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  1. Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: Who Is For Real?

    Honestly man, it didn't surprise me at all when I saw the the username that was coming to the defense of Eagles fans calling out everyone in a thread for being ignorant. You are absolutely one of the most outspoken, negative for the sake of being negative people I've ever seen in my life. One of the main people I was referring to when speaking about the state of the message board a few weeks back. And yeah, I told a story of a friend punching an Eagles fan that were surrounding me and my group of friends, similar to the poster I quoted that told a story about Eagles fans doing the same to him and his wife. I'd apologize for hitting a nerve for talking badly about your beloved city of Philadelphia but I could really care less. It doesn't matter the subject, you just love playing the role of contrarian in every thread you participate in. Your shtick is old and you can miss me with your elitist, condescending posts. Yeah, I lived there for a year and hate the fanbase for good reason. Sorry it isn't long enough in your eyes to deem me worthy of commenting on the subject. And what makes you the authority on Eagles fans there buddy? Or have you been a closet Eagles fan this whole time?
  2. Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: Who Is For Real?

    And they're probably filled with potholes. I swear they should change their state slogan to "roadwork ahead" Yeah, I don't tolerate **** like that. I took a buddy of mine who is an Eagles fan (he is one of the few good ones in that fanbase and hates the stereotypical birds fan) to the Skins-Eagles game in the late 2000s, and on the way into the stadium after tailgating a group of Eagles fans tried doing the same to me and my group of friends, saying my friend was a "piece of ****" for associating with Redskins fans. They picked the wrong group to mess with. My buddy knocked the vocal leader of their group out and he fell into a pile of snow created by the snow plows. He took a nice nap and I wonder if he ever made it into the game. We still have a good laugh about it whenever we get together. Amen. I've always said that while the Cowboys are my most hated team/rival, the Eagles are a close second and are my number #1 most hated fanbase by a long shot.
  3. Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: Who Is For Real?

    Lived in Pennsylvania and Delaware for a year a piece. Couldn't disagree more with you. For one, I made a jab about Pat's and Geno's based on a stereotype. Innocent smack talk. I'm aware that both spots are tourist traps and better steaks can be had at other places in PA. The only thing I will agree with you about is them having a better stadium than us. The Comcast center of whatever it's called is a great pre-game/tailgate experience and it's cool that they have their Hockey, Basketball, and Football teams all located in the same big complex. While there are knowledgeable, educated fans in every fanbase, they are the exception not the rule when it comes to Philly fans. The majority are giant A-holes that take pride in the fact that they are bullies and are unwelcoming to opposing fans. I've seen and been at FedEx field tailgates where opposing teams fans are welcomed with open arms and treated with respect. I'm talking complete strangers feeding and giving free booze to Cowboys, Eagles, and Giants fans. It's pretty awful that even the nice Philly fans acknowledge how ignorant the majority of their fanbase is and would recommend that I not wear Redskins/Wizards/Nats colors to games there. I think it's pretty delusional to excuse their fanbase and actions as simply being "passionate", but to say they are "no worse than any other fanbase" is a huge stretch. The only fanbase you could even make an argument for being as classless is the Raiders and it's not even close, imo. Listening to their local sports talk radio regularly for a year blew me away with how ignorant they are. They put our cynicism to shame.
  4. Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: Who Is For Real?

    You can select any sample size you want to support an argument for either team. Fact of the matter is the Redskins historically have the Eagles number. Are you really that proud of the McNabb era teams that could never get it done anyway? You had a super-team the last time you went to the Super Bowl and your locker room couldn't handle the pressure. TO is still the most hated man in your town. Nah, and I'd be careful being proud of a high-number of notches on your belt when your options are the Swamp-Donkeys you call females up there north of the Mason-Dixon. And I'm looking forward to that talk. But something tells me you'll be nowhere to be found come Tuesday morning.
  5. Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: Who Is For Real?

    No, I actually don't. The entire league is unpredictable with very few excellent teams this year. The usual powerhouses are losing to huge underdogs every week and there have been lots of injuries to top players leaving divisions open to otherwise unlikely teams. The Eagles are benefitting from it and are off to a hot start, and the only thing I know for sure is that you aren't as elite as you think you are. Not yet. Yes, I think we are in for a great game. Luckily we are set up perfectly to beat an Eagles team that is primed for an upset at home. Your young team has an over-inflated ego that even your coach has expressed concern about. To be honest, losing to the Redskins might be the best thing for the Eagles long-term this year because they need to be humbled. LOL. You're too much man. Go hit the blunt again and debate if Pat or Geno's has better cheese-steaks with other Eagles fans who are drinking the green Kool-aid.
  6. Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: Who Is For Real?

