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  1. And you would feel comfortable using a 1st rounder on a player that would come off the field in sub-packages that call for only one inside linebacker? And Compton is certainly the weaker of our two starting ILBs, so shouldn't we be looking to draft his replacement not someone to line up alongside him? To justify spending a 1st rounder on an inside linebacker, he has to be the total package IMO. A Patrick Willis, Luke Kuechly type. The guy whos going to lead the team in tackles, the captain of the defense, the communicator. Someone quick enough in his pre-snap diagnosis to audible into a different play if needed, align his front 7 while also relaying calls to his counterpart in the secondary. I don't care how cool "the hammer" sounds. Starting to wonder if Fosters best fit would be as an OLB in the 4-3.
  2. Now that is exactly who I want manning the middle of our defense. The type of player that can spearhead a culture change on that side of the ball. Please Bruce, draft this kid.
  3. A 4.5 is actually pretty average, almost the definition of average if you base it off of the combine this year for running backs. Fournette ran nearly the same time 40 pounds heavier and an inch taller, fwiw. If we added in the receivers times his 40 would look even more pedestrian. Far from "blazing" if you ask me. McCaffrey is more quick, shifty, and elusive, IMO.
  4. Yeah... spending a first rounder on a player for the half dozen trick plays he'd be used on over his entire career doesn't excite me. Teaching him how to punt sounds like we hired Jim Zorn as Scot McCloughan's replacement. I'm sorry but to me Christian McCaffrey is a prototypical luxury player taken by a team without many glaring needs. I'd be all for it if we were a consistent playoff contender looking for a unique weapon, but we aren't there yet. We already have everything he can do on the roster between Chris Thompson and Jamison Crowder. However if we trade back I wouldn't be mad if McCaffrey is the one toy Jay gets to have this year if hes in love with him (as long as the rest of the draft is defense-heavy and only after a trade-down). But if we're gonna go RB I'd much rather it be a true lead back like Fournette/Kamara/Mixon or one of the many complimentary backs in this years class to pair with Fat Rob Dare I say that McCaffrey is a little overrated due to the whole "rare white runningback" hype?
  5. One move I actually support more than seemingly the entire fanbase is letting Baker walk. I like that the team is firm about not standing for any player who thinks they can freelance. And he was on the wrong side of 30. Fan-favorite personality be damned, stick to the draft-first philosophy and build your roster with players who buy in to the coaches, scheme and give consistent effort. And if McGee and McClain end up being part of a rotation that includes two rookies taken in the first 4 rounds it has the potential to be a massive improvement over last years group. McGee and McClain both excel at playing the run and have upside. Right now I'd say that the D-Line unit is a wash not a downgrade, and younger to boot. I'm reserving any panic for when we don't add pieces to it in the draft, which seems highly unlikely based on everything we've heard thus far and the roster spot left by Ricky Jean. *Icing on the cake would be Anthony Lanier making a big jump in development or being half as good as coaches make him sound (aka the Ryan Grant effect)*
  6. Yeah thats the main thing that scares me with all the reports coming out about Ru Foster. With all the communication issues we've had lately on defense along with players freelancing, I hope we do our homework on Foster before taking a chance on him. Manusky even came out and said he plans to make everyone being on the same page a priority for his defense. Not saying he won't pan out, but I'm not so sure I want the Skins to be the team that takes a chance on him at this point. Unless the reports of his football IQ are overblown of course. I still think Foster's teammate Ryan Anderson would make a damn good 3-4 ILB actually. He isn't the type of athlete that Haason Reddick is but I think he could make the transition just as well (without the premium a team is going to have to pay for Reddick's hype train). He has the body type to be more of a thumper and could be a pass rushing threat from the inside in base, and on the edge in sub-packages. Not to mention his personality and intensity are exactly what I want leading my defense.
