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  1. Markus Golden getting "overdrafted" in the 2nd round gives me even more confidence in Ryan Andersons chances to tear it up for this team. Golden ran a 4.90 at the combine And his combine profile sounds a LOT like Andersons too:
  2. I will say, I think Grant gets it a little hard in regards to the falling down thing. I think it was just the terrible timing of the one fall (in such a crucial moment) that gets him painted unjustly as a receiver who falls down "all the time". I honestly can only think of one other time he has fallen down but I could be wrong. I do agree that this year we have better talent though. I'd be upset if Mo Harris gets cut or the rookie Davis doesnt clear waivers to make it to the practice squad because of the coaches love affair with Grant.
  3. Not shocking that the incumbents took the majority of 1st team reps in OTAs to demonstrate the scheme to the new additions/rookies that in some cases will be starting over them at certain positions. It also was our first glance at getting a feel for where our NTs are at in their development and how the coaches feel about their abilities or at the least their grasp of the defense/scheme. It will definitely make me keep a closer eye on Mbu in training camp and preseason seeing that he was the first up at NT in OTAs. I think it will be between Mbu and Ioannidis as far as the holdovers with Phil Taylor having an outside shot being the more physically gifted nose in the room. Hes definitely the prototype and will be getting plenty of long looks there in this offseason. Wild card is Ondre Pipkins but unless he dominates randomly as a rookie which is rare for the position, I think hes a likely candidate to be stashed on the PS and brought along slowly. Like the reports of him getting consistent push, but its obviously very early. Fingers crossed because if we can have some luck roll in our favor at NT I think the rest of the question mark positions will work themselves out with some healthy competition in camp. Get the corner depth chart settled (specifically who mans the slot), maybe have Spaight live up to his draft slot and unseat Compton at the Mike, Swearinger and Cravens gel quickly on the backend, etc. If all goes ideally, the defense could really surprise some people. And lets be honest, we only need a top 15-20 defense to be competitive with this offense. I think this will be the first year I make the trip to Richmond to watch the battles in person im so excited.
  4. Slim to none. Have you seen how QB-needy the league is right now? Hes better than half of the backup QBs in the league, and even more valuable in Jays system. I wouldn't be surprised if he would start on a few teams after a training camp competition or at least as a bridge to a rookie QB.
  5. No matter which way you slice the roster this year, some talent is going to be sent packing. Be it from us running with 4 TEs, 4 RBs, etc. On that note, Colt McCoy is more valuable than Paul, Carrier and Mack Brown. If they trim from a position group in order to keep 4 TEs or RBs, its not going to be QB. If Kirk has to miss a 4 or 6 game stretch, Colt could bat .500 and keep us in the hunt whereas I think the season would be over if the QB2 was Sudfeld. That alone is invaluable in todays NFL. Quality backups are hard to come by. In regards to the TE position group, If we keep 4 I think the spot goes to Paul over Carrier if he returns to pre-injury form. The point made about Carrier being a Scot guy is worth noting. If Paul is a demon on teams in the preseason and no one is left to vouch for Carrier he will be sent packing. Its tough to give up on a guy we traded a pick for but I think Pauls versatility and vet presence gets the nod here. As for the running backs, I'm not as high on the likelihood of us keeping 4 on the 53. Matt Jones is as good as gone and we must just be waiting for camp injuries to see if we can recoup a late rounder for him. Its the only reason him still being here makes sense. The only other question here is who still has practice squad eligibility. Are Mack and Marshall both eligible? Or was Mack active for too many games last year? So happy with the amount of competition we have up and down the roster. Gonna be very interesting to see how it unfolds and who the inevitable surprises are. Definitely going to see our camp cuts picked up by other teams this year too. All good signs for the team as a whole.
  6. I thought Shanny had full personnel control as part of the terms of him taking the job as HC? But I see what you mean. In hindsight the RG3 trade was terrible even if the Rams didnt do much with the picks, it doesnt mean we couldnt have. But at the time RG3 was very highly touted so its hard to really fault them for making the move if they thought he was franchise-caliber. And I liked adding a RB, thought it was one of our needs that needed to be addressed, just not in the first round unless it was Fournette. And I'm not against bringing in Dan Williams, I just think we see what we have in house first before kicking the tires on him. If hes still out of shape, hard pass. Don't think it looks very good that hes still available either. I think Phil Taylor is just as good at this stage in their careers if healthy and much younger to boot.
  7. Id rather stick with what we have at corner and keep the draft pick it would require to get Sherman. We just drafted 2 corners that were considered 1st round talents prior to injury. Now is not the time to revert to the Redskins of old and go trading valuable draft capital for players on the decline. Luckily fans arent running the team or we'd have a past-prime vince wilfork, an overweight Dan Williams, signed both Pierre and Desean to huge contracts that would prevent us from re-signing Kirk, drafted a 1st round running back, and traded next years picks for Richard Sherman, effectively stunting the growth of our young corners.
  8. Actually no, Justin Ellis didnt get penciled in as the starter until this offseason. Dan Williams reported to camp overweight and lost playing time during the year to Mcgee. The ESPN article posted a few pages back specifically said Dan Williams got beat out by Mcgee as well. And its not that I think Mcgee will be the savior. I specifically said that if the other more prototypical nose candidates dont pan out, I think that Mcgee is a much better candidate to play the nose than Ziggy Hood was. We simply differ in opinion that I think play will be improved at nose this year between one of our options, and the overall defense isnt destined to suck if we dont end up having a prototypical nose at the spot. Because unless one of the big boys really impress I think roster spots are too valuable and the team would rather a lineman that can play multiple spots. I think its the reason Matt Ioannidis became the project NT, he can play all over the line. Same reason we havent spent major resources on a player that plays minimal snaps on defense and would rather a versatile player that plays more than 2 downs and 20% of snaps overall. Oh no! Say it aint so! Hes a bum! He was a DE only for the raiders!
  9. He was actually neither. He played DT in a 4-3 scheme and often played the 1-tech which is one of the roles played by a NT in the 3-4. But you knew that already, I hope. In some schemes, one of the two DTs in a 4-man front often plays the role of nose with the other playing as the penetrating 3-tech. His name also has been mentioned in multiple articles as playing Nose for the Raiders, most recently the ESPN one talking about how he beat out Dan Williams. Not quite apples to oranges, more like granny smith vs red delicious. Our coaching staff are the ones that called him "more of an end". But that was also before we drafted Allen. Being called more of an end in their opinion doesnt mean a guy can't or hasn't played nose either. I think Gruden even said Mcgee has played some nose in an interview, IIRC. And my point in regards to how quickly they were grabbed in FA was moreso trying to point out market interest for the players. Don't you think Brown would have signed a multi year deal if he had the choice? And I brought up Cousins to point out how much the FO likes to penny-pinch. IE: if we thought we could wait on Mcgee and get him significantly cheaper, recent history has proven that we probably would have. And our Free Agent priority list was set in large part by Scot before he was fired. And there was a clear theme with the guys we brought in being better at stopping the run than the guys we let walk. I think its positive that the team recognized their weakness and spoke about their desire to stop the run. I'm not saying they are "bright" by any means but I'm also not as down on the offseason as you clearly are.
  10. Its frustrating isn't it? Especially since the moment he was drafted the team said he was their project at NT. Anyone who isn't a prototypical nose gets written off around here, even though developing NTs takes time. Especially for a guy like Ioannidis who had to add size on top of learning the position. Just because he wasn't able to fill the position right away last year, everyone forgets about him or assumes hes a bust. While it would be nice if Phil Taylor, Mbu or AJ Francis stepped up, I think Ioannidis has as good a chance as anyone to win the starting NT job because it seems the team prefers that type of player at the spot. In a perfect world it seems they'd rather a penetrating type that doesn't have to come off the field on 3rd down. Someone who can play the run/occupy blockers decently and then kick inside to DT in our 4-man front and still get pressure as a 3-tech. Phil Taylor is probably the only bigger guy who could do that out of the bunch
  11. I think he was 310 at one point last year, so its reasonable to assume he could have added 5 or 10 pounds of good weight since then. I dont think the team wants him much heavier if I had to guess, because they prefer more agile/versatile NTs who can play more than just the nose. Phil Taylor seems to be the one exception to that, probably because prior to injury he was able to move exceptionally well for a man of his size.
  12. Thats pretty much what I was getting at. The team wasn't good enough to bump him off the roster yet. I think the mark of a good team is one whos depth is made up of young, developing players. When you're able to weather the injury storm via "next man up" and avoid overpaying free agents because you have developed their replacements properly, you're winning more often than not. You're also feeding that farm system with compensatory draft picks too I think we're finally at that point for the most part on offense, and started the first phase of trying to get there on defense this offseason. We might even already be there at the Corner and OLB positions but its too early to tell. Haha. Hey man, I love Santana as much as anyone! One of my all time favorite skins
  13. Jeez man, lighten up. There were so many things and positions that contributed to our awful defense last season. I'd understand if the team showed zero attempt at addressing that side of the ball, but damn. We fired a defensive coordinator, have 2 new starting safeties, signed an all-pro ILB, signed 2 run stopping DL, signed Phil Taylor, drafted a top 3 DL talent, and spent 70% of our total draft capital on defense to add to any development we get out of young holdovers. We got considerably better in terms of talent on defense, at least on paper. The team is even getting love from the media outlets for our offseason (one going as far to say that our D could be "nasty" this year) We get that its not the way you would have done it, but shooting down others perspectives and talking down when they contradict your own is pretty ridiculous. Isn't there plenty of time during the season to be this negative after we lose anyway?
  14. Didn't you say yourself that stats don't tell the whole story when it comes to the NT position? The reason why I'm personally a little higher on Mcgee than McClain is the idea that he could be a player that is ascending. How quickly he was grabbed at the start of FA backs up that idea. If he was a scrub and his stats told the whole story, I find it hard to believe that our frugal front office made up their own value for his services and overpaid. There had to have been other interest from teams to set his contract figures at what they were or we would have balked and walked away like we have with plenty other free agents (just look at how firm we are on what we think Kirk's value is...) I mean an all-pro linebacker in Zach Brown got a 1 year deal much later in free agency. I think thats pretty telling.
  15. New veterans will step up to take the mentor role. There is more than enough player-coaches on the field. Pryor can set a great example from a work ethic standpoint, Crowder is an excellent display of how to create separation (arguably top 5 in the league) and if nothing else Ryan Grant is a great route runner to learn from if Crowder is busy. You eventually have to let your younger vets step up in that regard. I always believed that the day that the Redskins can no longer justify letting over-the-hill veterans occupy valuable roster spots, we will really have turned the corner as a franchise. IE: Santana Moss, Kedric Golston, etc. We are definitely there offensively, and almost there on defense I think. There are definitely exceptions to this (London Fletcher) and there is certianly value in having a couple Vets to lead your locker room, but not for the reasons the Redskins have kept guys like that around in recent years (lack of quality talent). At a minimum your vet leaders you do keep need to still be relevant and contributing on gamedays or their voices risk not being as respected. Hard to tell a young guy what to do when you're a bum, better to lead by example.