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  1. I got a headache
  2. It is a travesty and a tragedy that dudes are OK with wearing that.
  3. Thought: the lack of offense creativity..isn't that the same issue brooks had with okc?
  4. The spurs are true winners...when they got to close a series out...they usually do either home or away. Wish the wiz had the fortitude like the spurs. Should of went to Boston and destroyed them.
  5. Am a maintenance technician full time and part time financial educator
  6. I thought about it...could run a 5 1 5. Gonna be interesting because we got Zach brown, cravens, swearinger all can line up at lb spots
  7. Never heard of him..in that highlight reel...didn't really see anything highlight reel worthy lol. He more planned to be a blocking end?
  8. I can see Cravens as one of the Nickle lbs with Zack brown. 3rd down with Ryan,Preston,Kerrigan and gallette on the line.
  9. Thought Cleveland would of went with foster there
  10. ESPN spoiled the pick for the Jets smh
  11. Yall wanna know the worst part out of all of this? Since we smeared the mess out of him and sought to point him as the enemy... there is probably no way even we are able to utilize his scouting services again. That is complwtely hypothetical but it appears we just burned a bridge with one of the best talent evaluators around.
  12. Hey man congrats and happy anniversary. Yall looked amazing! Should post a pic up of Yall now in same outfit lol
  13. I think If I was a potential GM..I would makr it in my Conttact that I don't answer to Allen...I am directly under Dan Snyder...and that Allen has nothing to do regarding football related stuff WHATSOEVER. He is the off field activity man and that's it. Which is what should of happened with Scot but it is what it is. I'm already 99% checked out. I turn 30 Mar 25th and my entire life being born a redskins fan has resulted in nothing but pain and heartache with a smidgen of joy once or twice. That was ST and Rg3.