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  1. Hey, but personal responsibility, boot straps...yadayadayada and some other ****....... Then but Hillary Clinton email servers.
  2. I can confirm, I Killerbee99 was not at that meeting
  3. I mean why have a vice president when you can send your hot daughter who has no clue.... Running the country like his ****ty businesses...... And we know how a majority of those turned out
  4. She messed up, even if the info helps present a clear picture of Russia meddling..... You don't give out classified info..... She might get 3 to 5 years if she is lucky in federal prison
  5. Pretty sad when you know the sitting POTUS is a turd and Kathy Griffin is one too
  6. Endless Love by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie
  7. Ha... that is so never happening these are Republicans who love the power they have now..... Why blow it up when you can push trickle down economics rewarding your donors and such
  8. **** got serious quickly and off course as expected RedskinsMayne comes wading in here with his bull****..... Go back to slurping on your master Orange man Donald Trump in the other threads... Definitely know you are proud of that **** show
  9. Hey since the country is going full retard with celebrities like Trump, I am down with the rock as president. As long as he surrounds himself with smart people.... I am done fighting the stupidity in this country.....
  10. The problem is the GOP has perfected the technique already...... That is what Dems get for caring about people...... We bleeding heart liberals suck at the long political game
  11. But there is no racism anymore since a black president was elected!!!
  12. Maybe you should have gone with this then, instead of the "their own" line you spilled back there. People don't hate cops, just those who abuse their power and kill people for making the slightest wrong move and use lethal force unjustifiably. It's a tough job, and honestly th eye should be paid more to hire the best we have, but that's another story.
  13. If they have ANY shame that is...... Looking at you RedskinsMayne
  14. Moron, talk to Clinton..... Benghazi Emails Watergate Clinton foundation On and on and on ****ing moron
  15. Probably Eric, but he is a legit Trump acolyte and I have put him in ignore.... Some people will never admit they were wrong in picking an incompetent asshole for president