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  1. Much wider audience that way, and if you're careful in your wording both sides will agree with everything you say.
  2. Trump's twitter feed seems like a desperate argument for the continuation of his Presidency.
  3. I don't get where Geraldo got this 70% of Puerto Rico's grid was down before the hurricane. This article is pretty critical, but it only says 70% relied on oil.
  4. Kind of like when everyone was speculating whether Trump's "fixer" would "flip".
  5. I think it is possible Manafort may not cooperate, but give a statement admitting to the crimes he was accused of. This beats more weight in some ways than a guilty verdict, and I believe it is all part of a narrative of corruption Mueller is building. Would be sweet if he flipped though.
  6. At this point, what does it matter? Thanks twa Add: What difference does it make. Damn it.
  7. So even by this metric Trump under reports the final number of 64. As you said the 3k final number of deaths attributable to the storm is a different metric, one that can be related to the effectiveness of the response. Trump claimed the response to the disaster in Puerto Rico was great, people pointed to the study indicating it wasnt, Trump makes an ass of himself on twitter, we argue about whether 3000 deaths should be the number instead of was the job done an "A+". add: Or was it all a conspiracy by the Dems to undermine his presidency, which many people say is the best ever. add2: Point being deaths attributable to hurricane post storm is a better metric of the response than deaths during impact. Certainly infrastructure was a factor.
  8. fun y
  9. The Ds need to be careful and focus on repealing the things that caused the deficit increase. I believe 2018 - 2020 should be the beginning of undoing the harm Trump et al have caused, save social programs for after 2020.
  10. Seems relevant: