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  1. I just listened to this morning's senate hearing on crypto. Regulation is coming. They didnt mention it but they are going to smoke tether and bitfinex at some point. Very aggressive attitude toward fraudulent activity. This is really good for the long term. I'm buying more when we bottom out.
  2. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    Hahahaahahahaaha. This is one of the worst deals I've ever seen. It is so bad on so many levels.
  3. This is the way I view them. Assets tied to a particular form of (generally) blockchain technology, whose stock will rise or fall depending on how well that technology connects to and creates the future. In that scenario, I don't view the crypto market as entirely different from the stock market with a major exception being that cryptos are much more volatile but have a much higher potential long term.
  4. Random Thought Thread

    Bought some tickets using stubhub. I don't like the idea of them not actually giving you the tickets themselves. If I had known that I would have purchased elsewhere.
  5. Yeah. Just got to hold for a bit or buy low. Crypto markets seem to bounce back rather quickly.
  6. Yep, wish I had more fully understood this stuff earlier. (Still don't fully grasp the technology). I've seen enough to know that cryptos are the future though. Now I need to figure out a way to eliminate the fees at coinbase, expand my spending limit, and find a new wallet/gateway for other cryptos. I'm pretty sure I've become addicted in less than a week.
  7. Jay Gruden: Buy, Sell Or HOLD: 2017 edition

    As much as I didn't want to say it after the saints game, I think we have to keep gruden. He's made mistakes no doubt but he isn't terrible, and I think the team is getting better overall, despite the mediocre record we have right now. The defense is taking steps in the right direction and the offense is overcoming adversity and improving slightly after losing key players in the offense both due to free agency and also the worst oline injury bug I've ever seen. The only caviat to this is if we decide not to resign cousins.. then by all means blow it up.
  8. 2017 Fantasy Football

    Welp. Officially out of the playoffs now. Have been in the ship the last 3 years. Team is coming together now but too little too late. Fatal flaw was not dropping David johnson week 1. Due to early byes, injuries, and the aforementioned taking up a roster spot for most of the fantasy season, my roster depth wasn't strong enough and I couldn't pick up enough players and had to let players with potential go (i.e. kamara) Having the most points scored against doesn't help either. On to the spoiler role. Will be back next year.
  9. Paloffs is Now: 2007(merged)

    Winning out is not probable, but definitely doable given our schedule. All these injuries though.. I really think this is the best overall team we've rostered in years. I hope some of our players get healthy over the next few weeks. If we do make it to the playoffs, well be a dark horse pick and very dangerous.
  10. Redskins vs Cowboys Prediction Thread: Battle for Respect

    Cowboys are definitely beatable right now. They've been pretty bad lately tbh. Problem is I don't know what to expect out of the skins and we have a ton of injuries. I'm going to go with the more veteran qb in cousins. I think we'll win here.
  11. Defense - From Weakness to Strength to Weakness to etc...

    The defense even now with injuries, is miles better than previous years.
  12. Skins Giants Assessments

    Am I the only one that gets nervous when we call an off scheduled timeout? We always seem to have a **** up on the next play. I was just expecting a false start or delay of game.
  13. Let's talk about investing! Stock market, ETF, etc.

    Why crypterium over other currency? I have the same qualms as everyone else when it comes to cryptocurrency. But it has its place in the future, just not sure why if this generation is the right iteration. It's something the younger people will grasp onto.
  14. Let's talk about investing! Stock market, ETF, etc.

    I put a little cash into a pink stock. Granted going in I knew little about stocks in general but I'm learning. I've learned enough to realize that most investors consider pinks extremely risky. The question is am I just getting lucky or are some pink stocks viable? I almost bought this stock a year and a half ago and it has increased 350% since then. I bought it 3 weeks ago and am looking at a stock on the rise and 14% gains so far.
  15. Game Day Thread Skins at Saints

    The last few years ive been kinda apathetic toward the redskins and their crushing defeats. I don't know why I'm so angry at this loss. I didn't even watch the game. I was at the texans game and saw the skins were up 15 with 3 minutes left. I knew it was in the realm of possibility for the skins to lose because its the redskins, afterall, but come on. What a joke.