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  1. sportjunkie07

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    Quinn and Sims need to be dressed on gameday. We have had receivers not stepping up for a couple years now. Sims needs to be starting. The rooks look hungry. Doctson, here is your wake up call.
  2. There is no doubt in my mind that tether is dirty. There are some stable coins out there that are aiming to be legit. True USD is a contender. I think there is one backed by gold as well. So maybe tether will just work it's way out of the system on the next bullrun. But probably some regulating force will be pressured to go after them and the market will react in chaos.
  3. There is no doubt that bit coin will consume a lot of energy. I'm not sure how much that amount will increase in the future but there is discussion of ways to reduce such high electrical demand. You also must keep in mind how much energy the current system of money (fiat/electronic) consumes. It's not a small amount. There will probably one be 1 or 2 proof of work (high energy demanding blockchains like bitcoin) cryptos that survive and their high energy demand via mining is also what keeps them secure. That is part of the reason why bit coin is sometimes called digital gold. Most other cryptos have a different basis to run their code to establish their blockchains. They vary in type but can require negligible energy. The tech is still developing in that regard.
  4. sportjunkie07

    Thai soccer team trapped in cave

    Positive PR is worth the million or two he'll spend on it.
  5. sportjunkie07

    Thai soccer team trapped in cave

    Those kids are lucky to be alive and i hope the rest make it out. Here is a story of a cave death from 2009. The video really shows that there can be a lot of dangerous factors in play that make rescuing all these kids dangerous and difficult.
  6. sportjunkie07

    Who wants Olive Garden?

    Kellys is your answer. Don't know if they're located in the dmv area.
  7. sportjunkie07

    2017 - 18 Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals Thread

    3500$ for 3 for 400 level seating? Yikes.
  8. sportjunkie07

    Scuba Diving

    Did about 8 dives and got the open water cert in Grenada. My wife is a more experienced diver and said Grenada was the best she's seen so far.
  9. sportjunkie07

    Who should be Starting RB in 2018??? (Public Poll)

    Iirc we had a million injuries to our oline last year. We don't need to spend a lot of money or draft picks on leveon bell. He has been in a polished offense with several playmaker's to take the focus off of him. He would be a waste here and would underachieve. I would be OK with drafting a rookie rb with promise if the price is right. Thompson has proven what role he is good in and I suspect he'll be the same with our new qb. Perine showed some things good but mostly average and I would prefer him to have another complement to his game. If we work on improving the oline and be creative with play calling, we should be fine.
  10. sportjunkie07

    Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    Great deal. Cravens was a headcase and we are lucky to get anything for him. He wasn't going to pan out here anyways.
  11. Lol. Cost his son his life? That dude was 17. He's not a baby. He chose to try to kill someone else. Maybe the dad should face punishment but he didn't cause his sons death.
  12. Close to home. I went to Chopticon as well. People are crazy. Hope the injured victims make it.
  13. I just listened to this morning's senate hearing on crypto. Regulation is coming. They didnt mention it but they are going to smoke tether and bitfinex at some point. Very aggressive attitude toward fraudulent activity. This is really good for the long term. I'm buying more when we bottom out.
  14. sportjunkie07

    Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    Hahahaahahahaaha. This is one of the worst deals I've ever seen. It is so bad on so many levels.
  15. This is the way I view them. Assets tied to a particular form of (generally) blockchain technology, whose stock will rise or fall depending on how well that technology connects to and creates the future. In that scenario, I don't view the crypto market as entirely different from the stock market with a major exception being that cryptos are much more volatile but have a much higher potential long term.