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  1. What you fail to realize is that while the fanbase may be eating up this latest drama thats oozing out the doors of Redskins park and are acting like the sky is falling... Once the season starts (as long as Cousins and the team dont completely poop the bed) nothing will change. Just like the GMSM drama has already been forgotten, this will be too as soon as the games start. Hell maybe as soon as the start of training camp (or for the cynical fans, a TC injury they can somehow blame Bruce/Snyder for or something) It's also pretty laughable that you think it will hurt the income of the team. And for the record, not everyone in the fanbase is experiencing PTSD from Cousins lol. I'm just fine. If I had a dollar for every time I've heard a Skins fan say they give up on the team until something DRASTIC changes or Dan Snyder sells the team, I'd be able to buy it from Dan myself. I mean hey, at least you guys can become fans of the team that hired Scot though, right? I'm sure you'll really be able to rally that stadium walk out this year. Maybe one of those online petitions will get their attention this time! You guys can do it! It will look even cooler if the team is winning when you do! Until he isn't, Kirk is the QB of the Redskins and while the cynical, pitchfork-wielding sect of the fanbase spends all season analyzing two sentence quotes from Cousins and Bruce Allen to create a make-believe narrative you have no clue actually exists or not (like a psycho ex-girlfriend) I'll be ripping beers enjoying watching my team play that has tons for me to be excited about this off-season. Until the team falls apart, it hasn't. It's actually the best roster we've had as far as I can remember. If you'd rather comment on every pass from Cousins to Pryor that "yeah but neither of them are gonna be here next season, wahhh" just don't come over my house to watch games please.
  2. I'm not buying the hype personally. I'm leaning more towards a sophomore slump from Dak and Elliott. I think they overachieved in a big way last year and their youth/inexperience showed very quickly with the 1st round playoff exit. Couple that with Zeke's off the field distraction(s) and the added pressure and expectations... Perfect recipe for a regression from those two. Jaylon Smith, while a 1st round talent, has been out of football for quite some time and will essentially be a rookie this year learning a particularly cerebral position on the fly. That's if he even returns as the same athlete he was pre-injury. Pass rush is still trash and Taco Charlton was over-drafted IMHO. They shuffled their heralded offensive line that features guys playing outside of their natural positions now. That unit will still be solid but not as dominant as last year. Lost basically their entire starting secondary in free agency and is trotting out a lineup of all rookies for the most part. Big time regression for this unit or a half seasons worth of growing pains at least. Tough schedule. And with all that being said, if they stumble out of the gate the locker room will turn on each other making salvaging the season unlikely, because: Cowboys. We have some question marks ourselves and are banking on some youth to pan out too, but we look like the model of stability and roster depth compared to the Cowboys if you ask me. As boom-or-bust as it gets. Besides, we all know NFCE champions don't repeat.
  3. Zeke Elliott takes the Cake at the moment. Dude just embodies all things that makes it continuously easy to hate our rivals. Rolling up his jersey in college, the crop top tux at the draft. Kid is T.O. 2.0. Others that come to mind: Seahawks and the legion of goons. Mike Alstott and the Bucs. Both teams had our numbers for wild card games and have both held the place for my most hated teams outside of our division at different points in time. Brian Dawkins for the Eagles. T.O. for both the birds and the Cowboys. Jeremy Shockey for the Giants. All those jerseys we're typically worn by the biggest d-bag fans of their respective fanbases at the time. I think that's what does it for me, players that I associate with the ignorant loud mouth trash talkers.
