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  1. Not so sure about that. R base has been headed that direction since at least 08. add: it came down to Cruz vs Trump, Cray vs Cray. Andy between the two of them they had 50+ percent from early on.
  2. See, that's how it's done. Ignore tons of facts because it is far easier to make your point with one quote that lacks context. This is why we are where we are.
  3. Article is 6 months old. Is he still trying to get immunity in exchange for testifying?
  4. The special elections were to replace Republicans moved into the administration. They were "safe" districts in SC, GA, MT and KS. BTW two of those 5 victories being touted are for the GA seat, which had a runoff. Not impressive that the Rs won, but a win is a win.
  5. Considering that the Rs have relied on the electoral college for 2 of their last 3 presidential victories, that more votes were cast for D representatives than R, that demographics are changing in favor of the Ds, and that the pendulum tends to swing back and forth I wouldn't be real smug about the Rs situation. add: Oh yeah, and they have an idiot at the head of the party.
  6. Both sides do that, the right is appeased now because they are in control But seriously, we have a dolt with zero character running the country and your observation is that the left is upset.
  7. Sudden fame is really not that unusual, particularly in this day and age.
  8. I can imagine a scenario where Donald was somewhat ignorant of the machinations behind the scenes. His affinity for Vlad suggests that surrounding himself with Russophiles was no accident, however.
  9. I suspect there is a point of diminishing returns on campaign spending which is way below what is spent.
  10. If Ossoff wins it will further erode Trump's political capital. This one counts.
  11. Sekulow Matthews is something else. Reminded me a lot of the Cohen "says who?" episode. You would think a billionaire could get better lawyers.
  12. You forgot Mulvaney.
  13. If Trump goes whoever succeeds him will be out come 2020. They all will reek of complicity from their fawning support of the Cheeto.
  14. Flynn lost his mind sometime around when Obama dismissed him. Sounds like before but I'll accept the stress of being fired did him in.
  15. Really odd to think that Trump has been the most effective person in the effort to have him removed from office.