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  1. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    Wow. Typical attention whore move. Post a video that makes it seem like you a trashing jerseys to bait negative responses. He knows damn well his body language doesn't convey that he is doing something nice and charitable, and is old enough to be aware of how it may look giving the timing. What a joke. The twitter response was spot on too. Who would want to wear his jersey anyway?
  2. Welcome to the Redskins Montae Nicholson, S, Michigan State

    By that logic we should be even more excited about Nicholson if we arent talking stats. The kid is the human form of a prototype safety you draw up on paper. He flashed closing speed and hard hits in college. The Redskins would be deserving of major scouting kudos if they were higher on Montae than most due to them knowing it was a matter of coaching for the kid to put it all together. I think we knew from day one he seemed like a boom or bust guy, and with how early hes seeing the field, all signs point upward.
  3. Welcome to the Redskins Montae Nicholson, S, Michigan State

    A players college tape means nothing once they step into the building in the pros. Yes one year wonders happen, RG3 is a great example indeed...but my point about his tape from Mich St being meaningless still stands. The fact he is even being trusted to be given reps in a regular season game this early in the season as a 4th round pick after getting a late start in training camp speaks volumes about what the coaching staff thinks of him. There are more plays that happen in practice that we dont see as fans that led up to him getting playing time. He isnt going to have 5 tackles 2 picks and a forced fumble his first outing... Not sure what youre getting at here. Yes the next 2 years will give us an idea of what he truly becomes as a pro player. Are we not allowed to acknowledge his progress until we have 2 full years worth of NFL film to judge him on or something? He has played well the past 2 games. Hes playing with the first team defensive unit. He made a bone-jarring hit after showcasing his closing speed. I like what im seeing so far. If he is able to soften the blow of losing Su'a Cravens I will be very happy. Hes certainly more of a prototypical safety from a height/weight/speed standpoint than Cravens ever was.
  4. How is our 2017 draft class doing?

    I was expecting more from Fabian as well, but Breeland hasnt stumbled like he did last year. Breelands play is more the reason than anything Moreau has done wrong. So long as our corners are playing lights out, no need to rush putting Moreau or Holsey out on the field. Let them get some action in dime packages and get them ready for next year to replace Breeland. I'm ecstatic about our DB play this year honestly, Fuller blowing up those screens had me jumping up and down. As for the rest of our Rookie class, anyone who is bummed about nearly the entire group on the 53 man roster making plays rotationally is insane. I can see Allen having a coming out party game around mid-season. Anderson will be a stud as well but like Moreau, as long as Smith continues to play at the level he is there is no reason to force the issue. Count me in on thinking Perine will steal the starting job at some point this year as well. Mark my words, it will go down as one of the best if not the best draft class in the last decade. I truly believe that.
