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  1. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    Defense literally had a lobotomy and put up zero resistance. Imagine 20 yard pass after 20 yard pass against a soft zone Offense got in position to win it at the gun but of course they blew it in spectacular fashion with a IG penalty and a sack
  2. Jay Gruden: Buy or Sell 2017 edition

    He’s Norv. He is mediocrity Mediocrity is Jay Gruden
  3. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    Those two are ****ing garbage. I’m so tired of teams in this city holding onto washed up old guys out of some sense of loyalty...even though they’ve never won anything here. Hall was food all game. Speight just isn’t an NFL player. Id add fat ass Stacy McGee there as well
  4. That’s what it boils down to. We have had a ton of injuries. But damn man, we were fairly healthy last year and still just found ways to lose. Just over the top, grandiose ways to lose. Is that the rule?? I honestly don’t know. Regardless, it was a **** up no matter how we want to break down the blame allocation
  5. But jeez...don’t throw the ball there. I mean there’s no pressure. It’s always the little things that are like brain surgery to this squad
  6. Oh god, i forgot about that. HOW can that many humans all go stupid at one time?? Like we did everything wrong there. What is the statistical probability of that?
  7. And all things considered, that was probably his best ever performance. It was amazing. Breath taking at times.
  8. And then we’re completely unaware that the clock is running after the IG call and runoff. IDK who to blame that on, him or Gruden But there’s always that type of random ass “what the ****?” Stuff happening with Kirk. It’s so uncanny. Just be normal. I want to love you so much. Why must you make it so hard?
  9. Gruden, Cousins are not winners

    It’ll be 2020 and we’ll still be having this debate after losing to the Bengals and dropping to 4-4 For the 6th straight year
  10. Please don't ruin my Thanksgiving 'Skins.....

    Giants are horrible but Skins in prime time are usually worse than horrible Add in a back breaking loss just days before AND CT done, it’s a toss up. Kinda expecting a loss
  11. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    It’s just unreal how unclutch this team can be all at once Defense is dominating for 3 and a half quarters. Saints weren’t doing **** nope, let’s just all have a group lobotomy and all at once stop even attempting to play the sport. That **** was insanely casual and easy. It’s almost impossible to fathom...if this wasn’t DC
  12. I was so ****ing hype. He looked like a HOF. Dropping dime after dime. Playing like a bad ass all happiness and fun but no, HAD TO to do something to leave a big smudge on everything. Had to. Can’t ever have a great performance from anyone on this team. It’s incredible. Now you have another controversy to talk about before going up against the team that owns your ass on Thursday
  13. Honestly I’m cool with paying him. **** it. It’ll make no damn difference either way. We’ll be stuck in mediocrity no matter what. At least you get some nice passing highlights before you end up 7-9 and have half the fanbase arguing And sweet ****ing god, no it’s not all his fault
  14. A+ game...until the end. Just like every other player in this ****ing team (and this city really). Just when you want to buy in, they make you question how they even remember how to breathe. That was such a great performance. So good. Then of course, he had to **** it up and creep more doubt in everyone’s mind it is ****ing insane how this many inconsistent players/coaches can end up on one team. It’s ****ing nuts.
  15. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    50/50 at every position. Every one. You want to believe in a player and then they just randomly get lobotomized in big spots. I was confident of the future but now I’m not