  4. I really disagree with the idea that there is bad blood between Kirk and the Redskins. It's a BS narrative made up by the fans and media that is completely speculative. Statements about a player having a chip on their shoulder or feeling slept on is nothing new, and is said every year by multiple draftees and veteran players since the beginning of time. Twisting it and acting like it's directed specifically towards the Redskins is such a stretch. I don't think Cousins has the wool pulled over everyone's eyes and secretly hates the FO/owner of this team and is being fake with his words and actions. I believe him when he says money isn't his main driving factor in life. I don't think he was driving a busted conversion van to training camps dreaming of the day he could park his new Lambo in RGIII's parking space after he milked the Redskins of every dollar he could for having the AUDACITY to draft him the same year as another QB. I don't think he feels more disrespected by the Redskins than he does any of the other 31 teams that passed on him in the draft either. I think he's too intelligent to not understand the business aspect of the NFL and that this contract negotiation is part of it. We have ZERO evidence that the relationship between Kirk and the team is strained or unhealthy in ANY way. Now could Cousins disagree with the state of the contracts given to NFL players? Sure, and he wouldn't be the first player to express their disagreement. Players go on rants about it all the time, typically during the free agency/off-season period of the MLB & NBA. So if Kirk is making this about principle and is willing to risk injury/poor performance to blaze the trail for a change in NFL contracts, more power to him. I will move on to treating this situation like we have Kirk on a 2 year deal (this year's tag and next year's transition tag). Because the simple fact is Dan Snyder will step in with his checkbook next off-season if anyone even remotely tries to suggest not matching whatever deal he is able to fetch on the transition tag. But it won't even get that far, it's not like the other teams are uncapped to be able offer anything the Redskins couldn't possibly match (another conspiracy theory I've heard, other teams being willing to roll with Kirk + 52 UDFAs or something I guess? They have to build a roster too...). The Skins will make him the highest paid QB if necessary, they would just be making the league confirm that market value before ponying up. And to the point about Shanahan and Kirk planning a reunion this whole time: where would your loyalty lie if you were Kirk? Actions speak louder than words. Mike and Kyle can say now in hindsight that of course they always thought Kirk was better than RG3 and that they knew he would become what he is. But Jay Gruden put his neck on the line to name Kirk HIS starting QB. For all Kirk knows, Shanny and Son took him in the 4th round because they "disrespected" him by thinking they drafted a great backup QB. I'd buy Kirk wanting to go to a turn-key contender before the rebuilding 49ers. So if it's about legacy at that point, who are realistically closer to SB contention than the Skins who only need a QB? The Texans maybe? Could they afford to overpay Cousins without releasing the talented players that would have made them contenders in the first place? By the time teams that could afford to overpay would be close to the roster strength of Kirk's current Redskins team, he'd be what? 33 years old? All realistic theories point to him staying in DC imho, I could care less if it's in 5 days or after we match another teams offer next off-season. It's not as "now or never" as so many seem to believe. But you know what the "Kirk hates the Redskins" narrative sounds more like? One created by the media/fanbase of a team that historically A. loves QB controversy, and B. loves finding a way to tie any and every move made by the Redskins back to dysfunction and the big bad Dan Snyder. "It's gotta be the truth because it's the same old Redskins!"
  5. If a deal doesn't get done and Cousins is happy to risk injury or performance reducing his value next off-season, I see absolutely nothing wrong with the Redskins using the transition tag next year to let other teams set the price for his services. Anyone who actually thinks throwing crazy money at him just to get this done now is insane. For the sake of what? Impatience? I compare it to the Otto Porter situation with the Wizards. The Wiz were hoping to sign him to a team friendly deal before he fielded offers but he went out and obtained a max contract offer to which the Wizards will match. At the end of the day the Wizards were never going to let him leave town, but it would have been foolish for them to not at least TRY to sign him a little cheaper for the sake of the overall roster. No hard feelings harbored by either side, just business. We should be happy that the team is operating this way so long as it isn't hurting the relationship with Cousins. Cousins seems to completely understand the FO's stance of wanting to do what's best for the team, just as they understand Cousins stance to want what's best for him and his family. Until that mutual understanding breaks down, I really think the fanbase and media will be the only ones up in arms if a deal doesn't get done in 9 days while the team and Cousins continue on with business as usual. Be it 9 days from now or via the transition tag next year I don't think Kirk is going anywhere. The Skins are justified to do their due diligence. Do WE wish it would be over already? Sure. But thankfully fans have no control over the situation.
