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  1. Pretty good article on the creation of "Spygate". BTW, is this some kind of Jedi mind trick for the feeble minded? Trump: We now call it “Spygate.” You’re calling it “Spygate.” .
  2. Pretty good Daily Show segment on Judge Jeanine. Check out her assessment of Comey at about 3:55
  3. Broidy is becoming more of a focus in Mueller investigation.
  4. What I love is listening to Hannity talk about the greatest scandal in history on his radio show and then shift seamlessly into hawking eye cream. That his listeners find him credible is amazing.
  5. Pretty funny. Video is from last August Hurricane Irma.
  6. Of course, but as President you would think he would proof read his tweets, particularly given his history, and the stature of the office. But in reality it only shows his supporters how snobby the spelling and grammar Nazi left is.
  7. It's amazing how new stuff comes out practically every day yet the right continues to claim that the investigation has failed to show any wrongdoing. Different worlds. Odds on Prince vs Stone being next indictment/ plea deal?
  8. So it seems that the Trump strategy is shifting from "no collusiion" to "we were framed".
  9. Yanny or Laurel

    Two good links:
  10. The Michael Cohen/Trump SDNY Investigation Thread

    This article and the New Yorker one seem to be vague about that, perhaps the source leaked to both Avenatti and the media, perhaps a media source passed it on to him. Once the media had it it was going public regardless. The Vox article alludes to inquiries by Mueller that suggest he was onto Cohen's shady dealing quite a while ago. Mueller doesn't leak, unlike the WH, but his employees probably respect him.
  11. The Michael Cohen/Trump SDNY Investigation Thread

    If he goes to Mueller it stays secret. He wanted the public to know.
  12. This is why Trump won in the first place. Hillary was not an inspiring candidate.