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  1. It's pretty obvious.
  2. One would hope that if collusion occurred and is proven Hannity will go down with Trump.
  3. Intent. They have the idiotic actions by Trump part nailed down, now they just need to prove his motive was to prevent bad things happening to him or his buddies (hard to do, but not impossible).
  4. By Actor: Thunderball On Her Majesty's Secret Service Live and Let Die Who Cares Who Cares Skyfall
  5. Tough choice, Khan, Fast Times, and Blade Runner were all great, plus a bunch of other good ones. Went with BR for being ground breaking.
  6. That 3 second curtsey gif doesn't really capture what happened. Trump tried his damnedest to squat down low enough to not lean forward but just couldn't pull it off. I think if he was spry he would have duck walked. Hilarious Stone threw him under the bus for it.
  7. To make US look like idiots. Plus Putin hates H, like a whole lot of other people. Add: or if they were really prescient, to have a guy in the Oval Office that would give them intelligence.
  8. Imagine it was leaked Bill Clinton said to Lynch on the plane "I hope you can let this go". Imagine Obama firing Comey for being a "showboat" before the H investigation was finished. Etc etc.
  9. So he confessed to firing the head of the FBI for the purpose of taking the pressure of an investigation off of him to the Russians. And he was no doubt in on the whole Rosenstein memo ruse but just doesn't have it in him to not brag, first to Holt, then to Lavrov. Managed to get back to the memo a bit yesterday but went on a long rambling condensed campaign speech. If they are smart they will remove him via the 25th and save a whole lot of heartache. I don't think Flynn would talk but Kushner absolutely can't go to jail, he wouldn't last a week.
  10. Wow, no " Russian probe investigating person in WH"? My bet is Sessions but I hope it's Kushner.
  11. This seems notable if true:
  12. Given the inclusion of Rohrabacher I think it refers to Trump's well documented and very odd affinity for Russia.
  13. Jokes often allude to the realities of the moment. It was a joke, but I bet Trump was not amused when he heard about it.
  14. It's been around a long time. Definitely caters to the Fox News demographic. What are the odds Trump comes out at his presser today and says "**** y'all, I quit!"?