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  1. I like brans storyline and the white walkers. There is something about the white walkers, some unexplained motivation. I don't think the night king is just out to seek and kill humans. I think the humans have been breeching a long time contract between humans and others and/or the night king is just really mad at the children of the forest for manipulating him and turning him into a white walker in the first place. I saw a video on the night king actually being bran.. it's plausible.
  2. Yeah I can understand why he did it and I think the reward outweighs the risk in his scenario. all it takes is one hit in the nfl though to seriously reduce or completely remove your ability to play at the nfl level. Honestly I think this is what cousins meant when he said it's not all about money. He's been budgeting since being a 4th round pick. He's likely already set himself up for life and is ok gambling on himself for a few seasons. If he never gets that mega contract due to a career threatening injury, hes ok with the money he has already made. In the meantime hes not tied down and has great flexibility to choose a new team scenario if the redskins get toxic. And in the meantime he's going to make a premium of guarenteed money and its likely that in the future he still gets a mega contract.
  3. Yeah well we were. We were also in a little bit of a tougher situation. Our 4th rounder had some tough stretches of games. Maybe management didn't believe in him after 2015. Personally I was a believer and wanted a big contract in 2015 but management failed to get it done.
  4. Not exactly. It is not guarenteed that we use the transition tag on him. If he stays uninjured.
  5. Well I think the nfl and especially the redskins just learned a valuable lesson. It can be dangerous to franchise tag players multiple years in a row. I do think the contract they offered him was good. The problem is we keep on tagging him so his guarenteed value each year makes it worth it to him to just play by the year. Cousins is taking a bit of a gamble, but he doesn't take many hits so his injury risk is low compared to other players. I think coming in as a 4th rounder and getting payed very little has also helped cousins. He's likely been budgeting and is in a very safe financial state and feels fine taking it year by year.
  6. Not sure how exactly science was used to get this info, nor do I care. Houston is significantly worse in my experience. It does get as bad in Maryland at times but it never stays as long and it generally cools off at night. In 2010ish, it was near 100 degrees for a month straight. I suspect new Orleans is worse as well.
  7. Might not seem like a good thing right now but it really is in the big picture.
  8. You should watch the f1 racing circuit. Race every 2 weeks. Have never been into f1 but I started following it this year. It's quickly moving up the ranks as my favorite sport to watch. This year has been very competitive as well, which is nice. The Azerbaijan race 2 weeks ago is a good starting point, the second half of that race was crazy good.
  9. I'm definitely pro cousins but I think we need to drop the whole hes only been the starter for two seasons mantra. He might have only been the clear starter for two seasons but he spot started and got playing time for a couple seasons before that. He had some time to grow and adjust to the nfl game and I don't see him close to the equivalent of a player who was a rookie two years ago.
  10. I wonder if people consider cousins similar to jay cutler in point s in his career? Enough to get some nice statistics but not really enough to field a real contender. I'd say flacco as well but he has already won a Super Bowl. i guess I can understand the hesitation there. its a team game though and it is possible to win without an elite qb. He's just got to be good and capable of streaks of elite.. which Kirk has proven he can do. give him a good contract, focus on the stability that provides, and build the team for 5 years. My bet is that it'll be the most competitive stretch the redskins have had since the glory years
  11. Houston ain't an issue for reasons aforementioned. I also get the feeling they aren't that interested anyways, even without Watson in the picture. The thing is, many skins fans have reservations about cousins.. so do most other teams. Teams will be hesitant to offer him a mega contract, but I'm sure one will bite. Cousins would be foolish to go elsewhere though. He has weapons here, what is looking to be a long term improved defense, and a qb favorable offense. Highly doubtful he finds that elsewhere and while simultaneously having a team willing to give him a mega deal. The only real issue is shanny in San Fran imo. He might have an attachment to the oc who wanted to play him over rg3 and shanny is known for qb friendly offenses. But I doubt any of that will happen. Cousins will be locked up and I'm not sweating it.
  12. I, for one, would like to go back to the past 25 years when we haven't had a qb worth a grain of salt.
  13. Skins are gonna sign cousins. Also, carr got voted 11? That's laughable. The kid is decent and has shown some potential, but 11 is a joke and cousins is currently a better player than carr.
  14. The story being painted here is that this chick is untrustworthy and also using you. i doubt she's pregnant, and if she is, I doubt the baby is yours to be frank. you need to see a doctor with her and confirm that she is pregnant and also do whatever paternity test you can asap. she might not even show up to see a doctor which will be your answer right there. I would only give her money at the doctors office specifically for those two aforementioned tests. in the meantime you need to chill out, there is nothing you can do now except follow these guidelines then you'll know the truth and can move from there.