    Yeah your "highness" is clouding your judgement. Lay off the herb. And it's hilarious you're so confident in your off-season moves now that you've strung together a few wins. I travel for work and unfortunately had to spend a day in that hideous city you call Philly, every single caller that rang your local sports talk radio stations was bashing your off-season moves. You're the worst fanbase in the NFL who change opinions on your team like underwear.
  7. Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: Who Is For Real?

    You would think you little girls would have learned by now. Remember Chip Kelly's first year when your fanbase was convinced his high-octane, hurry up offense was going to revolutionize the NFL and be unstoppable? Your fanbase is so desperate for a good team that you buy into hype immediately Let's be realistic. The Eagles are in year 2 of a rebuild and have had good fortune the first 6 games of this season. Enjoy being the darlings of the media for right now because it's an unpredictable league that changes quickly and you will be forgotten about when the wheels fall off the Wentz wagon yet again . But go right ahead and believe you will go undefeated the rest of the year, your optimism is cute. To be honest, it pains me to say it but I think the future is bright for the Eagles. Fortunately, they are another year or two away from being as good as their fans think they are this year.
  8. Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: Who Is For Real?

    An Eagles fan mocking our team name as though it's offensive is pretty hilarious. While you may be a very rare-bird (pun intended) amongst your kind, let's not act like your fanbase gives a damn about political correctness. And yeah, you're not very good at this... Just like your team isn't very good at sustained success. Allow me to burst your little bubble that has you and your fanbase pea****ing and puffing your chest out: First off, you beat us the first game because you got hooked by scheduling, that's it. You caught us week 1 in what was basically an extension of the preseason for a Redskins team with a ton of new starters including many rookies, 2nd year players, or players simply new to the team. I'm confident we would have blown the doors off you if we had played the following week. Simple as that. You're 29th against the pass. I think you're mistaking gel for the thick kool-aid you're drinking directly from Carson Wentz's man-spigot. Let me remind you that the team and Quarterback you are facing on Monday isn't the same you faced week 1. Your pass defense doesn't have Kirk shaking in his boots. If he limits any damage it will be via kneeling in the victory formation. Lol. We have one of the best pass blocking offensive lines in the league and you barely got home against the Giants. Even if Kirk does get rid of the ball quickly, it will be after he checks at the line to pick up your blitz before he proceeds to pick apart your secondary with greater ease than Eli did. On the other hand, Wentz will not catch us by surprise with his mobility and off-schedule plays out of the pocket like he did the first go-around. Expect his passing yards to be hard-earned and for him to be hit on the chin early and often. Our ball-hawks (including Josh Norman who will not be missing this game) will be waiting when Wentz inevitably starts making mistakes this season. Because again, like the rest of your team, his level of success is not sustainable week to week. What Eagles fans have been watching this season is a team that has gotten very lucky in every game I've seen you play in. Every ball and call is going in the Eagles favor right now, and I'm sorry to break it to you, but the play of your young inexperienced team will come crashing back to earth sooner rather than later. The Eagles heads are inflated. Even your coach is worried that they think they are better than they actually are. Similar to how you are disrespecting the Redskins, I suspect your team to do the same and get caught slipping in this game and realize they are doing so too late. Our team hasn't forgot the smack you talked in the off-season and are still pissed at themselves for losing to you week 1. Expect a team motivated to avenge that loss and get the last laugh. Unlike the Eagles, winning is less of a new-feeling to our team and we will be prepared to come out swinging to shut up your redneck, yank & classless fans in that stadium as soon as possible. Monday will be a huge wake-up call that you aren't the Superbowl favorites you think you are. Realistically, It's safe to say that the Eagles (like most teams) aren't going to win out the rest of the year. Your cupcake schedule the rest of the season may be cause for false-optimism for you and your fanbase, but regardless... your next loss will be at the hands of the Redskins come Monday. In your house. You say you don't see your letdown happening at home on a Monday night, but I can assure you that nights like these are the exact stage in which they happen. We know. Others may have welcomed you with open arms, but I don't play nice with Eagles fans. Not in my stadium and not on my teams message board. Before week 1 we had beaten you 5 straight, but even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while. Be happy you managed to sneak out with a win last time, because after this let-down game your fanbase will be back to the usual: Berating your own team, coaches, and front office on local sports-talk radio before cryin yourselves to sleep every night clutching pictures of Andy Reid underneath your pillows.... Only to wake back up to your reality that your super-bowl win was just another cruel dream. Die, Eagles, Die...L-O-S-E-R-S, Losers!
  9. The Skins RB situation....

