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  1. Redskins fans only trust news from Larry Michaels.
  2. When did you get off the "Snyder is learning" train?

    Watch the limited videos there are of him being interviewed. He sounds like a child. He also uses the word "disaster" frequently. That's how I know SM smearing leak of "the past 18 months have been a disaster" originated from him.
  3. I can't believe Bruce is making the personel decisons for this team. So much for change. FU Snyder.
  4. Ticket Pricing for Redskins Games. NYG!

    why would anyone buy season tickets and pay full price?
  5. GAME DAY THREAD - Redskins at Cardinals Dec. 4th 2016

    no way cousins is a $25m QB
  6. Kirk Cousins 2017 contract discussion/prediction

    Flacco has 10 playoff wins and a super bowl mvp. Cousins has none.
  7. onside kick killed them
  8. worst defense in football