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  1. BornToHail

    FS: Redskins vs Falcons plus Green parking

    Lowered price to Panthers game to $150 total. Can email the tickets ASAP.
  2. Had kids' soccer games rescheduled and now can't make these games. 2 tickets in section 236, row 5, on the aisle (home side and under cover from elements). 10/14 Panthers $150 SOLD 10/21 Cowboys $260 (4pm start) SOLD 11/04 Falcons $200 I also have a green parking pass available for the Falcons game: $40. PM if interested. Thanks.
  3. BornToHail

    Looking for skins/packers tickets

    I have 2 available: section 236 on the aisle and under cover (home side). I also have a green parking pass if interested. $220 for the tix and $40 for the pass.
  4. For the Panthers game, I have 200 level seats (under cover and no obstruction - home side) with parking if you're interested.
  5. BornToHail

    Mods please delete - sold

    No longer available.
  6. BornToHail

    Mods please delete - sold

    Selling my two tickets for the home opener against the Colts. My son's first soccer game so can't miss it. Section 236, row 5 on the aisle. Under cover in case it rains. Home side. $220 - can transfer tickets electronically. I also have a green parking pass for $50. PM if interested.
  7. BornToHail

    Redskins v Broncos LL - free

    LL seats (sect 236, row 6) tickets for tonight’s game. I can’t go and too late to donate to charity. Would like to see a fan get a chance to go than to let these tix wither. I also have Green parking but am not sure if I can that pass electronically. Anyone interested? PM me. Edited: I don’t think I was clear that I’m giving these tickets away. But I am. For free as long as you’re not rooting for the Broncos.
  8. BornToHail

    ***SOLD***Please delete

  9. One Green Lot G parking pass $30. Will ship upon receipt of payment. PM if interested.
  10. BornToHail

    ***SOLD***Please delete

    no longer available
  11. I can take the green G off your hands today!! 

    1. BornToHail


      Hey - sorry just sold it.

    2. laidback94
  12. cool i will let you know.  Not trying to spend more than $20 to be honest.  

  13. BornToHail

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Anyone know when they'll open up the seat upgrade process?
  14. BornToHail

    Season Ticket Renewals

    There are a few in section 236 and 237. I currently have row 5 in 135 - is it worth it to go backwards to 237, row 6? From everything I hear on this forum, ppl love the 200 level. Is the energy the same? I imagine the sight lines are much improved being somewhat higher, but there's just something special about row 5 (even if I have to stand for most of the game). Opinions?
  15. BornToHail

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Chess, this seems to be a play I'd be interested in making. Are they requiring you to sign on for multiple years or just for next year?