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  1. I was just saying it on twitter. Skins are gonna randomly make the NFC Title game with zero expectations lol
  2. Really thought Wall and Beal had it this year. They actually rise to the occasion unlike most stars here but....
  3. Ughhhh i truly believe once one team gets over the hump, the rest will follow all at once just like Boston. This city ****ing deserves it
  4. Your man really has mental illness. He has the brain of a 8th grader. I mean, short of a mental evaluation, what other proof do you need? and worst news of all, he's technically allowed to do this. Ppl gave him the ability to do it by electing him
  5. *waits for someone to say this is all fake outrage*
  6. No matter how you feel about this admin, it's a unmitigated ****ing disaster and has been since day ****ing one They can't do one thing right. Or even by the book.
  7. Pens have adjusted well and we have no answer at the moment... we need some luck
  8. Hope Pens were running off pure adrenaline there and that it wore off. They played their asses off thankfully so did Holtbeast
  9. If Holtby can stop the from scoring over 2 goals, we win