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  1. Baseball is boring to watch.
  2. Who the **** is Steve McQueen
  3. i enjoyed the dave but i enjoyed some of his other stuff more, like did y'all watch the 4 hour set on youtube that he did while in NY, a little long but i loved it. Mustangs are girl cars. getting it for you lady tho right?
  4. Thanks.
  5. Does a fly wheel need to be replaced with a clutch? Also, if the clutch doesn't need to be replaced what could be some other causes for the clutch to be burned out?
  6. My clutch is completely out.
  7. That's exactly what he said lol. No warning too. Just fired.
  8. My buddy got fired from his tutoring job for being too strict.
  9. a mobile whore house, thats a million dollar idea
  10. They gave me another free month, hell yeah
  11. I already did that before.
  12. I don't have Netflix:(
  13. You couldn't measure my dick with 6 rulers
  14. What's the difference between a hiccuping and choking.
  15. I was kidding about taquerias. I lived in socal. ****ing taquerias everywhere. I want a raspada Norcal Mexican food sucks ass but it's expected.