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  1. Sativa is nice. I wanna try ayahuasca Edit I mean salvia. Saltiva is a strain of weed.
  2. Light skin lonzo ball
  3. Broke your heart last week.
  4. What's a boat? Angel dust? I only smoke bath salts. Been on a spending spree. Bought some sun glasses but I'm not feeling them. I saw an Oakley pair I want instead.
  5. Ethered that bama.
  6. I just realized El called you Chew's ****. Remember the post of Chews dog with goggles? Clever I'm just slow.
  7. LeBron gets Lonzo traded to the Cavs for a Kyrie and Lakers 1st. Lonzo busts in Cleveland.
  8. I have a habit of buying **** i don't need. I just bought an iPad pro. My excuse is it will help me study easier. I'm just lying to myself.
  9. It gives me anxiety now so I stopped. I smoke once in a blue moon if I'm already really drunk.
  10. Lol I'm not even sure what this means?
  11. Follow the Warriors. Plenty of room on the wagon.
  12. Well Lavine did just tear his acl. Ball goes #2 to Lakers and Tatum to the Celtics.
  13. Ben Wallace lookin as.
  14. Trade for Port and sign Hayward?
  15. I look Peruvian. And indigenious.