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  1. Doesn't sound like you understand what is going on here.
  2. Worse than I expected and I despised him before he was elected.
  3. I would say Mattis' response to Trump's initial move on this begs otherwise. Mattis will respect the chain of command in the end though, should Trump prevail in court.
  4. An example of the divisive politics of the day (Judge Jeanine has been given one on one meetings with Trump):
  5. I'm thoroughly convinced Trump aporopriated the Limbaugh/ Fox News/ Hannity playbook after seeing how easily conned their viewers are. His first trial was the birther thing years after it had been debunked, and the base loved it. You want to lay that ****ty brand of politics on the Ds? You don't notice the symbiosis between him and Fox and Friends? C'mon, man!
  6. Double standard. When the media gets something wrong they issue a retraction. Trump and his camp never admit their falsehoods, see Kelly's "empty barrel" attack.
  7. If he could have just gotten in a few more questions I think she would have cracked.
  8. They see the whole thing unraveling so the last resort is to convince their viewers Mueller is lying. It will work for a significant portion of them.
  9. The NYT Hope Hicks article and the news that Wikileaks emailed the Trumps encryption keys and links to the hacked emails has me, among other things, convinced that the Russians not only wanted to help Trump win, but also for him to be caught. The whole thing is way too ham fisted, and the Trump Bumpkins were way too stupid to realize how easily traced all of this would be.
  10. Yeah, I loved how Trump wrapped his "I'm poking the Palestinians in the eye" diplomatic move into a speech about peace.
  11. So why didn't he invoke executive privilege? Give him a call, because I have a feeling Mueller is going to ask the same questions. Regardless, I'm sure if this was Chelsea you would be making the same argument.
  12. Seemed like a good gig at the time.
  13. I'm going with the deadspin dentures theory: