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  1. UK SKINS FAN '74

    Who are the 2018-19 Redskins?

    This team is just so Jay Gruden.
  2. UK SKINS FAN '74

    Game Day Thread - Redskins VS Pink Panthers

    Take a win and move on.
  3. UK SKINS FAN '74

    Game Day Thread - Redskins VS Pink Panthers

    I feel like I've been here before and we've just screwed ourselves over. 3 and out on our first possession in the 3rd qtr and its Groundhog Day.
  4. UK SKINS FAN '74

    247Sports: Josh Norman benched during Redskins' blowout loss

    There's a chance Norman's frustration is with himself, in that he may well know that he simply isn't as good as he once was. He isn't going to win many trash talking spars when the receiver across from him is schooling him on the field at the same time. Hopefully we see some form of positive reaction today though.
  5. UK SKINS FAN '74

    Redskins vs Panthers Prediction Thread: Here We Go Again

    Typical trend. Redskins win 27-17 Norman with a pick 6
  6. UK SKINS FAN '74

    The Offensive Line Thread

    We should have upgraded at LG. Our starting tackles still look banged up. I fear that Trent will always be banged up at this stage. Our investment in Christian in the third round last year needs to pan our. Well ideally anyway. Plus I'd look to pick up the best interior line guy I could in the next offseason, either via FA or the draft.
  7. UK SKINS FAN '74

    247Sports: Josh Norman benched during Redskins' blowout loss

    Norman didn't look great on TDs given up against both the Colts and GB. Zero chance he is playing here next year.
  8. UK SKINS FAN '74

    Redskins vs Saints Prediction Thread: Who Will Show Up In The 'Big Easy'?

    37-34 Saints win
  9. UK SKINS FAN '74

    What’s up Skins

    I think 'we' do get that to be honest. No doubt, Cousins is a really decent QB. Is that what you get for 30mil per year, really decent.... Rams look strong. Wanted us to get Woods when he was a FA.
  10. He's looked soft from day one and doesn't need have long left to prove otherwise.
  11. UK SKINS FAN '74

    What Bye Week Adjustments Would You Make?

    I think a priority for us has to be stoping the run better. Some high end RBs coming up on our schedule and I'm not that convinced we have a good enough run defence. We've got to somehow fix that.
  12. UK SKINS FAN '74

    What to do with LG

    Size may be everything, but Long is average at best. Not worth that money. Should have spent money at WR and drafted a decent interior OL.
  13. UK SKINS FAN '74

    What to do with LG

    I was all in favour of an upgrade at LG but paying Spencer Long 6.5mil in the 2018 season was not the answer.
  14. UK SKINS FAN '74

    Some Hard Truths

    He could, but I doubt he will, especially if he wins a SB in Minny. He'll retire early, give half his money away and take up another career. Once he's proven he can win, I can see him walking away. He ain't gonna screw himself over playing in the NFL for too long. Just my guess.
  15. UK SKINS FAN '74

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    Now I concede that would be an issue if it proves to be true here 😀 I'm staying positive on this move.