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  1. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    This is what gives me a measure of confidence. Last season, I was torn on whether Kirk was worth a long-term deal. This year, I think that answer is obviously yes. Say what you want about my ability to evaluate talent, but I don't think it's absurd to think that Dan might have been in a similar boat. Last season, perhaps he was uncertain and so he let Bruce handle the process (e.g. if we can do it and "win" the deal sure, if it doesn't work out whatever). This season, it's possible he's made his mind up that Kirk *has* to be extended, particularly as that narrative has become a common refrain across league circles. And the one thing we all know is that what Dan wants, Dan gets. The scuttlebutt also seems to be that Kirk is resentful of Bruce but believes Dan has come around after Dan buttered him up a little bit. So I imagine we'll go through the same song and dance this offseason but this time with a directive from Dan that this deal gets done-- and thus it will. Remember, Kirk likes Jay, his teammates, the team is on the rise and he values consistency in a system. He knows he's about to get paid no matter what. He feels supported by the owner to some extent. It's not like we need to move heaven and earth to get this guy. We're in pole position. Just need to not **** it up. That's not a certainty, which we as Skins fans understand all too well, but let's not pretend like this is some Herculean ask.
  2. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    I believe signing Kirk to a long-term deal is, at this point, so blindingly obviously the right move even the worst perception of our FO could not **** it up. This belief will soon be tested.
  3. Cowboys vs Redskins Gameday thread

    I really don't like Kirk and I think it's insane how the guy is out there with no O-line and no targets and y'all are still putting the blame on him
  4. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    And apparently neither does Drew Brees...
  5. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Cousins is a known commodity. I would love to find a compelling enough alternative to not give him $27M a year. But there is none. That's what Kirk-skeptics need to realize. This team is ascendant, and it would be a mistake to clip its wings to save a few bucks because the guy who's good enough is getting 3% more of the cap than he should. That's incredibly myopic. I would begrudgingly sign Kirk, enthusiastically sign Zach Brown, find some receivers, continue drafting and go win some playoff games.
  6. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    I have been very critical of Kirk in the past. That being said.... We gotta pay this guy. We have no better option. I think Kirk likes the coaches and players. I don't think he really gives a **** about the organization or being a Redskin the way Norman or Swearinger are. But it is what it is... we have no better options. We have garbage trash receivers and a banged up O-Line and Kirk is operating proficiently enough for us to be in games. We're going to be a team whose strength is the defense with the ability to put points up on the board (but not dominate offensively). That's enough to win a SB. You gotta pay this guy and lock him up (and keep Gruden around too).
  7. Redskins Raiders Post Game Assessments

    That performance, especially by the SAVAGES on defense, is gonna make me cry. HAIL TO THE MOTHER****ING REDSKINS!!!
  8. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Great performance now keep it up, do it consistently and get that LTD!!!
  9. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    I can (and do!) thoroughly enjoy wins without thinking all that much of Mr. Cousins. I stand by my prediction that this will be his last year as a Redskin, that another team will pay him a lot of money on the open market, and he won't exactly set the world on fire wherever he goes.
  10. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Using a team stat like W's or L's to judge a player's performance is foolish. Kirk was garbage week 1 and didn't do much beyond hand the ball off week 2. Yes the game-winning drive was a positive, but one TD pass is not going to nullify the 2017 body of work. A $26M QB should not be sailing balls off his back-foot during pre-season let alone week 1.
  11. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    "No need for this thread anymore" he said, thereby bumping it back up to the top of the forum.
  12. Thanks. Again, to clarify, when you use the term "mental illness" are you referring to an actual mental illness separate from "loving to play, hating the grind"? Because that to me is just immaturity/laziness. If what you're saying is true and the full story, kid sounds like an idiot. Taking your ball and going home sounds great until you realize just how expendable you really are, and just how quick that door shuts for good.
  13. This story makes sense to me, but just to clarify, is the above based on inside information or your personal speculation? Hail