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  1. I am disappointed in the moves for the D-Line too. I had some big dreams for it but they fell short. However with the contracts going out for the players I thought we would nab it is very understandable. The guys we have picked up don't scream bums to me at all and it does give me some hope so I am not that negative. I even threw out some stats to show that these guys numbers were very interesting compared to Baker and RJF and the sky was not falling. I like what we have done with the receiving core and I love the Swearinger signing. I am still baffled at Will Compton being on this team but understand that too because I do not believe the FA replacements would be that better. Overall I would say we get a B-/C+ for the period so far. Nothing wrong with having hope for your team and players. This team is not dead in the water like so many seem to think and I for one have hope for the future. HTTR!
  2. It is my hope that if Hightower signs it throws a smoke screen up for the draft to take one of the best backs in the class. Time will tell.
  3. I still think that they target a late round TE for the draft. I'm looking at Jake Butt personally as a 4th possibly as early as 3rd. I don't see Paul making the roster if they do. Anyways I still stick to my previous take on it. Excellent signing of Davis no matter how you slice it.
  4. Fits the system perfectly. 5 million for a few yards shy of 600 yards. Yes that is a reasonable contract with WR's getting 12 for 1000 yards. Good locker room guy. HUGE insurance policy for one of our most brittle players. Made a lot of crucial catches this year. He was worth that to this team and that is why they offered what they did. They did not want to chance the guy even getting a sniff of any offer clearly. And it is a good chance no one had contacted him because we were only a few hours into the "legal tampering period" and he re-upped with us before free agency even started.
  5. Of course if he would have taken that it would have been great. However I think the Skins were taking the approach of not letting him consider other offers and that's why he got what he got. The contracts in FA so far have been more or less frugal depending on how you look at it. I don't think as a whole this franchise is going to overspend again unless its a Norman type player.
  6. What you call cheap I call the best insurance policy this team can have. As a backup TE Davis was very good and could start for a few teams in this league even at his age. Reed is too fragile to not have a solid back up and that's exactly what Davis is. The contract is not that bad and is not crippling the cap like a 25 million plus contract is. Cousins signed the tag at 25 million. That is his salary. You and I have a different opinion of what "cheap" is.
  7. Arie could very well replace Lauvao and I would be all for it. We would still need a back up center however. Heck in a perfect world we would replace Lauvao with Arie and draft a capable back up guard so we could cut him all together. But I say things that make sense sometimes so naturally the FO will do the opposite.
  8. We do need depth for guard and center but I think people might be getting their hopes up for a replacement of Long or Lauvao. I don't see with all the needs we have drafting one until 4th round at the earliest which is a good sweet spot for those positions. Not really anything of note to sign in free agency either. Long is probably our long term center and he is good enough. We are not going to have all pros at every spot and that's ok. However I am convinced you could get the same production out of a scarecrow at the left guard spot as they do now so hopefully they do address via draft.
  9. For that price of Hankins I think we all would be justified in hating the FO. Would be no excuse for that one.
  10. With the backs in this draft going with someone that old and beat up would be foolish unless the get him for vet min. Even then it's a risk they should not be taking.
  11. Not healthy? You do realize he has played in every single game since he was drafted right? He may have missed a few snaps but that claim that he is not healthy is flat out bogus. Ontop of that he plays one of the most physically demanding spots on the field. I would not consider him elite because few are but he is a notch below the very top 3 or 4 in the game. Cousins as elite? You are saying he is top 3 or so at his position? Hell Reed isn't even elite. Close but not elite. The only elite players we have are Williams and Norman. Top 3 guys at their spots. Either way this the FA thread so I will lay off any more comments about Kerrigan.
  12. I believe a few posts up showed that he is indeed a top sack leader in the league. Number 12 in the league for active players. At what point is he considered more than good?
