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  1. Pep might just fall flat on his arse at Citeh. Can't help but think he's not going to crack this league, even with 300mil to spend.
  2. Chelsea bagged the main trophy. They'll be happy. Aubameyang and or Griez to Utd next season will liven things up. They'll pick up a young British CB and be stronger next season. Really got the makings of a strong top 6 again.
  3. Happy for Wenger. Players let him down during the season. Played Chelsea off the park. Always good to see the silverware shared around as a neutral.
  4. Keeper makes an arse of it. great response, another goal in this one.
  5. I think we're in safe hands with this group.
  6. I can't put into words how this makes me feel. Thoughts out to all involved, in particular those with children caught up in this.
  7. Agreed, we don't have the cap space to straight up trade for Sherman either without making another cap related move. I'd love him here if there was anything in this.
  8. Slightly disappointing I'd suggest. Didn't bag the title you strongly touted. i think you've finished better than anticipated for me. Well done overall.
  9. I don't think Kane is great by any stretch. But 29 in 30 shouldn't be downplayed by anyone. He'd have bagged 35 in a full season and if he was wearing red you'd be pushing for first not third and fourth.
  10. Kane's had a great season to be fair, considering he's missed 8 games or so. To say they don't matter is BS in my book.
  11. Expectations for today, Citeh in a scoring draw at Watford, Liverpool to/should stick 5 on Boro, Arsenal win in a high scoring game with Everton.
  12. I'd wait on Newcastle too. Leicester will tank even further. Dream over there.