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  1. Cause he's the 5'6 goat
  2. We need aquille carr.
  3. Good find lol
  4. Jagged edge was nice
  5. Really? Wow. I remember a few years ago in his freshman year he could of cAme out and been probably a late first rounder
  6. I mean...where is Melo trimble projected to go? He would of been a nice get
  7. You know Howard still has that douchebagness to him like he did withe Kim when she was with Mesa Verde at the restaurant. But I think he handled Chuck fantastically. When he handed the check and walked out and next scene is with the entire firm all out in the hall ready to wish Chuck a farewell I was crackin up laughing. And when Howard gave him that stern look from the smile and clap and turns around with that straight face...that was savage. Chuck most definitely intensifies his illness and went straight cuckoo for cocoa puffs. That conversation with Jimmy was absolutely brutal and the combination of him not being a lawyer which was all he was about and crapping on his brother forcing an isolaton is what I feel ultimately led him to kick that table over and over. But Saul is about to come in full force..."gonna have to find a new practice when I get my license back..."
  8. I was kind of figuring that Chuck was gonna Chuck at some point the minute he gave up
  9. Watch the documentary counter punch if you like boxing...
  10. Well if he did go to LA maybe that would entice KD to do the same thing next go around.
  11. I didn't and still haven't paid much attention to this draft class but I was curious to know about markelle fultz..and the few highlight videos and the cut up of him vs lonzo...I see a lack of passion and desire. It's like he is just going through the motion and doesn't care too much. You could even see it in the close ups of his facial reactions. I see the talent but my question is whst makes him so deserving as the number 1 pick? What is the difference between him and lonzo THE PLAYER not including the dad and the headache that would be.
  12. Will be praying for your comfort and her healing. By the way...it doesn't make you lesser of a man to cry in real situations like that. Now if you just emotional lol, man up but let it out my dude.
  13. Well thanks Dan you ruined it lol
  14. That is good points Dan...what if the good samaritan happened to be the husband though? I'm trying to remember her story of what she said happened.
  15. What's interesting and mind boggling is that Don Hector didn't hear his pills rattling and you telling me if some one tosses a pill bottle you wouldnt recognize it or hear it whIle reading a newspaper? Granted, the cook had the music on and it was hot since he busted the AC coils. Saul Goodman starts his "lawyering" for criminals or smug sealers lol.