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  1. Trump's full of crap, if AHCA fails to pass tomorrow he is every bit as beholden to his voters as house Republicans to try again. But his bluff may work.
  2. Interesting bit in the new version has individual states determining their own essential health benefits. Seems like that would preclude the magic "sell across state lines" solution.
  3. Koch brothers said they would bankroll members who vote no. Trump's ultimatum looks to me like someone unwilling to do the hard work necessary to come up with a viable solution to a complicated problem. Pretty naive to not anticipate the hfc sobs throwing a wrench in the works.
  4. Colluding with a foreign government to swing the election of our president to an outcome they desired is not treasonous because it suited the American colluders interests too? I'm not a lawyer or knowledgeable about treason law but it seems arguable. I feel like there has been substantial damage done to confidence in our electoral process if these allegations prove true.
  5. Collusion with a foreign government (adversarial) to leak hacked (stolen) information to influence an election towards an outcome desired by that adversarial government. Pretty sure there is a crime in there, potentially treason.
  6. Should we have a white privilege thread?
  7. If Trump goes down both will be damaged goods. But yeah, still better than Mr T.
  8. Seems like he would be in "ignorance is not a valid defense" territory. Part of me thinks that is possible but that is the part of me that considers him a dolt rather than an amoral self serving con man. Evidence suggests the latter.
  9. Manafort was paid 10 million dollars to lobby for Putin. People have gone nuts about the Saudis giving 1 million to the Clintons charity which has good record keeping indicating most of the money goes to charitable work.
  10. I put 3 years but my best guess is about 2 years 6 months due to time needed to impeach him after midterms. On the other hand I think the possibility of him saying **** y'all and quitting is rising in the charts with a bullet.
  11. I have no idea if this is what the electronics device thing is about but recently saw this as a method of fire starting (apparently works even if battery discharged). Good part at 1:20. I imagine larger batteries can pack more of a punch/ output more noxious gas.
  12. Some reporters were casting a Trump administration movie on twitter yesterday. Funny one for me was Denis Leary as Kellyanne Conway. Add:
  13. 2020 is right around the corner. Seriously though I think it is a mix of fascism/bolstering his ego. These are "campaign" events so they can control who attends and raise cash selling swag plus build their database of rubes.