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  1. It was down to him and Cruz (or you can add Rubio if you want to go further back). The base was bent on choosing the nut candidate who told them the same things Limbaugh and Hannity had been telling them for years. And Trump recognized that and gave them what they wanted. Fantasy become reality.
  2. I think they voted for him based on charisma, anger, and as a general FU to the system. No one had to vote for him because of Hillary, they could have voted Independent or not voted. Really no excuse for it, he showed us who he was and now we have an idiot President making us look like fools.
  3. Trump is so much more than politically inept. Oh FFS. Seriously? You really think he won because he was black and had an odd name?
  4. I'd say it's more the Republicans have lost their minds since 2008. Huckabee claimed Trump created more jobs for blacks already than Obama did in his whole 8 years. These guys are absolutely shameless liars. Honestly maybe I should have said Americans have lost their minds. When was the iPhone introduced? 2007?
  5. Wouldn't he wait until second trial is done to cover all convictions?
  6. He is bulletproof at a 42% approval rating. If people get out and vote he is easily defeated.
  7. From October 2017: I wonder what Trump has on Burnett? Anyhow, since Trump seems to surround himself with people with recording devices in their pockets the truth will likely come out.
  8. I doubt it will go down this way but it would be supreme if the Presidency created by The Apprentice was brought down by the first winner on that show. Three black ladies talking about how to spin their boss saying the N word. Surreal.
  9. Sacha Baron Cohen Dupes Political Leaders

    Unreal. Cohen is tearing through the base.
  10. The people Trump surrounds himself with might be the strongest indictment against him.
  11. Sweet Jesus this picture of Eric Trump with Melania's parents. That is all. Add:
  12. I think this is going to be the theme of the takedown of Trump, the massive corruption of the oligarchy in the US. He has surrounded himself with like minded rich people who feel entitled to ridiculous amounts of wealth to the point they break financial laws left and right to have that extra 50 million they need for another mansion, yacht, or gulfstream. Manafort's ostrich jacket is just the beginning.
  13. NYMAG: Who is QAnon? The Storm Conspiracy, Explained

    It's Barron Trump. I heard he's really good with computers.
  14. Trump actively feeds the media material, often multiple times in one day. It has worked for him but is also a symptom of his narcissistic personality. Also, the Russia story is a major event in US history, my guess is it will make Watergate seem insignificant when the story is fully known. That there is likely a huge scandal there has been known since before the election. That he was elected anyhow reveals a serious flaw in our society. It's newsworthy.
  15. You like to get high and watch Spiderman movies?
  16. 1) I doubt Rubio would be as shameless in gutting environmental regulations. He would do it, but in a more measured way. He would have appointed competent leaders of agencies. He would have staffed agencies. He would not have tolerated corruption that became public knowledge. He would have at least made some pretense of outreach to Democrats. He would have not been holding **** show rallies. He would not be shamelessly spewing bull**** daily on social media. He would not have the level of nepotism Teump has. He would not be blatantly monetizing the presidency. That's all I got off the top of my head. Wait, he probably wouldn't have colluded with Russians. 2.) His toxic, idiotic, narcissistic, shameless, hateful personality is at least 50% of why I have always disliked him, and leads the above.
  17. I doubt Trump is in office election day 2020. Look how far down the rabbit hole we already are.
  18. Stephanopoulos really dropped the ball not asking Sekulow about Nunberg and his rug.
  19. Apparently Stone helped Nunberg get a job with Trump knowing he was an out of control addict who pissed on his bosses office floor. OTBP.
  20. red flag This is such a BS premise. The threat of Islamic terrorism dates back to at least the Beirut Marine Barracks bombing and played out in many movies. See True Lies.
  21. RIP MoviePass

    I thought it was done in conjunction with theater companies to fill seats. Concessions are a big part of profits.