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  1. He doesn't know all the words
  2. We all know that's not why lol. It's because we have an ignorant man child for a leader. You yourself don't even trust him to not be an idiot.
  3. Black on black crime statistics. Tell me these ignorant ass conservatives understand this one please.
  4. Russia is winning though. Return on investment. And it's ONLY because republicans are stupid enough (voters) or greedy enough (Congressmen) to actually defend these people.
  5. Saying he forgot again. Cats will believe it though
  6. Right. They may also be crazy and not racist.
  7. Ahhhh the old "He's a crazy person" defense! Never get tired of that one. That's the white mans go to move. It's not like we don't have evidence of one problem and literally ZERO of the other. Dude probably really loves minorities and was just confused.
  8. Defending him is like rooting for a traitor at this point.
  9. There totally is if he is obstructing them from getting info on someone else. I.e. Kush
  10. I wanna say nobody is cheering for it either. Now, someone is probably going to reply to this with some sick dude cheering on man-boy love. But I would just reply with one of the many many videos of GOP voters chanting Lock them up at the media or some of the other crazy **** Donald Trump taught them last year.
  11. I called out GOP voters because they voted for a candidate that ran on hating and villinizing the media. It shouldn't be hard for you to make the connection between the hate Donald Trump implanted in his voters (the GOP, if you are lost) and the cheering for a white dude body slamming a reporter. If you can't see the connection here it's because you refuse to.its not just Montana. It's the GOP base. Keep pretending race doesn't have anything to do with everything in America and especially american politics. We don't need to turn this into a racial thing. But me acknowledging the race of the attacker is by no means out of the ordinary.
  12. Trifling ass big toe