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  1. Ok, 49/51 at a push. I rate Kirk. Think he's a damn good QB. He will be a total pro this year, no doubts. Still doesn't stop men thinking he's screwing us over to a degree. I wanted a LTD pre draft, that was my cut off point. Would have cashed in then when it didn't get sorted. That was a mistake IMO.
  2. The definition of a market deal for Kirk is the part open to debate. He suggested we were close, I don't believe him.
  3. Not relevant now, his agent would be back at the table wanting the a new deal right. Or do you think Kirk would be happy on a 12-14mil py deal still? When?
  4. You mean 12 months ago after his one full season and only 25 career starts ?
  5. Don't disagree SIP, it's come down to the money on offer and that's lead to a desire to aim for FA in 2018. I've said for a long time he's had us by the balls and its playing out that way. I don't blame him for that at all, what I'm saying is that our only real way to avert that was to pay the ransom money. I don't think it's a given that we should have, so I'm 50/50 on the whole thing as opposed to being heavily critical of the FO, irrespective of their general ability to be inept without trying at the best of times
  6. Watched that 1991 season from the Americas Game series yesterday. Sprint Bomb, Rypien to Clark, was born in that Giants game.
  7. I can get elements of both sides of the story, I just happen to think it's closer to 50/50 'cause/blame' than others I guess.
  8. So Kirk is happy to potentially be a FA in 2018, but turns down our offer as he doesn't want us to be in a position to dump him in 2019 making him a free agent, but would have taken an extra third years gtd money on a LTD that brings a risk of us dumping him in 2019, which again he was fine with as he'd have been willing to take that deal. That doesn't stack up to me other than to think it was purely about money, or he's happier out of town and knows where that is, best option as a FA in 2018
  9. I may have misread this earlier, but didn't you say you thought Kirk would have accepted a long term deal with a high percentage of gtd money? Has the trust been broken over the value of contract that was on offer, or was the trust gone before then from your perspective?
  10. I don't buy that because we'd have the option to dump him the year after if we essentially gtd three years money. Two years, three years, it's a wash for me. By working on a year by year basis as he is choosing to do, either Kirk knows he has market value and/or he is comfortable with taking a short term view and dealing with the medium term when it arrives. With that in mind, why would he leave a 2/53, or what was essentially a 3/70-72 deal on the table and worry about being cut? Doesn't stack up. I thought Bruce would cave in post draft and pay over the odds. I'd wager Kirks agent did too.
  11. Don't get me wrong, I'm no great admirer of Bruce. However, in this situation I'm inclined to back the stance of the FO. My take on the whole saga is that it was going to take 85mil in fully gtd money to close the deal, that's a bit rich for my money. Or, he's set excessive demands, in the mindset we wouldn't meet them, because he is more inclined to play his football elsewhere longer term. Paying him in those circumstance is wrong in my opinion, that kind of relationship in life tends to end badly.
  12. To be fair the offer we made him was going to pay him 70+mil over the first three years. Only way that doesnt happen would be if we cut him after the gtd money ran out after year two. Now that wouldn't make him worse off, chances are he would more than cover his money when signing elsewhere. Or we don't cut him, he get his non gtd salary here of circa 18-20 mil and therefore has his 70+ mil over the first three seasons.
  13. If that truly is Kirks stance, and he has a strong year, that kind of offer would still be more than feasible in the future. I'd suggest the FO are actually in a very strong position to still do this next offseason, whilst having given themselves another 12 months before having to fully show the cash.
  14. Kirk won't be much of a trailblazer if he gets seriously injured any time soon or seriously sucks on the field in the next 6 months. Also, I've said this before but the notion that signing him up a season or two back would have solved everything is flawed to me. QB money is moving fast. Most top QBs, if they continue to perform at a high level, will be restructuring every 2-3 year shortly.
  15. Great move by Chelsea. Looking good again.