  13. Kerrigan is criminally underrated by our fan base. Kerrigan is currently 12th of the current active sack leaders in the NFL and is 3rd for all time with the Redskins. Still not enough for a lot of fans. Also a nice next gen stat for those that want to roll with that narrative as well. A blurb from 9) Ryan Kerrigan, Washington Redskins (4.08 average distance to the quarterback) Ryan Kerrigan is the lead dog in a Washington edge group that checked in at the ninth ranked pass rush unit in 2016, per the Next Gen Stats. The veteran edge player and 16th overall pick in the 2011 draft led the team this year with 11 sacks. It was the second-highest total of his career. Kerrigan is the consummate example of the rock in a Washington defense that went through plenty of turnover since his drafting six seasons ago. His presence certainly helps the two younger pass rushers who play alongside him in the rotation. While neither Preston Smith (4.03 pressure score) or Trent Murphy (4.29 pressure score) hit the 300 pass rush attempts minimum to be considered for this list, they registered pressure scores in the 88th and 59th percentile, respectively, among edge rushers this season.
  14. First of all very solid rebuttal. I love seeing people takes explained like that because its a very real discussion and one I very much appreciate. However I still do not agree with you and that is ok. Hopefully I can further clarify my stance so I can put this to bed. In regards to the draft from all reports a true DT will probably not come until 3-4 round this year and most likely will just provide depth. Which to mean means a very real possibility of Safety, Corner, or Inside backer in round 1. Under your scenario we have 2 down players with not much depth on the D-line. That is why I am so skittish on that approach if it were to have happened. I also see McClain and McGee possibly falling into that same trap and I am aware that could cancel itself out and if it does then no matter what they did we would have most likely been screwed either way. I am very very concerned still with that backend we have. I really think that the coaches are not high on Breeland at all at the moment. A few interviews (or 1 lol cant remember) have pointed to that theory from the coaches themselves with hints of corner being a pressing need on this team. Which leads me to believe corner is going to be the pick. I have hopes for Fuller still but he could still go either way unfortunately. Now if we did not sign Swearinger then we go back to Hall and Blackmon back there with zero behind them. Injuries are a very real concern with both of them and that would be leaving us uncomfortably thin. Cravens is the wild card I will grant you that but is still a wild card. I may be over rating Swearinger but I think he is going to be the steal of FA for this team. I also still do not think they are done with this position at all as evidence by the Colt player they were sniffing around with just last week. To close I really am not super high on the McClain and McGee signings to be honest but I do not hate them for the cost. They have a nice upside that has me intrigued. However I really think the team saw them as rotational depth behind a Campbell/Logan starter. The contracts just were not going to work for this team for what they are trying to do. FYI I am still hoping for a Hankins signing at a resonable contract and if that happens it changes the discussion completely. So it does indeed put us in a pickle but I am super stoked about the Swearinger pick up. Again I go back to that line situation for contracts on O and forgot completely about Crowder's coming up too. Just a lot of people that will be signed and I am afraid that the Cousins signing is going to really break the bank. I am talking 25 million plus. I hope I am wrong but I dont think I will be.
  15. I dunno. Not sure I would be comfortable having Pryor, Logan, and Hankins all on one year rentals just to push forward for the year. So say they ball out and they are all gone the following year? So you are basically renting them for a season. On one player sure that makes sense but 3? That would not be a good way to build a team. You would be right back where you started this year with even less depth than before. And on the back end of that say we sign all 3 on LTD then we for sure would not have enough for the O-line and Cousins. Just not possible. Whole right side gone with nothing to replace them with. If we do not sign Swearinger then we rely on Blackmon and Hall for our safeties along with Cravens and who knows how he will work out. You are seriously comfortable with this? One is on his last legs and the other only continues to regress. Cravens has potential but he could be a mess back there. We just don't know yet. Not sure how that is going to help the defense in any way shape or form. So we cure the run but now they just gash us over the top? Not sure what that would be accomplishing at all really. I understand the importance of stopping the run I really do but you have to do it wise and with depth for a few years and not one year rentals. If McClain and McGee provide at least serviceable depth and Swearinger is young enough to continue to improve I just don't see how they won't work. And as for rookies we need help not only on the line but linebackers and corners. Norman is a stud no doubt but corner 2 and the nickle are big time questions marks. If we ignore the Breeland regression then we literally have one guy that can sure fire cover. Again we can stop the run in your scenario but who cares when people are just passing all day?