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  1. Can't deny it that man looks wasted as hell. Wish him the best but I think both side are better off apart. Im still a big believer that OUR Redskins will be all good. Lock up pryor then sign Binnie Logan and we are ready for the draft. Oh oh and stop playing games with our QB. Sign him and move on. Hail to OUR Redskins.
  2. I have full confidence our Redskins will be fine after all the smoke settles. Chill out folks. Hail to the ****ing REDSKINS!!!!
  3. Florida State
  4. I don have the energy. Last year offensive weapons were wY better than we had in those years. Along with the oline development but ok Kirk's the greatest. you win we can do no better. Give him the money he wants and move on. Hail.
  5. RG3 isn't a pocket passing QB. But Colt looked good in the offense. Not as good as Kirk I'll give you that but Colt looked good in the offense. When i say QB friendly I'm mean an actual QB not a read option guy.
  6. We give Kirk a lot of credit but I think Gruden offense is very QB friendly. I'm speaking from how Kirk answer certian questions during interviews. He just don't seem like he want to be here. Not that I can blame him. After the RG3 bs and the contract offer last year he's probably in the mindset of moving on.
  7. I like Kirk. But some of us are vastly overrating him. It it obvious he don't want to be here and it may steam from the RG3 bs along with last year contract bs. I get it good quarterbacks don't grow on trees. But if the gm don't think he's the guy we have to unload this year while his value is high. Again in I like Kirk but I love the Skins. I want what's best for my team over what I like about a single player. Hail
  8. Do he run 4-3 or 3-4? Is he a blitz happy DC? Or more vanilla bend but don't break? Anyone knows? Thanks in advance. Hail
  9. Will Compton.... Shut up. He was probably the biggest liability on defense. Couldn't cover. Couldn't tackle. Why Joe Barry left him in is beyond me. If anything Joe needed to be let go for routinely leaving guys like Will Compton on the field and not mixing in other players. Again Shut up Will Compton. You couldn't perform in a basic or difficult defense. Hopefully the new DC figure this out quicker than Barry did.... Or didn't. Hail!!!!
  10. Should be an interesting hire especially for the 3-4 vs 4-3 arguments we have on here quite often.
  11. I came in here to say the exact same thing. Too bad Sua cant play Safety huh...
  12. Richardson and Baker inside would do wonders for the Dline.