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  1. 2018.....RGIII !!!!!!!! XD
  2. I think it be fun for us to draft Joe Mixon AND Chad Kelly! People already laugh at the organization, let's just become the bad boys and get the talented but hated players. Josh Norman seems to get on peoples nerves (even though I personally love his attitude when playing) and Terrelle Pryor apparently trash talks too much and players hate him for that. Let's just become that team everybody hates but with talented players, and I think Mixon and Kelly both could be really good.
  3. Yea I was curious and looked it up, last year DJ swearinger played FS, and I remember last year our defense was talked about being able to interchange the safety positions. So i'm guessing Cravens and DJ will be playing both and switching around, moving around often.
  4. Although I hate what is happening with our current GM Scott, I do like some of the names I am hearing that we are interested in signing when free agency starts. Dontari Poe (a big name and a big guy) but someone we really need i think. Andre Holmes a WR who is 6'5, and Marquise Goodwin is crazy fast (dude was an olympic sprinter). That would help our D line and give us size and speed at WR since were losing DeSean it sounds like. What do anyone else think?
  5. I just saw a mock draft that has us taking Mitch Trubisky even after we just tagged Cousins. At first I thought it was really stupid, but for some reason I wanted to read some stuff on Trubisky and a few are comparing him to Matt Stafford. If that's true and you could have the next Matt Stafford on your team...what does anyone think?
  6. I really want Kirk to stay with us. But after all this talk about him not wanting to be here, and the amount of money (cap space) it will take to keep him. What does anybody think of tagging him, and trading him to SF or whoever wants him. Letting Colt McCoy start (I personally think he has played very well every time he has been on the field for us). Let Nate Sudfield develop, b/c that's the reason you drafted him right... Finally with the money and cap room we will save and the draft picks we could get for Cousins, we could potentially draft players like Dalvin Cook (who could become a workhorse RB and a star), re-sign DeSean Jackson AND Pierre Garcon and still draft and sign players in free agency to make our defense good. We could probably go after guys like Dontari Poe, Calais Campbell, Duron Harmon (one of my favorites), even look at a few big name free agents like Terrell Pryor or whoever the organization likes. Basically I think we could turn our team into a very very good team with tons of weapons on offense and a very good defense. We would obviously be missing that franchise quarterback but I will say it again, I think McCoy has played well the few times he has started for us. Remember the Dallas game (NO means NO!) and wasn't there a game he replaced Cousins a year or two ago and played well when Cousins was struggling. Nate Sudfield looked good in preseason last year, maybe he is gonna be a good one too.
  7. my 3rd game i ever went to, was Sean Taylor's last game before he was killed. He left the game with a knee injury against the eagles, I still have the ticket stub from that game.
  8. I think it's an interesting conversation. I really like Kirk Cousins, I think he is really good and could get better! But I just read an article talking about Kyle Shanahan taking the 49ers job and wanting to get Cousins. If we tagged him and traded him to the 49ers we could have the #2 overall pick this year, #17 pick as well and probably another 1st round pick next year. Knowing how McCoughlan loves to trade down we could have 3 or 4 pics in the first and second rounds this year. Focusing on guys like Reuben Foster, Jonathan Allen, Jabrill Peppers instantly improves the defense (arguably the biggest holes on the defense LB,DT,FS). Then maybe a chance at someone like Leonard Fournette, you could build the offense around and have Colt McCoy or Nate Sudfeld (who played well in the preseason last year) just handing the ball off 30 times a game and play action passing. Doesn't sound like the worst thing ever. What do you guys think!? Sadly this is what I do half the day now, thinking of what the skins should do during the offseason lol
  9. I would love the idea of the Redskins trying to sign Johnathan Hankins and/or Bennie Logan. Both are big dudes and really good. Also for FS has anyone talked about or thought about Johnathan Cyprien or Duron Harmon? I always thought Cyprien was pretty good, and Harmon looks really good anytime I have seen Patriots games. He could be one of those guys who isn't a big name but is a steal.