  5. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    I swear, people have no problem creating completely baseless, speculative storylines about situations involving the team so long as it paints a picture of organizational dysfunction and "same old redskins"... Be it with the Scot McCloughan firing, grading draft classes, harvest fest, etc. Its the cool thing to do. But people are connecting far more legitimate dots on this Su'a Cravens situation and its overreaction and insensitive? Kirk's wife is due any day now. He's still here. Players put their lives on hold every year during the season and rarely miss time. If they do its typically a day or two from practice. Those players also stay in close communication with the team about those instances. Su'a Cravens quit on his teammates in college. Some close to the situation cited immaturity. Su'a Cravens went AWOL last season after his bicep injury for a day. Red flag that the behavior was rearing its ugly head yet again. This year he waits until roster cut down day, when he OBVIOUSLY was mulling this decision weeks earlier in training camp (evident in the candid video of his sideline conversation with Will Compton) . The way he decides to inform his teammates was in a group chat, texting them "peace out" and exited the group. I wouldnt be as harsh if this was the first time he pulled something like this. He WOULD be getting the benefit of the doubt from me and I'd take the claims of him potentially dealing with issues a lot more seriously. Besides, if he really was dealing with serious personal/family issues... The team wouldnt have been so firm in their actions towards him. They'd risk huge backlash if they closed the door on a person dealing with a serious issue that required his undivided attention away from football. Then in his insulting social media posts he stated that he "didnt feel like he needs to explain himself". Proceeds to spend his time away from the team fraternizing on the sidelines at USC (mind you, all he did was exchange pleasantries with the VP of his professional team that was also in attendance). Honestly the kid is so delusional I could've seen him asking Doug something like who he thought would win the USC game as if what he had done wasn't serious whatsoever. Then he doesn't even show up to support his teammates playing on the SAME FIELD...the. next. Day. Oh, and during all this he also had his agent inform the team that he would be returning to the team the upcoming week, casually of course. Ian Rappoport is a highly respected NFL insider who is paid handsomely to be accurate in his reporting. He likely broke the news knowing what his agent relayed to the team. Because its spectacularly odd for anyone in his situation to have done so while having made ZERO contact with ANYONE within the organization about these plans. After QUITTING on his team and causing a huge stir of unwanted attention, he honestly thought he was just gonna stroll back into Redskins park. No big deal, nothing to see here. The team laughed at the audacity of this smug little prick, and after his actions over the weekend, decided to shut him down. You dont let someone like that who thinks they are above the rules, above the team, and above his teammates to dictate terms or force your hand. Again, if it was a serious personal or family matter, would the team really have included the bit about self reflection and passion for the game or whatever the exact words were in the press release? Think about it people. If it walks like an ass, talks like an ass, what is Su'a Cravens most likely? Or do we want to keep ignoring the facts surrounding all this, give him the benefit of the doubt, and attack others for having strong feelings about such disgusting, disrespectful behavior? While I respect the idea of giving someone the benefit of the doubt, this isnt a court of law... Its the court of opinion of a FANbase of a sports team. This fanbase has never had a problem spitting venom and vitriol about Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen without having all the facts on a situation before doing so. And you wanna know what people cite as their reasoning when I try proposing a contradicting theory that doesnt paint Dan and Bruce as incompetent, evil morons? PAST BEHAVIOR. So funny that past behavior doesn't apply here. Better yet, I have seen worse words tossed around to describe innocent, hard working players like Ryan Grant just because they are popular amongst the fanbase to bash on. But Su'a Cravens? Nah, theres gotta be more to the story here, hold your tongue until we know 110% guys. What an absolute crock. The ONLY chance at salvaging our investment was by playing it exactly the way the Redskins did. Shut him down, hope that being forced to watch the game he loves so dearly from his couch gives him a much needed reality check, and hope that he returns to the team in the offseason humbled and willing to earn back the trust of his coaches and teammates all the way from the bottom of the depth chart.
  6. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    @Spaceman Spiff Im done arguing over things so insignificant. You're right, Su'a shouldnt have thought of anyone else when acting the way he did. Youre fine with a selfish player occupying a roster spot and taking precious reps from players who were more deserving, worked harder, and actually care about their teammates who are trying to establish a culture and mentality as a unit this year. I don't want any selfish player being a distraction to the team I root for, and I certainly don't want my kids thinking its ok to do what he did. His teammates were working hard in practice while he was goofing off on the sidelines at a USC game yet didnt show up to support his own team playing in the same city the next day. Hes a joke and so is anyone who excuses his behavior, never going to change my opinion on that unless I see a report that his reasons were legitimate (be it a serious personal or family issue, but im willing to bet good money neither were the case in this situation). You think its completely ok for him to want to follow his own rules, and we will never agree.
  7. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    Its not about impacting any of our lives. It impacts the football team we are fans of and are members of a message board to discuss. Its added drama and unwanted attention for a team that gets plenty of that on its own. Its a draft pick that could have been used on a different player, one that actually wants to play football. Its so much that you are acting like is no big deal because "people quit all the time" Just ask the 49ers fans how quickly players quitting can implode your entire team. Its a way bigger deal than you are leading on.
