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  1. Look guys, going into this season we had huge holes on the OLine and at WR, we failed to take care off them, and it's what is holding us back now. Stop blaming Alex Smith.
  2. Dude is throwing to doctson with some guys off the street blocking for him. You're crazy if you think any QB not named Brady Malhommes Goff or Brees could do any better...Kirk would be out there throwing INTs by now
  3. Good for the D for keeping this offense in the game. I'm surprised Doctson is still on this team, they shoulda traded him for a slice of bread. With crowder out that leaves no wr option.... that's really the only thing holding this team back, but it's a gaping hole..
  4. Koala

    WaPo Journalist killed in Saudi Consolate

    Oh this one wins the cake, for all time b.s. stories. This even beats the," I tripped and landed in her ****" defense that one Saudi millionaire used to get off of rape charges in the U.K. The main reason it's so unbelievable, is that I've seen Saudis fight (lived there for 10 years). They take off their flipflops and use them to attempt to slap each other down...They dont even know how to make a fist....
  5. Koala

    Redskins Fans: Let’s Stop Being Pansies

    No I dont hate the front office. They just havent given me anything that I care about. As far as identity, for the people that seem to be struggling with the concept... Its not all about winning. If you have an identity, I can deal with losses. Ill take those losses hard, just like any diehard fan, but I wont miss one second of action. In Gibbs II there were two seasons where we really sucked, but I watch every second of those games, even the ones in late december long after we were eliminated, and I was still deeply invested emotionally because the team I was watching was clearly still invested emotionally. But thats not where I am right now, and thats not where they are right now. I barely care if they win or lose, and I get the feeling they feel the same way. Its all the same, no personality, no identity, just endless mediocrity from an amorphous blob of souls wearing burgundy and gold. The 80's we had plenty of identity ... The hogs, Riggo, it was power guts and glory with the Smurfs and the Fun Bunch bringing of flavor to the party. And also, there was this whole..analytical approach...to the brawn that we brought. You might fool us once, but well study the tapes, figure out what youre doing to us, and make the appropriate adjustment. Its how people used to think our government worked too, especially in the Cold War, so it fit the town well. Perhaps this clown in the F/O reflects the clown show in office...but I digress, and lets not open up that can of worms... The steelers have always had identity. Its the identity of the town they live in. I dont even have to tell you what that identity is because everyone who watches football knows the Steelers have had the same identity since the 70's. The Raiders have had that bad boy image, nasty mofos, the black hole, the whole **** it we're going deep mentality for a long time. Even when they, and theve sucked for a long time, longer than us maybe, they still somewhat maintained that identity. Without looking up the stats, I know the Raiders are probably leading the league in personal fouls, as usual. And I aint saying thats something to be proud of...but it's something... The Ravens have that Steeler-like mentality and identity. Smashmouth. Hard-nosed. Reflects the town they live in, sort of. The Iggles have, pains me as much as it does to say, plenty of identity. The "we're gonna turn into a streetfight" identity, lead by a tough hardhitting defense. In the 80's the 49ers had that hip west cost Cali thing nailed down, with Cool Joe running the show. The Cowboys of the 90's and that over-the-top gawdy arrogance, we are America b.s. that makes the whole country hate Texans --- but hey they dont care if you dont like em, cause they're the Cowboys, they're from Texas. Its definitely an identity....that you want to murder...i kid i kid. The Patriots are the brainiacs, arrogant brainiacs at that. Its the whole -- we're smarter than you and we know it mentality -- which reflects the New England region's self-image pretty well. God I hate New Englanders. God I hate the Patriots. But at least they got something discernible for me to hate; Who hates us? What is there to hate? We're nothing, we're nobodies, we're a million shades of gray. And I just dont care for that.
  6. Koala

