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  1. Where do you get that from? I don't see it in the poll and the track of his approval ratings does not indicate he would do better today.
  2. Does not quite have the same ring to it, lol.
  3. Trump's speech patterns:
  4. Actually it is. Wouldn't count on that equaling 50% for the Lexus lady.
  5. Their votes were lumped together in keeping Ossoff from victory.
  6. Makes me wonder when Trump will put up a portrait of Nixon. Probably when the impeachment process begins...
  7. Name another President who has made baseless accusations of criminal behavior by his predecessor. Our society is starting to not even give a crap about truth and reality. We take on the characteristics of our leaders. Let that sink in.
  8. First lady's staff replaced by Mar a Lago staff.
  9. Yeah, the point to me of the gif is his general cluelessness, seen before a number of times, most notably to me when he didn't shake Merkel' s hand. I put my hand over my heart for the pledge, stand at attention for anthem.
  10. I don't see a solution to ISIS beyond defeating them militarily. Supposedly if we do that it will prove that their claims are false because they are purported to be God's chosen, and hopefully they will be seen as frauds. The atrocities they have committed don't leave a lot of room for negotiation. I get your point though, and it is important to try to avoid killing civilians. ISIS members have largely signed on with the expectation of dying for their cause.
  11. I feel better about this action after learning that the bomb was designed specifically for this purpose and the strike was in response to a US serviceman being ambushed and killed by ISIS fighters that emerged from the tunnel complex about a week ago.
  12. I am good with blowing up members of ISIS, be it with MOAB or with drone deployed Hellfires. I'm a bit concerned that a man with a fragile ego has only found good press when he has acted militarily. Well, there was that time he read the teleprompter in front of Congress without ad libbing, but that only lasted a day.
  13. Sziko posted about Trump deploying more ground forces in a bunch of countries. It was slightly off topic but it depends on whether you believe this strike with the bomb was about defeating ISIS or about signaling a new hawkish policy to the world. Obama's reliance.on drones (I believe) was largely to continue attrition of ISIS and Al Quaeda while minimising risk to American servicemen. So comparing the drone program to the use of MOAB missed the point.of his post IMO.
  14. Playing chicken with someone who is nuts seems like a poor strategy. And **** if Trump's ego will let him back down if they test the bomb.
  15. Glad i am not in Seoul