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  1. Yall wanna know the worst part out of all of this? Since we smeared the mess out of him and sought to point him as the enemy... there is probably no way even we are able to utilize his scouting services again. That is complwtely hypothetical but it appears we just burned a bridge with one of the best talent evaluators around.
  2. Hey man congrats and happy anniversary. Yall looked amazing! Should post a pic up of Yall now in same outfit lol
  3. I think If I was a potential GM..I would makr it in my Conttact that I don't answer to Allen...I am directly under Dan Snyder...and that Allen has nothing to do regarding football related stuff WHATSOEVER. He is the off field activity man and that's it. Which is what should of happened with Scot but it is what it is. I'm already 99% checked out. I turn 30 Mar 25th and my entire life being born a redskins fan has resulted in nothing but pain and heartache with a smidgen of joy once or twice. That was ST and Rg3.
  4. That's savage rofl
  5. What are yall thoughts on Matt Elam, who just got 3 charges in Miami for drug possession, intenation to sell and possession of a controlled substance? He isn't being picked up by the ravens and is a free agent March 9th. Would you take a flier on him as a center field fs granted the looming charges?
  6. Actually...I would like to see kirk come back and NOT have the same receivers to throw to. He had the luxury of having one of the best pass catching group in the entire league if not the best. The hesitanCy to resign him could very well be the fact that they think he is merely a product that can only succeed with top flight receivers and tight ends. If we roll with JD and crowder plus reed, and maybe a free agent or drafted wr, let's see how he does. Is he as good with lesser talent?
  7. Steve, you like Phillies off tidewater? Local spots is cool. Send me a pm with a list of some good local joints
  8. Right..which is exactly what I'm saying. The narrative of he is clutch/non clutch is too dependent on many variables to label him which way. Did the receiver drop the ball, o line block, did the defense let them score, did the kicker miss or make. It's so hard to fit a scenario and say hey, he's __ because of __. Like its an intangible that can never be measured but only counted. He had this many comebacks, etc. But if his receivers drop the ballx he's now no longer clutch. If an o linemen gets 2 holding calls. Now we have a 3rd and 30 and we don't get it, he's not clutch yadda yadda. My point is simply the game is too team oriented to sway and say if he truly is or isnt. He hasnt crspped the bed every chance. Nor has he made the best of every chance. I will say id like him to be more of a "dagger!" Qb if leads start to dwindle down. Tom Brady doesn't lose because when the score starts to get close, he maneuvers his team down the field to stretch the lead back.
  9. I'll be honest I didn't read it all the way through. I like kirk. Hope he stays here and we continue to grow. But I will say this. Yes many of timed our defense stunk and "blew"the lead. But you know what...that also counts against kirk for not driving the field and securing the lead. Could jump into that point further what I mean but I think you get what I'm saying. If kirk is super clutch when the game gets close he would drive fown the field to either get a td or at least a fg. That Dallas game you said they came back to win 24-23...well if he didn't build off of 23 then is he clutch/not clutch when the game is close, you can't really paint the picture when it comea down to it that the TEAM OVERALL blew the lead and that goes for including kirk. He's not exempt.
  10. If scot thinks he's a blue chip player and he's the last one left...why would you not take him? If he views one as a possible perennial all pro...you would be dumb to take one where you view their potential to be less. Granted it's all a crapshoot and gamble either way. He could be wrong in both assessments which would cause a lot of questions to be asked but he can be right so you can't fault the logic if he did pull the trigger. Besides, the draft is after free agency anyway so we shall see what our defense looks like coming into the draft
  11. What if the hold up Is because Scott isn't strong on gruden as we may think? And signing cousins to this long term deal where gruden may be on the hot seat this year would force the possible next coach in what many consider a systrm qb and he would then have to learn most likely a new offense. Now what I'm saying is purely thoughts...I'd rather sigh him long term and hope that we continue to have success.
  12. I don't know about the best composer but the best composing is the gael from last of the mohicans by dougie macLean
  13. He fits the giovanni Bernard feel to me...