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  1. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    But apparently when replay showed Russell Wilson was sacked they don't run off 10 seconds. Sounds fair. Speaking of challenges was Gruden's asinine challenge every discussed? WTF was that? Cost a timeout they sure could have used.
  2. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    As I said the rule is in place to punish a QB who is doing it to avoid a sack. As Kirk was not under pressure it was not intentional grounding. It looked to me like the receiver was supposed to go outside. When the league calls twice to apologize that pretty much ends the discussion right there, it was a bad call.
  3. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    i believe the interpretation was the QB was not under pressure so it was not intentional grounding which is in place to punish a player for avoiding a sack. Bottom line is when 2 league officials take the time to call the team then it was obviously the wrong call and probably costs us the game.
  4. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    Two league officials called the team to inform them that it was not the correct call. Swearinger signed a 3 year deal.
  5. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    I'm kind of in your camp. It helped that I realized the season ended weeks ago so a loss like this, as frustrating as it was, did not destroy me. I see a team that lost it's best offensive play maker to go along with everything else, a team that has a guy's heel on the goal line on a punt and the ball moves from the 1 to the 20. I see a team that got itself into position to win the game, only to lose on a bizarre intentional grounding call that was wrong. But i also see a team that is incapable of converting on big short yardage over and over again and that simply has to be fixed. Can we FINALLY get out of the D'Angelo Hall business? Enough of this guy already. This loss was on the defense, obviously. LOL at anyone blaming Kirk Cousins. They have no pass rush with Allen out and Matt not the same. By the end of the game the pressure was non-existent. The crap DL we were all concerned about has shown it's ugly head. I hated the signing of the M Brothers and they have proven me right, they both stink. But I was very excited to see the growth of Josh Doctson , he is running much more crisp routes and is showing his ability to make plays downfield. Perine ran much better than I thought he could, that was encouraging but they need a more dynamic back there. So some positives for sure including the QB. That was a very good performance there and if you can't appreciate that your expectations are unrealistic.
  6. Vikings Redskins Post game assessments

    Another solid post, well done. But all this does not matter a damned thing if they go with Colt McCoy or some other retread at QB.
  7. Vikings Redskins Post game assessments

    Thanks for that info Unbias. It's difficult to measure injuries. I think number of games missed by starters is a good place to start rather than just IR players which could be special teams linebackers. Also multiple injures to the same position is obviously much harder to handle than if they were spread out around the roster.
  8. Vikings Redskins Post game assessments

    Totally agree. It was a huge win that showed great toughness. But I'm tired of hearing about it. I yelled at the announcer on Sunday who kept going on and on about it when the truth is we got a lot of help. Did I read somewhere that two other teams have had more injuries than Washington? I find that hard to believe.
  9. Vikings Redskins Post game assessments

    Oh yeah, I was screaming that the top of my lungs on that play about the hold.
  10. Vikings Redskins Post game assessments

    Oh I totally agree with this. As I said earlier in the year (after a Redskins loss) the tendency of every fan base is to claim the refs screwed us after a loss. Every week 16 fan bases scream they got screwed by the refs. However the post I replied to implied the player should be able to overcome holding, that I don't agree with. Oh no doubt. But considering they never recovery them anyway I'll give a pass to the guy who just nailed a 56 yarder to keep us in the game (barely).
  11. Vikings Redskins Post game assessments

    That does not change the fact that they are holds and should be called. Is the player supposed to beat the opponent and the officials at the same time? That's crazy. I need to look up the success rate of on sides kicks throughout the league. . I have not seen one work all year. The 2 pt conversions I have seen are working about 30% of the time.
  12. Vikings Redskins Post game assessments

    I have noticed that too. I used to hate it when our coaches won the toss and took the ball. I'd much rather have the ball to start the half that is more important.
  13. Vikings Redskins Post game assessments

    That's so weird for me. Just don't look for the results, turn the radio off. Pretty safe bet science fiction fans at a reading at 2:00 weren't going to give it away. I'm not a big high tech guy either but I will never understand just going without rather than watching a few hours later.
  14. Vikings Redskins Post game assessments

    I think we need to acknowledge that the Vikes are a good team and we are not.
  15. Vikings Redskins Post game assessments

    Do you not have a DVR? I find it strange someone who is a big enough fan to post regularly here would not find a way to watch the rest of the game. As for the game the others nailed it. This was obviously on the defense. Even though Keenam played well he had 2 picks he should have had 4 with 2 wildly high throws. Hey Josh Norman, WTF was that game? Catch the ball, stop getting beat, make that open field tackle. That was the entire game yesterday, our best players didn't play very well. Kerrigan, was invisible, Zach had 10 tackles but was not a force. It was a game from last year with running backs gashing us and no pass rush. Very frustrating. Offense was OK but left too many plays that have been mentioned already. Kirk was OK, that's it. I hated the 4th and 1 run call, that was a predictable ending. Other than that this was on the players. And this is what happens when we rely on players like Ziggy Hood and McLain. We need Ioannidas back badly. I was big on the Crowder pick at the time but didn't understand why my Maryland boy Diggs was still on the board. Well Diggs has clearly been the better player. Crowder was another one that had a terrible game, obviously. What happened to that guy? I saw 80 catches this year for him.