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  1. I think people underestimate the number of recievers used in our offense. Oftentimes we are running 3 wide recievers. You can question quick's talents but we definitely needed the depth. Even if doctson crowder and pryor play well, we will still need extra wide receivers who will get playtime, moreso in the event of a likely injury to the aforementioned starters. Imo we still need more depth and I'd like to draft a mid round wide reciever.
  2. I agree. The receiving core may not be as good as last year; however, the free agency did a really good job avoiding expensive wr free agents and is giving the younger guys a clear chance to make an impact while hoping on potential. Not too bad imo.
  3. Just very strange that the transmission completely fails as soon as I get it back from the dealer after extensive engine work. subaru transmissions are usually rock solid. Anyways, we had to go up the ladder a bit. After haggling with the gm, he spoke to a supervisor and now they are replacing the transmission essentially for free. They honored the extended warranty we had purchased (we had croses the mileage but not year barrier). Some very good business practice there and it is appreciated. This is the subaru near the Scarsdale exit fyi.
  4. They are saying that the transmission failire is a seperate coincidental failure from the previous timing belt issue. Frankly, I'd be embarrassed if I were a mechanic and I'd had some young lady's car for 3 weeks and it appeared in the shop right after I fixed it.
  5. 2012 subaru forester with about 117k miles. It was bought new and maintained on time at the subaru dealership. The car broke down a few weeks ago. We took it to the dealership and after a week and a half of taking the engine apart to determine the problem, they said that a bolt had broken internally, affecting the timing belt, and causing some engine damage. After a total of 3 weeks, we got the subaru back. The next day the car broke down and the analysis is that a full transmission replacement is necessary. We have 3k left to pay on the car and it'll cost over 6k just to get it going again. I think it's a reasonable expectation that a car bought new and maintained properly should last more than five years and I feel that the dealership is at fault here, either through their repairs or just a sub standard product.
  6. I'm killing the bracket this year. Final 4 still intact. Gotta hope michagan keeps on going cuz I've got them losing to unc in the final 4.
  7. Yep. If not for the Pryor signing which was great imo, this would be a really bad free agency for us.
  8. The Pryor deal is very beneficial short term to the redskins and it doesnt hurt us long term. I'm actually suprised at how cheap we got him and I prefer him to both DJax and garcon. Wish it were a longer term deal but still one of the best moves in free agency thus far. Liked swearinger pre draft but his play for the texans made me glad we didnt waste a pick on him. hopefully he has gotten better. Weve solidified the no1 and 2 reciever slots but need to strongly consider using a high or mid round pick on a reciever.
  9. Yes.. yes you are. Lol. I was actually thinking about this earlier.. we might go easy on free agency and focus on the draft, but you don't **** around with the qb position.
  10. No doubt he should be gone but their timing could not have been worse. They could've kept him on the roster longer or done whatever was necessary to ensure he wasn't released right now. Major gaffe.
  11. No they did the wrong thing. What moron thought it'd be a good idea to fire your GM at the beginning of free agency? It's similar to capgate except we inflicted this penalty to ourselves. Coupled with the cousins situation, the Redskins franchise looks to be in complete disarray. I get that this information is sensationalized by the media; however, just like draft warrooms take players of their draft list, If i were a free agent id be crossing thr redskins off my list. Too many red flags. Bunch of morons.
  12. I am happy we parted ways with garcon and djax. Both are getting a considerable amount of cash, more than I'd like to give them.. djax is injury prone and neither are complete recievers. Pryor performed last year and what he did was quite impressive given his lack of time at the wr spot and the poor/rotating qb situation. The guy has the measurable of a monster, and he's just figuring it out. As much as id like to have several vet recievers on the team, I am quite OK with Crowder and Pryor hogging the ball, along with reed when he decides he's healthy and leaving the extra receptions for doctson and draft picks and free agents. Pryor is worth far more than either djax or garcon, is younger, and has way more potential.
  13. You know what would be really helpful in signing pryor?? Signing cousins and ensuring that he has a quality qb to throw the ball his way for the next few years so he can meet his potential.