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  1. Because this post is occuring during the Trump era, Im assuming its sarcastic or satirical. Right? Right???? Moqtada Sadr is ****ing Plato compared to Trump. Trump = no right to criticize anybody's election process, especially one that likely continues to suffer.from 10x foreign interference that whisked the Trumpangutan into office.
  2. Koala

    Is this a win now season ?

    For Jay Gruden, yes. For most of the players,.probably not. For Bruce Allen, never.
  3. I forgot that this team is an embarassment to humanity under Snyder. Who pimps out their cheerleaders? Seriously thats pretty ****ing disgusting, and nobody got fired over it -- in the metoo era noneth!less! After the nuclear apocalypse, there will only be ****roaches and Bruce Allen, wait thats redundant..
  4. I agree with your top 5, i d switck backstrom and bondra maybe Hunter is the 6 spot not Scott Stevens. Scott did most of his damage in NJ. Langway should be higher on the llst, but honestly I never really watched him play Gartner needs to be higher on that list, but I dunno who Id take out. Thats a tough call. Just feel like a 700 goal scorer deserves more recognition. Im glad you mentioned Tinordi. Tough mofo. Toughest mofo we ever had on D, only fight he lost in his career was to Probert, and man could he make those boards rattle....
  5. Well that is a huge bit of information that honestly I was not aware of. And, IMHO, it changes everything. Wow. Never occured to me that domestic abuse laws could be that horriblly inadequate. While I do have some major questions for the police/LE, who still I think are ultimately more responsible than Urban for this mess, this tidbit of information (and that NCAA rule about reporting abuse) does change my perspective dramatically -- Im not sorry to see Urban go. And he can take the police chief and the idiot lawmakers who wrote that law, with him. I just hope this doesnt all become about Urban -- there have to be some changes regarding domestic abuse law, and police have to be held responsible.
  6. Depends on exactly what facts you are referring to. I was going off of the fact that she had never pressed charges, or sought to resolve the situation through official channels. If she did, then I stand corrected. If she didnt, then Ill ask you to give me a reasonable explanation for why someone woudl refuse to file charges, but seek to inform her husband's employer (supposedly for help)?
  7. Oh that's ridiculous, he's on the same list as pedophile? People dont got no more sense anymore. The head of the Columbus Police Department, or the Campus Police, maybe could be on that list. If its proven that the victim tried to file a police report several times, and press charges, and the police failed to do their job. What the holy **** does Urban Meyer have to do with it. Its not his job to get involved in domestic abuse cases, if the police are already informed and have chosen for whatever reason not to file charges. This is not a Sandusky/Paterno incident in which the knowledge of the police department is questionable, and so ensuring that the police department is aware of the situation becomes an ethical obligation. In this case, the police were informed -- well-informed. They had responded to several calls and complaints of domestic abuse. They chose, for whatever reason, not to do anyhibng. Thats where the outrage should be directed, if there is any outrage to be had This is domestic abuse, a notoriously stick situation, where police can only be as helpful as the victim allows them to be. If they showed up ,and the wife refuses to press charges, there's not too much they can do about it. Nor should they. I understand the notion that victims of domestic abuse need protection, but I seriously dont caree too much for those that refuse to protect themselves, or to accept help. Before you give me the poor victimhood mentality, understand I am not saying the abuser isnt an asshole. But if the victim chooses to remain in that situation, well that her choice, as an adult. These women are not that weak, they are not that stupid. They understand what they are doing -- in most cases they are making a calculation that whats best for the family (kids included), is to to put up with it a while longer, because the asshole abuser is also the primary breadwinner, and getting him arrested may prevent him from being able to provide for the family, or even make alimony or child-support payments should it come down to it. It may be wiser to do what Courtney did in 2009, when Urban told her to consider giving The Asshole another chance, otherwise it would be the end of the Asshole's career (i.e. no more money, sweetheart). Wait a few years, see if he doesnt do it again. If he does it again and again, by waiting a few years, the savings account and his overall financial worth should have grown to the point that you can leave, take half, and live happliy ever after. Which is what she appears to have done. But the half she took, is apparently not enough. She wants to be rich. Everything she is doing points to the idea that she is trying to win a large settlement from the University. Look who she's going after -- not the police department, but the university. The employer does not have a legal obligation to to do anything about domestic abuse, but in the realm of America's growingly retarded public opinion, somehow the employer has more responsibility to solve the situation than the ****ing police do. Knowing Ohio State wants to limit bad publicity, although Urban did nothing wrong in a legal sense (and in fact may have gotten the university sued for wrongful termination if he had fired The Asshole before criminal charges were made), she puts Urban in the impossible situation of telling his wife and giving her the go-ahead to tell Urban, and yet still not file ****ing police charges. Oh, C. Smith knew exactly what she was doing, thats a smart move, made to get a large settlement from the University. As for the University, they recognize what C. Smith is doing and are calling her bluff -- theyre gonna fire Urban Meyer for this, pretty much absolving them of the public's wrath, and thats gonna be the end of any idea about C. Smith's lawsuit -- which never really have any legal grounds whatsoever to begin with, it was the threat of a smear campaign that she was angling on. Get rid of Urban, ,get rid the smear campaign. As for those getting on Urban, please tell me what the **** he was supposed to do, even if he did know. What, fire the guy? On what grounds, remember the smart **** had declined to press charges. IF he fires him, he actually opens himself up to wrongful termination lawsuits. Remeber, the police were aware of the situation, and had chosen not to do anyhting. How in the holy **** is the head football coach more responsible than the mother****ing police for punishing the Assshole. But look, its not like Urban liked the fact that the dude was beating his wife, and collecting a paycheck from him. Urban actually did the right thing, he waited until the The Asshole went too far, and made a mistake that resulted in actual criminal charges for trespassing, and then immediately fired him. Its not that Urban cares more about trespassing than domestic abuse, its that the trespassing charges were actually filed, giving Urban the excuse he was seeking to fire the guy. Now Urban, asked about this situation, made a mistake and lied. He probably shouldnt have lied, ,but we can see why he lied. Not understanding that he was being thrust into the middle of potential lawsuit, he just wanted the situation to go away, and probably undestimated C. Smith and misunderstood her intentions. Her intentions, clearly, are to make a big payday off of this, somehow. So somehow, the university and Urban Meyer have to be made culpable. If he understood that at the time, he would have realized that lying about his knowledge was the worst thing he could do for himself personally, the best thing he could do for the university, ,and the one thing that C. Smith was not banking on. Now, U. Meyer is probably going to get fired, for lying. Remember, the police chose not to do anything, probably because C. SMith asked them not to do anything, but U. Meyer somehow is gonna get eaten alive for doing the exact same thing the police did. That is the state of our society, and it is a sad, sad, state.
