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  1. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    I found myself there by week 10 this season. I put it on in the background, but I watched more Red Zone. Seemed like towards the end of the year, it was more of a reason to hang out with my friends than to watch the Redskins.
  2. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    The thought of leaving this team as a fan started creeping up on me in 2014 when they tried starting RG3 again and he was a complete disaster as everyone on earth could have told you at that point...except the Redskins front office of course. Then the qb carousel. Then comes 2015, Cousins looks great. Awesome, lock him up this off season and lets get a team going......but they ****ed it up....again. I can barely recall a time when I saw something the Redskins did and said "wow, that was a good move." I am tired of saying that is a stupid move and will blow up in their face, only to see the move blow up in their face because it was stupid. Tired of calling a better defense from my couch than someone who is with the players every single day. I am sick of being mired in mediocrity. This team just strings you along until about week 9 and then it falls apart every single year. Once in a blue moon, they get lucky and squeak into the playoffs with a first round exit. I am watching this offseason. If they **** it up the way that I think they will and the way they usually do, then I am probably done. Ill follow Cousins. He strikes me as someone who won't put himself in a ****ty position and if he can leave when they just paid him 44 million dollars, then I can leave too. I don't want to, but I miss having a passion for football. The Washington Redskins have taken that from me and I am having a hard time forgiving them. One last shot. Hopefully they wont be the butt of a joke for once. Not counting on it though. OMG I forgot about that. What a nightmare.
  3. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    I became a fan in 1991 when I was 5. They won the super bowl that year. They have been a laughingstock since. I am near the end of my rope also and losing Cousins might be the straw that breaks the camels back. Colt McCoy? Lets be real here, Not only is this the worst run organization in the league (besides the Browns, but even they have an 11 win season since 1991), they also have 2 pieces of **** running the joint who embarrass us at every possible juncture, and with the ability to, for the first time in 26 years, have stability at the qb position, the spit in his face and are surprised when he spits back. They also treat the fans like ****. What exactly is there to root for? They have diminished my love for the NFL to pretty much non-existent with the way they have run this team and treated the fan base. The Jaguars have only been around since 1995 and have 5 seasons of 11 wins or more. Meanwhile, the Redskins, since 1991, only have 3 seasons with even 10 wins. There is plenty of reasons to give this team up. Might as well change the damn name at this point too.
  4. Are we out of running backs and linebackers yet? Centers are already gone. I don't even know who is on the field anymore.
  5. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    This team is too stupid to do the right thing as has been proven time and time again.
  6. Did you finish the Chargers game???

    I got to the bar at the start of the 2nd quarter. Left at halftime. Any long time redskins fan knew where that one was going. I actually watched the rest of the eagles rams game at home instead.
  7. Game Day Thread: Redskins at Chargers

    I starteded watching at the beginning of the 2nd quarter. I stopped at halftime. I feel much better.
  8. Cowboys Redskins Post Game Assessments

    How people are having a hard time seeing how big a part injuries are playing is beyond me. We have a 3rd down running back who came on the team 3 weeks ago. Guard starting joined the team 3 weeks ago. Inside linebacker, I have no idea what his name even is. Vigil? Who the hell is that. 4th string guys are starting. To expect a performance that looks like a coherent football team is just not realistic. They have what, 18 guys now on injured reserve and another 15 guys week to week, including trent williams who is probably playing at 60% and needs surgery? Even out 5th string receiver left with a concussion. I just find it hard to blame Gruden when the fact that he is even putting a team on the field is impressive. No excuse for special teams though. They have been atrocious since before injuries piled up. Also, Crowder was dog **** as were most of the receivers.
  9. Redskins at cowboys Game Day Thread

    Bring in Mccoy. Let him get killed. Kirk doesn't deserve this.
  10. Game Day Thread: Mara's midgets At REDSKINS

    Being evaluated for injury.
  11. Game Day Thread: Mara's midgets At REDSKINS

    Defense has played well at least. That can also have to due with the Giants just being awful. Probably actually.
  12. Game Day Thread: Mara's midgets At REDSKINS

    How do they always, and I mean always, screw up in the most epic and embarrassing ways possible?
  13. Game Day Thread: Mara's midgets At REDSKINS

    I actually laughed out loud.
  14. Game Day Thread: Mara's midgets At REDSKINS

    They are pulling guys off the street. We have the same amount on ir. We have a ton of inactives and week to week injuries also. Trent should be ir.
  15. Game Day Thread: Mara's midgets At REDSKINS

    Have you not seen the amount of injuries? What do you expect them to do when they don't even have a tackle to trot out anymore or are starting our 4th string ilb? Seriously, if you expected more than what they are giving, it's probably unrealistic