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  1. Mensa has offered to administer it. Think of the ratings!!!
  2. I suspect that is due to better (or any) sex education in areas that offer access to birth control. American Taliban.
  3. Countries that execute lots of people
  4. "On the evening of April 11, 2016, two weeks after Donald Trump hired the political consultant Paul Manafort to lead his campaign’s efforts to wrangle Republican delegates, Manafort emailed his old lieutenant Konstantin Kilimnik, who had worked for him for a decade in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. “I assume you have shown our friends my media coverage, right?” Manafort wrote. “Absolutely,” Kilimnik responded a few hours later from Kiev. “Every article.” “How do we use to get whole,” Manafort asks. “Has OVD operation seen?” According to a source close to Manafort, the initials “OVD” refer to Oleg Vladimirovich Deripaska, a Russian oligarch and one of Russia’s richest men. The source also confirmed that one of the individuals repeatedly mentioned in the email exchange as an intermediary to Deripaska is an aide to the oligarch."
  5. Pretty good article, documents Trump's lens on the world being what he sees on TV.
  6. Rails against NFL, insults victims from golf course in a manner that suggests racial stereotypes, cant stop insisting things are going great. And he was really helpful in Strange's loss by 10 points in AL. Our unhinged prez.
  7. Standing during the Pledge or National Anthem

    ACA. If it hadn't made some things better a R controlled Congress plus President would have been able to get rid of it. The standing of minorities in our society. My father told me as recently as 1968 there were seperate entrances at a restaurant in Waldorf. I have no doubt there are a lot more.
  8. Standing during the Pledge or National Anthem

    Shannon Sharpe has an interesting take on the whole thing. Video in tweet:
  9. What are the players who kneel protesting? Who are the players kneeling?
  10. The Trump Jr tweet referencing CTE is remarkable considering his father's comments in AL regarding flagging what I would assume are helmet to helmet hits.
  11. apologies, I was addressing a previous post
  12. If anyone knows a past administration that didn't lie and break some promises I would love to learn something new. We are talking politics, right? We demand lies.
  13. The GOP actively conspired to stop Trump, or have you forgotten? What do you think Trump's purpose is when he attacks black athletes?
  14. The Dems don't control anything. Trump is sabotaging the ACA and can't come up with a better idea. If the ACA collapses it is on the people in charge for not fixing it or coming up with a better alternative. It's pretty obvious that it is much more popular now that people have faced the reality of having it repealed.
  15. Trump's UN Speech - North Korea

    I have a feeling China may not be cool with nukes going off in such close proximity to their border.