  8. unless I'm forgetting someone, there are a total of 3 Russian (orlov, ovi, kuzy) on a roster of 22. Tampa has 4, and neither of them approach Detroit's Red Wall in terms of impact on defining the team and locker room. the only reason that seems like a.lot I s due to general Russian hatred by the likes of Don Cherry and such
  9. Man this entire fanbase suffers from a pathological underappreciation of Holtby, who in the words of TSN hockey analysts, is the best goalie if this generation. He might have only stolen one or two series for us, but Holtby has had several series stolen from him. To understand what I meant by that, consider these facts. Holtby has the lowest playoff GAA, and the highest save percentage of any goalie in the modern era, with a.minimum of 50 games . All time, his save percentage is eclipsd only by a guy that I think had his career cut short by WWII, and another guy that was born in the1800s. Which has.what had.made the lack of succss so inexplicable, you'e. supposed to whom a.couple of cups with those kinda numbers. Hopefully he still will, the era of the inexplicable is over
  10. Meh, anybody can go back and find a post so that they can toot their own horn. Shoot, I think my reply.to your post was to.say losing Schmidt was no big deal, and that we could still be considered the best team in hockey of we could just find a way to beat the pens. Buts that not nearly as much fun as going back and funning the dumbest or most regrettable post you made. SAli457180 already did the job for me in pointing out my suggestion to tradi Ovi Backstrom and Holtby, and I second his motion, that was a doozy. How about you, got any self nominations for "it was the alcohol" post of the year?
  11. You would think so, but for some reason, the league has never valued D.C. They still think of us a small loyal fan base that apparently is satisfied with simply making the playoffs. They don't quite get that Ovi has brought the interest of a lot of casual fans, whose interest could be solidified and secured for years to come with a championship. Other than Vegas, I can't think of one franchise whose fanbase has a larger potential to increase with a championship than Washington D.C. They also still think of us a Redskins city, they don't get how the Redskins ineptitude of the last 20 years has created a vacuum and huge oppurtunity for winner to stepup and claim the lost soul of the Dc sportsfan. Even a cup won't mean the caps will get anywhere close to approaching the redskins, but it would put the caps as the undisputed number two team in DC. The caps could become they areas preferred alternative to the skins, which is perfect since the start of hockey season in October coincides with the end of the competitive part of the redskins' season.
  12. I'm having a hard time deciding who I was most impressed by this game? Oshie, finally checking in for the series? Holtby, back in his more familiar virtuoso mode? Ovi? Great leadership, he set the physical tone, and those hits will have a carryover effect on Game 7. Him and Wilson on the same line should be considered a public health hazard. Funny watching TB treat the puck like its hot potato when those two fools are running around on the ice. To me though, it was probably Backstrom. TB had no answer to the back oshie Bura line, and he made that line dominant. Interesting to see if they draw more attention in Game 7, which could mean its party time for ovi and kuzy. Oh, and even Orpik deserves credit. Man he laid some people out.
  13. I'm so sick of these Not a good idea, the refs are only swallowing the whistle for Tampa. If we did what Tampa did that 1st period, we woulda gotten called for at least 3 minor penalties. If Tom Wilson hits an unsuspecting Stamkow the way Ovi got hit, it's probably a 5 min major and one game suspension.
  14. I'm so sick of these refs. These are obvious.calls they are missing. I know its not his style, but we need our headcoach to start calling these guys out. That Orlov noncall is the difference in this series so far, and that Ovi hit easily coulda caused a concussion. And im not even getting into all the stickwork in front of Vast, our guys getting crosschecked our their sticks held every time they get close to the front of goal.
  15. I completely agree with you. Giving these shooters the notoriety and fame they seek, is as counterproductive as giving terrorists the platform they seek. In both cases, simply not reporting any details about the perpetrators probably takes way the majority of their motivation for commiting these acts. And I fail to see how all the information about these perps, from Klebold to this joker, has ever yielded any benefits or useful insights to stop later shootings. Honestly, the media's coverage in all these events has more of a voyeuristic/pornographic, and political agenda-fitting, feel to it than a academic/enlightening feel to it. As far as Hollywood's part in this -- I just dont really buy it. First of all, our society is NOT a reflection of Hollywood; Hollywood is a reflection of our society. Secondly, if Hollywood movies can motivate someone to violence, can you name a single instance in which you or any stable person you know was motivated to violence by a movie? And finally, consider this: many other countries see the exact same Hollywood movies as we do and yet dont have this problem we do, even those with access to guns (like Canada). I remain unconvinced that a stable, normal person can be motivated to violence by fiction. Now, I suppose an unstable or psychologically disturbed person may be influenced by movies, but these people can be influenced by many things that normal people are not influenced by -- the fundamental problem is their psychology, not the things that influence it.