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  1. Lean more towards this..... If not Cornyn wouldn't be getting all puffy chested about Booker not following Senate rules......
  2. Don't matter Murkowski and Maine lady senator ain't flipping... Susan Collins... Kept forgetting her name
  3. Where is all the pearl clutching people at.... Booker needs to be kicked out of the senate.... Pffttt...
  4. Welcome the Age of Trump... The beginning of the true decline of America.. When we elected a pathological liar bcos of a black man being president..... Not decent people Kasich or some other decen person.. .. ****ing Donald Trump, a man with no moral fiber, no guiding principle... God bless America But again Cavanaugh is getting in
  5. All I know is I am voting for the Rock in 2020....**** it since we are going all ****ing Idiocracy now.. Let's dive in.... Tired of taking the constant high ground while people **** on you with smiles on their faces..... And Stormy's lawyer for VP... Let's go... Woooooo!!! But Kavanaugh is getting in....
  6. Same way listening to Republicans **** about decorum when they threw that **** out the window in the Trump Era... Keep carrying that water though
  7. Hey Karma is a **** bcos if Dems ever get a turn after repubs did nothing with Garland and rushing their guys through.... It's gonna be ugly.. But hey your team, my team right.... **** America, we are all teams now...
  8. You need murkowski and the chick from Maine to defect... Not happening
  9. Yeah, as much as I despise the dude with his stupid smirks.... He is getting confirmed..... Sad but true.... But karma is a ****
  10. Nah, brah you are a raging liberal..... Trump isn't racist.. He is making America great and getting us our judges... Yehaw..... Get out of your echo chamber and see what the Real America sees.... Their Champion..... Did I cover everything before the DJT clean up crew arrives and starts blaming flaming liberals or some other **** Nah bruh, you just seeing things.. That's all everything is fine
  11. Kavanaugh.... Just pulled a "I can't recall"....... Lol.... He still gets nominated but common man
  12. Ok.... Start naming ****ers who have "embraced" this lady signaling white power.... Put up or shut up Thanks Trump
  13. His answer was on point though being the coy political lawyer he was for George Bush... Can't comment on hypotheticals.....the right answer honestly.... And **** Q and neo nazi racist enablers in the white house and their supporters.... Number one being our piece of **** president They lost that benefit of doubt a long time ago, so I don't blame people for seeing innocent **** as suspicious.... Hopefully for her sake, she is clean and didn't try to pull a stupid stunt like that on National TV..... But with this ****ty admin.. Who the **** knows....