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  1. Official Madden 2018 Thread (Xbox 1 and PS4)

    Honestly you gotta find a way to hustle without spending money. Mind you, the game is built on micro's so as you get higher level packs the goodies start to cost points instead of coins..now im guilty i have bought them. Ive maybe spent 60 dollars throughout this mut. My team is 92 ovr with a 93 off amd 91 defense. My brother has a 93 defense so we run squads heavy and absolutely demolish people unless i have a terrible game. Ive built my team to be run heavy so all i got to be is rookie russell due to the way we play defense locks down 99% of people. If you want some pointers on how to hustle pm me
  2. Jay Gruden: Buy, Sell Or HOLD: 2017 edition

    I honestly see jay letting kc walk and going for dalton...or trading for mccaron
  3. Worried About Montae Nicholson's Health & Future

    Really no much reason to play him. Nor trent. Nor any other body thats banged up

    And desean jackson wasnt that cheap but wasnt expensive neither. Or pierre garcon.

    I as well have been fooled
  6. What is on Your Xmas List?

    Yamaha Hs8's
  7. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Let me say this...the eagles front office for almost all I can remember had goof structure. Very savvy traded and fleeced s lot of teams. This past year they signed 2 people timmy jernigan and alshon jeffery to 1 year deals and by the end of week 12 they have been resigned to extensions. Yet we have a Zach Brown who has shown a lot of great things at LB thst we haven't seen since fletch and......we haven't even bothered.
  8. Goodness...I haven't played stratego in AGES. Makes me want to call up old friends and family for a board game night with no scattergories, etc
  9. Meh-- was all about Risk anyways.
  10. The Kicker Thread

    I think he un seats Hopkins. Hopkins would of missed a fg by now. He is 90% right now. And that one was a blocked kick
  11. The Kicker Thread

    Just wanted to create a thread to appreciate our kicker! D Hopkins went out and we signed a relatively unknown trick shot kicker. Mister Nick Rose And he has been doing his thug dizzle!
  12. The Skins RB situation....

    I honestly think ever since the rb coach that shanny had got canned and we brought in this rb coach...our rbs progressively gotten worse and so has our running game. Just as I view the defensive line/defense play as a turn around from defensive coaches and of course added talent...i believe we should be starting to look at the rb coach as a culprit.
  13. Who do we sign, 2018 and for how much

    Do you really believe bree is juicing because he doesn't look like the past 2 years...when everybody on our defense looked atrocious the past 2 years and now they suddenly look like they know how to play again? It's the credibility of the coaches that are now there running the show.
  14. Kirk is NOWHERE near brady. Let us get that clear. Maybe resembmes in the light facial hair scruff, then yes. Tom brady rarely throws interceptions, hardly takes sacks, reads defenses like none other, etc. Kirk, though he is a good to possiblt great qb...takes sacks refusing to hardly throw the ball away, has a pension to throw pick 6s at the worst time, throws a decent amount on the first presnap read, etc. Now with all that being said....i hope we do sign him. 25 mil per.