    Couldn't agree more. I don't understand for the life of me how more people are complaining about our RB depth chart when Lauvao is an absolute TURD at left guard. People just love thinking skill positions are always the answer. Either Jay personally banged on the table to sign Lauvao back when we did and doesn't want to admit that he whiffed HARD, or Lauvao has incriminating photographs of Jay and/or a video of him hanging out with Chris Foerster last off-season or something. It's the only way to explain why we continue to start him. Not only does he generate the least amount of push in the run-game if he gets any at all, the dude consistently gets RAILROADED, right into Kirk's lap in pass-protection. Its a serious disadvantage when defenses can dictate our protections because we are constantly forced to have Long chip whoever is rushing against the LG. I'm sick of it. Move Long back to LG and start Roullier at Center or give Catalina a shot at LG. There's no way either option could possibly be any worse.
  10. Do We Suddenly Have a Dominant Defense?

    Anyone else notice Stacy McGee blowing up some o-lineman on a few plays late in the game? I was happy to see him making an impact. He seems to have a well defined role as the one constant end in our 3-4 base package.
  11. The Positive Thread

    If we are able to keep this roster intact, evaluate and address the few remaining holes and bolster the position groups that don't have the depth that the majority do... I see no reason why we don't see us talked about as a SB contender or at least a sleeper pick in the off-season. This is the year after slowly building the team correctly through the draft that you can sprinkle in some high priced free agents to push you over the top. Candidates right now would be LG, WR (if Doctson or Pryor bust), and HB (if no one emerges there either). Maybe a nose (though I doubt that one based on value within the scheme), and maybe another DL or OLB to add to the mix. Hit on 1 to 3 contributing rookies (might be the draft to Target a KR/PR guy?) And we're really in business. Does anyone have a source for upcoming free agents this off-season? I know its way too early to even be thinking about it, but I at least need hope that Lauvao won't be our starting LG next year...
  12. How do you feel about the Receiving corps?

    I get the desperation to get our receivers going... But, no. Pryor is a 1 year wonder at this point, Jay Gruden's offense is not. Not only that, but we have no shortage of weapons to lean on in the interim while waiting for Pryor or Doctson to emerge. It would be different if our offense was struggling, or we had no wins to force our hand and be impatient with Pryor/Doctson. You don't just scrap a proven, potent offensive scheme and the west-coast route concepts within it to get a receiver and his stat sheet a jump-start. Pryor showed in the off-season that he appears to have the drive and work ethic to become an effective receiver within this scheme. Even Kirk seems to be behind him due to this aspect of his personality. The QB is pushing him, making a concerted effort to support him and his development in any way he can, and has been outspoken in said support. That gives me confidence that he will eventually blossom into what we hoped he could be when we signed him. It's just taking longer than we expected for him to put it all together, which honestly should have been more expected for how new he is to the position. He's really about equal to Doctson in development at this point if you think about it. It was easy to treat him like most other wideouts coming off a 1k yard season and expect him to repeat the performance if not exceed it, but Pryor is about as unique of a situation as it gets. He has 1st round natural talent with 6th round/small school/UDFA-level experience & knowledge of his position (and that's being generous). He’s one of maybe a half dozen players to make the position switch he did with any success, and amongst those peers of his, he's the only one that didn't make the switch immediately following their respective college careers, a considerable disadvantage for a position change that is rarely successful, if attempted at all to begin with. I honestly think he was the beneficiary of opposing defenses disrespecting any QB that was under center for the Browns, and Pryor was surprising defensive backs with his speed and athleticism to get behind them for big plays. What he did show was that he is an insane height/weight/speed - wide receiver prototype, in the vein of Calvin Johnson. That alone is enough to warrant the 1 year deal he received, but they were largely playing sandlot football over there in Cleveland last year. This year, I think we all bought into the off-season hype too hard when it came to Pryor in-particular. He no longer has the element of surprise working in his favor as an unknown at the position last year. He's a Raw physical specimen that is the most raw in his route-running which is magnified in Jay's offense that's so predicated on timing. In hindsight, his soft market makes a ton more sense than Zach Brown's (which remains inexplicable). I truly believe that the game hasn't slowed down for him yet. It explains the concentration drops we are seeing in-game that have been a surprise considering all the attention his acrobatic grabs received in training camp. It makes sense to me at least. This summer the catches we saw came with zero pressure, and often times were in 1-on-1 drills where he was guaranteed to be targeted regardless if his route gave him separation/was run correctly/etc. Once he gets the timing, depth, and speed of the routes down to being second nature, him and Kirk will really begin to click and the drops will go down immediately, IMO. It's the type of situation that when it all does come together, he's just going to go OFF one game near the middle of the year. I'm the most curious as to who will emerge as the #1 when it's all said and done. Will it be Pryor with his better top end spend for the big play? Or will it be Doctson due to his knack for the tough catches that move the chains coupled with his elite ability to come down with red zone opportunity-balls? Or will we get lucky for once and have them both hit their respective potential? If they do, my money would be on Pryor finishing with better YPC but Doctson having more TDs. It really could go either way. They both possess immense potential in their own unique ways and I'm excited to see who steps up.....OR.... They both bust and we're back to the drawing board this off-season at outside receiver. For some reason I'm confident at least one of the two will pan out this time though.
  13. A Confidence I Haven't Had in 25 Years

