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  1. TheBlueIndian

    Booing - at the Stadium

    The booing must have come late in the fourth quarter after the Reed fumble when it was evident that they had no intention of winning the game. Otherwise folks were pretty supportive and even loud at times for a half empty stadium. Now that I think about it there may have been some booing during the second quarter when I spent the duration of it in line for concessions. FEDEX upgrades means you get to spend more time getting to know people in line. Good thing it wasn't a sellout otherwise I may still be waiting for my steak and cheese. What a Joke !
  2. TheBlueIndian

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    I was at the game and I don't remember seeing Quick get on the field. Can anyone confirm, was he out there at all. He wasn't listed as inactive.
  3. TheBlueIndian

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    Its like when a girl who is a 6 or 7 goes out with her ugly friends. After a couple of beers she is a 9 or 10 by comparison. Doctson, by virtue of finding the only pair of wideouts in FA that may be worse than he is, becomes the 10. That is how we roll. sad
  4. TheBlueIndian

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    Yeah such a great environment for him to come to with all the veteran leadership in the WR group. We missed out for sure dude would have got arrested before making his first trip to Ashburn.
  5. TheBlueIndian

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    So did I miss something, didn't we sign Quick back to the roster ? was he on the field yesterday ? I saw that Jehu character out there for a couple of plays but I must have missed Quick. Can we bring Simmie Cobbs up from the PS ?
  6. TheBlueIndian

    Press Release: #Redskins Quotes- Gruden, Manusky

    That is very Lebowski like. "Does a pope sit in the woods" Gruden is funny
  7. TheBlueIndian

    Redskins vs Colts Prediction Thread: Will the Redskins "Luck" Out?

    Defense plays pissed off this week forcing two or more turnovers and getting to the QB 3 or more times puts the Skins out front and in control the entire game. With an efficient and opportunistic offense we win on all fronts. 32 - 18
  8. TheBlueIndian

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I remember this too but i am certain is was TD' s to wideouts. I didnt realize it was 18 hames though...DAMN !!! And yet they managed to win alot of games. I think that is when they signed Maclin. He did have J Charles in his prime and maybe Kenny Britt ? He likely was injured though.
  9. TheBlueIndian

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    I'm pretty excited about this bunch of guys too. Granted there is no true #1 guy but there is potential in Doctson, Harris and Sims to take that role. There is also a willingness under center to not only push the young guys but school them up a bit too. Time will tell but I feel pretty good with an accomplished veteran in Smith running Jays offense with all of the young guys at wideout.
  10. TheBlueIndian

    Redskins vs Cardinals Prediction Thread: 2018 Kick-Off Spectacular

    The Red-Tide Rolls in a unlikely shutout 13-0 featuring 5 sacks, the first of which puts Bradford on the sideline tethered to his surrogate blankie (a clipboard) The rookie comes in but struggles throwing two picks and getting dropped for 4 more sacks. The game is a giant snoozefest both offenses look stuck in first gear but the skins manage 2 Hopkins feildgoals by the half and run out the clock late in the 4th with AP punching it in for the late TD.
  11. TheBlueIndian

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    Just a thought on Sims making the 53. The fact that he was held out of the game against Denver with what I believe was a bruised leg might signal that they are planning on keeping him on the 53 man roster. He suffered that injury late in the Jets game, yet still went back in on the final drive to make a critical catch to set up the game winning field goal. Viewed in that light maybe he has shown enough and playing hurt would prolong his injury and ultimately availability for the regular season. Sims looks like a special talent that we can cultivate. I really don't remember the last time we had a WR that I was this excited about. Rod Gardner or The Comb come to mind, but we know how that played out.
  12. TheBlueIndian

    Redskins to sign Adrian Peterson per

    I don't hate this. If AP can split up some of the load and even work a little with Samaje then what the heck. Perhaps we get a Tim Hightower (saints not skins) type of season from him and then we are playing with house $ . Move R. Kelly to more of a FB type of role. Split carries with Perine and Thompson might work.
  13. TheBlueIndian

    Who should be Starting RB in 2018??? (Public Poll)

    Shouldn't we be waiting for roster cuts. Looks like Abdullah and Gilissee will likely be available maybe B. Cunningham too. All of those guys have a bigger upside than Dwarka, Charles or Peterson. Plus there are always suprise releases. Maybe we get lucky again.
  14. There is also a high probability that on that day bigfoot will be seen riding a unicorn down Pennsylvania Avenue.