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  1. unless I'm forgetting someone, there are a total of 3 Russian (orlov, ovi, kuzy) on a roster of 22. Tampa has 4, and neither of them approach Detroit's Red Wall in terms of impact on defining the team and locker room. the only reason that seems like a.lot I s due to general Russian hatred by the likes of Don Cherry and such
  2. Man this entire fanbase suffers from a pathological underappreciation of Holtby, who in the words of TSN hockey analysts, is the best goalie if this generation. He might have only stolen one or two series for us, but Holtby has had several series stolen from him. To understand what I meant by that, consider these facts. Holtby has the lowest playoff GAA, and the highest save percentage of any goalie in the modern era, with a.minimum of 50 games . All time, his save percentage is eclipsd only by a guy that I think had his career cut short by WWII, and another guy that was born in the1800s. Which has.what had.made the lack of succss so inexplicable, you'e. supposed to whom a.couple of cups with those kinda numbers. Hopefully he still will, the era of the inexplicable is over
  3. Meh, anybody can go back and find a post so that they can toot their own horn. Shoot, I think my reply.to your post was to.say losing Schmidt was no big deal, and that we could still be considered the best team in hockey of we could just find a way to beat the pens. Buts that not nearly as much fun as going back and funning the dumbest or most regrettable post you made. SAli457180 already did the job for me in pointing out my suggestion to tradi Ovi Backstrom and Holtby, and I second his motion, that was a doozy. How about you, got any self nominations for "it was the alcohol" post of the year?
  4. You would think so, but for some reason, the league has never valued D.C. They still think of us a small loyal fan base that apparently is satisfied with simply making the playoffs. They don't quite get that Ovi has brought the interest of a lot of casual fans, whose interest could be solidified and secured for years to come with a championship. Other than Vegas, I can't think of one franchise whose fanbase has a larger potential to increase with a championship than Washington D.C. They also still think of us a Redskins city, they don't get how the Redskins ineptitude of the last 20 years has created a vacuum and huge oppurtunity for winner to stepup and claim the lost soul of the Dc sportsfan. Even a cup won't mean the caps will get anywhere close to approaching the redskins, but it would put the caps as the undisputed number two team in DC. The caps could become they areas preferred alternative to the skins, which is perfect since the start of hockey season in October coincides with the end of the competitive part of the redskins' season.
  5. I'm having a hard time deciding who I was most impressed by this game? Oshie, finally checking in for the series? Holtby, back in his more familiar virtuoso mode? Ovi? Great leadership, he set the physical tone, and those hits will have a carryover effect on Game 7. Him and Wilson on the same line should be considered a public health hazard. Funny watching TB treat the puck like its hot potato when those two fools are running around on the ice. To me though, it was probably Backstrom. TB had no answer to the back oshie Bura line, and he made that line dominant. Interesting to see if they draw more attention in Game 7, which could mean its party time for ovi and kuzy. Oh, and even Orpik deserves credit. Man he laid some people out.
  6. I'm so sick of these Not a good idea, the refs are only swallowing the whistle for Tampa. If we did what Tampa did that 1st period, we woulda gotten called for at least 3 minor penalties. If Tom Wilson hits an unsuspecting Stamkow the way Ovi got hit, it's probably a 5 min major and one game suspension.
  7. I'm so sick of these refs. These are obvious.calls they are missing. I know its not his style, but we need our headcoach to start calling these guys out. That Orlov noncall is the difference in this series so far, and that Ovi hit easily coulda caused a concussion. And im not even getting into all the stickwork in front of Vast, our guys getting crosschecked our their sticks held every time they get close to the front of goal.
  8. I completely agree with you. Giving these shooters the notoriety and fame they seek, is as counterproductive as giving terrorists the platform they seek. In both cases, simply not reporting any details about the perpetrators probably takes way the majority of their motivation for commiting these acts. And I fail to see how all the information about these perps, from Klebold to this joker, has ever yielded any benefits or useful insights to stop later shootings. Honestly, the media's coverage in all these events has more of a voyeuristic/pornographic, and political agenda-fitting, feel to it than a academic/enlightening feel to it. As far as Hollywood's part in this -- I just dont really buy it. First of all, our society is NOT a reflection of Hollywood; Hollywood is a reflection of our society. Secondly, if Hollywood movies can motivate someone to violence, can you name a single instance in which you or any stable person you know was motivated to violence by a movie? And finally, consider this: many other countries see the exact same Hollywood movies as we do and yet dont have this problem we do, even those with access to guns (like Canada). I remain unconvinced that a stable, normal person can be motivated to violence by fiction. Now, I suppose an unstable or psychologically disturbed person may be influenced by movies, but these people can be influenced by many things that normal people are not influenced by -- the fundamental problem is their psychology, not the things that influence it.
