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  1. Harvey Weinstein, Fired Amongst Sexual Harassment Allegations

    Thought you were being serious,..... Oh well never mind d then, carry on
  2. Harvey Weinstein, Fired Amongst Sexual Harassment Allegations

    See how people can play you dumb stupid game twa. Try again troll
  3. Damn you had to dig for this one
  4. U.S. Congress Part 115 (GOP still rules the roost - barely)

    That needs a meme attached to it with Delusional on top.... Come on guys I know you can do it
  5. Game of Thrones Season 7

    Nah nothing beats Hardhome...... That episode was epic
  6. Of course it's fake..... But it is funny though. No person can be that stupid
  7. How Long Does Trump [The President] Have Left?

    QFT...... Sad
  8. Yeah they shouldn't be in freaking parks honoring these guys who fought to keep the institution of slavery going.
  9. No issues with putting the statues in museum..... They ARE part of our history, however they do represent the dark side of this country and should not be put in places of honor like parks or streets in my opinion
  10. Oh, no, I am just giving the regular bull **** excuses you get from some of the media for these assholes, and why they are a core of Trump's base
  11. But there are good people there always fighting against this **** and God bless them all
  12. It's just white economic anxiety that's all..... Major reason Trump won the mid west..... Ha
  13. Hey she is just following him for his personality..... Yeah