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  1. Nah, they would just get a compensatory pick from the NFL at the end of the third round. Happens when a team loses high impact players. How it is scored, I am not sure, but Cousins would definitely fall into the highest category, which is the 3rd round.
  2. At least if we don't tag him next season, we get a 3rd round pick....
  3. If i offered you a dollar for your house, would you counter offer or tell me to kick rocks and come with a reasonable offer? Its negotiation 101. Damnit, i said i would stop arguing about this. I am going to bed.
  4. You are literally arguing off of hypotheticals. At least @Monk4thaHALL put some thought behind his hypothetical and it makes logical sense based off of the numbers that we are looking at. What is the point you are even arguing. That we dont know the exact number that Cousins would take to stay? Ok, you are right about that. Do you feel better now? You still have no argument and are being combative for no reason and with no discernible reasoning behind your stance.
  5. It sure is. The drama should be plentiful as usual.
  6. If the Redskins trade him, can the team he gets traded to use the franchise tag on him? If so, they need to trade him. I dont think a team can, but I am defiinitely not 100% either way.
  7. The redskins for that ****ty contract offer.
  8. Is it really that hard to grasp that he will more than likely be getting 52 guaranteed for this year and next weather or not he signed the contract? The only thing that would happen to Cousins if he signed a 5 year deal is 3 years of lost guarantees. That is my last attempt at explaining this to anyone.
  9. That doesn't mean I have to sit here quietly and like it. I for one will not be putting any more dollars in the Redskins coffers. I hope a lot of other fans feel the same way. They haven't earned my money.
  10. Deleting my reply because @ConnSKINS26 pretty much nailed it.
  11. Oh yeah, lets just keep watching him **** things up and giving the team money. Thats a great plan.
  12. They lowballed the **** out of him and never came with a competitive offer. There is nothing to counter. If i offered you a dollar for your house, would you come back with a counter offer? Or would you tell me to come back with something more serious where we can begin negotiations? How this is so difficult for people to comprehend is beyond me. Its like a ****ing abused spouse defending the abuser.
  13. Again, this is not a normal situation. On top of that, why would Cousins not think about next year? That argument literally makes no sense. What Kirk Cousins is getting paid now is 24 million. What he will get paid next season, if he plays utterly average this season, will be 24 million at minimum and probably more if we decide to transition tag him. He will then be able to get offers next season for future years with more guarantees. I really dont understand your argument.
  14. This situation is not the norm. He will get 24 million this year. If we tag him next season, he will get 28 million. That is 52 million guaranteed. Why the hell would he sign that deal and give the Redskins all the leverage when he could literally wait a season and get more offers piling up that are definitely going to equal more than that next season? It is stupid negotiation and it shows that the front office either doesnt value him or thinks he is an idiot. And the statement that Bruce Allen put out also makes me think that he thinks this fanbase is stupid as well, something I dont take too kindly too. As far as I am concerned, Bruce Allen can kick rocks.