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  1. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I feel like pre-season OL rankings are never accurate. Especially for interior OL.
  2. He has to only be going off of the 40 time. Where could he be getting any of these other numbers from?
  3. He looks at very few metrics here. He doesn't include arm length for Offensive Tackles but instead compares 40 yard dash? That seems like a bad correlation. How can you discount his athleticism based on metrics when he only has one data point and not the other tests such as 3 cone, broad jump, etc?
  4. The ugly issue for us this season that could rear it's head is Edge depth. Anderson is likely meh. McPhee, if healthy is legit, but his knee might not be the same and could get reinjured anyways. We had Galette spelling Smith/Kerrigan last season, which worked out well. If Anderson is who we thought he was, then we could be in trouble. I don't think Tomsula would use the word "replace". But he'll get some snaps, I'm sure of it. Remember when we were healthy and still trying to figure out who all on our D-Line could do what last season, remember how much of a rotation we used? I think through 4 games or something, our top 5 DL were all within the 40-60% snaps played.
  5. What Barkley reminds me of, is Reggie Bush. Insanely hyped prospect, best prospect ever scouted by some, etc etc etc. Now, 13 years later, he had a good career, but two RB's had better careers from that draft in DeAngelo Williams and Maurice Jones-Drew. My issue with Barkley, like Bush, is how insanely athletic they were compared to their fellow college players. They were doing these risky things to get something out of nothing, because they could. The talent gap will still be there in the NFL, but it will be smaller. There's less room for error, and risks become harder to succeed with. Like Bush, Barkley's floor as an all around RB is high. Will he live up to that hype? I don't know, honestly, I doubt it. But I think at worst, Barkley still has a good career. I think Guice makes a lot of the right reads. He cuts up when he should and has the burst to do so. He may not have as many breakaway runs, but I think he limits the amount of poor plays by getting a lot of 3 or 4 yard gains. Guice and Nick Chubb might wind up being the best guys from this class.
  6. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Yikes lol...sounds good, though. I think that's gotta be a beat reporter just caught up in the moment. Kirk Cousins and Alex Smith have different reputations for being risk adverse. I'd be surprised if Smith is suddenly playing like Brett Favre for us.
  7. FYI, Guice was the 7th RB taken. Who knows what would have happened if Matt Barkley would've declared for the draft, but before he made that decision I remember there was talk of him vs RG3 as who would be taken after Luck. Maybe his game would've been nitpicked to death and he would've fallen, but the media hype at the time had him as another elite talent.
  8. Lanier was not at a good playing weight last year. This is a big off-season where we should see a "transformation" of sorts. 2016, we sign him as a UDFA, he weighed 265 lbs playing at a historically black college. So no real strength training program. He's 6'6 with a 35.25" arm length. 2017, he gets his weight up to around 285, he gets playing time and flashes as a pass rusher, but gets bulldozed as a run defender. That's kind of understandable as his body type is more of a very large 4-3 DE right now. This upcoming season will be big. If he shows up with another 20 lbs on him, and hopefully spread in a good manner so his base is stronger. Then I'm expecting him to not have this massive center of gravity disadvantage in the trenches.
  9. That's interesting. I think Settle is going to be more in the 8 snap group, and could possibly start the season as one of the half dozen or so inactives. I don't think we'll have 7 active DL on gameday.
  10. We really jump on obscure bandwagons don't we? Remember the old Cult of Colt thread for Colt Brennan because he had 1 good quarter of preseason football?
  11. I love Payne's first step, and sometimes those pictures you put show that more clearly than the gifs.
  12. We're probably keeping 6 right...maaaaaybe 7 but that's doubtful. Allen, Payne, Ioannidis Lanier, Settle, McGee Hood is #7. It could be McGee, but he's more expensive to cut, and I believe the coaches like the role they use McGee for. While I agree that Hood has been playing out of position, which is awesome since you want guys who are willing if emergencies strike, but the above already has 2 NT's on it. Hood's value was as a backup NT/DE (until he took the job from McClain). Where does Hood play in the rotation? Definitely not in the Nickel, we're currently loaded in that situation (rare to say, but we're deep in something on the DL). Not strongside DE, that's where backup McGee will rotate in. So the other side of the formation behind Allen. But Ioannidis will likely rotate there as well. IMO, Hood is looking at the fewest snaps available in the unit. It's tough to keep someone on in that situation. Problem with Phil Taylor, and why I think he's a long shot. He's always hurt, you don't cut somebody over him if you think Taylor might go to IR in two weeks anyways. You keep Phil Taylor on speed dial if he's healthy at the end of pre-season and if somebody else suffers an injury. So let's say we keep 7 DL. That means only 18 ILB/Edge/CB/S/etc. 4 S: Apke, Nicholson, Everett, Swearinger 6 CB: Norman, Dunbar, Scandrick, Moreau, Holsey, Stroman (this could maybe be dropped down to 5, but you generally want 10 DB's) 4 Edge: Pernell McPhee, Kerrigan, Preston Smith, Ryan Anderson I think those 3 groups are pretty clear. The issue is with ILB as I'm currently counting 6 in the mix. Brown, Foster, Vigil, Spaight, Dion-Hamilton, Harvey-Clemons Dion-Hamilton could maybe be on PUP, but rumor has it he might be ready by training camp. Harvey-Clemons is the dimebacker, but maybe Dion-Hamilton can compete there? Vigil and Spaight are competing for the backup Mike role. This is a group where I can see us wanting to keep 5.
  13. Welcome to the Washington Redskins Trey Quinn WR SMU

    He's clearly picked as insurance (if he develops) in-case Crowder gets too expensive. If Crowder goes we could be getting a 3rd-5th round comp pick for him.
  14. What to do with LG

    Stats say that Kirk was sacked an average of 3.8% of the time on 212 drop backs. His career average for sack rate is 4.8%. McCoy was sacked an average of 11.7% of the time on 145 drop backs. His career average for sack rate is 8.4%. RG3 was sacked an average of 13.4% of the time on 247 drop backs. His career average for sack rate is 9.2%. (RG3's next year of playing also had an insanely high sack rate of 13.0%) So that's two QB's who were getting sacked at a worse than normal rate, but their career rates are still awful. Then there's Kirk who has shown an ability to reduce sacks. Btw, Kirk's sack rate in 2013 (the year before we're talking about) was only 3.1% in 160 drop backs.
  15. Welcome to the Washington Redskins Trey Quinn WR SMU

    Question marks around: 1) Only 1 year of good college production 2) While getting more targets, defenses were paying more attention to a different receiver (Courtland Sutton, drafted in the 2nd round) That's so far all I can find.