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  1. How do you feel about the Receiving corps?

    This Doctson **** is ridiculous. Stretch your ****ing hamstrings. He has played no more than 80 snaps, and that is probably a really high number, since he has been on this team. You could probably include preseason with that. The whole time, not a single serious injury. Phantom achilles injury, and now another hamstring injury. I was willing to give the benefit of the doubt last season, but I am over it. Kid is soft as pudding. No, it should be a running back followed by more defensive lineman/linebackers or a safety. Dominant D will win games. No, it should be a running back followed by more defensive lineman/linebackers or a safety. Dominant D will win games.
  2. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Or we can draft a running back and run the damn ball. Look at all the success these new running backs are having. Running backs are important once again and we dont have one as of now. Unless Brown or Perine are able to come in and play well, we will be stuck with Kelley.
  3. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Yeah, he definitely was. No idea what happened between then and now, but it certainly isnt for the better. Redskins would get a guy to go from best to worst at qb. Not the first time this has happened in the last 5 years.
  4. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    The bottom line is Kirk Cousins sucks in the red zone. Badly. Perhaps worst in the league.
  5. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    You aren't wrong to be pissed off about it. I wish I was more pissed off and less apathetic towards it.
  6. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    by a long shot....that's how bad they are.
  7. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Eh, I think you put Luck on our team and we are talking a perennial pro bowl qb.
  8. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Again, you are blaming refs, but Cousins could have avoided the whole fumble in the first place by having awareness of what was directly in his face and adjusting. Instead, in what is becoming typical Cousins fashion, he forced something that wasn't there and fumbled because of it. But continue to blame the refs.
  9. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    I am going to have to disagree with you on Luck. He plays on a team that has less talent than the Jets.
  10. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    I definitely would. But he didnt. This isn't the first time that he didn't. Cousins has 24 million guaranteed. There are expectations placed on you when you are paid that much. He has not lived up to them at all. He could have avoided that situation by tucking it, or moving, since this wasn't a blindside rush. But he tried to throw through 2 defenders that were in his face with 0 adjustment.
  11. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Kirk Cousins in 2016 inside the 10 yard line- 12/36 31.58% 8tds 2INTS That completion percentage is good for 46th in the league. Notable players he did better than? Bryce Petty and Nick Foles. Everyone underneath them was 0% completion %, but no one below him threw more than 6 passes. Touchdowns were good for 23rd in the league. Cam Newton being one of the few names you would recognize below him. INT's were tied for last in the league. Inside the 20- 38/80 45.78% 14 tds 2ints Completion percentage is good for 48th in the league. Notable players below are Winston and Rivers, so at least someone was worse who is considered a good qb. touchowns- 18th in the league, INTs- tied for 3rd worst. Kirk Cousins is one of, if not the worst starting qb in the NFL when it comes to red zone passing. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/2016/redzone-passing.htm
  12. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Cousins should have seen that pressure coming and made some attempt to move or take a sack there. What the hell was he trying to do, throw through Graham an Cox? It wasn't like he was blindsided. On top of that, he threw yet ANOTHER interception in the red zone, this one completely uncalled for. A field goal gives us the lead, but he threw the ball 20 feet to high, which he has been doing since preseason game 1.
  13. Eagles Redskins Post Game Assessments

    I can't wait for people to go back and watch tape and see how dreadful Kelley was. Seems way overlooked here with everyone saying the run blocking was bad. It wasn't that awful, he just missed tons of holes and didnt have enough speed to hit them. One run when he was 7 yards into it, totally stopped his feet and got drilled instead of moving forward for another 3-4 yards minimum. He looked like he was running in quick sand all day.
  14. WP-Is anyone actually excited for this Redskins season?

    I am pretty apathetic towards this team right now. It'd be nice if they win, but I don't really expect it ever. I get a little happy when they win, but never too excited because it is usually fleeting, and not very upset when they lose because Hey, they lose more often than they win by a longshot. I used to get truly elated when they win and really in the dumps for days when they lose, but I find it hard to put that amount of energy into this team anymore.
  15. Ill take my chances on the guy who got passed on 4 times rather than the guy that didnt even get drafted and showed why today.