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  1. TheBlueIndian

    Starting QB 2019???

    Anybody know what Teddy Brigewaters deal is next year ?
  2. I didn't realize that the stomping zone was right there until I went over to 220 and move back from Row 8 in 221 to Row 13 in 220. The whole area is a ghost town this season its really strange. Great place to be especially when it rains.
  3. TheBlueIndian

    Redskins vs Texans Prediction Thread: Pessimistically Optimistic?

    Defense and ST score this week, Mr irrelevant takes one to the house Redskins - 24 Texans - 17
  4. Been there since 2008 just got another pair in 220 this year so I have bounced back and forth between sections this year with my people depending on who is coming with us. At the ATL game you could hear the Falcons fans calling out their stupid "rise up" chants as well as ATL !! ATL !! ATL !!! at halftime. That really rolls off the toungue doesn't it. No wonder they suck and effed up every post season they ever made. They also chanted HOOOOPER every time Austin Hooper made a play, much like the FEDEX crowd did when CC 47 made a play. Maybe that is the booing Norman is referring to. I don't know, I really almost never hear our fans booing this team. Maybe that's because I am usually screaming my guts out. I will tell you this, the fans in 220 are a bunch of little kittens. If you are familiar with this part of the stadium you know that it is the "Stomping Zone" at row 14 back to the rear of the mezzanine the stairs and aisles are constructed out of steel plates and not concrete, this creates hollow spots where you can stomp your foot and create a very loud drum-like effect. Two stomps followed by D-FENSE ! Row 19 stair produces an especially loud effect. At any rate, during the ATL game I tried repeatedly to get others to join in and make some noise on third down to no avail. Just a sign of the times I guess. Timid kids with their faces in their cell phones. Do what you like I guess.
  5. The atmosphere has changed a lot in the last 10 or so years. I've been a season ticket holder since 2001 when I finally got a real job and could afford it. Growing up I always dreamed of getting tickets but I quickly realized that Fedex ain't RFK. Initially, I thought if the team played well and hammered teams at home that we (the fans) would create an environment that rivaled Arrowhead, and at times it felt like that was finally happening, but every time it looked like the Skins were on their way out of the great big hole that DS & Co had dug themselves in to they picked up the freaking shovel and dug a little deeper. I could point out a S-load of questionable free agent signings, coaching hires, off the field drama ETC.. I don't need to enumerate all of the grievances to anyone here. So seeing this team show some consistency under Jay and drafting well under Jay and developing young players again under Jay, is a long time coming and my feeling with respect to the lack of support from the fanbase is that some people just aren't there yet. If Josh or DJ need there to be some kind of controversy …..whatever just win.... Hell we all loved CP and he used to play dress up every week. I for one have not heard any boos from the fans this season and I have been to every home game sec. 221. The attendance at home games this year is way down and we have created a very inviting environment for the opposing teams fans, so there's that as well. One more note. ….Getting in and out of the stadium is not hard. I never wait a minute coming or going, Not going to give away my secret but if you have half a brain you can figure it out. OK here's a hint...its a giant half empty parking lot with multiple entrances and exits. Think inside the 20
  6. TheBlueIndian

    Redskins vs Buccaneers Prediction Thread: Is This The Countdown To Meltdown?

    Skins find a way on offense (Jay & Alex get creative with the bootleg) The D gets bolstered by multiple turnovers due to relentless pressure. Redskins 24 Bucs 13
  7. I think Brandon Marshall is out there as well. I know it didn't really work with the Shehawks but that is like running a scramble drill every time your QB drops back to pass. Maybe he could help us out.
  8. TheBlueIndian

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    I think all you cats wanting Jay gone after this year are nuts..... He may not be the best clock manager, he can get better at that. He may get tight at times calling dumb (only when they fail otherwise they are "bold and genius" ) plays but the guy has held the team together, and you could argue improved, in spite of a mountain of BS from the front office, see RG3, KC contract, Scottie Mcdrunkendude. There is no infighting, leaks, players showing their arse. No, Jay has kept things moving forward and showed real promise of better times ahead. I cant help but think that the utter S show that this franchise has been for the last 20+ years is a thing of the past. This is a meat grinder that dispatched of the likes of Marty, Mike S, and proved to be too much our big toe Joe G 2.0 You simply cannot lay this at Jays feet. This guy is wired just right for this town and he will succeed here or elsewhere. Damn, these five years of futility have prepared him so that anything else will seem like a walk in the park. Did I mention that he is also quite an evaluator of talent. Look at what he did with Dunbar, Scottie Mac credits Jay with the Matt Ion98s pick. All this discussion about Mcvay, well who promoted him to OC ?? for the love of God Kirk would have been a career backup or journeyman QB if not for Jay. This never ending obsession with the quick fix is toxic and all the finger pointing is fruitless unless your intent is to rile up our owner to the point that he sets the franchise back another 10 years. that is all
  9. TheBlueIndian

    Redskins Lead NFC East

    Leading the NFC East with a pair of games with the Eagles in December. I think Alex will be hitting his stride by then. I am not freaking out that the passing game looks out of sync right now, we are doing just enough to win and we are winning the ugly games that is seasons past we would falter. So to me that bodes well for the future. I am confident that Alex is going to improve enough going forward. It seems he still doesn't trust what he sees and is slow to pull the trigger on the quick stuff. That has to improve and I believe it will. I don't care if he checks down all day, as long as he is efficient in doing so. So many of the plays he has missed are of this nature which is what makes it so frustrating. We know that Alex's body of work has illustrated that he gets the ball out quick and takes very few risks with the football. Watching him in KC you could see it, he had a confidence in knowing where his guys were gonna be, and got the ball out quick. That is starting to develop, slowly, but I think you can see it in the passes he has put on Doc. and Jordan. Alex is a true professional and he is just going to get better, his entire career shows us this point. If this turns out to be a bunch of blind homerism than I have just one thing to say.....FCUK ANDY REID !
  10. TheBlueIndian

    2018 Season Injury News

    I love this story ! This was from the pro-bowl a couple of years ago. Trent is a straight up savage
  11. TheBlueIndian

    A question for you guys?

    Hard to hate on the packers, but the Shehawks are straight up punks Like the Ravens of the Pacific Northwest except with less class. They don't even like themselves.
  12. Skins keep up the streak and put the past in the past shedding the memory of years past. The D leads the way with relentless pressure on Eli and the offense shows incremental signs of improvement with Alex, Doc, Reed and M. Floyd hooking up for some solid gains. AlPha continues to lead the way with another solid game on the ground complimented by CT or Bibbs dominating T.O.P. . 31 - 17 Skins
  13. TheBlueIndian

    Rich Tandler has died

    What a bummer, he was a first rate guy and a real bright spot as far as beat reporters go.. What a loss
  14. TheBlueIndian

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Panthers

    I was happy to see special teams come up big yesterday. Downed a punt inside the 5, caused a turnover, decent return in the second half and Hop-along Dustin connected on a couple of long ones. It confused me at first and then I realized....Bizzaro World. Watching the last two Carolina drives I would see P.S get pressure but he kept getting carried back past the QB almost as like he was getting punked. Dude needs to develop a move or two. Whats with all the KC crap. We screwed that deal from the start, its over now, move on already. We just won a game kinda ugly but we won and it is Dallas week.
  15. TheBlueIndian

    Post Game Apathy Thread: Skins lose 2nd half of game 7-3

    Congratulations this is the dumbest post ever. I think we have lost three straight coin flips on the 2nd Sunday in October too.....torches and pitchforks at the ready !!!!!