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  1. Don't let up tomorrow. COL is historically terrible at hockey the banana peel will be Friday. 3rd game in 4 nights
  2. Pens are vulnerable with all their injuries... thats still the only team that can stop us in the East. This core won't ever get a better shot to at least make the Finals again
  3. Two points on PIT 3 on CBJ with the tiebreaker I think
  4. Have no idea why they even ice Carlson or Kuzy in those situations they literally have the awareness of molded peaches in OT thank god OT is normal in the playoffs
  5. A win here would really hurt the CBJ division hopes
  6. I'd much rather focus on OshGAWD but you guys do what you want
  7. Hell of a performance tonight against the hottest team in the league So far
  8. Oh definitely I just really respect that guys analysis. But yeah, there are no guarantees
  9. Not even trying to be a douche but the exact same people that are saying the defense will be better...literally say it every year in threads like these I know a lot of the homers like to crap on the analysts and the like but when almost every news outlet is ****ting on our DL signings, they probably really do suck
  10. Team has zero puck luck currently smh anyways, this guy is pretty good with analytical projections. In fact, he had the Pens winning it all easily last year before the POs started here's his projections as of today:
  11. fair but it goes both ways from what i see. I've never followed him but before I blocked him, he'd only show up when he was fighting with fans, which was a weekly occurrence