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  1. No to Sanders and Warren. Biden probably yes. Harris and Warner I dont know enough about. And I cant find any quick cheat sheet on positions and voting records. Hard to say. The baggage was such a big part. I would probably lean no assuming the "candidate" changed themselves depending on the crowd. And wouldn't release speeches to wall street bankers. That was probably one of the biggest things that hurt Hillary to me.
  2. I'm confused how you can just as fake without the fakeness so I can't answer this. I honestly haven't been paying attention to potential frontrunners because it is so far out. If you give me a name or two I'll look and give my opinion.
  3. Depends on who the Left puts up. I wont just give away my vote to beat Trump. But I could be swayed as long as they aren't TOO far left. A Hillary type without the baggage and fake-ness.
  4. Election 2018 Thread

    My understanding is they changed them on a website that just listed the results. They did not change the actual result though. It's like if I hacked ES and made it say I was the new QB. That is different from hacking the actual NFL's database to say that. So unless I'm wrong, this headline is misleading.
  5. It needs some tweeking but I could get behind it. I'm a big supporter of state's rights though with basic limitations.
  6. Yea, vagina's are pretty tough. I've seen them really take a pounding . (What's the rest of the Betty white bit?)
  7. How do you see current society playing out?

    Seeing the number of white supremacists vs the number of counter protesters so far are encouraging and make me think I was wrong about how this plays out. Though the pessimist in me thinks this doesn't change anything and that they were just smart enough to avoid the press after a bunch of them were exposed before and lost their jobs, etc. Thoughts?
  8. And watch them get the same treatment we gave nazi's in the 40's.
  9. Official Trump Does East Asia Thread

    Surprised they complain about this instead of Kadena. It is much larger. And I wonder if they have considered the effects to their economy if we left.
  10. Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    I'm usually hesitant to judge without seeing what led up to the event. But I feel pretty safe judging this.
  11. Well thanks Obama for being soft on crime. Sounds like this is all his fault. Libtards.
  12. Random Thought Thread

    Yes. My feeling is that's what insurance is for.
  13. General Mass Shooting Thread (originally Las Vegas Strip)

    I dont know if I would go so far as a way of life except for the very rural or people whose life revolves around guns (gun shop owner or gun Smith for example). The last two, yes. I just thought calling it a hobby doesn't respect the way many people view their gun rights. The level of importance rises above just the hobby level.
  14. NY Mag: 10 Years After the Financial Collapse

    Worst one I remember hearing is people flushing concrete mix down all the toilets.