  6. Completely missed the signing of Lou Young while I've been trying to stay away from the Skins news until the Kirk deadline for my sanity, but I just did a little research on him and I'm very intrigued. He could make some noise in camp and make decisions harder on who to keep and who to send down to the PS which is always a good thing. In a nutshell he sounds like a guy who was on the NFL radar in college until he had some off the field stuff. Priority UDFA guy that's been impressing at training camps since he's been in the league. Could be a late bloomer. 6 ft corner with 4.4 speed, coming out of college he was suited for off man/zone schemes that needed to work on his press. Could see him battling directly with Holsey. Wonder if Norman gave the FO an inside scoop on him. Definitely gonna keep my eye on him. Having this much competition at CB also bodes well should we have to deal with any injuries at CB.
  7. I love how we were begging for years for leaks to stop from within Redskins park when it was just another reason we were a dysfunctional circus of an organization. Now that literally no one knows what's going on, and have no idea if or how many offers/counter-offers have been made, naturally we assume that since there have been no leaks it must mean the Redskins have done nothing since the first offer and have no idea what they're doing. Wouldn't it be a much worse sign if the two sides we're resorting to leaking or making statements to the media to force dialogue in negotiations? That's my hot take at least, the silence and little variance in statements from both sides leads me to believe that plenty of normal negotiations are taking place in good faith.
  8. Count me in the camp that none of this happens in a vacuum. An elite secondary gives what would be an otherwise average front 7 those precious extra seconds to get to the QB, making them statistically look better than average. Sack statistics don't differentiate between which were coverage sacks or not. And vice versa, an elite front 7 wreaking havoc on a QBs time in the pocket and disrupting the timing of plays results in more interceptions and deflections in the secondary. Allowing an otherwise average group of DBs look better than they would be otherwise. I also believe that coaching, in a similar fashion to the examples above, can elevate the play of an average position group to above average. For example, all things equal I believe a unit coached by Tomsula is worth 2 or 3 sacks at a minimum over his predecessor. Minimizing lapses in communication amongst the entire defense also cuts down on unnecessary big plays, which is why I loved to hear it emphasized by Manusky when he took the job. Because even if your defense plays a perfect game outside of two deep touchdown passes that costs you a game, no one remembers how great the defense was statistically overall. We're going to see a cumulative increase on defense because so many parts in the equation have been changed from coordinator, position coaches, rookies, and FA acquisitions. People will scoff but a Giants-esque turnaround isn't out of the realm of possibility here, ours is just with more youth and less urgency in the form of huge $$ free agents due to Eli's rapidly closing window. With that being said, the one downside of changing that many parts of it in one off-season (especially with some being young players), is that it typically increases the time for everything to gel. It would be awesome if the secondary came out the gate firing on all cylinders with great chemistry, that's my hope. My expectations however are that we will see a unit that slowly evolves until about 6 or 8 games in and finishes as one of the better overall secondaries in the league. Swearinger is the real deal, my main concern at FS is depth in the event of injury. Cravens produced very quickly as a rookie and expect him to have a quicker than average learning curve with his switch to SS. I understand the speed concerns with both, but football IQ and coaching can make up for that as 4.3 speed is less important at safety than corner. If a Safety is relying on his recovery speed, he already lost the battle. Norman will return to the pro bowl. Breeland will bounce back in a contract year. We have enough talent otherwise that it's a good bet for at least one to emerge and lock down the slot by week 1. Depth is also solid here with Hall/Blackmon being flexible to play corner in the event of injuries in-game. Plenty to be excited about in the secondary. The talent is definitely there on defense this year. It's just gonna be growing pains and playing with the line-ups and rotations until things click IMHO. You can weather 6 games playing without your starting NT or a starting CB and still be a great defense. Happens all the time. Coaching, communication, and solid talent around those players allows that to happen. It's not like offense where you can say ONE position (QB) will doom this defense. The overall improvement is way more important here.
