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  1. Yeah he did. Lets not forget the Oakland game, with Brown, Foster, Allen and Ioanidas this defense was, dare I say it, bad ass.
  2. Given the deals we are seeing Brown at 8-9 Mil a year is fine with me. Sure he had coverage issues but he was a huge difference maker and we saw what happened to that run defense when he went out. Other than Kirk this was most everyone's #1 re-sign priority. There will be about 30 teams interested in the Honey Badger, i don't see it. I am interested in seeing how they fill out the OL seeing as they really don't have anyone in the pipeline and that has been a huge failure of this and the Scott tenure, to not draft a good young OL other than Chase and he's now a starter and not in the pipeline.
  3. Nobody is confusing this WR group with The Posse but given the other holes throughout the roster they need to be looking at other positions. And again we have a first round WR with great potential and most every WR not named Randy Moss took a year or two to develop. With Reed, Davis and Sprinkle they are fine at TE too IMO. Are they really going to carry 4 TEs? It's way early and not a time to panic. But they need a lot of parts to complete this roster.
  4. Exactly, which is why I was not happy with McClain and McGhee last year. Those were just bodies and we got a bit from one and nothing from the other which was pretty easy to predict when they were signed.
  5. After 20 years it should be pretty clear that the Redskins can not do what the Eagles did. As you said they hired smart football people, we have Bruce Allen. And by tying up so much money into a player who is another dirty play away from another suspension you have just handcuffed your ability to fill all the other needs they have on this roster.
  6. We were predicting next season's record and I was far more optimistic than most, having them above .500 with a few tweeks. But even as one of the most optimistic posters I never thought we were just these additions away from the Eagles who just won the Super Bowl and then add a top 5 QB, All Pro DE and several other improvements. We have a lot more holes than a RB/DB, Suh, and an ILB can fill. With Suh we have exactly 3 good DL, the Eagles now have about 7. Redskins have holes all over the roster right now and a deal for Suh changes the ability to improve need areas such as OL, Safety, CB, DL depth etc.
  7. I can't believe Redskins fans are actually pimping the idea of paying huge jack to 31 year old Ndamukong Suh, as if we are one player away.
  8. I'm OK so far. Giving Ryan Grant that kind of money would have been crazy. Long is no loss, he was just a guy and we can do better. Murphy gave them one good year out of 4 and as we know it could have been with illegal help. Couldn't afford Bree and Norman so we knew that was coming. They found a tier 2 WR with speed, something they needed badly, at a much lower cost of other receivers that were signed. But yeah I'd like them to make some moves, just not early 2000's like moves. There's a middle ground.
  9. Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    This is how I see it. I am still a big believer in Doctson. If every receiver was evaluated after their first season plenty would have been written off too soon. With this new addition I think they are fine at WR, certainly good enough to spend resources elsewhere. Obviously RB and LG are at the top of the list, then they look at the defense.
  10. Lets keep laughing at the Browns, while we can

    Is it me or are there a way more trades than normal this offseason? Why is that?
  11. .500 In 2018 Would Be A Good Year For The Skins

    Giving huge deals to 30 year old wide receivers was the old way of doing business. They didn't do anything this year, it was the right move to make.
  12. .500 In 2018 Would Be A Good Year For The Skins

    We were a game under .500 with the worst season of injuries most of us can ever remember. They made a lateral move at QB so I don't see a huge drop off. If they find a RB and draft Vita Vea I can see them being .500 or with a little luck a game over. But like it seems every year I consider that out of conference schedule pretty tough.
  13. Lets keep laughing at the Browns, while we can

    I really like the momentum of the Browns taking Barkley at 1. It is clearly the right move, this is a very dicey QB class. And of course it would keep Barkley out of NY as the Giants were sure to jump on the chance to get the best player in the draft at a huge need position. Come on Browns, don't screw this up.