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  1. I'm just tired of ****ing losing. Once he's gone, we'll be back to losing 10 a year again Its ****ing annoying
  2. OBJ is so quick that he avoids big hits. I doubt that would change in whatever Cro Magnon era Tatum played in lol. You guys act like safeties aren't trying to kill guys over the middle currently. They are. They just have to be more careful. Either way, OBJ's quickness would essentially make him unstoppable back then Dez, maybe you have a point. He doesn't have that elite trait that 13 does
  3. lol stop The Hogs would be destroyed today. It's ok. The would evolves over time. They are still legendary.
  4. Oh and say goodbye to Oshie since these idiots have to sign a D to replace the good one the let go for free
  5. Mothet**** this team. They're ****ed
  6. lololololoolololololololololol **** these mother****ers call me in April.
  7. This is the dumbest **** ever ill watch tho lol
  8. Post one of his matches Looks like he's still in ROH i like him but I could see him getting lost in the shuffle in WWE because he's pretty generic
  9. Skins are picked to finish last every year. Who cares? Only thing to be mad about is Philly being ahead
  10. I was just saying it on twitter. Skins are gonna randomly make the NFC Title game with zero expectations lol
  11. Really thought Wall and Beal had it this year. They actually rise to the occasion unlike most stars here but....
  12. Ughhhh i truly believe once one team gets over the hump, the rest will follow all at once just like Boston. This city ****ing deserves it
  13. Your man really has mental illness. He has the brain of a 8th grader. I mean, short of a mental evaluation, what other proof do you need? and worst news of all, he's technically allowed to do this. Ppl gave him the ability to do it by electing him