  9. @ConnSKINS26 Interesting take. In this case I think we've both made strong points on our stances and will agree to disagree I will say that I just think it's a matter of making way too much ado about nothing. Bruce Allen is simply a politician. It certainly seems to chap a lot of asses around here but I really could care less. No different to me than the responses given by Belicheck to the media in NE, constantly dancing around questions and deflecting. Belicheck isn't immune to bad draft picks or player acquisitions and even gets his fair share of criticisms for blunders with all the cheating stuff. He just gets to rest on his laurels with Tommy boy and all their hardware they have to show for it. Also just because he won't admit to the media about his final say does not mean that there is any doubt within the org that he does in fact have final say. I also think that with the amount of work that goes into setting up draft boards, that concerning ourselves with scenarios that rarely even happen like needing a tie breaker picking between a player is pretty trivial. If it's Bruce writing the name down, the coaches that are arguing pulling straws, or Doug Williams flipping a coin, does it really matter? Our soft-society where social media has transformed people into thinking we are entitled to know everything going on, to the point where we demand complete transparency from everyone and every business... The harsh truth is that the Redskins or any other business aren't required to reveal the truth about their inner-workings. I actually like the attitude of the Redskins being so seemingly solid behind closed doors at Redskins park that they don't give a damn about public perception or pissing a few people off. Whereas previous regimes would have crumbled under the media pressure surrounding Scots firing, they didn't even care to issue more than one statement on it and proceeded to go out and kill the draft. That seems like a pretty unified FO to me. And I hate to break it to you but displacing blame and finger pointing happens at the top of many organizations, way more than you are leading on. Until the product on the field suffers, I'm afraid the end justifies the means in this scenario. I'm fine with the structure as long as it's working more often than its not. This isn't an issue until we start losing. And all this speculation will quickly be put deep into the backburner if we have a playoff season. Because winning is king. I'm not gonna cry when Bruce magically starts taking credit for a NFC Championship banner either. I'll just laugh over the stir it will surely make in the media and enjoy another beer.
  10. @Skinsinparadise I was moreso speaking on the team strictly since Allen was brought onboard, and focusing on the overall improvement under him regardless of who did what under him during that time (be it Shanny, Scot, whoever) because the positives and negatives of those hires don't happen without Bruce hiring them in the first place. I did this for the exact reason you mention, that its near impossible for us to know who deserves full credit or blame for anything due to the FO structure. Its why I have really stopped caring or trying to figure it out personally because no one outside the walls of Redskins park knows the truth. I just look at it and say we have gotten better since he took over, not going to concern myself with any of the details of why so long as the product on the field has improved, which it has. And that is the most important part of a GM/Team President to me. I do agree about the QB/HC/GM thing, so maybe I'm just hopeful that 2 out of the 3 will be enough. Now if Jay gets fired, Kirk leaves, and things start to implode, then I may look back retroactively and try to figure out the why and whos to blame. But for now all I know is that Bruce's arrival = change for the better. Your post also makes me wonder if the main reason people dislike the FO structure is because it makes things ambiguous, and harder for people to identify a scapegoat to harp on. And the bit you quoted wasn't to bash anyone who disagreed with my position. It was moreso a shot to the sect of the fanbase who find the negative in everything the team does, and attempt to link everything back to Snyder's meddling or team dysfunction. Its a tired narrative to me, hell even members of the local media are guilty of it, thats all.
