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  1. Hey all, quick question for the group. Would it be possible to wait until Hankins, you know, signs with a different team before putting a fatwa on Bruce for not signing him? Just wondering.
  2. Curious what the plan is for DL if they bow out of Logan and watch Wilkerson, Richardson and Poe go elsewhere. Does that mean we're going bargain hunting and drafting high (and nabbing a RB later since that position is so deep) or are they perhaps willing to spend on the Honey Badger? I get not wanting to overpay but at a certain point you need to plug holes. You know Manusky and Tomsula are pressuring BA for some new toys after Jay gets his on offense.
  5. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    I don't think the FO played this particularly well-- I think Scot had the right mindset: give him that deal in 2015, but as the price tag went up back off. I just don't think the FO are buffoons for letting this situation play out the way it did. The ultimate outcome I actually think is decent... especially if the Garoppolo deal helps push through a tag-and-trade scenario
  6. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    It's not just his words. It's that he didn't counter. If he were motivated to get a deal done he'd have countered, even an absurdly high counter would have sent a differentially more positive message.
  7. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    He himself has said essentially there was no scenario in which he signed a LTD last off-season. He didn't even counter; that corroborates that message. He was adamant about hitting FA. I don't blame him, but that also means it was the right call to trade for Smith. To be clear, he WILL get offers at $30M or more-- I, however, think that is overpayment for him. I wouldn't give one of those offers. And I'm glad our management agreed (however they got to that conclusion-- smartly or through dumb luck).
  8. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    @Skinsinparadise It's funny you bring up blockbuster movies because my job is valuing content for Netflix. Traditional theatrical movie business ain't looking too hot... tide has turned indeed. I used to be an investment banker, too. So this kind of data analysis is in my wheel-house. I'd answer you the same way I'd answer someone who asks why CEO's can be so M&A-prone when more acquisitions destroy value than create value: you have to consider the human element and the incentive structure. Being in the QB void is a miserable place to be as a GM, and if you stay there long you can bet you'll be fired. Owners are not football people-- but they sure as **** understand the concept of "we don't have a QB-- aren't I paying you to find one?" It's MUCH easier to sell "we found the guy". Owners and shareholders are not rational; management will respond to the incentive structure. To be clear, I'm not saying Bruce Allen is a genius or that he's making decisions for the right reasons. That being said, I'm pretty sure Eric Schaffer is the kind of guy who's aware of the above information. Look, I'd rather have had Kirk at $19M than Alex Smith at $23M, but I'd MUCH rather have Alex Smith at $23M than Kirk at $30M+. And the truth is, not signing Kirk at $19M was a mistake but considering the context I don't think it was a colossal one by any means. Good decisions can yield bad outcomes and bad decisions can yield positive outcomes. Sometimes below average decisions can yield super ****ty outcomes. Regardless, from last off-season on Kirk has been adamant about hitting FA. As his market value has continued to increase, as well as the risk of him leaving, he priced himself out of staying in Washington. Given that situation, we did the best thing we could which was to acquire a guy like Smith and lock him up. Stability and Pro Bowl-caliber QB play at a cap % that is in-line with the above table. That to me is an above average outcome to a bad set of cards, even if losing Kendall stings.
  9. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    @Skinsinparadise, you're choosing to see only one side of the coin. I could just as easily argue championship teams need X% of the cap free to build a top-10 defense and surround the QB with necessary pieces to win. This isn't basketball-- one individual can only drive so much of a football team's success. The fact that the stud QB's on the list only commanded those %'s of the cap in the past is illuminating to me. It signifies that it's not as simple as "find a top 15 QB, pay whatever it takes". If we move to an era where stud QB's command 15% of a team's cap, we might see more Keenum's and Bortles's in championship games for that very reason.
  10. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    Garoppolo deal makes me feel way better about our situation for 2 reasons: 1) Kirk is gonna command $30M/year if not more. Would MUCH rather have Smith at blended AAV of $22.5M (or whatever it is, his $17M year + extension). A delta of ~$10M a year is a lot 2) This makes a tag and trade scenario much more likely. If the Browns already think they'll have to pay Kirk $30-$35M a year, they're much more likely to make a trade to guarantee getting him for a year at $34M.
  11. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    1. 34 million reasons why 2. It's not about helping the Skins, see point 1 3. Bc at the end of the day it's about point number 1
  12. **** it! Y'all miss Kendall Fuller so much and worried about CB? Let's sign Kyle Fuller!!
  13. Risk-adjusted this was a great move by our FO. Cousins wasn't going to negotiate with us till March. He was going to wait till he had us over a barrel to see if "God" wanted him to come to DC... yeah, right. To everyone saying we botched the Kirk deal, that no team lets QB's like him go... Well guess what, no QB plays that level of hardball with their franchise, either! Cousins was adamant about hitting FA and clearly ambivalent about staying in DC. I guarantee if he hit FA he would have left-- Mike Jones even tweeted that Kirk knew his time in DC was up even before the trade. Imagine if we were stuck with our dicks in our hand with no QB at that point. This was a GREAT move considering the circumstances and people seriously need to take off their ****-colored glasses. And btw, Cousins is too rigid of a player for my liking. Slave-like dedication to "The Process" which will keep him from taking shots to get back in games and open up the field a little bit. Will that change once he's on a long-term deal? Perhaps. But people need to stop acting like he was the 2nd coming just because everyone before him sucked. Remember the QB Void everyone feared so much if Kirk left? Well, we avoided it! It's gone! There is no void! We have a PRO-BOWL QB signed at a REASONABLE cap number. A veteran with great leadership and character. No more one-year deal circus. What if Kirk does well somewhere else? Who cares! We had to do what was best for the Washington Redskins. I don't care about the hate I'm going to get-- I'm tipping my hat to Bruce, Eric, Jay, Doug and the brain trust on this one. While the BA=Hitler crowd is stuck in a world of sunk costs, I'm looking forward to our Pro Bowl-QB continuing his upward career trajectory in DC while we build a top-10 defense, something every championship team needs. Did you see Zach Brown's tweet to Junior Galette about coming back? That deal will get done. We were trying to trade for Sheldon Richardson before Seattle landed him. Now he's a free agent-- I'll make the res at Morton's. Like it or not we have been drafting well these past few years. Which contributors will we get this spring? Let's go get Alex some weapons. Doctson continues to improve, who can we get to complement him? Will Harris take the next step? Will we finally find our feature back? People forget that before we were destroyed by injuries last year, we looked like one of the best teams in football. I refuse to be irrationally pessimistic. This is a GOOD team. The franchise has stability. The culture is setting in. We have leaders on both sides of the ball. If we can stay healthy and we get some breaks, we can make some noise in December and January this year. Not next year-- THIS year. So if you want to put bags on your heads and jerk each other off about how much we suck, go right ahead. I'm going to be excited about the program we're building and the 53 guys who are gonna make sure the entire league knows to Hail to the Redskins this fall.
  14. Some of y'all are way more loyal to Kirk than Kirk ever was to this organization. Newsflash for y'all: