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  1. They gotta fix that defense
  2. It's can be cool for some and not for others. That's fine too.
  3. So, that said.... Would yall want to start resting starters? Or do we need to keep working on continuity on the Defensive end?
  4. It wouldnt be difficult or take weeks if there was nothing there.
  5. Young Glow (Red Storm reference) on Adamantos. Different servers, but they are talking about global friends lists which would fix that problem for us. Whats your iLvl? I just started less than a month ago so im only around 150. Getting through Heavensward content is.....staggering lol
  6. Notice the first person he called on was the lady he flipped out on yesterday. Is that like some form of apology? Thats how it went in Deep Impact. I dont think its naive to believe they are getting their rules from B movies either.
  7. Not at all surprised at all by this. This is why I think he is going to be mentioned as MVP next season if we have a memorable playoff ride. He just contributes so much compared to these other guys. Edit: Just noticed Jennings in there as well. That says alot about the squad itself. Its nice to just have a guy like that coming off the bench. Hes going to play a really big role for us in the Regular season next year if hes still with us.
  8. John Wall is evolving guys. I mean, he was already great....but this kind if mess..... Trying to stay medium is kind of not an option here.
  9. Yea I don't think we get the 1. But I like our boys hungry anyway. They play better with a chip on their shoulder. I hope we move away from Gortat. And I hope that is what Wall said has any truth (about boogie), that we are are willing to go into the luxury tax.
  10. Ima message you a link on why. I saw it the other day. It pretty much amounts to mind control. Simply put, you get enough personal data (ip history) on a large enough group, you can come into percentage points of know exactly what this kind of group thinks. And given that you can manipulate the data however you want, you can learn how to reach the 27-32 year old Latino male with a college degree on a level that he truly vibes with. It's really interesting but kind of scary at the same time. And it's almost exactly how Trump got elected. Interesting stuff.
  11. They could be running mates. Well yea she's the puppet master