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  1. Doctson has a lot to prove and pryor has a bit to prove. Lots of potential. We may not have the 1-2 name combo like other teams, but I bet by years end our receiving core will be near the top in production. I am glad we moved on from older, established wide recievers and moved to cheaper guys with more potential. Pryor is going to have a big year imo.
  2. I don't mind if they cut mccoy and if I were the skins management, I probably would. Sudfield has a lot more upside longterm and has had a year of grooming. Nothing wrong with throwing him into the fire should the situation present itself. We also have terelle pryor who could be the emergency qb. I understand if they keep mccoy though. He is a good guy and then coaches trust him. I don't think he'd be marketably better than sudfield in a backup situation. Sprinkle will not be left on the practice squad. This was an unusually strong tight end class and he will be snatched up by someone who missed out on the tight ends this year. For sure reed will be here. Davis played competently last year and his contract basically means he's making the roster. It's down to paul and carrier as to who draws the short end of the stick. Paul seems to have a penance for sticking around despite long odds. We'll see.
  3. Im genrally pretty accurate regarding sports; there remains no doubt in my mind that the Celtics would get demolished by the cavs... Wizards would have lost to them as well, but it wouldn't be in such an embarrassing fashion and I really think we would have won 2 games. It's too bad that the wizards lost to the celtics, so many opportunities lost in that series and i believe the wizards were the better team. DC sports need to figure their **** out; the skins will have to do it first imo and bring the swagger and confidence back.
  4. When rg3 was here our pass protection was considered very poor. It's almost the same oline that Cousins has played with. And now our pass protection is considered pretty good. The biggest thing that changed was getting a qb that would get rid of the ball faster and not take unnecessary sacks. Our run blocking is considered to be poor, which has little to do with cousins. Cousins makes this oline look good. Additionally, cousins last two years of play have been the best I've ever seen from a skins qb.
  5. Every year I wonder if the redskins have gotten better in the offseason or worse.. usually it's very likely that they stayed about the same. This year we undeniably got better though. If anything we might have gotten weaker on offense, we lost some key contributors in djax and garcon. However, we have replaced them with pryor, who I think has the potential to make up for both. Also, crowder should get more looks which is great because he has been really effective already. We struggled last year in the red zone and left a lot of points on the board. I think our struggles were a bit of an outlier but management really focused on improvement of red zone offense regardless. Perine, sprinkle and pryor should be helpful in that regard. If cousins stays healthy, odds are our offense is just as good as it was last year and that will be enough. The special teams stayed pretty much the same and I think we are solid here. Our defense is the big difference on our team though. It should be night and day different from last year. There have been significant changes at nearly every defensive unit. Coaching has changed as well. Allen, anderson, brown, mcgee, swearinger, and McClain should be on the starting unit. Thats half the starting defense being changed immediately. And while I do question both allen and anderson (irt their talents vs. Alabamas defensive talent as a whole), I expect that both are ample replacements from what we had before and have the potential to be major improvements. I love that they will be thrown into the fire week 1. Weve got a tough division this year, but our team made some massive changes at positions of weekness, moreso than the other teams in the division, who we were competitive with already. The effectiveness of the redskins this year depends on how quickly the rookies transition to the nfl and how quickly the new faces gel with new defensive coaching. It could be an immediate upgrade but even if it isnt, our stable offense should be able to carry us in the meantime. I am drinking the kool-aid this year.
  6. Really tough to choose. Castaway is one of his better performances imo. Haven't seen road to perdition in a while but that might just be the most underrated movie ever. Hanks is a better actor than dicaprio imo. I havent seen most of Daniel day lewis' moview, but he has incredibly strong performances in the ones I have seen.
  7. Kinda just grabbed some lamb shanks from the butcher on a whim. Grabbed some molasses and tex-joy for seasoning. Slow smoking on the grill. Got rosemary and thyme for an oven finish. I think this was a wise decision.
  8. Not the worst game 7 home playoff shutout loss I've seen.
  9. Yep biggest night in a while. I think the wizards are the better team and will win the series. The caps really need to get this monkey off their back.
  10. Qb Te Special teams unit CB Tackle OLB Wr Rb Ilb Guard Safety Interior dline Center
  11. Austin should be right up your alley.
  12. I don't get to watch a lot of caps games but one thing I have noticed from this year and last year's playoffs is that the caps don't elevate the puck very well. I could be completely incorrect on this assessment as I haven't played a ton of hockey... but I feel like we aren't running into bad ass goalies, we are giving the opposing goalies mostly easy shots to block. Caps still have a chance to win. I believe they will get their **** together. They've certainly made that prospect very difficult though.
  13. Kinda depends on semantics but as for whites who truly despise other colors it's prolly around 1-2%. Those with a lighter version but still dominant version of racism..which is usually based on unfavorable instances with people of other races, pure ignorance, cultural differences, or apathy.. I'd peg around 15-20% The vast majority of whites judge people based on their actions. Just my opinion based on living in southern maryland, texas, and long island. (Racism was the worst in long island) Additionally, most races are just as guilty of racism as whites.
  14. This is the rb I wanted the skins to draft. He really pops on film with his hard hitting style and ability to break arm tackles and head to head tackles. He will beba nightmare for the secondary. My only concern is the lack of speed.. will he be able to get going in the nfl with faster defenses than in college? I hope so. It seems the skins management really wanted to improve red zone offense and this guy should help.