  9. Meh, this is much worse than 1998 for me. Being up 2-0 means we had a real chance to win. Most teams would find way to win a series that they are up 2-0 in with home-ice advantage, even if they are not the better team. But not our Caps, they find creative new ways to choke. In 1998, we never stood a chance, and I dont think anybody really ever thought we did. We had Bondra, Kolzig, and nothing else. They had what -- 5 hall-of-famers (Yzerman, Fedorov, Lidstrom, Larionov, Shanahan) being coached by the NHL's version of Vince LOmbardi? Yeah, there was no way we werent gonna get swept that series, even if Esa Tikannen hits that open net.
  10. Im not bashing Ovi, I feel sorry for him being stuck on this band of chokers. If we have a bold, smart GM (we dont), tomorrow night should be the last time we see him in a Caps uniform, because this is our best chance to get a ton of value for him in return. He's coming off of one of the bests seasons of his career, as a complete hockey player. Why wait for him to lose a step, and trade value? From our prespective, clearly this team is not built to be good enough to win a cup with Ovi, even when he's at the top of his game -- why keep trying the same old formula? Lets be ahead of the curve for once. . If this team has a future, its to be built around Kuznetsov, not around an aging Ovi. Trade Ovi now, you can get probably get a few high draft picks, or at least a near-Forsberg-level talent (a young star, not quite a superstar). Trade Backstrom, I think you could get either a genuine top 4 defenseman to shore up the defense (Djoos, Carlson, Orlov + another good defenseman is pretty damn solid defensive core), or you could try to get a good young #2 center (Kuzy and couple new young stars would make this offense awesome again). And then, you can still trade Holtby to fill the other holes. To me, thats the best way to ensure that this team is gonna be competitive again in the near future, and to avoid a painful total rebuilding process. The worst thing we could do is to roll in next year with pretty much the same group. If we do, Im not watching. .
  11. Im hoping he gets traded, so there's always that hope. We could get decent value to begin the rebuild, and we get to watch Ovi win a cup. Win-win situaiton Its not just that their down. Its the way theyre playing. Biggest game of Caps history, and their getting absolutely dominated in every phase of the game. They look slow, confused, and disinterested. None of that is acceptable.
  12. Bailed. Only watching now for the laughs. It IS kinda amusing, if you step back and look at it. And as I speak, TB just missed an oppurtinity where the forward was left alllllll alone in front of the goal, with enough time to stick handle and throw a deke at Holtby. Im thinking Holtby musta slept with his defenseman's wives. Only explanation for that one...
  13. They were just setting us up for the ultimate choke job all along. Please please please just trade Ovi, Backstrom, and Holtby so that I can watch them again, cuz I sure as hell wont be watching them if theyre in a Caps uniform.
  14. Guns aren't the reason we have a problem with violence, but guns are probably why we have a big problem with violence in America. Guns just make it too easy to kill. Practically, pulling a trigger is faster and easier than stabbing someone to death, and 1000x easier than stabbing dozens of people to death. Psychologically, pulling a trigger is much more impersonal, thereby allowing for impulse killings where a flash of anger that lasts just 2 seconds to result in a decision whose gravity is not even fully comprehended until it's too late to stop. Knives are up close and personal, and require a level of rage and bloodlust that guns don't. Most people dont know how to build a bomb, and successfully target and trigger it. Only dedicated terrorists and combat engineers. Far fewer than those who know how to pull a trigger. Also, I disagree with your assumption that the violence is somehow new or unique to this generation. Violent crime rates and gun deaths are comparable, if not lower, than when you were a kid (assuming your not ancient). Times changed, the world changed, but gun laws haven't drastically changed, so neither has the violence.
  15. Obama used up most of the political points from his mandate on Obamacare. And that was hard enough to pass, taking on the gun issue would have required more political backing than he had left. Sadly, our political system really only allows one major policy change per president. For a president to get real gun control laws passed will mean he or she has to sacrifice the rest of his agenda. And they'd probably be a one term president, unless done in th e 2nd term.