  8. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    I could pull so many articles that constantly comment on how valuable training camp and preseason reps are for young players, especially those who are fringe or tryout guys. More often than not, undrafted free agents get one shot with the team they sign with. There are no re-dos If they find out that they made a bad choice on which team they sign with if they got less reps than they thought were going to be available. The league doesnt care. Its cutthroat. If a player doesnt impress enough to make the team they are playing on during the preseason, their only remaining hope is putting enough good reps on film to warrant another team giving them a shot on their 53 or practice squad. Said reps are limited and teams often dont have enough to go around, especially if they have a lot of bodies in one position group. The trickle down effect is obvious, simple really. The earlier Su'a informs the team of his decision, the sooner the team and teammates begin preparing with Deshazor as the starter. We kept 5 safeties on the 53, and one on the practice squad. Who those players are that were most effected is impossible to know, and my list was more to show how many people were possibly effected by such selfishness on Cravens behalf. We wont know who could have impressed with more playing time and altered decisions the team made of who how many safeties were kept... or who could have made a better resume of game tape for themselves and caught on with another team. Wanna take a wild guess on why we will never know? Su'a freaking Cravens. You dont/shouldnt need specific evidence to know that something is dead wrong to do. Its called principle. Not to mention arguing the importance of reps is a pretty asinine exercise. How are you even defending that his actions didnt effect anyone or anything besides himself? Put yourself in the shoes of any of those safeties that were behind Su'a on the depth chart, we can use Everett as the example. You overcame being asked to switch positions from corner to safety to crack the roster last year, put in all the work you can including playing on every special teams unit just so you can give yourself the best chance at making the squad. You made plays seemingly every time the coaches put him in the game late last year, and you feel you deserve the chance for training camp to at least be an open position battle between you Su'a and others, you at least earned the opportunity for Su'a to win the position outright considering you played more snaps there than he did. nope... Su'a gets penciled in over you and you get your reps either with the replacement units or via you taking mental reps every time Su'a is on the field (where you feel you should be). He then waits until finals cuts to leave the team, after you had to say goodbye to your best friend in training camp that was cut, who you honestly felt was super talented but just couldnt get on the field to show coach because of the numbers game. Have I made the point yet? It came out for the first time that he quit on his team at USC in similar fashion as hes doing now shortly after the news originally broke. Do you think that might have changed our scouting departments minds a little bit about a player who they thought loved football? And if you have to ask why USC would do that for its players you must not understand how recruiting works or how dirty college football is with secrets like this. Its in USCs best interest for Cravens to get drafted as high as possible. You're naive if you think Su'a and USC wouldnt lie about it just because its wrong.
  9. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    Couldnt be more wrong. There are so many other uses for social media, many positive in fact. Just because a person/athlete has a social media account doesnt automatically make them an attention whore. Thats absolutely ludicrous.
  10. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    Regardless of his position on the depth chart he cost other players valuable reps. He took the majority at 1st team SS in camp which has a trickle down effect, as there are limited reps to go around. Highly disrespectful to the guys who would KILL for more reps. Highly disrespectful to his starting FS who was prepping for a season with Cravens as his counterpart. Highly disrespectful to Deshazor Everett who would have appreciated the extra reps at a position he is still learning. Highly disrespectful to guys like Fish Smithson who maybe would have made the team and not the practice squad if he had more reps to showcase his abilities. Highly disrespectful to players who maybe dont have jobs now because they werent able to get enough reps to have enough tape out there for other teams to be interested in signing them after the preseason with the skins. Yes he didnt tell the Skins to draft him. But im sure he was in cahoots with USC to keep his previous stints of quitting on his teammates under wraps so as to not negatively impact his draft stock. Im also now certain that he mislead us and a ton of other teams about his extreme passion for the game, which we know is now false. Like I said, if you cant see how him quitting and the way he did it was disrespectful, or how many people it effected, I dont know what to tell you.
