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  1. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Totally agree. The cost is being exaggerated. The third rounder was easily recovered and in essence we took the same player we wanted in round 2 anyway. Smart work, worse case you don't make the trade and we don't take a flyer on the third round tackle. Not much to get worked up about in context to getting a franchise QB in house. The board is in love with the guy picked last in the entire draft and many don't like the value placed on the guy taken in the first round. Settle in the 5th, when he could have gone 2nd, Apke in the 4th when he could have been had in the 6th. The whole draft is so subjective yet the third rounder we gave up was gold dust and a sign of being win now..... Not to mention we've accrued 11 picks for 2019.... Fuller, real shame to lose him. Again, I'd suggest he is very replaceable. I personally see a balanced trade in terms of benefit / cost. Time will tell if that rings true.
  2. Looks like a few sound players are starting to hit the market. Can see us making a move over the coming week or so.
  3. Payne, Settle, Allen and Ioannidis all still on rookie contracts for between 2 and 4 years minimum. Hankins on a one year deal, at what you can safely assume is now a decreasing cost/price. Don't see the salary cap impact on that scenario. Looks like a young stud DL at very low cost, relative to the talent in that group.
  4. Payne is a serious stud prospect. Really don't get the issue.
  5. Galette continues to attention seek by the looks of things. Sign somewhere or retire please.
  6. What... so don't offer him a FA contract at his perceived value but snag him with a low ball trick and tender him on the cheap. Times have changed around here
  7. I don't think thats accurate. Scandrick came in on basically a one year 3mil deal as vet depth inside and at safety. Dundar and Moreau will compete outside. The latter must be slated as the perceived starting option moving forward. Breeland was getting 11mil gtd on an 8mil per year year until he chopped half his heel off, and DRC would more likely have been his replacement. You have to assume he wanted overpaid. Think he's still unsigned but I havent kept track recently. We'd clearly moved on from Breeland for numerous reasons, many of which are somewhat supported by his current status. Not sure what there is to find fault in about on management of this situation to be honest. We're hardly paying Scandrick like he's the future at CB.
  8. We need to lock Smith up. Crowder, well the mighty Quinn could have a say in that
  9. @HTTRDynasty great find. Very impressive stats on Stroman.
  10. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Guice should be a stud with adequate management. Oh and Smith is a upgrade at QB. Win Win.
  11. Greed. Either him, his agent, of both. I'd still love him here. We would be stacked on DL for years.
  12. Dan is simply trying to increase revenues. We also hired Jake Bye not too long back. He's adding roles and throwing salary cash internally with a view to improving our external income streams. I suspect Bruce still has very strong connections to facilitate the organisation moving forward with its Stadium plans.
  13. We clearly moved on from Breeland some time ago. He did come across as a bit of a dick, mixed quality of play, runs his mouth off on social media (usually not good here although DJ gets away with it....) and he was lining up 8mil per year in FA. Not worth that. Failed medical at another team doesn't erase any previous doubts here. Isn't that a sign of 'good' management...