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  1. You are full of ****... Go read the indictment detailing how GRU operatives hacked and deseminated hacked emails..... All that **** seems made up like ****ing yellow cake.... Yeah you are definitely full of horse **** Thank you.... So ****ing annoying with his constant bs
  2. Ha... We are so ****ed... Like I said earlier it was a good run..... Where do we rank among empires.... Ottoman, British and Egyptian empires? I suck at history
  3. You know this is like one of the plots from Homeland where there are senators actively working against our intelligence services bcos they were embarrassed that they were used by Russian intelligence and still wanted to maintain power regardless Trump is a ****
  4. ****ing embarrassing....... Went after Hillary Clinton in that same conference asking about DNC servers.... What the ****... How much of a **** do you have to be, the FBI just indicted 12 Russian intelligence officers for hacking the DNC but you believe the former KGB agent.... Wtf!!!....all for power
  5. Election 2018 Thread

    Shakira, shakira
  6. This **** is like surreal...... This is the president of the United States.... Wow Oh.. By the way cue Zoony running in here ****ing about whiny liberals..... ****ing pathetic
  7. Vote the **** in the white house out.. Starting with his lackeys in Congress
  8. So basically Trump is Putin's ****.... ****ing pathetic display from an American President but republicans will still love this piece of **** president
  9. Is Donald Trump a racist?

    It's just mind boggling seeing people trying to explain away the things the racist **** the piece of **** president does......Imagine if Obama said we need more Muslims or Africans coming here and there are too many Norwegians... Like for real, karma is a **** for some people supporting and defending this POTUS.... All because of what.. Being in power..... ****ing sad
  10. Is Donald Trump a racist?

    But of course the one usual suspect says NO.... So I'm confident he will be voting for the scumbag in the Oval office in 2020
  11. Is Donald Trump a racist?

    A president talking about why we can't have more people immigrating from Scandinavia than **** hole African countries for no other reason than their race is a RACIST piece of **** president
  12. Is Donald Trump a racist?

    Is the sun the center of solar system
  13. Is Donald Trump a racist?

    Does a bear **** in the woods