a weaker pass rush.
  13. Good point on Elway. I would prefer someone brought in from outside the organisation, but don't really know who. If they do hire Doug Williams then I would obviously hope that it's a great success, but am not convinced.
  14. I don't want Doug Williams as the GM. I am a bit concerned about how extensive his scouting resume actually is, but more than that, I want to remember him as a Redskins hero. The image of him in the superbowl. hobbling around throwing touchdowns for fun is one that still makes me smile. I don't want to remember him as the guy who got sacked and smeared even though he was just implementing Bruce's failed master plan. I realise that Doug and Bruce may turn out to be the best GM/overlord combo in NFL history, but I doubt it. I also realise that 'sacked and smeared' sounds a bit pervy, but you know what I mean. Just want to add that I'm not completely sure that Bruce is the bad guy in all this, Scot's drinking may well have become a major problem. I was just thinking worse case scenario.
  15. Happy 50th Anniversary Hap. Just thought I'd share a bit of 50 year old nostalgia, (cue the cascading string music). Cost of Living 1967Yearly Inflation Rate: USA 2.78% Yearly Inflation Rate: UK 2.7% Year End Close Dow Jones Industrial Average: 905 Average Cost of new house: $14,250.00 Average Income per year: $7,300.00 Average Monthly Rent: $125.00 Gas per Gallon: 33 cents Average Cost of a new car: $2,750.00 Movie Ticket: $1.25 Polaroid Camera: $50.00 Parker Pen Set: $11.95 The Federal Minimum Wage is increased to $1.40 an hour. And in astronomy; NASA launches the Lunar Orbiter 3 spacecraft during February of 1967. The main purpose of the Lunar Orbiter 3 mission was to photograph the surface of the Moon in order to find and analyze potential safe landing sites for future missions in the Surveyor and Apollo programs. The cone-shaped craft also measured radiation and micro-meteoroid impact. The mission lasted for a total of 264 days and it ended in October after taking 149 medium resolution and 477 high resolution photographs.