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  1. The charge is he can't beat winning teams. My point was A. It's early in his career, too early to make any conclusions. . B. It's not always just his fault that they lose against good teams.
  2. I missed it but it sounds clever. It also confirms what I have been saying. Once again the football world is laughing at out team.
  3. No he has always F'ed it up, which of course is the problem. Did the Steelers brass fail to pronounce the name Polamalu? Is Ozzie Smith incapable of pronouncing the last name of his stating QB? Again I agree it's a little thing but good organizations don't do nonsense like this and it's indicative of a larger problem. And it gave the national media a chance to laugh at our team, again. Something that was avoidable with a very simple fix.
  4. He has only started for two seasons, in that time he has been saddled with a horrible defense and a below average running game. I think it's a little early to tag Kirk as a guy whom can't beat good teams when Brashad Breeland proved incapable of covering good receivers.
  5. The nation is laughing at our organization. Again. Over a little thing but a screw up that was totally unnecessary and again just shows how amateurish this organization can be. Again if that does not bother you that's fine but you have no right to tell us that it shouldn't matter to us. Personally I'm kind of sick of the football world laughing at us. And you are obviously wrong to say it's nothing because obviously it is a story worthy of national as well as extensive local coverage, And again you have no idea how Kirk feels about it.
  6. Thanks for the lecture. However I stand by my position that every athlete is all about the dollar. This somehow appears to upset you but as I said there is nothing wrong with it at all. And Kirk's comments don't change anything. You will see that when he finally does sign, wherever that ends up being, for a deal that will shatter records.. He said a number of times that he was fine playing under the terms of the franchise tag and it gives him another year to evaluate the Redskins, ironic as for 4 years they have been evaluating him. But every single move he has made, including this one to get to free agency again next off season when he knows the franchise tag is a huge raise or he will be put on the open market where his value sky rockets, is ALL ABOUT THE DOLLAR.
  7. You have no idea how others, including one Kirk Cousins, feels about this. None what so ever. And in case you missed it this made the national news, once again the nation is laughing at our organization. You may not care about that, at that is fine, but don't tell those of us who do care that it's stupid. You don't have that right.
  8. If you really think this is a pretty good team and we can avoid 6-10 with a QB at the level of Colt McCoy well God bless your optimism but I sure don't share it. I think you are seriously underestimating the value of the QB position. I think the earlier poster hit it square on the head. All the improvements on defense have yet to prove anything, and even if they do pan out as planned that mearly turns a horrible defense into "not bad" territory. With a below average running back and an inconsistent kicker Colt McCoy gets you no more than 6-7 wins. And of course the big problem is where exactly do they turn to find a QB that is better than Kirk. They've been searching for a long term answer at the position since remote control TVs were all the rage.
  9. I just don't see it as a best case scenario. IMO it's the worst case. We will go into next season having no idea what will follow. Short of winning the Super Bowl any success at all will be muted because I don't really feel as if we are building something as we all know there is a really good chance our QB will move on. And when that happens we are right back to 5-11 with no hope in sight. Not fatalistic, realistic. Without a QB you have no chance in this league. We have one now, we may very well not have one a year from today.
  10. I think it's both. Kirk clearly had reservations according to his quote from yesterday. And yes I still say that is an indictment of the organization, How many times have we ever heard a player make a comment like that about the organization he is working for? I vote never. And as I said and BSF posted above the reported offer was simply not good enough.
  11. That IS interesting and the first time I have heard this from him, thanks for supplying it. All I have heard was what was later in the article. Specifically that he always wanted Washington as my first choice. But Kirk's comments are also pretty damning of the organization. Seems he too has reservations, can't say I blame him.
  12. LOL. I'm from Maryland and I say "y'all", it's just so handy. But that's not really exclusive to the deep south, many people around here say it. We can also say the name Kirk.
  13. McLean. Not Richmond, not Roanoke. McLean
  14. What exactly did Kirk say about never signing? He never said anything like that. You appear to want me to take a message board's word on it over a guy who covers the team professionally. LOL As a fan in the 70's and 80's, when I was young and needed my teams to do well the most, I said I couldn't imagine being a Bucs fan and losing every year. I now know what that's like.
  15. You don't know that. Read Jerry Brewer's article below. The offer they made was a joke, it was rejected immediately and for good reason. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/redskins/first-bruce-allen-made-the-kirk-cousins-situation-bad-then-he-made-it-worse/2017/07/17/e259d444-6b1f-11e7-b9e2-2056e768a7e5_story.html?utm_term=.89c2481ed61b