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  1. And we know Russia had an active disinformation campaign. Hmmm. I dont think you can put that cat back in the bag.
  2. Main problem I see is even the small pool of candidates he had available at the beginning of the administration has been thinned down by the way he has treated the original choices.
  3. It's not the sex, it's that he's the type of guy who is so concerned about his false image (hair, tan, wealth, etc) that he is susceptible to blackmail. Stormy Daniels is shaking him down. She probably underestimated the value of her story thinking he would lose the election. Now imagine what Putin has and is getting.
  4. This is nonsense. Steele is not even a U.S. citizen, and he was not paid by them. And even if the allegation that they were going to pay him for the information had been carried out it would not make him subject to their rules as the investigation had already taken place. If you want to buy something from me that does not make me subject to your "rules" unless you stipulate them in a contract.
  5. I wasn't aware that Christopher Steele was a member of the FBI.
  6. I've always found the claim that Agalarov's top guy in the U.S. would be within a few hundred feet of the Donald and they wouldn't meet ridiculous.
  7. Shocking. I know.
  8. Comparing her and Trump I'd begin with coherent thought.
  9. By that metric Hillary was far greater than Trump. I know you will deny it but you know it's true.
  10. Manafort is an idiot:
  11. Man, if you'ld only give the Clintons the benefit of a doubt you give that wretched piece of dung you could let go of your obsession with Hilldog.
  12. And now we have the real cause of the FL shooting: The Russia Investigation
  14. Haters and losers definitely made up a portion of his vote. I know a few.