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  1. Also I want to refute the claims that this is a weak year for DL. I think there are less guaranteed 1st round blue chippers with the film to back it up, but there are not only plenty of high upside guys who could be better pro than college players, but also a ton of guys who will be above average-to-very good NFL starters available this year. Don't mistake a position group as bad because it isn't top heavy like most draft classes (typically followed by a steep drop-off in talent). I personally think this DL group is rather deep. Fingers still crossed for Deatrich Wise Jr! It was cool to see PFF rank him in the top 100 prospects when ive been touting him as one of my favorite sleepers based on what every other website lists as his draft range (5th/6th rd)
  2. The thing is if we are looking at him as strictly a pass rusher and not an ILB I'd take some others over him at OLB. Especially Jordan Willis if we are talking speed rushers. While shorter edge guys can and have succeeded in the NFL, id prefer a prospect closer to the prototypical size and length if we are gonna make him our 1st rounder. I mean, isn't his height and length part of the reason he is being looked at to switch positions in the pros anyway?
  3. The Reddick hype train is getting out of control. Does he have the potential to be? Sure, but its far from a lock like the other top-15 talents that actually have film of them playing the position that they will be playing on a professional level. Don't get me wrong, I like Reddick and all but there is some risk with him considering he is entirely based on projecting him to a position he has only really played in the Senior Bowl.
  4. With this years draft that line of thinking would more accurately describe the running back position rather than guard or any OL for that matter. The drop off for G, C, OT and ILB is drastic after the top 5 guys come off the board whereas the difference between 1st rounders and 2nd rounders at CB, RB, and DL (after garrett and allen) is negligible. Perfect example is how much difficulty people have agreeing on the ranking of the CB prospects or coming to a consensus. And thats not even getting into the simple fact that RB has a lesser positional value than most others, a fact that is currently clouded by what I call the Zeke Elliott effect that prospects like Cook and McCaffrey are currently benefiting from. That balloon will pop soon though I reckon.
  5. See, the problem I have with this is the notion that you can only get an impact player with a Top-15/1st round pick. With how deep this years class is there will be multiple day-1 starters and impact players well into the 4th round. I'd personally rather trade down and pick multiple players in the meat of this draft before I took a 1st rounder that wasn't a sure thing.
  6. If you took character completely out of the equation, Mixon blows McCaffrey out of the water as a prospect. He can do everything McCaffrey can do but with the added benefit that he could actually withstand a substantial workload between the tackles unlike McCaffrey. What he brings to the table would actually warrant a 1st round pick because you wouldn't have to take him off of the field.
  7. Hope it happens. Also, if the posts about the Skins being hell bent on an edge rusher are true I hope we have the savvy to take Jordan Willis. Preferably after a trade back but I'd take him either way if thats the route we want to go with our top choice.
  8. It's funny you mention Jordan Willis because he is my favorite speed rusher and in my top 5 of Edge players overall. A few other notes: 1. I'd rather have a dedicated pass rusher in a guy like Willis if we go for a speed rusher as opposed to Haason Reddick playing primarily at ILB then switching outside on 3rd downs. Both you and Cooley both think speed rusher is a big need for this team so i'd rather have a full-time one in addition to any player we draft at ILB instead of trying to kill two birds with one stone in Reddick. 2. I just think the hype of Reddick has become too rich for my blood. If we draft a college OLB to transition inside to ILB its going to take any of them time to adjust, regardless of how talented Reddick is. So if we go that route I'd much rather draft either Ryan Anderson or Tyus Bowser. Like Reddick, they both can bring the pass rushing aspect of their games to the ILB position and still line up outside in pass rushing sub packages if we wanted. 3. Our need for speed at the ILB position isn't as desperate with the signing of Zach Brown 4. I love that Manusky wants ILBs that can bring pressure and its a great draft for those types of players (Reddick and Ru Foster included) My ILB rankings/favorites for the Redskins are as follows: 1. Jarrad Davis 2. Ryan Anderson 3. Tyus Bowser
  9. I disagree. I think the DL position group is rather impressive and very deep. I think its just a matter of how the "big board" shakes out this year with other elite talents being ranked ahead of where the majority of DL will start being selected. I'm fed up with DL not happening to be BPA right around where our picks are slotted year after year, and would rather manipulate the draft to put us in position to have DL be BPA on the board with the added benefit of stacking up extra picks in a trade down. There are tons of prospects in the 2nd-3rd rounds that would be 1st rounders in other years draft classes and we would be smart to take advantage of that. Its unacceptable that our highest drafted defensive lineman is Jarvis Jenkins in the 2nd round years ago, and our free agent signings at the position weren't good enough to make me feel comfortable with rolling with what we have. In comparison, I would say the QB and Edge Rusher positions would be the groups that arent that impressive.
  10. SIP, whats interesting is before the Senior Bowl hype explosion and position switch I don't recall Reddick even being that highly rated of an edge rusher. Where would you rank him among speed rushers if you look at him as strictly an OLB/EDGE?
  11. I wonder what our plan is at backup center? Its a pretty obvious need that doesn't get discussed much. are there any swing guards/centers still on the market in the same class as sullivan was? Or maybe we wait to see who shakes loose from training camp roster cuts. Or do we view someone in-house as an option?
  12. Couldn't agree more. I'd rather give our FO as many chances to land multiple impact players as possible before drafting any of the 1st round prospects with question marks. This draft class is so perfect for a trade back. And if we take a player with question marks I'd rather it be with a 2nd rounder at the earliest. I think the question is how big of a drop off is there in talent from the first rounders to a 2nd round alternative, especially when you factor in the overall impact multiple rookie starters would have on the team? I think the drop off isn't that high based on the lack of consensus on so many players this year. Examples: Rueben Foster vs. Jarrad Davis? Haason Reddick vs. Tyus Bowser/Ryan Anderson? McCaffrey/Cook vs. DEEP RB class 1st rd DB vs. DEEP DB class Not to mention after McDowell the run on DL looks like it will begin in the 2nd round. I'd rather put ourselves in position to finally get one instead of finding ourselves in a situation like last year with Ioannidis. Make the draft flow in our favor. A trade back could even allow us to draft a top guard like Dion Dawkins to replace Lauvao at LG. Unless a top 10 talent falls I'm starting to believe I wouldn't even be that upset if we traded out of the first round entirely. Would also increase the comfort level in drafting a player who may not start right away or be a sub package player (ie an ILB that needs to learn the defense or a gadget back everyone seems to think we need)
  13. I agree with @Peregrine on this one. I don't consider the knocks on McDowell something you can coach out of him. The kid is either going to wake up, mature, and prove his doubters wrong or he won't. A good example of a prospect who could be "coached up" would be someone like a Tanoh Kpassagnon. A player who is raw but has all the physical tools and size to develop into a better pro than college player. They have to possess the desire to take their game to the next level as well.
  14. Because you dont draft depth in the 1st round. And you don't take better players off the field to get him reps at receiver to make up for the lack of reps at RB.
  15. And actually no, its not interesting because if you read the press release with direct quotes from crowder on the subject it's not even close to correct. "But I'm not going to do the leg work for you" and supply you with the truth because you'd rather run with speculative information that supports drafting McCaffrey. Comical.