  7. I'd love a trade down that allowed us to get all or most of the following: 1) Jordan Willis or Trey Hendrickson later if Willis is gone (insurance for Gallette and Murphys suspension) 2) A top 3-4 DE prospect like Wormley, Kpassgnon, Ogunjobi, or Montravius Adams 3) An offensive weapon for Gruden be it a running back that falls like Joe Mixon, or a receiver like Chris Godwin, JuJu, Josh Reynolds, or Zay Jones 4) Either an outside corner that falls like Moreau, Quincy Wilson, Sidney Jones or alternatively my favorite slot/nickel corner Damontae Kazee 5) an ILB like Jarrad Davis, Raekwon, Tyus Bowser, or Anthony Walker 6) Either Elijah Qualls earlier in the draft or DJ Jones later on in the draft to finally give us a true nose tackle 7) Another later-round 5-technique to go with one from the first group like a Daeshon Hall, Tanzel Smart, Eddie Vanderdoes, Charles Walker, or Deatrich Wise 8) and lastly a developmental FS (maybe Chuck Clark? Or someone else with ties to our new DB coach) Thats the majority of my wish list but I also wouldn't be upset if a developmental OG/C was thrown in there either.
  8. Why exactly can't we trade back? IMO, this is a perfect draft to trade back in. I've been saying for a while that unless its a sure-fire blue-chip talent that falls to us at #17 like OJ Howard, Fournette, Solomon Thomas, Jonathan Allen, etc we should be trying everything we can to trade down. Not only would a ton of prospects that are 2nd/3rd rounders this year be 1st/2nd rounders in other draft classes, the position groups in which this class is deep at matches up perfectly with the Redskins team-needs. That is a recipe for a trade down if I've ever seen one.
  9. Let us not forget that our pro scouts didnt depart when Scot did. They were here before him and still remain. And while we've had some misses I think we've actually been decent in our player acquisitions with Scot Campbell and Alex Santos. I know this won't be a popular opinion but no team is perfect with their FA signings and I think had we had better drafting to supplement their signings they would look even better. The biggest positive is that we no longer have crippling dead money on the books when the bad signings we do make don't pan out. We're using free agency like we're supposed to: filling out your roster, special teams, a few boom or bust young guys who might develop into more. The unfortunate reality is that the majority of free agents are fools gold. The big contracts we do dish out we're making sure are good players who are in their primes (Desean, Norman, Pierre) and letting them walk when they hit 30 y/o to let another team experience their decline (Desean, Pierre, Baker) This is how we've always wanted the team to operate and now suddenly everyone wants to crucify the team because they don't recognize the names of the D-Lineman we signed. We developed Chris Baker, no reason to think we can't do so again with Lanier or one of the new guys. The Giants going all in last offseason trying to capitalize on Eli's closing window of opportunity shouldn't make everyone want to revert back to being kings of the offseason...
  10. His hype is based entirely on making the position switch inside. His numbers and height/wt draw comparisons to a Shazier type player at ILB if he hits his ceiling. I agree that using a first rounder on a player based on a projection to a different position than he played in college is quite a risk. I think you could easily have made the case for him with a 2nd rounder but his hype train eliminated that from being a possibility. high risk/high reward pick now. I wouldn't bet against the kid after starting as a DB at Temple and the reports of his work ethic and leadership but I can definitely understand the hesitation. To answer your question directly, you can't really evaluate tape on him, seeing as none of it is at the position he will play in the pros.
  11. 3rd round would make it worth any associated risk in drafting Mixon, imo. Skins clearly don't care if the fanbase erupts, and neither do I. Extension of our overreactive society that will likely forget about it by week 6 anyways. Not sure if this has been posted in here yet or not but here are the Waldo Formula results for this years class.
  12. I think it happens every year. About half of the reports are wrong if I had to guess an amount
  13. Chris Godwin in the 2nd round is basically Pierre Garcon 2.0. Inch taller too I think. Only way I'm concerned is if we ignore WR in FA and the draft completely.
  14. Who do you suspect/hope the targets are if you don't mind me asking? Pryor seems to be the only WR left not spoken for and has a ton of upside
  15. Interested in seeing if we sign Pryor with Pierre and Desean both departing. If we pass on Pryor I think we can guarantee a WR in rounds 1 or 2 come draft day. Still have my fingers crossed for one of either Logan or Hankins as well. Hankins seems like he would come at a better value with his more recent injury. Based on the crazy contracts DL are signing, hedging our bets with a pair of injured but high-upside guys in Terrell McClain and Hankins seems like a good strategy to go with any draft picks on the DL.