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  1. VeroViper

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Bucs

    I was sitting in the upper deck at the game yesterday. When he released that deep ball to Davis yesterday I was immediately out of my seat. I was SURE that was a TD. From my vantage point you could see just how open Davis was. I couldn't believe he missed that. No excuse. Unacceptable.
  2. VeroViper

    Redskins Lead NFC East

    If we can just split with Philly the division should be ours. They still have the Saints and the Rams on their schedule.
  3. We just have to pressure him. He is absolutely terrible under pressure. We do that and the pics will follow. And we have a much better pass rush than we did when we faced him in the past. I think we force 3 turnovers and score on a defensive TD. Skins 27 Bucs 20
  4. VeroViper

    Tailgate and/or Get Together in Tampa?

    I am thinking of taking my son to the game Sunday. What's my best bet for value tickets? Stubhub? Should I wait until gameday morning to buy? I haven't bought last minute tickets in over 20 years.
  5. VeroViper

    2018 Season Injury News

    Maybe this is just in my head but it always seems to me we are drafting and signing guys with injury histories. Chris Thompson had at least one major injury in college. And if I'm not mistaken Paul Richardson had some injury history and we signed him last off season. Maybe stop drafting and signing guys with injury problems?
  6. VeroViper

    The Offensive Line Thread

    Richie Incognito anyone? J/K. Sort of.
  7. VeroViper

    Can we stop pretending now?

    The problem is we are one of a handful of teams in the league that don't even have a pro caliber passing offfense. And I don't think it's just Alex. We can't even properly execute a screen pass. EVER! Watching other teams around the league other teams seem to consistently get these things to go 10+ yards. We just can't seem to execute them. And these plays where Mo Harris goes in motion behind the backfield are almost always disasters. It's usually just a run to AP that loses yardage. I'm tired of seeing that damn play!
  8. No I think you had it right. You're referring to the year we made is to the NFC Championship game and lost to the Giants right? That was 1986. We were 12-4. Very good, but that Giants team was pretty elite. The 1987 season was the one where we won it all with Doug at QB. I don't believe the Giants even made the playoffs that year.
  9. No doubt Alex has been disappointing thus far this season. But I'd like to point out a positive. He made a huge play in yesterday's game that possibly saved the day. After AP's fumble he chased down Vernon on what probably would have been a fumble return for a TD. That was huge. That would have tied the game at 10-10 and who knows what would have happened from there. Instead they get the ball at around our 40, the D holds and the lead is preserved. Kudos To Alex for a great hustle play there.
  10. VeroViper

    Sean Taylor

    I had a string of bad jersey purchases that included Heath Shuler and Jeremiah Trotter. My wife bought me a Sean Taylor jersey(as well as an autographed photo) as an anniversary gift just weeks before he was shot. I have not purchased a jersey since.
  11. VeroViper

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    I've always believed that most of these coaches know what their doing. There are a few brilliant coaches in the league(ie Belichick/McVay) and on the opposite end of the spectrum you will occasionally find a guy that's actually in over his head(ie Spurrier/Zorn). But for the most part these guys know what the hell they're doing. It comes down to talent. At least 90% of head coach firing are actually the GM's fault IMO. It is very difficult to win if you don't have the horses.
  12. VeroViper

    Post-game Apathy Thread

    I've been watching this team for 37 years. I will admit, I was one of those fans for years making excuses for Snyder and hoping he'd "get it". Or that he would hit rock bottom and the embarrassment would lead to him finally hiring real football people and letting them run the team. That hope is all but gone. The hope that we will EVER be a consistent winner with Snyder is all but gone. And most sadly, at least some of that feeling I've had a fan is starting to go. I never imagined the skins would actually let Cousins walk. I said as much to fellow fans. "It's all posturing, they'll sign him eventually. We're not going to let our first bonafide franchise QB in decades walk." Boy was I wrong. This franchise has achieved levels of incompetence I didn't realize were possible. And so it's finally taking a toll. In years past heading into a Monday night game with a winning record, in first place I would have been so juiced all day. I wouldn't have been able to focus at work, impatiently waiting to go home and prep for the game. But yesterday I just wasn't THAT excited. I was looking forward to the game yes. I was fired up by kickoff. But that same level of excitement and buzz just isn't there right now. I pretty much knew what was coming. In the past after a loss in a game like that I would usually mope around the next day, honestly a bit depressed. Hell, it would take a few days to get over it. Not today. I am not depressed. I am not moping. The only thing I feel is disgust. On many levels. But it ends and begins at the top. With the owner. Quite possibly the most incompetent, clueless owner in all of sports.
  13. VeroViper

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    I wonder how much of this can be attributed to disenchantment with the NFL in general. I expected close to capacity with the Packers being in town. We know television ratings are down. Anyone have any stats handy on league wide attendance?
  14. VeroViper

    Some Hard Truths

    Whenever I imagine any dialogue between Snyder and Allen at Redskin Park it always plays in my head as the voices of President Skroob and Darth Helmet from Spaceballs.
  15. VeroViper

    Some Hard Truths

    The thing that burns me up the most about this is the fact that we let him walk for NOTHING!! I'm surprised this isn't talked about more. Look, it was very clear for almost 2 years that he didn't want to be here. The fact that we didn't get anything for him makes the whole thing unforgivable. And don't tell me that we didn't have any leverage. In a similar situation the Broncos still managed to get a king's ransom for Jay Cutler who didn't even have the proven resume of Kirk Cousins. And not only did we not get anything for Cousins, we ended up giving away a promising young DB to secure his replacement! What a joke!