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  1. Got a feeling McGee will be the nose unless we make a move. Especially since we were blessed with Allen at 17. Yeah McGee would be the number one option for NT in my opinion. I know they wanted to grab a nose in the draft but things change. Question is will mcgee **** up like baker did when it comes to playing nose? hail.
  2. lowell lotulelei what's his deal?
  3. Yeah man it's stupid. Be the same guys that would never step to a man. But yeah I don't get it.
  4. **** Dallas and their pick. Hail
  5. When can we sign undrafted guys?
  6. lotulelei or qualls in the 6th for me.
  7. I'd like lowell lotulelei at some point today.
  8. How did any NFL team ever get by without the draft advice of SM. Some people in this fan base give the man way too much credit. And I'm one that believe he had potential to do well here but **** happens... let move on and draft some "football players" this weekend and take back the NFCE! Hail!
  9. It's common sense. Bruce brought him here to better the team any reports stating he's now or was jealous is silly and I would bet that Scot had yet another episode to cause his firing.
  10. I'm willing to bet Scot did something to make this separation happen. And it wasnt any bs about Bruce being jealous.
  11. After all the smoke clears I'm riding with Dan, Bruce and Gruden. Look GMSM had issues and we all knew about them. I don't care if people take his side and he walk away smelling like roses. Let not forget his little incident with the reporter. He was a fired for drinking twice before. I think Bruce actually tried to protect GMSM by not coming out and say "this fools drinking again, we had to fire him". Bruce is taking all the media crap and letting Scot look good in the situation. Our Skins had a good free agency and hopefully a good draft. I actually think this is one of the best free agency's we've had in the last 5 years. While I do give GMSM for parts of the free agents and he'll get credit some of the draft but let's not be silly and think he was the god of scouts and he was all we had from an evaluation stand point. I actually like how Bruce is handling it. Let people think what they want. You can't and shouldn't want to please everyone. Hail
  12. Can't deny it that man looks wasted as hell. Wish him the best but I think both side are better off apart. Im still a big believer that OUR Redskins will be all good. Lock up pryor then sign Binnie Logan and we are ready for the draft. Oh oh and stop playing games with our QB. Sign him and move on. Hail to OUR Redskins.