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  1. This is how I see it. McCaffrey could be a really good player, and clearly we haven't had a running back capable of breaking a run and taking it to the house in forever. But at 17 I want an every down back who can also move the chains and the pile 25 times a game if necessary.
  2. I liked the pick at the time and still believe in Doc. But he is essentially a rookie so his numbers may reflect that. Assuming Kirk is throwing to him I got 50/700/4 with a ton of upside. Oh yeah, Crowder is a perfect slot receiver. Keep him there and leave him there.
  3. Yeah I'm done with you guys and this discussion too, we've beaten it to death.. I'll close by pointing out that the entire "I'm right and the rest of the world is wrong" is always a fail. The fact is there are a handful of posters here who feel as you do, virtually everyone else in the football world sees the Redskins for who they are and what they have done. And 9-7 and 8-6-1 hardly erases 18 years of futility and embarrassment.
  4. Simply amazing. You can't see the dysfunction in this organization. Fine, bury your head in the sand and continue to support Daniel Snyder seeing as he is a victim of the mean old Washington Post out to get him for no reason at all. Guess they just figured they'd make up stuff to sell clicks. If you believe that this is your choice. But I don't think it's fair to lecture others who have devoted 40 years to this franchise and feel cheated and let down. Do you actually think it's an accident that in every sport some franchises win all the time and do nothing but lose? They change players, coaches, GMs yet the results tend to be the same. What doesn't change? The owner. And no correlation what so ever right? Good grief.
  5. The Raiders haven't been dysfunctional since Crazy Al died. That was years ago, meanwhile our side show of buffoonery continues and that's can't possible be a good thing for a number of reasons. And yes acquiring top talent in the front office, the coaching staff, and in free agency being the main one. I hate rooting for this joke of a franchise. It's like having an obnoxious brother that everyone hates, you have to kind of roll your eyes and admit sheepishly to others that yes he is your brother.
  6. He was one of the guys I was thinking about. I heard him on the radio about a year after he arrived from Seattle. He said he was shocked at what he saw, heard it was bad but had no idea just how bad. How does this not register with the Snyder apologists here? Just weird.
  7. This is a very good point. Reporters new to the market do not have a built up agenda, yet they report the same things the DC vets are reporting. Often you hear them say how shocked they were at what they saw. When it happens over and over again from many different people what does that tell you?
  8. We understand Baker and RJF weren't any more than serviceable. But when compared to the rest of the group they appeared to be the best of a bad bunch. I think the frustration is we got rid of the only 2 that semi-produced and replaced them with more very real question marks. Other than age there isn't much of an argument that these guys will improve a terrible unit. But back to the topic of this thread the timing of the release of RJF, late in the game and only after critical comments came out, is what is rubbing a lot of us the wrong way. I will never believe it was not related to his comments, how could I given the timing and the history of this petty organization?
  9. Yes. Yes it is. Screaming FAKE NEWS! every time you read something you do not like is complete nonsense and ruins your creditability. It's a cop out and it's not fooling anyone. As for this story we obviously do not know the truth, I suppose we will in time. But for you to defend Daniel Snyder after what has taken place here for nearly 20 years is awfully hard to justify. I honestly have no idea what more you need to see.
  10. The world is REALLY tired of these two words. You really need to come up with some new material.
  11. I hope he sues and I hope he wins. Big.
  12. Excellent post Skinsinparadise. Very well said, they could make things easier on themselves by working with the local media instead of against them. But even if they had a great relationship the critical comments are on point.
  13. You actually believe the Redskins do a good job of keeping things in house? Where have you been? There have been more leaks out of Redskins Park over the years than the Titanic. But of course this was not my point in the 2 posts you quoted. If you look at them I agree with you, Allen should not reveal what took place. My point on that was his addressing the issue took place weeks too late and allowed rampant speculation. Say something and we could have moved on faster. And of course my main issue, in the first post you quoted, was they presented SM to the fans one way when he was hired and we are now learning it wasn't that way at all.
  14. I mean we have heard story after story of things like hotel managers threatening to throw him out if he berates anyone else on his staff. We have heard stories of caterers asking for a break after 10 straight hours and getting fired on the spot, dozens and dozens of stories like this exist and when there are this many I'm not dismissing it as hearsay. And they are in addition to the way he famously treats his employees. He is just a bad guy on top of being a terrible owner.
  15. I agree the law suite against the non-paying fan was blown out of proportion. But that's about all I got and it should be noted that with so many other examples of treating people poorly you kind of lose the benefit of the doubt. How anyone can't come to the conclusion that the poor record and constant drama and dysfunction we have seen for nearly 20 years does not fall directly at the feet of Daniel Snyder is puzzling to me. What has he ever done that would lead people to defend him?