    Yeah I'm with you 100% on this sentiment following the loss at Arrowhead. I didn't understand those who wanted to place the blame squarely on Doctson, on Jay's time out, on Preston or Brees penalties. None of the above had me frustrated after that game. I was mainly upset because I was disgusted with how common it is for luck to not work in this teams favor. Perfect example: Lose arguably the best backup swing-tackle in the league for a few weeks? Bet your ass one of the starting OTs are going down. But moreso than the injuries was my frustration with the refs. I knew we were in for an uphill battle after the obvious bad call on the Reed fumble. I knew we weren't getting the benefit of the doubt the rest of that game. And its beyond aggravating to me that because of luck and penalties, this team has to play the perfect game, just to have a CHANCE at a win. The Redskins aren't just playing one opponent each week. Most of the time were playing the team, the refs, and the injury ghost... Every damn week. This Redskins team, a team with boatloads of heart, toughness, character, swagger, or whatever you want to call it, deserved to win that game. We fought our hearts out to the bitter end and made the best team in the league EARN every single yard and point they got. They weren't scoring at will like they have against every opponent thus far. Hell, even after being bailed out multiple times via ticky-tacky calls, they STILL had to settle for a field goal. I love that about this team. We are going to make sure you remember you played us, and make everyone think twice about disrespecting us as "just the Redskins". I think they've earned the fanbase's support at this point and we should Rally behind them. I agree that with the way this team is built thar we are far from our ceiling. We should Rally behind them at home to give them any advantage possible while working the kinks out. If Pryor or Docston emerge as a serious outside threat, we get healthier, and avoid major injuries... The sky is the limit. Not a single team scares me the rest of the way on the schedule. After 4 weeks and a bye coming at the perfect time for us to get healthy and come out pissed off...This team has given me the confidence that we can go toe-to-toe with anyone. And I think the Eagles were lucky to face us when they did, because I think we're going 1-1 against them and sweeping the rest of the division.

    Generally, yes. Just as it's a good sign when multiple cuts from the 90/53 cut downs are immediately scooped up. It's a sign of significantly increased talent amongst this teams depth. Something we've never had in my lifetime. In this case however, just about any teams practice squad guys could step in and compete for a backup spot on the Colts active roster. Man that team is bad. It's seriously shameful that Peyton wasted so many of his prime years with an organization that couldn't put a halfway decent roster around him for more than one season. Especially when you consider his career spanned nearly two decades. Had to go to another team in the twilight of his Career just to get to the same number of SB rings as his immensely less-talented little brother. Speaking of Peyton, I wonder if he'll be interested in coaching at some point.

    Damn. We went with Catalina over Kalis because of his flexibility to play tackle but by all means Kalis looked to be further along than him in his development at guard than Catalina. Guess we will have to wait for the off-season to have any sort of hope at an answer to replace Shawn "revolving door" Lauvao