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  1. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Which I ain't paying for
  2. The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    Trust me drying out 39 bucks of meat due to temp fluctuations from your new grill sucks
  3. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Ok finished God of War.... Lame is all I got... Paid 48 bucks and I can't open the other realms... Like wtf bro.... Only 3 realms available and the other 3 I can't access
  4. You know what you are right you don't matter, vote 3rd party then, we need more of Trump's glorious leadership..... It has been a blessing and honor to have him as our president..... Clinton was a damn good candidate and at least had a track record of serving the people... So whatever..... Keeping patting yourself on the back.
  5. Meh, at this point we are along for the ride and Trump will be there for another 4 years... The holier than thou people, who have a binary choice between Trump and a decent person will probably vote 3rd party, to "show" the system..... Whatever, when all those court judges being nominated at a rapid pace by Trump produce another citizen united decision, we deserve it..... Just sucks to be a minority and see people praise the racist asshole in the wh, and some people not giving a damn with ****ing throw away votes..... I know right, later through guccifer and wiki leaks... But whatever
  6. Something about evil prospering when good people do nothing..... Or such
  7. Oh, I'm sorry... Benghazi, pay for play Clinton foundation, uranium one deal, she is a shrill, she fainted... On and on and on
  8. Election 2018 Thread

    Well it worked for the GOP..... Then I laugh when I see in the gym on Fox news, old white people complaining that Dems are all about hate and not supporting Trump..... Then this old lady proceeds to say Trump has done more than Obama ever did.... Had to leave, Fox News is surreal, like an alternate universe, where Trump is this outstanding moral, Christian president.... Surreal!!!
  9. But you have some cats still trying to justify reasons for not voting for HRC, therefore Trump is not their fault..... But what about Hillaaryyyy and her emails...... I just didn't like her... She blows with the wind... And she did not release her bank speech transcripts.. So what was she hiding
  10. That's why I will forever love Obama.... Did need his ego constantly stroked like little **** Trumpy does..... That cabinet meeting was with Trump and his cabinet in was disgusting...... Our dear leader undertones in that saga
  11. I disagree with the recall as well..... Vote him out when the time comes..... But a recall without any crazy rulings or misconduct is weird.... imho
  12. So we talking legit literal clown pounding or metaphorical clown pounding.... Second question, how does each work? I think I have an idea of how the literal one works.... lol
  13. Got him.... Straight up taken out of context nominee.. lol
  14. Totally agree..... I remember all the bull**** about the deficit and him being the worst president of our lives.... Freaking bull****, and they elect the moron in chief, who basically blows up the deficit in a year.... Crickets from the GOP.... Keep voting for the moron though