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  1. You keep operating on the premise that the team was anchored to its initial offer and I don't know why. Cousins could have countered to see if the Skins increased their offer. It costs you nothing to counter. There's no reason not to, unless you don't want to sign a deal.
  2. Highest guaranteed $ in NFL history and 2nd highest AAV is defensible. It's low, but it is defensible. Look, this really isn't complicated. If you want to get a deal done, you counter to keep the negotiation going. Ask for $28, ask for $30, you ask for something. Letting time lapse without making an effort to get something done means you don't care if a deal happens or not. I'm not saying the organization is blameless, but I think you're putting on blinders here. It takes two to tango. I think Kirk decided he didn't like the situation in Washington and would only stay if he got PAAAAIIIIID.
  3. I didn't say he should have accepted it, I said he should have COUNTERED. The organization's offer was the lowest defensible offer. Kirk's camp knew if they countered, it would get the Redskins FO to move. They didn't even bother. That's not reading what I want into the situation, it's plainly clear.
  4. Cousins not countering tells me he was never planning on signing a deal this year unless it was stupid expensive. I wanted Kirk to sign a LTD but I'm not gonna cry that it didn't happen. He's not Brady. If / when he leaves, we'll find someone else. The cap space will be re-allocated to building an elite defense. I don't hate that vision, though it wasn't my first choice.
  5. Particularly a pocket QB who gets the ball out of his hands extremely quickly behind a good O-Line and didn't start the first few years of his career (much less mileage).
  6. I'd be good with a 3 year deal to provide some stability while giving us time to find a compelling backup plan in case we don't feel Kirk is worth his ask.
  7. Except the strategy behind letting Cousins walk would be that we could offer more $ than other teams to attract elite talent at the non-QB position. You can't have it both ways.
  8. You totally ignored my point about why he needed a good QB this season. He will go for the $$, whether it's us or the Browns or the Patriots.
  9. Pryor did that because he signed a 1-year prove it deal, so he needs to be with a QB that will pad his stats. If he gets a LTD that pays him like a WR1 he will take it regardless of QB situation (assuming it's better than other offers).
  10. I echo those who say there is no incentive to get a deal done other than very close to the deadline. Offers that come in now can only go in one direction as time runs out (up) and both sides are aware of that. The anxiety comes in because we're not privy to what the status of discussions is, how far apart the two parties are, how far the asks are from our willingness to pay or Kirk's willingness to accept, etc. I hope a deal will get done, and therefore giving the FO benefit of the doubt I expect it will be. If a deal is done, I will not hold any ill will towards the organization for how they handled it. Media frenzy is just noise. If they don't get it done, I will consider it a big failure and step back for the organization. I don't believe an annual cap figure around $24 should be too prohibitive in building a competitive roster and I think the value of locking down a guy like Kirk outweighs the downside even if he is already close to his ceiling as a player. The draft told me a lot. They didn't go QB, which signals to me they are planning on riding w/ Kirk. If so, get a deal done before the season and build. Otherwise, this uncertainty continues another year and I don't think that's good for anyone. You can always still draft a guy and develop him and trade Kirk if you want to change course later.
  11. The only thing atypical about this situation is Kirk's willingness to bet on himself by playing on the franchise tag and comfortably accept the accompanying risk.
  12. I feel like according to the food analogy the Chef is the Head Coach, and the GM is the guy who sources the ingredients. And fans are angry because they think they need a "real produce guy" buying the ingredients lmao.
  13. Yeah that's what I was getting at. A lot of people are treating this as apocalyptic news but, as disappointed as I was about the way the Scot situation turned out, I was also left wondering just how important the front office structure really is. I like how our roster is evolving and I like the coaching staff. I think both are trending upwards. At the end of the day, if the team can earnestly contend for a championship then I couldn't care less whether we have a "true GM" or a "real personnel guy" with whatever title. But it seems, to many, an absence of that front office figure in of itself disqualifies the Skins from contention. Was wondering where you stood on that.
  14. TK, in your opinion, do you think we can win a Super Bowl with the brain trust as currently assembled?