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  1. To a couple of your points. We have heard about Lanier with his potential before this past year. Plenty of guys have that magical "potential" word all over the league. And that is fine if you have something in front of them so they can develop properly. Otherwise you just have a bench player starting resulting in getting gashed while working through that learning curve. McGee is what McGee is. He is not going to get better. He is a fine rotational piece but nothing more than that. Rotational depth. Should not be starting. Matt I is a 5th round pick with room for growth. But if you told me last year he was going to be our second best player on that line then that to me is a failure after signing McGee and McClain. Bargain bin not working. What makes Poe, Suh, Logan, and Richardson viable to us is because that individual player sends that line into top 10 territory in a hurry. Then you have two viable starters on that d-line and not just Allen who is still adapting to life in the NFL. Tomsula is a great coach but honest to god we have lineman who are not starters starting for us! Again I have to say that Matt I. and Lanier should not be starters. They should be depth. Good depth I grant you but they are just not starters. That is why that d-line gives up record yards. They should not be starting. It's like sending Tomsula in with a knife to a gun fight. He can only coach them up so much. Affording is something that you can see other teams manage to do except the Redskins. Plenty of teams value that d-line money. Ours throw it at backers and corners. The problem is without a steady front even the best backers and corners look pedestrian. It's been too long for this d-line getting ripped to shreds to not address it properly and not bargain bin Walmart shop. Its been a proven thing year after year. And the point of them looking better at the start of the year only magnifies my point that they are depth guys and not starters. Allen went down and that line went to crap. He was the lynch pin. Period. He will be a star. But we needed a proven guy this year and we let them all walk. Draft can fix this yes but we have to hope that it hits rather than loads up another in the rotation with potential.
  2. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    The more I watch this the more I want a trade back by the minutes. Nab a 2 or 3 with a trade down. Grab the number 1 back on your board in the 20's. Go d-line with that second. 3rd take that guard starter. The rest you fill out your depth and spots that could experience a free agent purge like OLB. It sounds too easy I know but watching the inactivity in free agency this year I should not expect too much.
  3. @Skinsinparadise I could not have said it better. I am actually sitting here astonished that we have not signed a d-lineman yet. I get the scenarios that have played out but goodness gracious can we offer someone more than a steak dinner this year? I have seen this story year after year. You know my feelings on the draft and the big names and if they look that way fine but this was the time to get someone that is at least not a question mark without wasting number 13. I know Logan is still out there and I am hoping and praying that they go and get him. Even with that said I am still just shaking my head that here we are again not addressing D-line in a meaningful way when guys were on the market to do it.
  4. I see Cromartie and Logan and our free agency is over after that. No big splash this year. Not getting any bigger than the trade for Smith or the Richardson signing. Would not get hopes up for HB. Too much money already in that secondary.
  5. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    In regards to Nelson and why I believe what I do. Not many edge rushers out there rated highly. Can't see them falling. The two safeties I believe will be plucked. Probably no less than 3 Qb's. A rb at least. Insider backers maybe 2? Someone always takes a tackle early. Top corner is in play as well. Now I know that Nelson is one of those cant miss guys. However there are a lot of impact players that touch the ball in those top 12 picks. The theory is a run begins on those Qb's. The other theory I am thinking will happen is a team behind us will trade up to 13 to get infront of the Cardinals to nab a QB or perhaps the Cardinals themselves. Watching free agency unfold and looking at what's being overpaid I just see it more and more. Will I be right? Probably not. But seeing that we have that gaping need and seeing the ridiculousness of some of the contracts being handed out I have Nelson falling. And we all know once some of the fools in the NFL media start chatting they usually are being misdirected.
  6. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Every year some big name falls in the draft. You heard it here first. With the 13th pick the Washington Redskins take Quenton Nelson, Guard, Notre Dame. Will we get lucky and have an instant starter fall in our laps again? Yes.
  7. Why are people so hell bent on getting rid of Norman and Reed? You do know these are two of those "playmakers" everyone talks about right? The game changers? Those are the guys we have. And a note here. Many of you are clamoring for that big splash signing. Great. Start cutting the previous splash signings and teams notice this. They are not going to come here seeing how you just cut your last splash signing after two seasons. I swear people are just complaining to complain at this point. It's like people want the Vinny years all over again. Trust this process, know that we are drafting well, and give them a shot before week one of OTA's.
  8. Yes Haynesworth was traded to them. My fault. They still had interest. Besides that the point being is the Ravens used to feast off of letting talent go and getting comp picks. Other teams have as well. Are we weaker without them? Possibly. By volume. But you can't sit there with a straight face and tell me we can't replace these guys. And for the point of players that cant wait to get out of here. Lets ignore Williams, Kerrigan, Reed, Thompson, Foster, Dunbar, Everett. Point being is some stay some go. It's how the league works. They pay for the stars and serviceable depth and let the average starter types go for the greenbacks. Nothing wrong with the approach they are taking.
  9. I love all of the players people are ****ing about leaving are the same ones that are ****ed about during the season. Have some perspective people. Not one guy we lost is a game changer.
  10. Well I know one thing. If FA keeps going at this pace we are going to have a **** load of comp picks next year. By the way when was the last time teams actually signed our players? Skins are starting to do things right no matter what we the fans think. Things are changing.