  11. I respect your opinion but what about it is so far-fetched? GMs are constantly getting fired and replaced left and right in the league, the great/good ones are almost as rare as franchise QBs. At the very least I think the approach is perfect for the draft. Instead of living and dying by the choices of one GM or HC w/roster control, our selections either are unanimous amongst the group or carefully debated until a choice is settled upon. The results were particularly great this year (at least on paper so far) during a time with so much uncertainty after the GMSM drama. Probably the most excited I've ever been about a draft class in all the years I've followed the team, at least since I've been alive. So there is (so far) one terrific example of the FO structure already producing positive results, which is why I proposed the idea that its possible the group could be better than a single GM, at least for this team/franchise. I mean, if Bruce Allen isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and its widely accepted around here that scouting isnt Bruce's strong-suit (as it wasn't his background). Shouldn't it be seen as a positive that Bruce recognized that and absolved himself of having to make those decisions by a system of checks & balances via the current FO structure? That doesn't sound like an ego-driven person, it sounds like he's a smart businessman who recognizes his strengths and weaknesses, sticks to what he does best while surrounding himself with respected individuals who specialize in what he considers his weaknesses? The whole point of this message board is discussion with the benefit of learning from from equally as passionate fans with different views, so I'd love to hear your take on it Conn.
  12. In no way did I intend to imply that I believe things are "slam dunk great". Bruce Allen isn't perfect, nor is he without some mistakes on his resume. I do however believe him when he says that things have always been a group - or as he likes to call it, "Redskins" decision. Things have been a group decision since his arrival, were a group decision while Scot held the GM title, and remain a group decision after he was let go. I personally think that it was one of the primary reasons why Scot's relationship with Bruce became strained. I think Scot wanted final say when there was disagreements on a personnel/draft/free agency move and grew tired of having to approach those decisions democratically. That is admittedly pure speculation on my part but more believable than other explanations ive heard floated out there, and more likely to me than it all being a result of his alcoholism (which may have played a partial role, I just dont think it was the main reason) Now with that being said, I mainly made the post to defend the current FO structure simply because I feel that until it proves to be a "disaster", I feel Bruce has earned the benefit of the doubt. Again, I feel the organization has been better off since his arrival, and get aggravated by those who jump to the conclusion so quickly that we are "the same old Redskins" because I don't understand how people could honestly feel that way. The hatred towards Dan Snyder and assumptions that we are still a dysfunctional, poorly run NFL franchise is largely disrespectful and short-sighted to the good things Bruce Allen has done. I hate that people get so caught up in negative press that it overshadows so many good things. We are one of the toughest pro-sport markets and because of that, bad news or speculation gets talked about way more and overshadows any of the positive moves/decisions that the Redskins and Bruce do make. For instance, we finally get what we have been asking for as a fanbase for years with us building through the draft, not over-paying free agents, and instead developing our own talent...yet people slam the FO for not signing two WRs over the age of 30 y/o to big contracts and are more interested in criticizing their departure than talking about how nice it is that we had the foresight to draft a WR the year before to help mitigate them leaving, in addition to us being able to attract a young player like T.Pryor for an absolute bargain price. Him and Doctson have the potential to be just as good if not better than Desean and Pierre, and worst case the chances of them both not panning out are slim. We should at least come away with 1 great wideout from these moves, hopefully 2 that will give us much better return on investment due to age. The old, dysfunctional Redskins that some think we still are would have had no plan in place for this situation or had a drafted player waiting in the wings. We would have drafted for need, taking a WR this year instead of BPA or grossly overpaid to keep them. We now can watch Desean and Pierre get paid as their production and skills decline over the length of their respective contracts as we watch our players ascend and develop. The old, dysfunctional Redskins also would have acted in reaction to the Giants success in free agency last offseason with how quickly it turned their defense around, and tried to do the same instead of sticking to the plan of building through the draft. Its great that we have shown integrity and stuck with a philosophy for once. Another sign we are a much better organization is that players such as Zach Brown and even Pryor chose to join the Redskins without us having to over-pay. That has NEVER been the case for this team until now. Before we could only attract young players looking to cash out, with the majority of FA acquisitions being over-the-hill types that we would always find ourselves eating dead money for, often times long after they were released or retired. Good players choosing to play for the Redskins over other teams and the stability of us extending our HC for the first time under Dan Snyder make it easy to see that we have turned the corner as a franchise, unfortunately the fanbase has a difficult time trusting what they are seeing and assume nothing has changed because of years of buying what the team is selling, only to be disappointed year after year. So like I said, Bruce Allen hasnt been perfect but I see no reason to assume that this FO structure is doomed. I actually think its another positive that we promoted from within instead of bringing in an outsider. Thats how culture is strengthened in business, NFL franchises included. There is also the possibility that just like head coaches who have sole control typically fail, sharing GM duties amongst multiple smart football-minds could be an improvement over a single GM. It may improve accountability and reduce the chances of mistakes when multiple people have to sign off on a decision before action is taken.