  11. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    Yes, most athletes have social media. Not all of them are attention whores. Most dont respond to, or care what fans have to say, good or bad. Su'a does. if you cant see how his actions were at the very least disrespectful to the team and his teammates I really dont know what to tell you. It was every bit a smack in the face, immature, and unprofessional.
  12. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    Youre absolutely right. But this drama did pose a threat to our seemingly great locker room chemistry if he tried coming back this year. I take issue when a players antics potentially effect the team I root for in a negative way. And he still is a threat to be a distraction with the fallout from the skins official decision yesterday.
  13. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    I didnt either. Which is why I was happy when the team shut him down for the year. Except the thing is: the team just moved on yesterday. And moved on just for this year. It will most definitely be re-visited in the offseason. As for Su'a, from all accounts he was going to try and return this week before the team nipped it in the bud because it was clearly a team distraction coming in like a freight train. It also sounds like there is potential for Su'a to make some noise legally over this and it remains to be seen what he is going to have to pay the team back. Unfortunately for you, there are still elements of this to be discussed including developments that are still ongoing. Sorry you dont get to dictate what people deem discussion worthy around here?
  14. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    The reasons why he quit absolutely matter. And thats what makes this situation even worse. Can you remember a player who has retired or quit that didn't release or have his agent release a statement on situation? Multiple beat guys said on the radio today that its very strange that there has been radio silence from Cravens on the matter. But I dont expect the coward to release anything because like I said, I think he prefers the drama of the speculation. Thats exactly the issue. Since we have been given zero clarity on the reasons behind all this, what myself and others are left to go on were his actions before and following his departure. HE painted himself in this light, im just voicing my opinion on what he has shown us. And I am grown thank you very much...but I guess its also easy to sit back on your sofa and try and turn this into an attack on MY character. I get up and handle my responsibilities unlike Su'a and refuse to not voice my opinion about having to raise my kids in a society that wants to coddle everyone and hand out participation trophys, tell people that quitting without 2 weeks notice is just fine if it makes you happy. And yes, If the reason he quit was his most recent injury it does look weak. Not going to apologize for that. What I was trying to point out is that the attitude of the fanbase would have been a whole hell of a lot different if this was Galette who decided to walk away from the game after a second achilles tear that ends a season. 2 straight years of rehab takes mental toughness. Su'a was gonna miss what, a month tops? If you don't think that this didnt sit well with players in the locker room I don't know what to tell you. Because I can promise you what was said about it behind those closed doors was a whole hell of a lot more harsh than the PC statements they gave to the media about it. I mean if it got to the point where a team captain was already pulling him aside in practice, people were already growing tired and aggravated about it, just imagine adding an abrupt quit and them finding out via a cowardly text message. And until we do? People are going to discuss it on a MESSAGE BOARD, on the topic created for the SPECIFIC TOPIC of Su'a Cravens quitting. If you think people are dragging on discussion too long about news that officially broke all of 24 hours ago there are plenty of other threads you could check out, bud.
  15. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    I absolutely dont think the opinion of posters on a message board is more than a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of things, but the sentiment of fans on here often reflects a portion of the fanbase on all avenues of social media. Misinformation spread here about the whole fake vision thing can also be seen on twitter, facebook, etc. This is a kid who has an unhealthy appetite for likes and attention on social media. After his snapchat video informing us that he felt he didnt need to explain himself, he then proceeded to re-snap dozens of direct messages from his "true" fans that were basically excusing the behavior and other ego-boosting statements. There was a theme of him paying special attention to the snaps of those who told him to "ignore/F-the haters". He disrespected the team, teammates, and fanbase and doesnt care. What I was trying to say is those who are running to his defense and blowing him up with love and support are the ones reinforcing his behavior, because he obviously reads and cares about what people say on social media, way more than a professional should. He doesnt deserve the satisfaction of people supporting him after acting the way he did, and my post was simply expressing my distaste for those who are.