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  1. If Gretzky can get traded, nobody's untouchable. All about the price.
  2. @Califan007 you are fighting the good fight but we live in a world where lucid objectivity does not matter. hell, we are at a point where ppl are pointing to skins losing both coordinators as sign of dysfunction. nvm that one of them got PROMOTED to HC somewhere else! Mark my words, people only hate Bruce Allen because he fired the Savior. The media starts reporting gossip and people lose their minds. I had an exchange from Dan Steinberg from WP on Twitter. He posted a pro-Bruce Allen tweet from a fan and mockingly said "I guess I'm living in another bubble!" So I called him on ****ting on someone for having a diff opinion. He said "I'm not making fun of anyone! I legitimately think I might be living in a bubble b/c everyone I know is outraged about this!" So I said well I'm not and here's why. He brought up every negative framing of the Scot situation. I presented counterpoints, and he just says "we're going to disagree on this one." That along with a lot of condescension, which I've experienced from many of the media ppl on twitter. The guy didn't address my points, just didn't care to. He didn't like the version of reality I presented to him so he ignored it. That ****ing Albert Breer interview, in the video as soon as "Redskins" is brought up he starts laughing. It's such a ****ing joke. Nvm that the team is progressing, building, having a good start to FA FA and continuing with 10 picks in the draft. Stability at HC, positive public statements from Cousins and the team on an extension. The thing is, there's no accountability. If the Skins win this season and Cousins signs, everyone will go "Wow! From all the dysfunction to this! What a turnaround!" Nvm that the "dysfunction" was largely of their own creation. I appreciate the access but **** the media for all the rabble-rousing and **** people who dogmatically hate this team. Go root for the ****ing cowboys if you're so eager to rip the skins. Cowboys are media ****ing darlings and get all the positive press, which seems like is the most important thing to many ES'ers.
  3. First it's: Bruce Allen spread rumors of Scot drinking as an excuse to fire him. Then it was: well he was drinking but he said he never stopped, so it was still used an excuse to fire him. Then it was: well okay he was drinking a lot, but it didn't affect his performance, so it was still used as an excuse to fire him. Then it was: okay but the Redskins didn't create a positive environment for him, so it's their fault he started drinking a lot again. Then it was: well if they knew he was an alcoholic, why did they even hire him??? And at some point it literally became: Bruce Allen hired a known alcoholic for PR reasons with the underlying plan that eventually, when the hire became too bold, he would use the alcoholism to oust him. It is unreal. I'm waiting for the article that says Bruce Allen turned Scot into an alcoholic at 7 years old as a pre-emptive measure in the event 50 years later he needed a fall-guy to hire for PR reasons.
  4. Skins are an easy punching bag in the national media. Doubt any of those media types care to look at the whole story or apply even standards. Fact is nobody wants to hold Scot accountable for anything and everyone is all too keen to pile onto the Skins. **** that and **** them.
  5. Sounds like idle speculation.
  6. As a fan I'd love to see everything done today. But it's still mid-March, lots of time + the draft. I hear Skins passing on Poe due to back issues so hoping they land Hankins. If not, would like to see it addressed in the draft. Won't worry until options are off the board.
  7. Were ppl down on Vernon Davis signing? Feel like it's non-controversially positive. Or since it happened early, I bet it was the same fools ****ing about defense and Kirk LTD as if signing Davis somehow meant the Skins weren't going to do anything else for the rest of the offseason.
  8. Saw it on the insiders' TL's before they deleted their accounts. Jsteelz and Chris Worthy. Just now realizing I don't think it's been reported elsewhere so my apologies for the snark to @CTskin. Altho still think he should chill. Long ways away from training camp.
  9. Ppl stop losing your damn minds! It's a N-E-G-O-T-I-A-T-I-O-N. We have until July 15 and you ppl are acting like we need to get this done yesterday. RELAX! Kirk playing hardball. making it VERY clear he don't wanna give no discount. Fair enough! FO gonna flex its leverage as well. The only question is, is the FO committed to giving Kirk a fair market value LTD this year? I think the answer is "Yes". I think last year the answer was "No.". Since the answer is "Yes", I believe it will eventually get offered and then signed and resolved. But it doesn't have to happen immediately. Let it play out! Sheesh. Signal over noise, people, signal over noise...
  10. I actually think Jay is happy about the developments and that I think he has considerably more say here. Everyone putting this all on Bruce Allen's megalomania but no one bringing up Jay. I actually LIKE Jay and am not that upset to see him get more influence. Again, Skins definitely mismanaged the situation BUT fans and national media dogmatically hate them and are not getting a fair shake PR-wise. I'm just ready to move on. Kirk LTD (which I believe *will* happen because I think this year the Skins legitimately *do* want to get it done), Bennie Logan + good draft. We will contend for the division.