  13. 3 or 5 year deal, signed or extended there will still be a sect of the fanbase clinging to the dysfunction narrative. Any relief we get from the constant "pay the man" posts will simply be replaced with "our ignorant GM/Owner overpaid Cousins and now we are doomed"...or better yet the classic Skins fans trying to create a QB controversy out of thin air after any game in which Cousins throws an interception, ie: "Bench Kirk, Start Nate Sudfeld/Colt McCoy!" threads. With that said, I'd be over the moon to get ANY deal done. 3 or 5 years, I could care less. Gives us a break from beating the dead horse and allows the team to focus on the rest of the roster.
  14. Remind me again of whats been so god awful since Bruce Allen took over? For starters its a pretty small sample size. Also, call the Shanny hire what you will but I'd argue he dug his own grave when he demanded total roster control on top of his coaching duties. His son will most likely suffer the same fate in San Fran. Looking at the bigger picture, I see a GM that slowly ridded the team of a terrible roster and its contracts, and began attempting to repair the decade of damage done by the previous GM. Not to mention he also made a focused effort to repair the damaged relationship between the team and its Alumni that was almost as cynical and alienated as the fanbase under the previous GM. Most importantly I see a GM that changed the lifeblood of the orginization to building through the draft and ceased the pursuit of moby-dick free agents. Yet all it takes is for the Giants to hit on one free agent class and we all want to forget about the cautionary tale of free agency we have watched for a decade. No GM is perfect. Bad coaching, draft, and personnel decisions will be made from time to time. But I see the overall results of his tenure as positive rather than negative thus far. His one draft class looks pretty damn good. If it took the mistake of trying a re-tread like Shanny to get us to where we are now which is with the first head coach to ever receive an extension under the big bad Dan Snyder, I'll take it. This years draft class looks pretty damn epic on paper as well. I'm also not sure how much blame you can put on a GM in regards to a defensive scheme change from 4-3 to 3-4. But cue the responses from Harvest Fest Hate Club that I'm sure will say "but RG3 isnt building through the draft, the GM picks the coach that ultimately picks the defensive scheme so us running a 3-4 is Allen's fault, he used Scots scouting service his first draft and the big board was set by Scot before he left this year (which is completely discrediting the scouts that the lord and savior GMSM chose not to replace during his time here), Even though Shanny brought us a division championship he was a disaster! Etc, etc, etc... Its a giant joke if you can't see that this team is in such a better place than it was 5-6 years ago. I seriously wonder what some fans are going to do when they can't moan about how awful things are. I suspect there are some Redskins name-change advocates that you could throw some complaint parties with...
  15. I also saw a nugget that the Carr deal all but guarantees that the deal, if signed, will be a short one. This makes perfect sense to me for both sides. Say a 3 year deal instead of 5 im guessing? A 3 year deal reduces the number of years that dead money from the deal would handicap the team in the event that Cousins falls off a cliff statistically or regresses to the mediocre QB some fans still somehow think he is and if Cousins still thinks he is worth more than 24/25 mil per year and Carr didn't do enough to set the market where he feels his value lies, he "settles" for the 3 year deal with full intentions to hold out the third year unless a new contract is negotiated by then, after the QB market and salary cap rises to his standards 2 years from now. I could literally go back and forth with these scenarios forever. Its going to be a long few weeks.