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  1. Trump is an absolute asshole, the whole "Pocahontas" thing should have been disqualifying in and of itself, yet it is just a minor part of his schoolyard bully repertoire. The problem for Warren, and Rubio before her, is that responding to his inane bullying is a trap. Pretty soon you have people arguing about whether you're a member of a tribe (which was never the claim), or the accuracy of DNA tests, and Trump is making disgusting innuendos that his base is snickering about.
  2. Trump only cares about short term gain, profit and publicity. Long term consequences or doing what is morally right does not seem to be a factor.
  3. The thing that strikes me beyond the ludicrous claim of being a victim is how shallow her thoughts are on her signature issue. "Be careful on social media, and btw, don't do opioids kids."
  4. Everybody's happy. Well if he beat McCain for the R nomination he would not have been running against McCain and he would have been running as a Republican on the heels of a financial collapse, so we have no idea if he would have won. Pretty good shot in this scenario Clinton becomes President in 2008. Add: Lack of coffee makes for stupid posts
  5. Not much that Trump says I believe because he is a perpetual bull****ter. If you don't recognize that you probably believe Mexico is going to pay for a wall between our borders. twa?
  6. McCain did it on healthcare. I doubt Flake or the rest have the stomach for it. Better for the Ds in the long run.
  7. How about Kavanaugh?
  8. If the FBI didn't interview Ford or Kavanaugh the investigation was a sham. No way to justify that. Whoever loses probably does better on election day than they would have.
  9. I believe she told her husband around 2002. There is more corroboration than just her therapist. here is link, she told husband about assault but not details. others post data therapy
  10. So did Avenatti help or hurt the process? To me Swetnick's claims seemed to be the ones people on the right liked to point to as outlandish the most, and they are the ones that had the least corroboration.
  11. Upside down world. Kavanaugh's approval among Republicans has gone up too. Honestly I think him going down would be better for Republicans. They thrive on anger, and nothing motivates them like the SC.
  12. So if NY goes after Trump for back taxes would interest apply?
  13. C'mon man!!
  14. He's suggested he had things and then not produced:
  15. I agree there is a difference and he the alleged incident shouldn't be referred to as "rape". But calling it "sexual assault" could connotate groping. What Ford described was clearly attempted rape. Push her into room, lock the door, turn up music, physically restraining her, cover her mouth so she can't scream, trying to get her clothes off. This isn't some guy grabbing her butt as she walked by.
  16. I'm not sure if we ever left it but, if not, we are back into full on Trump campaign mode. Yesterday it was revealed: Trump directed his son (Trump Org) to oversee the effort to kill the story of his infidelity with a porn star proving he lied to press and violated his agreement to let go of control of Trump Org. Trump and Trump's dad did all kinds of shady deals and probably violated tax law to pass the family fortune down, proving his self made millionaire story was a lie. Trump mocked a woman who claims she was sexually assaulted at a public event, a woman he deemed "very credible" four days before. Trump suggested at a public event that he could beat up a political opponent. Both men are in their seventies. We will probably forget about most of this by the end of today.
  17. When I see a story from a site with a name like "legal insurrection" I click on the homepage to see what the tone of the entirety is. It was hyper-partisan. However, Grassley did send a letter about the allegations and there is definitely stuff posted on here from hyper-partisan left sites on occasion. I want freebacon.
  18. To be honest I was against him because as a Federalist Society short-list candidate you know he is going to favor corporate America over the little guy, but that certainly wouldn't stop him from being confirmed. His shift from his hard prosecution of Clinton to believing the executive is above the law should be a dis-qualifier considering the Mueller investigation being ongoing, and I think is why he specifically was chosen, but still not enough to prevent him from being confirmed by a Republican party not wanting to be undercut by impeachment. The Ford stuff gives pause, but due to lack of substantiating evidence are borderline. The real dis-qualifier for me was his opening statement which was ridiculously partisan and unhinged emotionally, and his combative manner under questioning ("have you ever blacked out"). The lies are secondary, but as they get borne out they become more important and the allegations against him seem more likely.
  19. White Flag with Clown Shoes No way it becomes non-partisan, observe the rally happening as we speak. I can suspect he is guilty of a crime and understand there is not enough evidence to convict him. Confirmation has a far different standard than a criminal trial. If a Senator thinks he is unfit due to his demeanor that is enough to vote against him given willingness to face political consequences.
  20. Not enough evidence to charge (except for maybe perjury). Trump is going to take this to the bitter end. He is mocking Ford and talking about what a Saint Kav is at his rally tonight. It's up to Flake, Collins, and Murkowski. Exactly. No brainer to say I was a teenager who occasionally drank too much and used sexual innuendo to posture for my friends. Why he didn't do that, and the adversarial tone he took, have led to a much more difficult situation.
  21. He signed the HS letter "Bart". Here is his testimony to Leahy. Note the same tactic of turning Judge into a victim of the inquiry, as he did with Renate. Add: You have to be fast to beat Visionary.