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  1. Sorry yeh, we pick him in the 4th.......having used an earlier pick on edge rush DE/OLB
  2. Redskins are one of a number of teams to repay a 'cap loan' back in relation to a CBA clause from 2010-11 that allowed teams to loan space when the overall cap was deceasing. Reduces our available space to 11mil, a reduction of 4.5mil via the repayment. Shopping all but done I would say.
  3. I think that would be a reach to be fair with our second 4th (123)....Our pick in the 5th (154) would be better value. Could live with the reach if we've nailed our first few picks, or we could be trading around in the those rounds anyway. I think we'll address that area in the 4th/5th in some capacity. It's a clear need with potentially few viable draft options, so it could be a case of taking your player a bit higher that you would like. Agree though, 4ths a bit rich but when they get nicked right before you in the next round.......
  4. Gruden said Lanier is up at 290. I think we get a 330+ NT in the 4th round, Stevie T, having gone earlier in the draft on a edge rush guy.
  5. Thanks. I'm no expert here but yeh I do kind of see that in him too. I'm expecting Crowders role on the team to change a little and think Taylor would be a good pick but not before the 4th round for us.
  6. Vernons alright though.
  7. @clskinsfan later round pick of Taywan Taylor for me at WR.
  8. Three I'd have in my mock draft for sure
  9. My take on that was intentional BS by Gruden, I reckon RB would be a definite goer in the first or second round.
  10. Yeh they were Tomsula preferences by all accounts. I'm all for it too. Need a strong DT/NT and draft another DE/OLB .
  11. It has to be...Stevie T....can't see what's not to like about him in the mid rounds..age maybe but I'll take him. I agree DE early then NT later.
  12. Can't be much worse. Not a fan of old swaggy or whatever his nickname was so change is good in my book. Voted who knows because, well who does know yet. if they work out we have two DE on average contracts for a few years....otherwise we cut bait an go again.
  13. A bad nose sure can ruin a great face.... Have had thought that about Hank at DT too, both Taylor and AJ Francis are 330+ pure NT material. Reckon we snag another mid round as a value pick in the draft and let them fight it out.
  14. Great info, thanks for posting. Very insightful of a number of things up for discussion on the board right now.