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  1. **** got serious quickly and off course as expected RedskinsMayne comes wading in here with his bull****..... Go back to slurping on your master Orange man Donald Trump in the other threads... Definitely know you are proud of that **** show
  2. Hey since the country is going full retard with celebrities like Trump, I am down with the rock as president. As long as he surrounds himself with smart people.... I am done fighting the stupidity in this country.....
  3. The problem is the GOP has perfected the technique already...... That is what Dems get for caring about people...... We bleeding heart liberals suck at the long political game
  4. But there is no racism anymore since a black president was elected!!!
  5. Maybe you should have gone with this then, instead of the "their own" line you spilled back there. People don't hate cops, just those who abuse their power and kill people for making the slightest wrong move and use lethal force unjustifiably. It's a tough job, and honestly th eye should be paid more to hire the best we have, but that's another story.
  6. If they have ANY shame that is...... Looking at you RedskinsMayne
  7. Moron, talk to Clinton..... Benghazi Emails Watergate Clinton foundation On and on and on ****ing moron
  8. Probably Eric, but he is a legit Trump acolyte and I have put him in ignore.... Some people will never admit they were wrong in picking an incompetent asshole for president
  9. He is like Bill O Reilly in here......
  10. So why the **** would you post that **** about him getting paid a specific amount......One of those people spreading fake news you are.... Pathetic
  11. But people have the right to know..... I love wiki leaks........ President Trump
  12. Dude, I am feeling confident you voted for this turd....... Never saw you here till right after the guy wins the election..... I may be wrong though... Defending this piece of **** so hard
  13. Nah, let him keep railing at the left, not the POS in the white house or his ****ing enablers in the house and Senate because the idiot is on team R
  14. Yes, it's all the left's fault..... Not the morons who voted this POS into the white house or POS house Republicans with no freaking spines..... It's the left dropping the ball..... I also blame Obama and Obamacare
  15. So the alternative is do nothing? Everything is fine? Where is that picture again But it's ok the POTUS being a pathological liar is fine, no need to worry liberals or "the left" everything is fine! Stop your incessant whining