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  1. If Trump was smart Miller would lose his job over this debacle. Trump isn't smart.
  2. This is today: I'm guessing he now sees how this is playing out in the media. No doubt he will blame the Dems when he signs the unnecessary executive order.
  3. Trump sticks to his guns long enough to suck the whole party into this morass, will cave within 24 hours.
  4. **** his wall. If he wants it he needs to get Mexico to pay for it.
  5. And the Republicans howled that Obama was weak on immigration.
  6. Life in the age of Trump. Trump puts out tweet, includes purposely misspelled word because he knows his supporters will view anyone who points it out as "elitist". Embracing ignorance, 2020.
  7. Trump seems to be really losing it right now. The reality of having an unhinged President spouting off false conspiracy theories on social media is wearing me down (journalists as enemies of the people). FML.
  8. So why is Stone revealing a Russian contact from 2016 now? A 2 million $ ask wasn't memorable? And the notion that "Trump doesn't pay for anything" is laughable, see 25 million for Trump U and 130k for a porn star not to lie about him Add: I see his "memory was jogged" when Mueller showed him texts he wrote referencing the meeting.
  9. Giuliani floating a pardon for Manafort
  10. I agree. I think the DC fan base has for the most part done a good job of stepping back from ignorant caricatures, and that a number of teams with less controversy have far more egregious behaviors/ imagery, but I am weary of trying to defend it when that kind of nonsense exists. I would like the team to tie in to the Caps / Nationals America F yeah! theme. I know, history and all, but seriously, the team has already done a lot of cleanup trying to defend it. Either way, looking forward to another season .
  11. 20 indictments and his campaign manager and dirty tricks lawyer under heavy pressure to flip on him is not a nothing burger. Obviously he won't get impeached by the party he executed a hostile takeover on. Not a stretch that D's take the House in November and we have a bunch of really telling hearings. Time will tell.
  12. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it was still inappropriate for him to salute a NK general. I also believe the NK general suckered him into doing it. Not a big deal beyond the already established fact that Trump ain't the sharpest tool in the shed. add: Technically probably worse for the NK general to salute Trump. Will he be executed with a howitzer?
  13. It's balconies, and he has it done, doesn't do it personally. No videos (of that).
  14. re Trump pardons, he seems to think the pardon is some magical cure to all ills. Does he seriously believe he can solve the issues NFL players,are protesting through pardons? You can't bring someone back to life with a pardon.
  15. Great video of Pence:
  16. Maybe this is why Trump was disavowing Manafort:
  17. I like the idea of a sign on the door declaring biases of the business. Kind of a warning label for potential customers. Unfortunately if it becomes systemic/ there aren't available alternatives we're right back to civil rights legislation.
  18. I would think the President has access to some inside information through his lawyers, Sessions, and friendly members of the agencies. Plus he knows what he has done and presumably what his subordinates did. The concession that he wrote the initial response to the questions about the Trump tower meeting suggests his lawyers knew the denial of that was no longer tenable. With the knowledge of the January letter you can look at the departures of people like Hope Hicks afterwards in a different light.
  19. As has been discussed what Mueller knows is months ahead of what we know. And Trump probably has a good idea of what Mueller knows.
  20. The Michael Cohen/Trump SDNY Investigation Thread

    I'm surprised. I don't think there is a chance in Hell he still has that job without his Trump association. Is he still Trump's lawyer?
  21. Pretty good article on the creation of "Spygate". BTW, is this some kind of Jedi mind trick for the feeble minded? Trump: We now call it “Spygate.” You’re calling it “Spygate.” .