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  1. Wait so how is produced.
  2. will Cain is trash
  3. I tired read that as I'm hungry took everything to not pork my wife My activity level is through the roof but I need to focus on my diet.
  4. aint no picket fences in my hood homie with your plush as green grass
  5. I think it just means their spicy wings.
  6. KFC for wings and wedges, I agree
  7. i not drunk just sleepy
  8. Is Taco Bell without pizza an uncommon thingy? I swear it's everywhere hear. I don't eat Taco Bell often. Maybe once every couple of months. I prefer del Taco and its cheaper. 79 cent crunchy tacos.
  9. Empty as calories. Haven't squatted in a while. Hamstrings are weak af.
  10. awww
  11. You're amazing.
  12. Learning to use more chem lab equipment. Kinda fun
  13. Come to the bay LeBron.
  14. Work that bra ket girl.
  15. I got some weird as nick names.