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  1. Wow, that is an impressive highlight tape.
  2. This schedule is BY FAR better than last season in terms of rest. Yeah, its a lot of time flying, but I would rather do that than have to continually play on quick turnarounds. I think lower rest time is more detrimental than flight time. Only the thanksgiving game is a 4 day turnaround. Last year, it
  3. Nothing like a 30 year old man going to spring break.
  4. I ****ing hate April 1st. Even though I am happy this is a joke.
  5. They are going to run with anything he says. That quote gives them no ammunition. All he says is i am not going to say one way or the other. Feel free to speculate.
  6. Fair point. Let me word it differently. When has this team been consistent enough to warrant a positive attitude when something negative happens? Also, 8-7-1 is nothing to be happy about.
  7. Its not a telling quote at all. All that answer does is dance around the question with no definitives, which is exactly the type of answer he should be giving. There leaves no material for a reporter to take and run away with some story about waht Gruden said. He wouldn't say it had to be made, he also wouldn't say it didn't have to be made. Anything else you pull out of this is just speculation. His answer is trying to move away from Scot and get focus back on the team. It has been Gruden's MO his entire time here whenever a problem occurs.
  8. When has this team given us reason to be positive?
  9. They definitely do not have to come down because of the way the franchise tag is structured. He is guaranteed at minimum, 24 milion this year. If we tag him next year, thats 28. A total guaranteed earnings of 52 unless we let him walk. it is a much different situation than guys already under contract getting extensions or new deals.
  10. The day RG3 is no longer mentioned on this site will glorious.
  11. As much turmoil as we have been hearing about in the front office... They are doing an outstanding job in free agency, which seems to have quieted the back and forth Cousins news. Still hoping he signs here long term, especially when considering the weapons on that offense. I love the Pryor move. If we sign Cousins, this will be the best offseason in a long time. The size of the receiving options is unbelievable. Remember when we had no one over 6 feet tall? If they get Logan too, that would be huge. Then we can hopefully find a linebacker in the draft and maybe not have a laughingstock of a defense.
  12. That would be ideal. Draft some fat boys and linebackers and lets actually get back to ****ing football. Im done with the drama. I just want to build a championship caliber team and talk about that.