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  1. I really think the marketing whiz kids over in Ashburn missed the bus on this one. They should have went all black with burgandy numbers and lettering I think players and fans alike would dig that and they would probably sell a boatload of jerseys. Not that black is an official color or anything, but our official logo has about as much black as the Shehawks logo has that stupid lime green color. It's also a nice middle finger to Goodell..
  2. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    The Washington Porcelains Just venting....seemed like the right place for this.
  3. Welcome to the Redskins Samaje Perine, RB, Oklahoma

    What impressed me was during his record-setting game he was still blowing people up after having already rushed for 300 yards late in the third quarter.

    Not different at all. Very much the same.Both instances involve the use of a banned aubstance. Rules are rules and Williams is a repeat offender we are fortunate that in Murphys case it did not happen in the middle of a season and we have some time to prepare.

    It took me a second. Damn Russians !
  6. Dan Snyder is the Problem. Bruce is a mouthpiece of Snyder

    I haven't heard them publicly say anything about Scot other than his grandma passed and he is "taking some time away from the team" and yeah "he has been fired" The public humiliation comes from speculation from beat reporters and Chris Cooley. In my opinion the team did everything it could to keep a lid on this thing and the only humiliation has come from a freaked out fan base that bent on every single action or non-action signaling the sky is falling, Bruce is retarded, Dan is Dark Helmet and Kirk is a stat whore. Furthermore, Scot was a freaking drunk ...It was no secret here or anywhere else. The interview he gave to ESPN just after he was named GM , you remember the one where he was drinking a tall boy and stating " I don't have a drinking problem " RED FLAG ..... Just sayin' . I can only imagine that the organization so desperate for help and credibility was holding their breath and hoping for the best. We got a push in the right direction and wow they are looking for another GM. That sentiment alone tells me that we are still trending in the right direction. If you can recall the Snyderatto and Shanallenhan eras the prospect of getting another GM is a real paradigm shift.
  7. Have we given up on Matt IOwhatever at being a contributor at NT ? What about Daniels and Spaight at the LB position. Is this not what so many people have been clamoring about ? Draft and develop talent, Supplement with FA. I am down with not breaking the bank in FA on big names unless it is the 1 year deal type that we have been seeing of late. Don't we have a lot of our own homegrown guys to re-sign next year ? We can't have it both ways, we will probably suck on D again this year, but make incremental improvements (like not being the most horrific D in the league) and if the offense continues to post like it did last year that will be good enough to win a couple more games. If Kirk continues to trend upward then we go as far as he takes us while a young developing D gets better. Hopeful I know but in my eyes a better sight than watching a overpriced FA throw up all over themselves at FEDEX on Sundays.
  8. Ty was either Shanahan or Allen not Scot. Callahan and Jay had to convince him to keep Ty. I'm glad they did
  9. No first rounder in that draft And of course the sure footed Ryan Grant
  10. C'mon man its not some giant conspiracy. Dan is a freaking moron yes, but he wants to win desperately. I would guess that he feels that the best chance we have of doing that is if we ride with Capt. Kirk. This is the same guy who has opened his checkbook for every past thier prime overpriced FA that ever existed. This is Bruce and his negotiating tacttics. I really hope he doesn't screw this up. I will trust him for now, he has been good at cleaning up a lot of our cap messes, although he may be partly to blame for the 36 mil. In penalties, he has put us in a good position going forward. Dan is not Darth Vader ......more like Dark Helmet
  11. I have been a Skins fan since I can remember 75 / 76 is when I started watching games with my pops. I remember the good old days quite well and I have suffered alongside my fellow fans for the last two decades with brief periods of moderate success. In that same period I have suffered being a fan of the Bullets/Caps/Birds. I think it's great that we are starting to see a renaissance of those teams but they will never occupy the same place in my heart that the Redskins do. That's my team. It's tragic that this little megalomaniac is at the helm but it doesn't change a thing for me. I will still fork over a small fortune for my tickets, buy the gear, concessions, and read all the articles. I consume everything Redskins so I am the perfect sucker. I am the exact demographic that Dan preys on with this false hope he keeps selling. My hope is that he catches lightning in a bottle and we start winning more games. The law of averages says we will. So I will keep giving him my money. It worked for Dallas , it's not like they have some braintrust running the operation over there. They were going to do everything they could not to start Dak last year, heck they didn't even want to draft him. So if you throw enough S at the wall eventually somethin g is gonna stick.
  12. I'm sure I read it and it proved me to repeat the narrative. It's like this in most NFL cities except for maybe NE because winning covers up everything. If bellicheck was coach or general manager here I'm sure that the Washington Compost would find a way to skewer him as well.
  13. Our dysfunction is run of the mill stuff don't kid yourself. Look at just the teams in our division for instance. Given their recent history I would guess that the Cowboys are even more dysfunctional than us. I give the Dak/Elliott show two seasons before the wheels come completely off and they are right back to the 8 & 8 S show that they have proven themselves to be. Philly same thing. Ran off a HOF coach and all of their talent for a flash in the pan college coach who is already outta the NFL Completely having to rebuild a team that was the most talented in the division Let's see the Giants where do I start. The owner is a bigger dick than Dan robbing 36 miles from his division rival. Trashing a chartered jet, obj head case in need of psychiatric help just to make it through a game. Point is every team in the NFL has some level of utter stupidity cases of dysfunction and malfeasance. Shakira nation's capital every reporter thinks that Woodward and Bernstein. Give it a rest for Gods sake . We get it you don't like the owner we don't either
  14. Not a relapse he never quit. What makes you think they didn't try to support him. If what we have found out through "sources" is to be believed they not only supported him but tried to help him by covering for him so he could keep his dignity.