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  1. Well Kenny Britt had just over 1,000 yards for them. He got a 4 year 32.5 million deal in FA. But point taken about offensive and their QB. He's signed for the minimum with just 80,000 guaranteed. It's absolutely a good value signing since there's basically zero risk. But yeah, I'm going from trying to be cautiously optimistic, to being plain optimistic that he'll produce. It's a problem.
  2. If Quick is our 3rd best WR, we've got some issues. Rams fans seem surprised any team was willing to pay him money. The onus is on Maurice Harris and any rookie we might draft to push Quick for the WR4 spot.
  3. Generally the better run defending DT's also have longer arms. The ability to maintain leverage, and keep the OL off them, while reading the RB is much easier with longer arms. If you don't have longer arms, then you need to be athletic and powerful enough that when you do win, you can capitalize. Like Seattle's hard cutoff of 32" arm length minimum for corners, some GM's have a cutoff of 34" arm length for the DL. There have been successful run stuffing DT's with shorter arms and some with longer arms. But generally the run stuffers have longer arms. Stacy McGee who we just signed and is described as a run stuffer has 34.5" arm length. Elijah Qualls arm length is a ridiculously tiny 30.625". Caleb Brantley is actually next shortest in this DT class at 32" even. This isn't the end all be all, but it worries me.
  4. You know who I can't find any info on, barely made the Senior Bowl, I don't think was at the combine, and who I want to see the measurables at for the LSU Pro Day? CB Dwayne Thomas, #13. I want him as a UDFA or late round pick. Draft him, transition him to safety. He's a "football player". Not sure what his speed is, it seems good enough, but he plays FAST, his read and react is legit. He's not that athletic, but he's willing to throw his body around. He's someone who flashes on tape when I'm watching someone else. Very little I find of him actually in coverage though.
  5. ConnSkins, most of the last draft fit that. Doctson, Cravens, Marshall, and Sudfeld especially. Sudfeld is like the prototype pocket QB. Tall with a cannon. Why draft a 3rd string QB when Colt still has 3 years left on his just signed contract unless you're hoping he could show some serious development. The exceptions are Ioannidis who probably caps out as a solid DT, and Daniels at LB. Possibly Fuller.
  6. So NFL roster listed weights aren't updated and they have no onus to be accurate, but: Karl Joseph combine weight 205, Raiders listed weight 205 Earl Thomas combine weight 208, Seahawks listed weight 202 Rodney McLeod combine weight 183, Eagles listed weight 195 Troy Polamalu combine weight 206, google says he played at 207 Ed Reed combine weight 201, google says he played at 205 205 is on the upper range of mobile safeties that are asked to do a variety of roles.
  7. His height is fine regardless. Rodney McLeod, Troy Polamalu, Earl Thomas, Karl Joseph are all right around 5'10, and that's Budda Baker's height. Ed Reed was 5'11 even. Height doesn't matter as much for a safety. Being at the right spot at the right time does.
  8. Damn! That's some bad news about a player.
  9. Did she? I thought the lawsuit was still ongoing? I've gotta be honest, I've stayed so far away from this Mixon stuff that I'm pretty out of the loop. Didn't watch the video, but heard she shoved him so he retaliated by breaking four bones in her face. It is a deep CB draft, deep enough that some other teams might like prospects that I don't think fit with our defense as much. Lattimore, Sidney Jones, and Humphrey all fit. I don't think Tabor or Adoree Jackson do. Quincy Wilson and Conley might. Haven't watched Tankersley. I'm iffy on Lewis for reasons I can't fully describe. I think I'm missing a few high profile guys, which goes to show it's a deep class. If we're lucky, the guys that don't fit us as well are taken before us, and one of the good ones falls to our 2nd or 3rd rounder. Or possibly our 1st rounder if the draft shakes out that way, and we can't trade down.
  10. I just watched his cutup against Houston. He's quick, athletic, and powerful...when he wants to be. His motor during the play is poor. I saw at least one example where he would've snagged an easy TFL had he continued on his path, instead his body language was that of someone who thought his teammates would seal it up only to be surprised of the RB pausing then jumping back towards him. His motor does not extend to the sideline in pursuit. Physically he seems like he could be more than how he produces. He seems like he could be a 2nd rounder. But that motor's gotta drop him down a bit. Add in the concussion worries and I wonder where he'll land. I would guess he'd be a rotational DT that should add a boost off the bench. If we drafted him, I'd categorize him as someone who could become fantastic depth. But I question his usefulness if given starter quantity snaps. Wonder if his other 2016 game tape shows the same thing or if it's just the one against Houston.
  11. Let's wait and see what Peppers weighs in at. He's listed at 205 lbs I think. Shazier weighed in at the combine at 237 lbs. He's listed on the Steelers roster at 230 lbs. Regardless, Peppers is A LOT smaller.
  12. We've gotta be keeping press. We can't pay Norman the type of money he's getting and then change coverage schemes to something he doesn't excel at.
  13. One of the analysts for updated their Top 50 list. Budda Baker is at #24. OJ Howard is the 2nd TE listed (by 1 spot). Malik McDowell isn't listed.
  14. From quotes that we've had interviewing some of the DT's at the Senior Bowl, it sounds like that's exactly what we're looking for. We're only valuing highly DT's that can play in every down and situation. Solomon Thomas has explosive power, but doesn't have the insane explosive power that Aaron Donald did...but almost nobody does. Finding Aaron Donald light would be an asset. I haven't really. It'd be interesting to see what their weights are at the combine. Some of these guys might shed weight or gain weight based on where they think they'll be playing in the Pro's.
  15. Solomon Thomas hype-train confirmed? And ouch. I think that means we can rule out taking McCaffrey. Although if we re-sign Chris Thompson that probably means that too.