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  1. I have the key. I'm still locked out
  2. Nope. Regardless I'm locked out.
  3. I'm taking my ole car to my moms place.
  4. That's like a year and half ago man. Btw a couple months ago she admitted she was wrong about that.
  5. I wouldn't break my window to get a dog out.
  6. Thought about it
  7. I'm locked out of my old car. My best bet is to get a locksmith?
  8. Don't you see the slippery slope? If Bisping gets that fight, then other fighters are going to want to pick and choose as well. Its not like Bisping was an established champion either.
  9. Accidentally text them to me Ran 4 miles playing ball today. Feeling good.
  10. I blame you. You had no problem him fighting Hendeo.
  11. Arthur Memes kill me.
  12. Damn that was a nice move by Kyrie.
  13. You honestly think this years warrior drop a game against an IT less Celtics teams? Please. Warriors have the greatest playoff point difference in history.
  14. That's bull. Pacers are trash. Toronto? Are you kidding me? Super trash, Lowry got hurt too. Cavs blew a 21 point lead and the Celtics were without their best player. In contrast the Warriors come back 25 points against the Spurs without their best player. Plus the Spurs have the GOAT coach. The Warriors are just much better than everyone else. You also forget to mention Durant got injured and yet the Warriors still destroyed Portland
  15. I do have GOAT ankles.