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  1. conspiracy alert ! I may be wrong on this but I believe Breeland, Cousins, Grant, Long and Murphy were all drafted by the Shannahans
  2. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Reed, Crowder, Thompson and now Richardson are some nice weapons if healthy. Don't sleep on Vernon he can still play at a high level and played with him in SF. Doctson develops and draft a bellcow at RB I could get optimistic about that. Doesn't seem like a bad place to be for Alex.
  3. No grudge here man. I am just being pragmatic. I may be a little bitter, like I got dumped but the band plays on. Quite honestly I hope wherever he goes he has a small modicum of success, but that's it. As a 40 year fan of this team for once I need the FO to be right on this whole deal, otherwise it is more of the same old garbage and that makes it even worse.
  4. I would say it looks like its gonna be a short film. With Denver out, That leaves the Vikings, Jets and who else Maybe Buffalo or Miami ? With a good crop of younger and cheaper quarterbacks available in the draft he almost has to go to a team that is built to win now and does not have a solid solution at the position, So that leaves him with the Vikings or sign a one year deal somewhere and hope Big Ben or Rivers retire at the end of the season. #Ipricedmyselfoutofthemarket
  5. Lets keep laughing at the Browns, while we can

    Is that you Loverro ? Are we laughing at the Browns ? I hadn't heard that. We aren't in a position to laugh at anyone and its almost like the rest of the league has been laughing at us for a while now, but I am a glutton for punishment, not unlike a Browns fan. I really hope they do well this year their fans deserve it but, they should look at this franchise as a cautionary tale. So much drama here over the last 10+ years. I know we have sucked for more like 20 but we had some rays of sunshine mixed in and we have been offseason champs like the Browns too. Remember Arrington & Samuels at 2 & 3 followed by a bevy of F.A. signings highlighted by Prime Timeturftoe, Bruce Smith, Adrian Murell and Jeff George ? maybe Mark Carrier too I don't know. I remember it was my first year as a season ticket holder and a huge kick in the nuts. We finished .500. This thread title annoys me. NOTHING TO LAUGH ABOUT
  6. Is there a chance that we are in on Honey Badger, I love that guy but how does he fit in our D scheme will he play in the nickel or at FS or SS ?
  7. Yes no more garbage from Dallas it never works out for us. They almost never part ways with quality players except maybe D. Murray. Its akin to taking one of our cast offs.
  8. You gotta add Prime Time and T.O. to that list too. As much as I cant stand Prime Time Turf Toe that cat has got some rings to boot. So Kirk to the Vikings ? sorry but he doesn't put them over the top. Case is a less expensive option and has the same upside with a year in the system, that would be dumb commensurate with the dumb we are accustomed with around here.
  9. Phil Taylor`s status? (met)

    Yes that is true but neither is Phil Taylor. He's just a really large dude who once played football. If we are going to keep trying to play this 3-4 I hope to god they find someone to fill this position. Have we had a true nose since we switched to 3-4 ? I seem to remember one guy we drafted in the 7th round cant remember his name but Thom Loverro called him the Pocono Punisher.
  10. Both Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder should be wearing headgear when they leave the house so they don't hurt themselves.
  11. I think we already walked this road when we got slapped with two years worth of cap penalties. Who cares who we piss off, the 31 other teams will still want to do business with us especially because they know our FO can easily be fleeced. As for the KC tag and trade hysteria, I am all for getting anything we can out of this situation. Kirk has controlled this situation for a while now and in my opinion has been disingenuous with the fan base about his real desire to get the hell out of here. I don't blame him for that, but this is about the Redskins moving forward not Kirk. Kirk is done here and that sucks for us but, he is now free to follow in the footsteps of other players who have left town and talk about the total dysfunction that is the Washington Redskins franchise. So yeah being a fan of THIS team I don't care about dissing Kirk he is not a Redskin he means nothing to me. I don't care about the optics of the whole deal or the public perception. I just want something in return for the investment. It is business, nasty business, not a popularity contest. Kirk showed us that last year when he didn't even counter the crappy offer we made. Unfortunately pulling off any kind of trade would require a level of business acumen and savvy that is lacking in Ashburn.
  12. Dan, Please solve for the common denominator. Don't forget to show your work. Norv Terry Marty Steve Joe Jim Mike Jay ------- -------- -------- -------- ------ ------ ------- ----- Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan =
  13. Season Ticket Renewals

    Just under the overhang.
  14. The Definition of a Loser Franchise