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  1. Not feeling sorry anymore for Cousins. Never have. No counter on a contract that was a good starting point. Plays in an extremely QB friendly system. Is Andy Dalton lite IMO. Management could have handled it better for sure. But lets remember something. You do not back up the brinks truck for a QB that doesn't even have a winning record as a starter. We can pretend to be blind to the fact that the guy has been throwing to weapon after weapon in this offense. Had one of the hottest young coordinators in the biz calling plays for him. The same guy that choked away the shot at the playoffs last year in the final game. The guy that shouts that its not about the money. Hate Snyder and Allen. That is fine. But quit acting like this guy is the second coming of Brady and that when we lose him the franchise will stink. I got news for you...we already stink with him.
  2. It we just look at guaranteed money on the deal and if it's true that is 53 million dollars. Just looking at the structure of the other contracts and take out what the franchise pays him that is one hell of a deal no matter how you look at it. Now I do see your point of it being a **** contract considering he is playing off the tag that is a very unique situation and should not have happened. Im speaking on the point of him making more promised money than both Carr and Luck. I do not think he is better or as good as either of the players hence why I do not feel that contract was bad at all.
  3. If you hate Bruce or not that is besides the point. What do you think Cousins actually deserves is the question. Look at what was offered. You don't honestly think that was a bad offer people do you? Take off your blinders. I am not blaming Kirk for wanting to get what he thinks he is worth but we would be a bunch of damn fools to go any higher on him. Top 12 QB in the league IF THAT should not be paid as the best. That contract if it is true should have gotten the deal done. He does not take it then screw him. I don't want a guy here that doesn't want to be here no matter who is at fault.
  4. Management gets blamed for no contract the first year. Try to offer a great contract second time again. Player and agent apparently bulk (if this is true) and fans still want management hung. This fan base drives me insane. They want to pay him. He did not take it. What else do you want them to do? Sometimes it is just the player. He never wanted to be here the day he drafted. For some of you to excuse Cousins with no blame it is down right laughable. Let him go choke for some other team. Tired of it.
  5. If this kid can translate his game to the pros we got a steal. Reminds me of a young Mike Alstott.
  6. Let's remember here that Allen fell into our laps. That was a duh pick in my book. If anything the fans should get the credit for that pick because of all the ****ing we did in the offseason about d-lineman haha.
  7. In the third? Draft him and run. 3rd and later is where you take the chances imo.
  8. Still want to trade up to snag Cook lol. I think the need for running back is the last piece for this offense to be not only special but NFL record setting. The position is holding us back. It's like the jets for a carb. Sure you can have a hell of an engine built up but without it getting enough fuel it's not going to be as special as it could be. You know that Jay is drooling to get an offensive player in the second. Go get him!
  9. Why not? For an instant starter? Especially for Cook or Mixon? Getting rid of Lavau? We are running an undrafted running back who is no where near as good as these prospects. A guard that gives up pressure every time the ball is snapped. So is time.
  10. I probably jumbled my words. I do that a lot. What I meant was if only one is left out of the bunch before we pick we need to trade to get him. If 2 or more falls though I am more than fine waiting but do not want to take a chance if for some reason there is a run on RB.
  11. What I would do is trade up now. I would do it for Cook, Lamp, Mixon, or Kamara. Time is now to get a legit RB or a starting guard. Whomever is last to pick they need to trade up and get him for another instant starter.
  12. I think the Giants botched that one.
  13. Foster has Dallas Cowboys written all over him is my guess.
  14. Tonight was a good night.
  15. Its official. Mara is in charge of commercial breaks.