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  1. The Skins RB situation....

    I honestly think ever since the rb coach that shanny had got canned and we brought in this rb coach...our rbs progressively gotten worse and so has our running game. Just as I view the defensive line/defense play as a turn around from defensive coaches and of course added talent...i believe we should be starting to look at the rb coach as a culprit.
  2. Who do we sign, 2018 and for how much

    Do you really believe bree is juicing because he doesn't look like the past 2 years...when everybody on our defense looked atrocious the past 2 years and now they suddenly look like they know how to play again? It's the credibility of the coaches that are now there running the show.
  3. Kirk is NOWHERE near brady. Let us get that clear. Maybe resembmes in the light facial hair scruff, then yes. Tom brady rarely throws interceptions, hardly takes sacks, reads defenses like none other, etc. Kirk, though he is a good to possiblt great qb...takes sacks refusing to hardly throw the ball away, has a pension to throw pick 6s at the worst time, throws a decent amount on the first presnap read, etc. Now with all that being said....i hope we do sign him. 25 mil per.
  4. Your favorite NES games (and other old school games)

    What yall know about skate or die? Also....eternal champions on sega was amazing

    Sign this man.
  6. Awesome win!

    Really the main issue with our schedule is the constant home then away, home then away. The team is always traveling whether to or coming back just to leave again in a week
  7. Redskins Seahawks Post Game Assessments

    Didnt get the chance to see the full game but i did get half of the third and 4th. Seattle definitely pulled a redskins by beating themselves when HONESTLY...they should have won. The defense made plays when needded but let us not forget that there was 2 plays that russell under threw that would have been touchdowns. They easily left 23 points off the board . But great game, great win! "Doesnt matter whether you win by an inch or a mile...a win is a win"
  8. Redskins @ Seahawks Game Day Thread

    Do we pay kirk NOW?!
  9. Redskins vs Seahawks Prediction Thread: Rock Fight in a Glass House

    Russel runs wild as we can't contain any qb in the pocket. Wentz, smith, daiquiri, and soon to be Wilson. The wilsons- 28 The scabs - 13
  10. The Skins RB situation....

    Only winning we do off the field is harvest fesr...need I remind you all? #offthefield #harvestfest #winning
  11. Why has a female never played in the NFL?

    At any moment her leg is gonna pop.
  12. The Official 2017 Game Day Thread

    Jay Ajayi goinf to eagles for a 4th rounder is absolutely ridiculous...yet we keep a similar player in perine on the bench and keep riding kelly lol.
  13. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Why trade to 2 when we could of traded up to 10/11?
  14. Cowboys v Redskins Post Game Assessments

    If gruden gets fired...you basically saying you want us to keep our dc here when you should allow the HC to hire his own personnel. Reminds me of a familiar story. Here c9me be head coach but you can't hire your own dc. We should of fired gruden this past year and kept McVay. That is the hindsight. But you know since the front office has that Tampa bay thing going on...can you blame him? When in actuality what we should do is fire gruden..promote manusky and hire an OC.
  15. Do We Suddenly Have a Dominant Defense?

    You mean...when we has everybody healthy?