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  1. Daniel Snyder ...Dare We Say Maturing....as a competent owner

    They were the obvious two. Next question is which coaching hire under Snyder worked out well? None of them and he is the common denominator.
  2. Daniel Snyder ...Dare We Say Maturing....as a competent owner

    I was extremely critical of how the organization handled the SM thing. But looking back now I realize he was fired from his last 2 jobs for drinking. It's not unreasonable to assume this happened again here. So if he showed up drunk for work they really didn't have a choice. They tried to high road it but when criticism came out they let it slip out. Um..the same thing happened out of San Francisco and Seattle. They obviously let it slip out too or we would not even know of his issues there. Did anyone criticize those organization for letting it out?
  3. Daniel Snyder ...Dare We Say Maturing....as a competent owner

    You act as if we form our opinions based on newspaper articles. No actually we have based our opinion on the facts, and the facts show this team has not even been close to contending since Daniel Snyder took over. They have been a team other fans laughed at and we've had far more bad seasons than good. A good season around here used to be a ring, now it's defined as 9-7 and a first round playoff exit. As mentioned above it's not just the lack of on the field results. The owner of the Washington Redskins is just a bad guy who treats everyone around him like crap.
  4. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    The Redskins are literally the only team anyone can remember who let letting a good QB simply walk out the door with zero compensation. Impossible to defend that.
  5. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    I'll say it again. ESPN has shown plenty of hockey highlights, they do long segments with Barry Melrose as well. So obviously they cover hockey. And my wife was getting ready for work, she just wanted to watch the highlights on the big screen tv, not over my shoulder on a tablet.
  6. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    I have never seen a Caps team hit like they did last night. I have always felt that hits are a bit overrated, they really don't mean much regarding how the play unfolds as often the puck has left the guy being hit. But not last night, they created turnovers with hits like they had Ronnie Lott out there. Orpik was a man, remember when he came over and sucked? Not now.
  7. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    Well sure they do. They show full game highlights of big games constantly, then trot out Barry Milrose later in the show with in-depth analysis. For some reason they felt the need to skip over this game, then on to baseball and yet more NBA studio talk. That makes zero sense to me again given the significance of the game.
  8. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    I've been in this camp too. I said to my wife I don't care if TB sweeps them, just beat the Pens finally. But when you get this close it's kind of hard to be satisfied, this is their best chance and they need to take advantage of it.
  9. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    As I said I wanted to show my wife with a quick view of the highlights before she left for work. She wasn't sticking around for me to find it on my laptop or wait for CSN to show them and we should not have to go through all that given the significance of the game. The point remains this was a huge game, certainly worthy of more than superficial coverage by ESPN.
  10. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    So I'm pausing SportsCenter for my wife who went to bed before the 3rd period but wanted details. After sitting through 9 minutes of NBA coverage they just show about 30 seconds of clips while discussing Game 7. No real highlights that show the plays with expert commentary, just a quick overview of how much the Caps suck in Game 7's. Then on to baseball. A giant WTF??????
  11. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    You appear to still have your feelings hurt because our team F'ed up and mishandled the situation from the start, Kirk used his good play to leverage himself into a great situation that he had earned, and he took full advantage of it. From Kirk's perspective he was always the red headed step brother of the Chosen One RGIII. When he got his chance and lit it up the team said "thanks but we don't believe in you, do it again". Then he did it again and the team said "thanks but we still don't believe in you, do it again". By that time Kirk understood his position as one of the dozen best QBs in the entire world so he did not sign their offer, he took the franchise tag and bet on himself. Again. And won. After all this he didn't owe the team that never really believed in him a damned thing, yet he said all the right things. If you really believe Kirk is the first athlete to "bury" his previous team, and his quotes are nothing even close to "burying" his former team, you would be wrong. His comments were just not that bad, and to be honest with you pretty accurate IMO.
  12. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I don't know how Kirk was supposed to handle this thing any differently. He earned his free agency, prior to that he pretty much said "I'd be happy to stay in Washington if we can work out a deal". Even if he felt this way, which I do not believe, are you saying he would have been better off saying publically "yeah I'm on the first bus out of this dump but not before milking the owner for every nickle I am entitled to". Would that have made you feel better?
  13. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I expect Guice to be a huge upgrade over the backs they have had in the past, I don't even think that's a question. As for the thread title I am firmly behind Alex Smith and was happy a QB at this level was even available. But I have also managed expectations. This team has shown no signs of every being a top team, now they have hitched their wagon to a 33 year old QB who 2 different contending teams decided would never be good enough to take them to the top so they opted for higher ceiling options. This can not be understated, I highly doubt they ever get close to a Super Bowl with Alex Smith, and at 33 that window is small.
  14. What to do with LG

    Thanks for putting in the work, this is an excellent post and makes me feel better about their decision making.
  15. Per Schefter: DeAngelo Hall Retiring

    Hey not trying to dampen your enthusiasm for the guy. Just trying to understand why people are mentioning him as a Ring of Fame guy and a better player here than Ken Harvey. That's just so weird to me. He just wasn't a very good player here, certainly not as good as Ken Harvey. Again in his one big Pro Bowl year he was second in the NFL in yards allowed by a corner. There is a reason he went unsigned when the Skins invited him to test the market before he had no choice but to come back on the cheap. I just don't understand the love, I'm happy we are out of the D Hall business.