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  1. ***SOLD***Please delete

  2. One Green Lot G parking pass $30. Will ship upon receipt of payment. PM if interested.
  3. ***SOLD***Please delete

    no longer available
  4. I have a green lot G parking pass for sale. $25. Will mail it once I receive payment.
  5. 2 vs raiders

    I have two vs the Raiders - Section 236, row 5 (under cover, corner endzone, on the aisle). Cost is $260 for the pair (face is $135.30/ticket). Sent you a PM.
  6. I can take the green G off your hands today!! 

    1. BornToHail


      Hey - sorry just sold it.

    2. laidback94
  7. cool i will let you know.  Not trying to spend more than $20 to be honest.  

  8. Season Ticket Renewals

    Anyone know when they'll open up the seat upgrade process?
  9. Season Ticket Renewals

    There are a few in section 236 and 237. I currently have row 5 in 135 - is it worth it to go backwards to 237, row 6? From everything I hear on this forum, ppl love the 200 level. Is the energy the same? I imagine the sight lines are much improved being somewhat higher, but there's just something special about row 5 (even if I have to stand for most of the game). Opinions?
  10. Season Ticket Renewals

    Chess, this seems to be a play I'd be interested in making. Are they requiring you to sign on for multiple years or just for next year?
  11. Season Ticket Renewals

    That sucks, Chess. I feel for ya, bro. I shot off an email and am expecting the same results.
  12. Season Ticket Renewals

    Insane. I have no beef with the TO - they've been nothing but nice to me - but this just seems backwards. What seats are these UL upgrades moving to if none of the LL seats have been moved? The only thing I can guess is that folks that haven't renewed. Keep us posted, if you don't mind. I think I'm going to call the TO (again) and ask when the LL upgrade process will be done.
  13. Season Ticket Renewals

    How does the TO do UL to LL upgrades BEFORE LL upgrades? Maybe I misunderstood what you're saying...
  14. Season Ticket Renewals

    I think it's a little different - in one scenario you have no seats whereas in the other you're giving up seats for a possible better location. Though I get your bigger point.
  15. Season Ticket Renewals

    I kinda agree with you - when I first became an STH I refused to pay for an upgrade before finding out where I'd go. Then a couple of years ago, I bit the bullet and called after the upgrades were done (and even though I had said no upgrades) asked if there were any seats left and upgraded. That way, at least I knew where I'd end up and moved to the LL. Now, I'm back to the mercy of the upgrade system, but at least I am in the LL - just hoping to move towards midfield.