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  1. I think everyone would say the Patriots are a stable franchise. The way their organization is structured is build up the coaches/scouts from within, and then promote from there. It took them awhile to finally have a promoted from within OC and DC (5 years I think), but since then, the next 12 (or so) years have only been promoted from within OC's and DC's. A sign of a good franchise (or at least one that's moving in the right direction) is to have guys get poached while the Head Coach stays. Sean McVay became the youngest HC ever for the LA Rams. That's good news for us. We want our younger coaches to think the best path to eventually be a Head Coach is to stick around, work your ass off, and you'll get offers. We have a new OC and DC, but both were promoted from within. Instead of hiring outsiders at higher level positions in our front office, we promoted three guys from within. This is a process that I think we're just starting to embark on as an organization. P.S. Other organizations do this in a different manner and have success. But I think a goal of emulating the definitive best organization in the past 17 years is a solid path.
  2. You need a quick release along with that. There have been a ton of tall QB's with a strong arm that have slow windups, and they never do anything. Byron Leftwich is a good example. Windows would close by the time Leftwich released the ball. Sudfeld's release isn't that slow thankfully, it seems to be average. This is something I want to look at this pre-season in regards to Sudfeld. A unifying quality from some of the recent elite QB's has been a lightning quick release. Tom Brady and Peyton shared that. Kirk Cousins also has a really quick release. You can win a Super Bowl with average releases (Big Ben), but it's hard to be consistently great without the quick release that can take advantage of a LB being briefly out of position.
  3. To make a defense jump from where it was previously, you really kind of need some sociopaths out there. For example, teams like the Seahawks, Broncos, Steelers (late 2000's), and Ravens (2000's) have had some inflammatory characters that did not shy from saying/doing some less than respectable things. Bucs elite D from early 2000's had Warren Sapp who definitely fit that bill. You need that abrasive personality to set the tone and edge for a defense. If that abrasive personality is also focused and aimed not against his locker room but against other teams...good stuff tends to happen. We have 2 unusual and fiery personalities on our defense now. Ryan Anderson and Josh Norman. Possibly Swearinger if recent rumors are true.
  4. There is zero rush. Even when he signs he still can't do anything until August-ish anyways. In the meantime we retain his rights, and also believe we get to field 1 more player in training camp.
  5. Facts can be misleading though. If you take on short yardage duties it can influence the stats. Such as: 3rd and 1, run for a hard 1 yard through a defender, get the 1st down but a YAC of 0. or At the goalline, truck someone and run into the end zone untouched afterwards, YAC of a few yards when if the run at started at mid-field, you would have picked up significantly more. Both of those examples have contact initiated, have good-great results, but very little YAC. It is kind of a mouthful to say stuff and cherry pick stuff like: YAC on 1st and 10, outside the red zone, in a 1 score game, that's not in clock killing mode in the 4th quarter or before the Half.
  6. Georgia State played in the Sun Belt conference, not exactly great competition he's going against. He didn't display separation in his routes in college with what you'd expect from his size/speed and his level of competition. He's very much a work in progress in how to set up what he wants to do without tipping off the corner. I think we can largely attribute that to playing at Georgia State. He's a big guy, with good arm length, good hand size, great measurables...but he's not as good of a contested catcher as you'd expect. He doesn't do what Mike Williams did (drafted 7th overall). He won't go through a defender to attack the football in the air, preferring rather to shield with his body and run under it. He does have a large catch radius, but that's displayed more when there's no defender also contesting. He could be good, but he needs to relearn a lot, or in his case, probably learn for the first time.
  7. Moreau hasn't signed yet? Is it time for highly irrational and kneejerk reactions to his lack of signing?
  8. We did, same with Moreau in the 3rd. But so did a lot of other teams. This draft was unusually deep at defensive backs and tight ends. If we did not get Howard, then guys I was looking at were Sprinkle, Kittle, and maybe Shaheen. There was a healthy mix of prospects who could excel as pass catchers, and others that could also add blocking. We lucked out.
  9. That's my hope. I'm ok with him at OLB in a NASCAR package. If he's a hybrid guy, I like the pick. Otherwise...eeeehhhh.
  10. Maybe? It does read as a 5 year extension, so that would be in addition to his upcoming year. Unclear when the extension kicks in cap-wise. It's possible our cap goes up but not by much at all.
  11. Rumor mill time, somebody supposedly connected with the Giants and supposedly is friends with a few scouts around the league says teams are scared of two things with Cook. His shoulder issues are a part of the slide, but more so it's his entourage that he shows no signs of changing.
  12. Jon Allen is the only DL prospect I want to draft in the 1st or 2nd. The other guys have too many issues, holes with their game, etc. I'd rather start taking the raw but physically talented guys in the 3rd/4th and coach them up. Such as Nazair Jones, Carlos Watkins, Chris Wormley, and Grover Stewart. Then there are possible later Day 3 picks such as Charles Walker or Ryan Glasgow. I want to stay away from Caleb Brantley and Montravius Adams. They're inconsistent. Both of those players do 1 thing well, and when they can't do that 1 thing, they're bad. Not average, but bad. I doubt in their rookie years they'll be able to contribute, by suddenly being reliable every play. So if they need time to develop that consistency, why not draft guys who have higher potential anyways?
  13. He's adept at blitzing from everywhere. The Edge, the A or B gaps. He's slippery. He loses his feet a little too much, but he's so damned jittery it's hard for the blockers to get a clean shot at him. There's also a lot of film of him dropping into a variety of coverage roles. He seems versatile enough that we can find playing time for him a bit easier than we could for Haason Reddick.
  14. Is there a rumor about Taco Charlton moving inside? He's got the frame to add some weight and already weighs 277.
  15. Lots of depth and versatile athletic guys who could become something. I think this class has enough to satisfy most fans while leaving them with guys to be excited about. Was Tyus Bowser on the board at #32? I think I'd like him a bit better than Watt. Although Watt is a hard one to gauge since he's really raw. Steve Tulkolovatu is like 26 years old, him and Tomlinson can both play the 1 tech. Between them and Ioannidis, hopefully Tomsula can find competent NT play. Butt, Kpassagnon, Watt, Mixon, and Wilson are all guys who could be REALLY good, or simply good, or just ok...or blegh. I don't know David Jones. I believe I read somewhere that NFL teams were viewing Pocic as strictly a Guard in the Pro's. But that's ok since I don't think Arie Kouandjio is developing like we hoped and Lauvao is in the last year of his deal.