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  1. U.S. Congress Part 115 (GOP still rules the roost - barely)

    Like I said, the GOPers got the tax cut for their businesses and donors done.... Time to cut bait, and leave while **** still looks good... Also, I don't see twa arguing about real unemployment numbers anymore.... ****ing troll
  2. Cocaine is a hell a drug..... Give it to me baby.!
  3. Meh, that guy was a tool.. ****ing about airtime and complaining about people not calling Obama racist when he was deporting people in record numbers..... However at the same time he was tying ICE hands from deporting people, thus wanting open borders like Hillary.... The inconsistency from these people make no sense..
  4. Meh, God will judge him on judgements day for sure
  5. Is that **** hole, asshole, mother ****er.... Which one Hey asshole went through... Ha
  6. White America first.... **** those Africans, we need more Norse men and less Africans.... Oh I'm sorry, economic anxiety
  7. Get it right mistertim...... Rural white America has "economic anxiety"..... Nothing racist here, let's move along now...
  8. If this country reelects this moron, I am done voting... Since nothing would ****ing matter anymore... But some, the ones who say I need a Democrat that makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside before I vote for them... If not, I am not voting, let's keep the moron in chief for another 4 years... Screw you guys
  9. Don't wrestle with a pig or a scumbag in the mud,...... Because?
  10. Ironically, I am currently in Fort Polk, Louisiana, providing SATCOM communications support for the Security Forces Assistance Brigade going to Afghanistan.... Ha, dreary down here in Leesville, Louisiana
  11. U.S. Congress Part 115 (GOP still rules the roost - barely)

    Nope, we need money for that wall that somehow Mexico was gonna pay for...... America
  12. Only the moron in chief knows what "fixes" he made.
  13. Election 2018 Thread

    People don't murdered with hanging Chad's from unbalanced people..... Stop being slow
  14. Just laughing in all these criteria about having new leadership, young people as is currently happening but people still ****ing about voting for Dems while the Republican party get a hard pass on the flaming dumpster fire of governing and presidency we currently have... But Hillary was corrupt and emails..... Forget the people who actually voted for a stable person and didn't want a full blown socialist but a pragmatic person as president..... Heck she probably would be one term but whatever, better than the current ****bag for president
  15. Sshhh.... It's the standard response by most conservatives on Clinton... But her emails, she should be locked up for 30 years...... Emails, Benghazi was her fault too..... She ordered the stand down so Americans could die.... Part of her evil plan.... And she orchestrated over 20 murders..... And she stayed with a husband who cheated on her her fault..... She fought for universal health althcare as first Lady instead of staying in the kitchen and decorating the white house..... And on and on..... Compared to the republican piece of **** in the white house.... She is a ****ing Saint.. Done more **** for people than Donald Trump has ever done in his life.... So spare me that they are the same bull**** because you are a ****ing coward to vote for a decent human being.. Which Trump isn't..... Either whoever won that presidency was destined to be a one term president