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  1. I mean we had a good run.... 200 plus years..... Not bad, but just like every empire, they eventually die.... Britain was up there as well, till we took over as an empire. Pretty much the beginning of the end when you elect a moron.... excuse me, a ****ing moron..... But don't think we recover from this one, we basically are now REALLY leading from behind.... China and Russia trying to fill that world leadership vacuum and Germany telling the EU, we are on our own.
  2. The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    Read everything just to post my obligatory "thoughts and prayers".......MAGA and all that other jazz
  3. But some Republicans on here will call it lies and suck up to their emperor without clothes saying that the Cia, nsa, and fbi are all against him and Russia never meddlesome.... ****ing pathetic and **** the Republicans that are supporting this ****ing clown which is apparently more than 80 percent of Republicans..... ****ing pathetic!
  4. Where is twa and still better than Hillary ****ing sad...and where is zoony with his whiny rant about liberals again.....or does that only happen when he is on the sauce
  5. The *Budget Fight* Thread (Jan 2018 Edition)-

    Yeah, figured that's how tshile would see it, but 30 billion on a wall sounds like a solid plan.... I think it's been mentioned a couple of times in this thread.... Stronger e verify, continue to deport illegal immigrants, penalize businesses that hire illegals and bolster bolder patrol personnel with more funds..... Not 30 billion on a ****ing wall
  6. The *Budget Fight* Thread (Jan 2018 Edition)-

    Build a 100 foot wall.... Yeah America
  7. The *Budget Fight* Thread (Jan 2018 Edition)-

    30 billion..... Can't fund Healthcare but 30 billion on a ****ing wall.... Are we this stupid as a nation? 10 billion on a good day maybe.... Even though Trump is a ****ing liar on building a wall, paid for by Mexico
  8. The *Budget Fight* Thread (Jan 2018 Edition)-

    **** No.....
  9. Mass Shooting on the Las Vegas Strip

    Thoughts and prayers
  10. So do they grade the camel toes as well...... Just asking.....Many people are asking too!
  11. The *Budget Fight* Thread (Jan 2018 Edition)-

    Nah, tshile is right Dems don't care about border security....... Oh that's right he is just talking out of his ass again
  12. The *Budget Fight* Thread (Jan 2018 Edition)-

    This..... cant blame Schumer on this that shut down could go past one day.... then you start hurting people that need govt services......
  13. The *Budget Fight* Thread (Jan 2018 Edition)-

    Nah, bruh, waiting for tshile to come in here with his holier than thou both sides bs.....In the meantime, people saying Democrats caved can kiss my ass.....what the hell can you do when you don't control any branch of the government, a self-manufactured crisis when Trump killed the DACA instead of leaving them there while the politicians figure out the bull****....but hey let the moron in chief try to force the issue, with people's lives in jeopardy.......I bet you his great grandfather would be proud. Also, I guess it's too bad most Democrats have a ****ing heart about not wanting the government serving the people shut down for too long, while Republicans could give two ****s with prepared robocalls already, blaming Democrats with shutting the govt because of illegal immigrants. I keep saying judgement day will come and all those will be judged by God himself for the way they treated their fellow man.....a current Soldier, a Baptist and a Democrat here preparing for the next shutdown Feb 8.....signing out
  14. Nah, people that have gotten in and made it now want to shut the door on others......Karma will be a **** for all these people...willing to bet that Michigan doctor being deported was probably a republican and voted for Trump...since he was gonna build that wall....and boom, you get arrested because you got a record with a green card too...