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  1. It is time for DS to step aside and do what is best for this organization, fan base, city and league. In his tenure as owner he has brought nothing but shame, humiliation and embarrassment. This latest fiasco disgusts me as do those who are posting that these women had a choice in this. Visit a foreign country and have someone take your passport, did I read that correctly ? That is akin to kidnapping. At least TS was doing something positive in their time here with the breast cancer awareness stuff. I am sure DS has done some good in the community as well but it is time to cash out and GO AWAY !
  2. In related news. The Washington Redskins will now be known as the Red Tide.
  3. No doubt, but we haven't found one of these guys, let alone a backup so there's that. I can only think of Knighton and Neild who were true NT's since we went to the 3-4. So if he can stay healthy and make the team there is some value there and a good story. Seems pretty unlikely though.
  4. Yeah, I am really pulling for him. With all of the garbage that we pile up around here (Sua, MJones, TokeHard Jackson, the 2008 draft, Fat al, ) the list of folks of low intelligence and questionable character goes on forever. This could be a good story amid all the swirling dervish that is this franchise. Let me be clear, I am not expecting much in terms of contribution, but if he can stay healthy and make the 53 that is something I can get excited for. I think Derrick Dockery had some cat sleeping on his couch who had been away from the game for a while and if I am remembering correctly, he was tipping the scales at 400 + pounds. Mike Williams i think ? I think he shed the weight and made the team maybe even contributed some. At any rate it was a good story and something to pull for .
  5. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    Yes it was noted that Sua' needs to stop eating Tide Pods. What is this cat talking about anyway. He should get checked out for CTE ....Not kidding, dude is twisted up in his melon. I almost hope he has been huffing glue and tweeting, it would explain the irrational behavior.
  6. I think DHall would be a safer bet back at CB than Scandrick if we are going the 47 year old CB route
  7. conspiracy alert ! I may be wrong on this but I believe Breeland, Cousins, Grant, Long and Murphy were all drafted by the Shannahans
  8. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Reed, Crowder, Thompson and now Richardson are some nice weapons if healthy. Don't sleep on Vernon he can still play at a high level and played with him in SF. Doctson develops and draft a bellcow at RB I could get optimistic about that. Doesn't seem like a bad place to be for Alex.
  9. No grudge here man. I am just being pragmatic. I may be a little bitter, like I got dumped but the band plays on. Quite honestly I hope wherever he goes he has a small modicum of success, but that's it. As a 40 year fan of this team for once I need the FO to be right on this whole deal, otherwise it is more of the same old garbage and that makes it even worse.
  10. I would say it looks like its gonna be a short film. With Denver out, That leaves the Vikings, Jets and who else Maybe Buffalo or Miami ? With a good crop of younger and cheaper quarterbacks available in the draft he almost has to go to a team that is built to win now and does not have a solid solution at the position, So that leaves him with the Vikings or sign a one year deal somewhere and hope Big Ben or Rivers retire at the end of the season. #Ipricedmyselfoutofthemarket