    Redskins Fans: Let’s Stop Being Pansies

    I can proudly say that I havent watched a game since they fired Scott McCloughlan. The reason I say proud, is that I finally got over the whole rooting for a color-scheme-thing. And so I am mildly amused when someone comes along and tries to chastize me, saying that real fans are always there no matter what. I dunno as I get older, that seems so naive, so childish to me. Save that kind of loyalty for family, for humanity, for God, for something of real consequence -- not for a bunch of men playing a game. Im not knocking fandom as a concept completely -- I get the need for an escape. But for me, fandom comes with a caveat -- I have to be rooting for something. That means the team needs a discernable identity, something to root for, to tell kids, "you can learn something from the way these guys play." This team again has no identity. Plenty of identity in Gibbs I. Same in Gibbs II-- they werent always good, never the best team, but always the toughest and they always left it all on the field. That was something I could root for. That was a palpable indentity, that was real. Even 2012 with RGIII, their was a palpable identity. We were new, innovative, cutting edge, fast, and running almost a futuristic offense. Scott McCloughlan didnt have a chance to build a true identity, but I have a feeling he would have had he been allowed to stay. As of now, we have no identity. I challenge anyone to answer, what the **** exactly is our identity? Who are we? And if you cant answer that question, then what the hell exactly are you rooting for?
  7. Yeah I think so. The zombies are so feeble now, basically just an afterthought, and writers clearly have no direction because they departed from the comics by killing the main character of the comics (Carl). I feel Carl's death was pretty much the unofficial end of the series, writers are telling us they're out of storylines, only stay tuned to watch Rick jump the shark. If they had kept Carl alive and killed RIck off -- watching Carl try to fill Rick's shoes might have been interesting enough to keep me watching. But they dont have the nuts to kill off their most popular character even if they are dumb enough to kill off the main character.
  8. Koala

    The Conspiracy Thread

    You dont have to believe that all 32 NFL owners get together and plot out the results of every game to believe that games can be fixed or influenced. For the NFL, I think it would be stupid from a business-wise perspective to fix games. For example, for a league with revenue sharing, what exactly is in it for the NFL to keep the Redskins down? The Redskins mediocrity is eating away at what used to be one of the NFL's larger and most affluent fanbases, but now they cant even sell out home games. I DO think that fixing of games can occur involving individual referees or players. The more gambling/betting that surrounds the sport, the more likely it is that some referee is on the take. And with the NFL's thinly disguised draft champions b.s., I think they are inviting more betting and gambling, which will inevitably result in cheating and fixing. To me there is are some possible solutions to minimize the affect cheating referees might have:. More transparency in the performance review of referees, with more immediate disciplinary actions for blown calls. Also, the two worst calls to me that affect too many games are holding and PI. I think PI should be review-able or challengable, with a dedicated guy in the booth that automatically reviews any PI Call. I also think that they should hire an extra referee, and require that two referees call holding in order for a holding call to stand, in order to ensure that only the most egregious holding calls are made.
  9. I feel about TWD pretty much how I feel about the redskins. Pretty much done with them, sometimes i watch for a couple minutes to see if its interesting again, then I check back out.
  10. Koala

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    I absolutely agree with this. We've been enabling Dan Snyder for too long. Time to show some tough love. To me, the job of the fans is to applaud when applause is due, to encourage when encouragement is needed, and apply presssure when pressure is needed. Its way past the point of needing to apply pressure, we need to basically be at DefCon2, and the enemy is Dan Snyder. This franchise will not succeed until he sells the teams, its really that simple, the dude just has a hex on him or something....
  11. Koala

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Why do I get the feeling your answer would change if i were to ask you about salafist or conservative muslims?
  12. Koala

    WaPo Journalist killed in Saudi Consolate

    Yes. Next question.
  13. Koala

    WaPo Journalist killed in Saudi Consolate

    Almost 100%. Cctv shows him walking in, but never walks.out. It also shows a 15 man team of Saudis who had just arrived from Riyadh enter the consulate, and then leave carrying 15 bags, and immediately flee the country. MBS then announces that the Turks are free to search the embassy cuz the guy is not there. Guven the fundamental laws of physics, which the Saudis apparently are unaware of, its impossible he just walked into the embassy and disappeared into thin air. This assasination was done in the most Saudi possible way -- the idiots forgot that you need a coverup, no matter how unbelievable it is, you still need a story where your explanation as the what happened isnt, "Magic."
  14. lool. Well heres CNBC.replay of the committee hearing. Im not sure why the link says its an SNL skit...
  15. I cant get over how ridiculously weak the Democrats are. I cant believe they as re gonna just let this sham one week investigation. They need.to raise hell about this. Squeeze the FBI politically, say this kinda thing bring into question serious reservations about the FBIs background check process, which appears to have failed.to.pick up potentially important information, tell the American people that this a serious lapse that.must be resolved before going forward, and until then demand a temporary one month suspension of all federal background checks pending a senate investigation into the entire.process. Go nuclear man, do not let this.come to.vote.at all costs. If need be, boycott the vote, no democrats showup for the vote in solidarity of women and victims of abuse. The republicans are.playing for keeps you idiots, this is the checkmate play -- not the Midterm elections, which become almost meaningless if Trump gets the SCOTUS in his pocket cause he will have the ultimate ...wait for it.. TRUMP CARD