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  1. I noticed the writing when he finished and flipped the papaer as Mr Middle Class tax cuts started speaking. Figured someone would enlarge it. You'd think Don would have that one memorized by now.
  2. Trump needs better writers. The premise was extremely weak.
  3. That was the most pathetic attempt at cleaning up something that I have ever seen. But hey kids, more deficit!
  4. He wants to pretend this is nothing new. That defends his "still better than Hillary" stance.
  5. No, it's like when the Chinese hacked the RNC servers and slowly released them to create an air of continuing scandal, and Clinton denied the Intelligence Communities assertions that the Chinese had done that while standing next to the Chinese leader in a press conference after meeting with him alone for two hours. Edit: Oh wait, that never happened. The scandal you are talking about might have an equivalent in Butin and the NRA if it hadn't happened concurrently with all the other stuff that is going on.
  6. I feel like this Butina arrest is the beginning of the collusion part of the case.
  7. No. People who were blind to how atrociously bad a person Trump was, which had been on full display for decades, and were dumb enough to buy the con got him elected. Get a grip. You can hate the left all you want, it's the right's willful embrace of ignorance that gave us Trump. Add: Didn't you claim the people on this board railing against Trump's bizarre affinity for Russia were hysterical?
  8. FBI, CIA, NSA and DNI is good enough for me. Most people would be hard pressed to name any of the others.
  9. Pence weighs in:
  10. The question was raised as to why the indictments were made before the meeting. Maybe it was to prove where Trump's loyalties lie.
  11. Sacha Baron Cohen Dupes Political Leaders

    "Rudimentary knowledge of mortars". These guys are idiots. Seems like he got them to read a script that got increasingly ludicrous, I'm guessing most of them caught on by the time the Cardi B stuff hit but it still shows how beholden they are to the NRA and I guess Israeli interests. Beholden to the point they will endorse arming elementary school students at school.
  12. Is Donald Trump a racist?

    It was very odd to have W benefit so greatly from an attack hitting our nation under his watch, but I think it is a natural reaction for people to rally round the flag when we are under attack. The thing that worries me is that this is no doubt not lost on Trump. He literally wraps himself around the flag. As much as I disliked W (and perhaps more importantly Cheney), I think Trump is far more dangerous.