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  1. Fresh8686

    2018 Season Injury News

    I wonder how much that toe injury set Holsey back. Hopefully they still think he’s worth a spot on the PS. So Quinn and maybe Byron Marshal to be brought back this week? Hopefully they can contribute on Sunday.
  2. Fresh8686

    2018 Season Injury News Yup, I’ve heard the same. I hope he gets up to speed quickly, but I doubt he’ll be able to do much for us this week.
  3. Fresh8686

    2018 Season Injury News

    So Holsey has been activated from IR to take Geron's spot. Hopefully he can get up to speed and help out in the slot. Let Fabian man the outside till Dunbar is back and let best man win out of Holsey, Stro, and Danny
  4. I understand why you think you should be able to do so, but you don't get that benefit of the doubt with people, because the benefit of the doubt has been torn away by the those who are choosing over and over again to not have discussions in good faith. Barring actual one-on-one relationships where people know and trust you (i.e. have developed heuristics of trust and benefit specific to you) you're going to trigger that distrust with certain topics and will have to qualify yourself. We all have too. That is a real world consequence to the erosion of trust and connection in this country.
  5. Fresh8686

    Election 2018 Thread

    Man have you been around all these yuppy ass people's neighborhoods lately? It's trendy to grow things nowadays. They ain't throwing hands with anybody, but they can grow some basil and arugula.
  6. Fresh8686

    Election 2018 Thread

    Yup, that's true as well. As far as the 2020 election goes, the who that matters most when it comes to deciding merit will be the swing votes I'd wager. The investigations on Sessions refusal to protect the ACA will have merit to those people, same as the investigations into Betsy Devos and student loans. Will the foreign policy investigations have traction with them, namely Kashoggi and North Korea? Who knows, I doubt it will hurt. Now the Kavanaugh thing will be touch and go, as well as the things directly assaulting Trump's position, but some things are just going to be a trade off when it comes to which base it energizes.
  7. Fresh8686

    Election 2018 Thread

    Try reading first, it might not be exactly how you think. They're being smart for the most part and making sure their investigations have merit and are substantive. Some stuff will be a political lighting rod for sure though. But, who cares that's going to happen regardless due to our highly polarized political landscape.
  8. Fresh8686

    Election 2018 Thread

    Anybody read this laundry list of things House Dems will be investigating next year? I remember hearing that Elijah Cummings will take over House Oversight Committee. He had like 61 subpoeana requests these past two years and none were approved, but that all changes now.
  9. Fresh8686

    Election 2018 Thread

    Voted about an hour ago in Loudoun Co. they’re already at 41% voter turnout and the presidential elections had 49% when it was all said and done. Got a very good chance of exceeding that number. Need less than a hundred more people to vote to exceed that number.
  10. Saw this quote on fb earlier today and found it to be pretty spot-on... “Trump’s a stupid man’s idea of a smart person, a poor man’s idea of a rich person & a weak man’s idea of a strong man.” ~ Fran Lebowitz
  11. It depends on what kind of people you're around. Most people don't train for it. Our society doesn't talk about the pressures of success in that way, how things change when you now have something to lose. They don't talk about training yourself to populate your inner understanding of the dynamics between individual and shared worlds. We don't talk about or train in formal ways for upholding our part of the social contract. We have no shared vision for a better shared world. What we have is an american dream for individuals, not a shared american dream. We don't talk about how we need to make sure that the struggle for success doesn't make us bitter to the point that we see those less fortunate as some monolithic group that is only out to parasite from us. We don't talk about what do with your money when we have enough of it, or that there is even an enough. We don't have people who talk about how good it feels to have money, PURELY for the opportunity to help others when they need it. We don't have people who are sheltered who consciously take the time to challenge themselves and actually FEEL and experience the hardships that others face. Touching both sides of comfort and struggle so they have wisdom and a balanced perspective. Because they lack that perspective they don't know how hard it is for some people and rather than empathize they deride those who aren't as sheltered or they get defensive and go into a persecution complex. Character is like a muscle. You have to use it to keep it. You have to train it against heavier burdens or challenges, so when life punches you or someone else around you in the face, you have the training and ability to naturally do the right thing.
  12. Did you see the part where I wrote "privilege gained through exploitation"? That is different from privilege gained from hard work. Not all forms of privilege are bad, but some are, and even healthy forms of privilege can lead to unhealthy manifestations if the person enjoying that privilege abrogates their shared responsibility and connection to the world around them and loses sight of how that privilege came about and takes it for granted. There are few things as ironic to me as a libertarian who was born with a silver/gold spoon in their mouth. There are parasites on both sides of the economic spectrum. Some parasite off privilege and some parasite off generosity, both are not healthy. However, there is nuance in between those two poles. In between there are people who are just trying to be able to work hard and get a decent return from that effort, but also people who want to be able to do that, try to do that, but also have to try and make that happen while picking up the shattered pieces of their lives while doing so. People who aren't sheltered or aren't privileged in reasonable or even minimal ways and need and deserve our help. We're not just here on this earth to make as much money as possible and be as comfortable and sheltered as possible. We are here to make things better not just for ourselves, but the people around us. And yes there is a balance to that, a balance across the trinity of worlds that makes sure my individual world gets better, your individual world gets better, and the greater shared world gets better all in concert. That is the aim and privilege that goes so far as to violate that trinity balance is not healthy or justified.
  13. Equality and fair treatment don't sound so great, when you're privileged. They see it as we're taking something away from them... and we are. It's just that they don't understand or care that the privilege gained through exploitation never should have existed in the first place. We have a country with quite a bit of people who want "to pull up the ladder" once they climb up it to get to success.